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Dreams starting with the letter Y

Yew trees and dreams

Your husband is having a fair with an old lady

Your child goes missing

You open an envelope

Your mum running away with a dog

Yellow plate woman

You and your mummy building storey building

You and your partner standing on burning coals

Your wife sees stories building

You meet your long distance bf

Yellow falling container

Yeelow siphika

You never met this person

Younger version of yourself

Your ex boyfriend

Your ex

Your ex in rain

Your aunt your

Your dead parents opening a lock for you

You saw you kiss any one

You saw blowing diya

Young boyfriend dream means

Yo dream seeing my daughter with two

Your enemy giving you a key

Your going to die

You won

Your daddy to bit me

You lost your left and leg

Your talking to a girl you like and she sees her exs and walks away

Yellow sweet juice

Yellow big snake killing a tiger

Your man dreams you were with his friend

Your man deans u were with his friend

You kill a monster in your dream

You kill the monter and killed by monsters

Yellow and blue isiphika

Younger sister drowning

You can’t see with the shining bright light

Your bf in your parents house which they have never met. and your daughter whom he doesnt know of offers him fish. and he kisses you steamy in your mothers room

Your ex paying lobola but you are married and he also married

Yellow flour

Yellow peacock

You die while going up an outdoor staircase

You die while going upstairs

Your friend dies and fades away

Your friend dies then fades away

Your ex-wife next to you

Your kid recovering from an illness

Your husband being forceful with u

Your best friend being forceful to you

Yelling at lady

Yellow vintage car

Yellow big snake

Your ex boyfriend running towards you with only one shoe on his right leg

Your family being pulled by sea weaves

Young partners

You dream of a dead family member sleeping nd you waking her up

Your daughter being pregnant

Yellow cloth meaning

Your mother being replaced

Yellow snake white egg

Your cousin flirting with you

Yellow light eyes warrior

Your mum giving you candy that you don’t have often

Yellow cloak meaning

You dream you smell smoke and you need to get up and check your stove

You dream youneedto get up and check your stove

Yellow halo

Youre in a group of people

Your inlaw want to kiss you

Your father giving used shoes

Young man wearing golden necklace


Your child getting hit by a bus

Young daughter

Your mother giving medicin to you

Your deceased husband becomes shorter than you

You see one one:four eight in a watch

Your new mate selling potpourri

Yellow thick urine


Your child under sliding glass door

Yellow suit man

Your groundnut oil is been stolen in a dream

You were stung under your big toe by an unknown creature in the bush while

You saw two pricks under your big toe that looks like a snake bite

You saw two pin pointed ends under your toes while walking in a bush


Your boyfriend escorting

Your shoe bottom is melted

Your own funeral

Your back of head bitten with the crocodile

You help your crush wear her sandals mean

You hel your crush wear her sandals mean

Your neighbors are mad at you and pouring traditional medicine on your house

Your late mother smearing spit on your wound

Young boys in a school

Your pet dog


You are preparing someone for an exam in the dream

Yellow cushion written my name

Yellow cushion written my nam

Yellow snake with egg

You and your husband together in a poor state

Yellow painted flowers

Yelling at doll

Yelling toy

Yelling at toy

Your bathing sponge falling now

You and girl inside water talking meaning

You dream you are in another country

Young brother curcumcision

Yo dream a dead love one

Your husband served food in dream

Your mother in law saw you in her dreams

Yello car gift

Your closed friend is bald

Your sister being hiv positive

Your friend gives birth to quadraplute boys

Yellow tree

Yellow sparks in my body

Young kid

Your dead mom sweating

Young man preaching

Yellow doek

Your mother asking you to come home

Your ex girlfriend washing clothes for someone

Yellow sheets on bed

Your father in a dream

Your deceased parent pulling you with them

Yama gives chocolate to my son

You are avery

Your ex in a poor condition

Your girlfriend have another face in her back

Yellow heart with a name

Yellow cake to save man in water

You’ve been given a baby to bury

Yellow toy rubber duck dreams mean

Your boyfriend carrying you on her back

Yellow fever

Your mother pregnant and vomiting

Young man marrying an old woman

Young griffen and a red dog

Your child

Yellow doek meaning

