Journey Of The Soul: Mystical Experiences In Sleep

Journey Of The Soul: Mystical Experiences In Sleep | Dream Encyclopedia

Journey of the soul: mystical experiences in sleep

Dreams Beyond Dreams: Mystical Experiences Recalled as Dreams

Not all dreams are merely dreams. According to author Stase Michaels, a dream serves as a bridge between our nightly musings and our waking consciousness, serving as our sole vessel for memory during slumber. When we encounter mystical experiences at night, they are etched into our memory as dreams. While the debate over this concept remains circular and speculative, anecdotal accounts abound with tales of mystical dreams that are experienced as tangible events—often more palpable than words can describe. Mystical events, recalled as dreams, possess their own distinctive character and essence, as elucidated in the subsequent sections.

Mystical Encounters Occur More Frequently During Slumber

Mystical and spiritual experiences tend to unfold at night for several reasons. First, logic takes a back seat as we slumber, permitting our minds and souls to delve into deeper recesses of awareness. Second, the absence of worldly demands, the allure of electronic distractions, and the absence of the need for sustenance create an ideal environment for exploring the realms beyond. As we drift into tranquil slumber, our unburdened spirits can commune with our souls and venture into the unknown. While it may be impossible to definitively prove the occurrence of mystical events during sleep, avid dream enthusiasts consistently document captivating instances, as exemplified below.

Divine Graces Often Bestowed During Sleep

Some dreams transcend the realm of mere dreams; they are encounters with divine grace. Whether actively sought or bestowed unexpectedly, divine blessings shower love, healing, and transformation upon us as we slumber. In the words of the New Testament, "Seek, and you shall find; ask, and you shall receive." One way to identify a dream imbued with divine love is through its profound impact. Such dreams infuse us with boundless energy, leaving no doubt that we have been touched by extraordinary grace. Recipients describe experiencing a mixture of shock, upliftment, joy, and transformation—an indescribable sensation that transcends words.

Example 1: Divine Grace in a Dream—Call If You Need Me

A young woman drew upon her deep faith while navigating a challenging work environment. Despite constant conflicts among her colleagues, she endeavored to maintain a positive outlook. However, as evening descended, tears often became her nightly companions. One fateful night, she dreamt of soaring through the air on a magical carpet. As a gentle evening breeze tousled her hair, the carpet gently landed atop a mountain. A beam of golden light descended from the heavens, revealing a phone number, digit by digit, in shining gold: 777-7777. With each appearance of the number seven, she felt a surge of energy and joy. Her heart overflowed with love, and then she awoke abruptly.

Recognizing the mystical significance of the number seven across various traditions, she knew that her efforts to maintain positivity in a challenging environment had earned divine favor. From that day forward, she navigated her workdays effortlessly, disregarding the discord that once plagued her. To her astonishment, within six months, the discordant coworkers departed, replaced by individuals with kind and positive dispositions. The unseen hand not only bestowed healing grace upon her in a dream but also transformed her real-life circumstances, turning a challenging workplace into a harmonious environment.

Example 2: Divine Grace in a Dream—Just Ask

Over the course of a year, a man ardently sought to rekindle his spiritual journey, encountering several dreams suffused with divine grace. These ethereal encounters alternately uplifted and astounded him, leading him to ponder whether such nighttime experiences were unique or universally attainable. One night, he implored, "God, if someone seeks Your favor, do You always respond?" In response, a resounding voice in his dream proclaimed, "If you or anyone seeks My help, you need only ask." Like a powerful gust of wind that leaves an unmistakable impression, this message filled him with indescribable joy.

The Great Spirit had answered his inquiry unequivocally, dispelling any doubt that God welcomes communication and requests. Such instances are often recollected as dreams. Some dreamers recount experiencing physical healing directly, while others describe emotional healing within dreams—an answer to their supplications. Those who have experienced such encounters describe being enveloped by a divine love so profound that it permanently alters their lives. While articulating the experience may prove challenging, all concur that the healing effects of the "love that surpasses all understanding" endure and do not diminish with time.

Nocturnal Reunions with Departed Loved Ones

Deceased loved ones frequently make appearances in the dreams of family members and friends. In these encounters, the departed appear revitalized, whole, and youthful. Some exchange greetings, while others convey their sentiments through smiles. These nocturnal encounters suggest that life is indeed eternal. They impart a sense of reality and provide solace to the dreamer.

If your heart remains connected to a loved one who has passed away, they may reach out in a dream communication soon after their passing or, at times, years later. Such visits from deceased loved ones are remembered as dreams and may serve as a response to feelings of loss. They visit to reassure you of their continued existence in eternity and in spirit. Such cross-dimensional meetings align with the teachings of heaven and the afterlife mentioned in most religions, even if not expounded upon in great detail.

Example: A Contact with a Deceased Loved One—Treat Her Right

Most encounters with departed loved ones are characterized by few words, although occasionally the deceased may speak. An intriguing example comes from a father who had passed away suddenly, about two years before his beloved daughter's wedding. A few weeks before the wedding, the groom, who had never met the bride's father, shared a startling dream with the bride's family. He described encountering a dark-haired man with distinctive cheekbones who emphatically declared, three times and with increasing intensity, "Take care of my daughter!" Upon the third utterance, the young man stammered, "Yes, sir," in response, within the dream.

The family chuckled, recognizing the man in the groom's dream as the bride's father who had passed away. The dream invoked fond memories of the father's protective nature towards his beloved daughter. Crossing the boundary between realms, the deceased father introduced himself to the groom. While the groom was already a fine young man, the father reminded him of his unwavering commitment to the well-being of his cherished daughter. In the realm of love, familial bonds remain eternal.

Journeys Beyond the Physical Body—Astral Travel

Mystics contend that the soul can depart from the physical body during sleep, embarking on brief journeys known as "astral travel," also referred to as astral projection or out-of-body experiences. During astral travel, the slumbering body remains stationary, while the soul ventures forth into the world and beyond, connected to the body by a mystical, silvery cord. This cord serves as a navigational guide, enabling the soul to return to its slumbering vessel.

Types of Astral Travel

Anecdotal accounts describe astral sojourns that offer glimpses of heavenly realms. They may also involve journeys linked to near-death experiences, where an individual approaches death, visits the afterlife, and subsequently returns to recount their experience. Astral travel can manifest as dreams infused with mystic encounters and be remembered as such.

Astral Travel Dreams

Certain dreams of gliding through familiar nocturnal landscapes, high above trees or buildings, may be indicative of astral travel experiences. Similarly, dreams featuring spirited conversations with friends or acquaintances may constitute extensions of interactions initiated during waking hours. Astral travel dreams often depict genuine streets, people, and places recognizable to the dreamer. Upon returning from such nocturnal journeys, the body may experience a sudden jolt upon reconnection.

Example 1: A Night Visit with a Friend

A young woman concerned about a friend's health dreamt of soaring through the night skies, gliding above familiar city landmarks. She remained fully cognizant of her surroundings, absorbing the sight of illuminated streetlights and deserted urban streets. Eventually, she arrived at her friend's residence. Observing her friend sleeping peacefully, she felt assured of her friend's well-being, having accomplished her mission. It was then that she realized she had been absent from her own body for an extended period. This realization caused her to awaken suddenly, as if