Your boyfriend dreams about working in a casino

Y girl

Younger woman touching me

Young policeman on motorcycle

Yellow silk turban

You and the person grunting at each other

You don& 39;t belong here

Yellow small banana



Yotal phone

Young woman riding a horse dream

Your bible stollen

You meet a new friend when you’re drunk

Your in a game board

Your phone is heating up

Yellow jackets

Your boyfriend buys you a big dress

Yellow enamel bowls

You assisting your pastor in church

Young boy heart stopped

Yucca flower

Yellow lily flower means

Year up pants bottom

Your grandmother giving you white dress in your dream

Yellow pepper

Your mother and someone giving her flowers your mother is dead

Yellow barking snake

Yam being destroyed

Your driver drives off without you in the car when you drop off and you are not wearing clothes

Yam dreams

Younger sister got a job in overseas

Young russian pussies

Younger version of boyfriend

You were switched at birth

Your boyfriend being mad

Your king giving money and promising you a love relationship

Your boyfriend wearing old clothes

You see a robbery in armoured car

Your muti being exposed

Your testis being held

Young woman tied up with ropes rising from the ground but l prayed and over came her from rising out completely she then disappeared back into the ground meaning

Young woman tied up with ropes rising from the ground

You catch friends stealing from you in your home

Your feet being pierced by you

You and some friends climb out of a window of a club house restaurant to be on the roof

Yellow cat attack me and was dying


You see each other in the church

Young almond trees

Yellow color cloths wearing brahmin couples

Yellow chana daal

Yellow doek and sphika

Your wife and other woman fighting over u

Your deceased mother standing at your doorway

Yellow cat with fleas

Yellow brick wall

Young unmarried girl

Yellow dress and laughing

Your ex boyfriend being hospitalised

Your wife shaving pubic hair in front of other men

You and your friend group are split due to apocoliptic situation and your friends brother tries to kill you with a knife

Your let mother giving you a white cloth

Yellow sheets

Your pastor gives you an assignment in the church

Young unmarried lady seeing unmarried old women in her dreams

You begged frogiveness from a boy

Ya fatahu in a dream

Yellow flood

Your mother giving a red clothes in the dream what the meaning

Your mom buying you nee shoes

Yellow flowers being place around a neck

Your ex beating current girlfriend

Your ex boyfriend give u his old shoes

Yelling out to my mother

Your former wife hit you with a broom in a dream

Your boyfriend laughing and happy to see you

Your ex wife hit you with a broom in a dream

You are safe

Your bf slapped you twice in dream

Young babie on the front porch

Yellow taxi in a dream

You dream that your friend along with her future husband

Your boyfriend getting shot in the chest

Your dreaming that your wife is having an affair with another guy

Your dreaming that your live in partner is cheating on you

You and your partner walking in different directions

Yellow double pair of heels



Young ladies in the house

Yellow confiters

Your love with someone else

Yellow slipers

Yellow shiny jacket

Yellow berry hat

Young baby standing

You and your best friend going to same place but taking different path dream meaning

Yam flour preparing

You are sick


Yellow girl

Your ex crush gives you food

Yellow cotton gloves

Young banana trees

Young banana breed

Younger brother marrying elder brother

You see your brother in the dream give you a key

Yashoda bathing krishna

Your mum sharing hot jollof rice in your dream

Yellow snake in toilet and the lid is put down

You saw under you bed was dirty in dreams

You are a fruit

You saw someone gave you a green flower and you start rejoicing

Your enemy giving counterfeit money

Yellow tulip

Yelow green

Yachts on water

Young men driving train

Your crystal brok

Your loved ones being kidnapped in a dream


Younger brother penis seen in dream means

Your death aunt pulled you water in your dream what does that mean

Your dead mom packing your clothes

Young families nudismv free hd

Young girl touching my vagina

Yellow exclamation mark

Yo dream that i conduct an orchestra

Y finace has two penis in my dream

Y fiance has two pens in my dream

Y finace has two pens in my dream

Your boyfriend cheating again

Your husband buying meat in your dreams

Your soul leaving your body

Yam leaves

Yellow soft clay person in a glass jar

Yellow clay person in glass jar

Your wife is pregnant

Your child father sucking his daughter’s virgina and has her sucking his penis that has seaman

Your girlfriend dream of her best friend

Your friends fraud you of money and you cry

You are sinking in sand

Your family got a timeshare on mars

You’re stealing things

Yellow bright light

Young frank sinatra

You spit and someone telling you that your going to have a boy baby

Your dead husband peeing on the bed

You re surrounded by snakes

Yeti chasing

You are going god house in dream

You are so strong

Yellow farm house

You dream about someone that he’s already died you dreama about him that he is died because of broken bones

Young teen boy sit chair naked

Your father running mad


You being executed in jail

Your wife sleeping with your brother

Young girl standing in a doorway

You dream to step down from the boat carrying your child

You parthner mean you and he with another woman and he pretend he does know you

Yellow glowing skeleton

Yellow isiphika mean what

Your partner cheated on you

Young strangers

You dream of being a queen trying to get from one place to another to meet someone

You dream of being a queen trying to get from in place to another to meet someone

Yemeni corner

Yellow dream meaning

Yelling angrily at jesus

Young daughter driving me in my van

Your fortune will be at the banks of the river

Yellow snake wrapped around a goat

Young beautiful servant girl in dream


Your private parts with no hair

Your ex is moving on

Your dead mother looks very thin

Yellow colou4d food

Your dog gets lost


Yellow field of ripe crop

Yourself locking a door again and agin but later found it open

Your own living child but having black eyes

Yellow fruits

Your partner sleeping with someone in dreams

Your pastor give you lotion

Yelow toad eating you

Yellow house

Yellow shirt

Your dead

You dream you’re flying on top of trees in mount olive

Your boss has affair

Your crush waits at you

Yellow urine seen in dreams

Young boy falling to his death

Young boy falling though a crack and dying

You dream of digging tombs

You see both roses and chocolate in dream

Yeiding a sceptor of power

Your cock feels so good

Your mom sold her tv



Yellow snake boiling

Yellow whole snake being cooked in a saucepan

You dream that you are high rank in the police force meaning


Your children in yellow

You climbing a tree away from a lion

Yelling at dead mom

Yellow and green dog dream

Yelled at work

Yanking hair scalp

Your mothet told you not to do something you intended to do in your dream

You keeping a lion

Your ex boyfriend sweeping and arranging your bedroom

Yellow cardinal

Your friend walking away from you

Your boyfriend coming to your house with his sister

Yellow pagoda

Your dead parents

Young boys

Yellow thread

Yourself standing in front of you

Your old crush kissing you

Your amn playing holi with womens

Your friend bites your gold necklace in your dream

Young adult

Your friend is tied to a tree with a pinecone in her mouth

Youngest son swollen face

Yellow champaka flower in dream

Young girl in a cage

Your mom floating facedown in water

Yellow sacred thread in dreams

Yesterday i dream about planty lotto number on screne i pick from it after picking the number i become scared


Young ch

Yellow canopy of leaves

Young man with old woman

Your sister was strangled

Your teeths falling off in a dreanm

You friend accidentally smeared cow poop on you

Yellow void

You saw


Young girl kills her little sister and she becomes a happy gohst girl

Yellow eyed decreased person

Yellow aye

Yellow cherries ornament

Year 1995

Young man married to a older woman

Young man marrying an older woman in a dream meaning

Yelling at sister


Your grandfather and boyfriend meet

You reach a place like paradise

Yo buscaba la casa de mi exnovia en un patio de un edificio un señor mayor desorientado al parecer con alzheimer me indica y comienza a seguirme y mientras va pegándome no muy fuerte con un martillo que llevaba en la mano yo le decía que no me pegara y le quité el martillo de repente ese señor que veía era mi padre y le digo pipo soy yo no sabes quien soy repetidamente y el me dice al cabo de un rato corto si si me acuerdo un poco después hago que se siente en un banco mientras me agarraba del brazo izquierdo desorientado y sigo preguntándole lo mismo y me responde lo mismo que me recuerda un poco observo en su miembro superior derecho un par de heridas conocidas por mi de antes aunque no las tiene en la vida real después me quedo observando su cara y sus ojos que a pesar de que son verdes aquí eran azules y estaban como apagados zonas del iris con opacidad pienso que por la edad después despierto y comienzo a llorar de tristeza

Yellow snake eye

You see ladies marching

Your not ready

Yellow excavator

Yellow digger

Yellow and green church dress

Ya fattah

You and your ex holding hands and flying in the air

Your child going into a toilet

Your fiance

Yellow eyes with red marks and i run towards it

Your boyfriend being uncircumcised

Your love on being stolen from the grave at night


You’re a slave in your dream what does it mean

Yellow bird being held by my deceased brother



Ya mulls

You put in your hair conditioner

Your self being skinny

Your father throwing stones on you

Your corpse

Your enemy is in love with you

Yellow skin in dreans

Yellow paper plate

Yellow table cloth with a duck on it

You are pregnant and dreaming of riding a bycircle on anarrow bridge carrying two men

Yellow flowers and dogwoods

Your boss asking for prayers

Yoni ni chusthe

Yellow snake with jewels on it

Younge woman priest bless you in dreams

You and your cousin bump into your crush at a summer camp and he asks if you want to play a prank on his friends

Yelling for help and no one comes

Your grave dreams

You a lyric from a song

You being in a shootout

Yellow clothes drying on clothesline windy

Young dolph

Your boyfriend takes your colths to be washed in a machine at another womans house and its being washed in milk

You see a goat becoming human in your dreams

Your sister on her menustral

Young man wearing all white

Your patner went to see your family and surprise you with lobola

You see an old woman going her own path

You fin yourself washing a manic god feet

Ya allah

Yard taken away and you see the paving what does that mean

Yard taken away and you see the paving

Your cloth sieze in dream

Your ancestors cleaning your home

Your favorite teacher pointing to you in class

Y sister stealing fruit

You and your ex boyfriend has gone abroad

Yellow thread mean in dream

Yellow large snake climbing a rock wall near water

Yr son rolling his car


Yellow beautiful ricefield

Your land being occupied by the govt in dream

Your land being occupied by the govt

Your passed mom taking you to the train station and hopping in wrong train

Yellow follower

Young child has grown breast

Your male friend showing his female friend his penis and immediately his friend enters he sto

Yellow tornedo

Yellow snake sticking out tongue

You ascend a mountain in

Yellow milk

Yellow phaethon

Yellow floor


Young crush

You see a dead person getting down from the train and you get into the same train

Yellow scorpion

Your girl sucking another mans toes

Your see your mother recovers from stroke in the dream

You don’t belong here

Your boss suggest your dismiss

Your boss suggest your disn

Yellow volkswagen beetle

Your own feces

Your bulldog shitting in your kitchen

Young partner

Yellow house red door

Yelling about being demeaning in a dream

You see yourself taking show in a dream in your father house

Ypure lobes is naked

Youre crush naked in dream



Yelling at my son

Your own child with two pupils in each eye

Your first period

Your child drunk

You should let me touch

You hear a prayer song

Your bf asking to go to his church

Yellow roses floating peacefully on gentle moving water

Your friend giving you amasi on a dream

Yellow njeti

Yellow meeting

Yam head

Your boss giving you a gift

You are marrying

Younger sibling dying

Yellow candy and dead grandmother

Yam flow

Yellow snake dreams

Yam parking with the dead

Young man has grey beard and grey hair

Yellow string cube

Your son gets put in to surgery

Yard ground in black pitch

Yellow plastic chair

Yellow and white bowl with blood in it

Yellow excretion

Yeast bread

Yeast rolls

Young indian female in black sari garment approach me with her right hand in a horizontal position

Youthful innocence purity and energy 2 happiness and contentment in the moment 3 use caution in financial matters particularly borrowing

Young fatty ass mistress

Young fatty ass

Yellow saree women

Yellow lemon tree

Your husband folding up women’s clothing

You dream when you mistakenly drop your coin in a gutter and it goes away

Your ex boyfriend being naked in front of you

Your boyfriend sending money to another girl

Your boyfriend text you in the dream

Younger man attracted to me

Your big toenail cutting through your shoe

You dream crying about your boss slapping her mother

Your love slapped by his father

You see duck and snack kissing each other in your dreams

Yellowgreen blanket over me on bed

Yellow metal chair

Yourself dying

Yellow precious stone breaking in a dream

Your mom got raped

Your boss giving you a sim card

Your seeing abore hole in the dreams

Your house being locked by the landlord

Your own face in the moon

Yellow leaves dreams

You and your boyfriend eating fruit

Your feet full of dust from walking

Yellow slipper

Yellow grass

Your lobola taking place

Yellow jumper

Your partner having a nude video call with a different person

Your cat eating raw meat

You see your mum wash cloth on a line


You are in a barat and you are eating panner their

Yellow hats

Yelling at dead spouse

Younger husband

Yellow feather

Yellow and babies

Your friend saying they are alive

You see yourself drawing touchlight

Yellow flowers on green plants in a dream

Young woman put my clothes on

Yellow with orange

Your sister wearing your clothes

Young girl walking in a starry night sky

Your boyfriend’s sister hates you

You are in art gallery and you are trying to buy something in your dream

You are in art gallery and you are trying to buy something

Your father give you birds

Your son gives you two omo

Young girl wearing white dress

Your hand full of prickle

You dream and see your name in a coins

Youth home

You driving a car with passengers

Your ex girlfriend

Yellowish face


Yelling at my dead neighbor

You are upstairs in a large home you overlook to children down below in the den you want to get down there with them but you cannot find the stairwell you feel anxious

You shaking hand with an affluent person

Your sister giving you your old clothes

Yellow sheets on a bed

Young adult child making out with teenage girlfriend

Yellow half human and snake

Yellow white snake

Yellow fingernails

Young version of girlfriend

Yourself as a child

Your blessings are tied under a tree surround by black birds

Yellow siphika

Yam and vegetables

Yellow snake and red frog

Your name

Yesterday i had dream of marrying someone and after that removed it

Your child running away

Yourself being pregnant

Your ex boyfriend telling you to take a bath

Your boyfriend fighting with your sister

You dream the application form for the people you work with cutted and put in rope and you wear it on your weist

Yellow ghost


Yell that connected to dauntless dreamers

You deceased spouse ignores you

Your tongue is cut off

You failed your exam

Your brother is a gay

Yellow bear with a red shirt

Yellow bear

You are going to die

Your hair being plaited with gold

You and your ex in a plane

Y dead grandmother had a wooden leg

Yellow beard

Your name written on a paper

Your woman and other men bathing together

Your fiance sucking your virgina in the dream

You are dreaming of someone else looking fat in your dreams and you know that person in real life

Your mother comitting sucide

Your husband has seen you committing a murder

Your with a chick u like n u leave n a cult starts saraficing u n ur fighting back

Your daughter is under attack

Your friends whho shifted

Your phone being stolen from you in dream

You hear that some one is dead

Your parked car was hit abd damaged


Yellow jersey and birthing in milk

You giving money to eunuch and they give you blessing


Yellow viens

Your partner put hims sim card in your phone meaning

Your child commiting suicide

You and your crush wearing the grey same color t shirt in the dream

You and your crush wearing the grey same color t shirt

You and your crush kissing each other

You and your crush coinsidensly wearing the grey colour t shirt in your dream

Yellow pills in dream

Yellow saree devi

Yellow sweet

Yellow sweet in big pan

Young girls dress in white

Yellow brick house

Young brunette female

You are randomly put under the spotlight

Yacht club

Your dead father searching groom for you

Yellow plaid blanket

Yellow snake dream

Yelling my name

Your father wants to sleep besides you


You cleaning with a dead person the home

You see a ants on a dead body

Yello snake

You are busy eating and the spoon brke while eating

Yoga mat

Yong boys

Your name written on a screen

You saw your ex

Yelling at a demon

You will die

Your deceased father cutting down a tree

You are a teacher at pep rally with prek students

Yellow marker

Yellow bird going out from the door and going in again

Your own child in a school

Yellow handkerchief

Yellow and white rose

Yellow and white roses

You are dirty in your dream

Your crush taking a nap in your bed

Your sister cheating with your husband

Yellow cooked samp

Your mother give you two different food to eat

Your church pastor visiting you in your home

Your co wife became pregnant in dream

You own hair being frizzy

Yellow snake python

Your lover going to a posho mill

Your mom dying

Your daughter telling you her biological family member

Your boyfriend girlfriend told you to enter bike first you said no

Yellow and white

You look after yourself

You look after your younger version

Your deceased cousin raping your daughter

Your boss throws water on you

You were tiny then got big

Yellow discharge in my eyes

You crash your friends golf cart into a pond

Yali in dream

You lover playing you

Yellow ice cream

Yellow flower in dream

You are being offered to choose from a collection of antique vases small and big and many other items

Yellow and white beads

Yellow cling peaches

Your own children

Your brother is gay

Your daughter in a wheel chair

Your dad sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed

Yellow folded tablecloth

You precious stones

Yellow bird in house

Your parents forgetting you are at school

Your child calling you

Youngest son

Your dead fiancé

You dream a friend has pure gold teeth

Your ex telling you that they want to get back together with you

Yellow trumpet tree


Your death mother selling charcoal in a dream

Your belly

Yellow paint

Your male teacher is a pedo and puts you through games to shag you at the end

You r taking bath of death person

You lock a door so that they know you are inside

You are holding to lock the door knob

You are holding to lick the door

Your ex with someone else

Young growing millet

You can’t hear a person talking

Your girl shown you her vegina in a dream

You are archangel michael

Younger boyfriend

Young girl rubbing my penis

You have a pet and they go missing and you have a horse to go find it but you see a truck so you get off the horse and and run home but you a

Young dethe

Your child rape by your husband

Yellow sticky notes with different clues or location also with personal messages

Yellow onesie covering grand mom from head to toe

Your ex boyfriend taking a shower in your house what does this dream mean

You are in a cold place with water

Your significant other

Yellow glasses

Your body being cut open

Yellow snake attacking lizard

Yravelling with brother

Yagog magog

You cut someone with a knife

Yellow cotton candy

Your at your old school

Yellow 3 wheeled car

Your ex wearing one shoe and looking at your direction

You and your boy friend at school

Yellow butterfly

You see your self with the president

Your ex is seeing your cousin now

You saw a pot falling from your balcony in dream

Your dream boyfriend put his head on your chest

Yellow colored marshmallow

Youngwe boyfriend

Your crush and you dreaming of eachother at the same time

Yellow fruits on trees

Your mither dying

Your mother being attacked by a whild animal while she talks to you on the phone

Younger man flashing an older man

Yellow contract

Young cheetah

Your mother asking forgiveness in the dream

Young people wearing same clothes

Yellow car

You dream on top of your daughter headboard is a pink linen scroll written with gold psalm 91 on

Your husband mechanic shop burned down and person in my dream said that people were praying for it to burned down

Your dead father firing at you

Your late father firing at you


Your husband killed a dear

Yourself being malnourished

Your pet cat turning into the devil

Your dead husband driving a truck and towing a truck

Your dead husband driving a pick up truck pulling another truck

Your daughter beating you

Your crush saving you

Yellow bindi laddu in dream someone give

Yellow blood

You offer dead person a chocolate

Your old house

Your own death date

Your coffin

Your girlfriend sucking your friends penis

Your girlfriend sucking on someone’s elses

Your dead lover poured the urine on you

Your dead lover poured the pee on you

Yasira bilal

Your ex giving you a white piece of paper

Yeshua crying blood


You gave someone potash the the dream

You someone potash in the dream

Yellow and green fruits picking from trees in a garden

Your exam paper being torned and made again

Young girl american

Young girl amr

You see your ex chasing you with a hallway underwater

Yellow thread in dream

Yellow fruit on tree meaning

You kiss your dead relatuve

Young woman saying goodnight

Yellow stain on clothes

You see someone in your dream but from a far

Yaum al qiyamah

Y shaped tree limb

Your ex asking for a sanitary pad

Yellow kumkum

Your girlfriend is your cousin

Your daughter going to college

Yellow lingam

Yellow roses flowers

Your friend leaves you without saying anything

Your child consuming massive amounts of alcohol

You dreamed you were in heaven hugging a loved one that has passed

Yellow rats with horns like rams

Yellow long skirt in a dream

Younger version of someone in dream

Yellow discharge coming out of your penis

Yellow vein on stomach

Your family wanting to kill you

You and your child

Your friend stole

You laying bands on somebody for deliverance in a dream

Your niece tearing your cloths

You could’ve chose me

You are being asked to be quiet

You got arrested

Your brother wearing police uniform

Your husband that passed away that has bruises on him in your dream what does it mean

Yellow pinch in my back


Yellow bottle

Younger you entering into a house

Yellow green red army clothes

You and your family surviving rebel attack

Your uncle trying to kill your dad

Younger version of mom

Yellow bird dream

Your mother forgives you

Young abused child

Young abused child delivering a message

Young child appears to give a message


Yandere bf

Yandere nf

Yellow pen

Yellow shovel

Yellow flag being hand waived back and forth

Yes yes yes


Your mother giving you clothes and shoes in the dream

Yourself cheating

Yellow sphere with many eyes

Young woman dipping her fingers into an earthen jar filled with honey licking two of her fingers and putting the other fingers with honey in my mouth

Yin yang

Young self

You seek you husband eating raw meat with blank eyes and rotted food smell of meat and egg in a closet

Yo dream of a beautiful house full of beautiful flowers

You are untrustworthy

Your spouse having cancer and laughing

Yellow harlequin

Yellow sun visor

Yelled at being noisy

You may be trying to hard to impress others

Young girl in an attic

Your mother finding out you are pregnant

Your husbands ex wife hugging their son

Your fiance taking your body measurements in your dream

Your man is living in your home with his male friend

Your boss or priest give you seed of egwusi in dream

Yam heaping cultivation

You and your partner are sewn together as one

Your close friend confesses to being in a relationship with the person your seeing

Your friend get 1st position

Yellow cubr

Yellow paint on mattress


Young dream oracle

Yellow banners

You are being dragged by a dog mean

Your ex calling reminding you wether you talked to your parents


Yellow pudding

Your fairest wish go down in despair

Your dead sister forcing you to eat

You and your crush both sitting in the backseat of their car

Young woman hiding from old man

Your deadfather cooked for you

Your boss gives you money in the dream

Yellow and blue on fingers

Your boyfriend giving you waistbag interpreted

Young boy no pant in dream

Your house full of people unexpected

Your boyfriend giving you waistbag

You go vacation to your country and make party

Young child adult

You can hear the music you played before you sleep

Your past house

Your previous neigborhood of houses

You kissed an idol

Your house full of people

You found three rings on the seashore


Yellow clitoris

You bathed a mad person in your dreams what

Your own death

You bathed a madperson

You and your friends

Your dead relative giving you hard leaf in the dream signifies what

You dream my mom is wish hurting me

You dream your mom is wish hurting me

Your arms are rocks

Your mom

You give someone maggi were you soppose to give money what is the dream meaning

You carry a candle during prayer and it falls down

Yellow cargo plane with teal stripes in the sky

You are living in abroad but if u dream you see ur self in your country what does it means

Yellow doek with red cross

Your girlfriend visiting you and wearing your top

Your boss beating you

Your wife fall in the river

Yellow line drawing of an arrow

Yellow peril

Yellow and white attire

You found three rings in sea shore

Yard dart

Yellow baby

Your dad giving you fresh cut flowers

You walking behind your wife

Yellow bed sheets

Young single pregnant girl

Yellow glowing angel

Your head having a hair implant

You have alreasy taken 5 to 6 pills of panadol extra

You have already taken 5 to 6 white pills

Your wife dreams about you receiving a gift from a woman

Your wife dream about you receiving gift from a woman

You vagina hurting

You see dead person attend your wedding in dream

Young woman smiling at me

Yorkshire pudding

Your father praise your ex

You see your sister is bathing

Yellow wool

Yellow rose

Your bf ex ending back up with him

Your boyfriend child mother

Your money falling in the sea

Yellow blouses

You dream to see funeral sketch

Yam in a dream

Your mother dream about you and burning hen



Yard maintenance machines break

Yard maintenance machines won’t work

Your back tired to someone

Your boyfriend cheating on you

Your partner cheating

You ex husband wearing his wedding ring

Young woman

Young man marrying an older woman

You a man and if you see a man penetrating you in dream meaning

Your brother having a vagina

Your lover is younger than you

You see snapshots 9f your life in a dream

Your love one on the bus

Your partner receiving oral from your friend

Your sister wearing police uniform

Your fabric fell in river

Yellow spool of tangled thread

Your cousin getting divorced

Your friend hating you

Yellow spinning flower in the air

Young the restroom

Your personal name written in magazine

Yellow pill

Yellow men

Yellow berries

Your daughter pregnant in your dream

Your crush feeding you

Yellow hibiscus flower

Yellow hibiscus in my dream

You see 500 naira note in your dream

Young man chasing

Your ex eating with someone

Yellow chicks in a dream

Yellow face mask

Yellow fingertips

Yellow nails

You your wife and your cousin go to town with your car to by cigarette end up your car lock by the shop owner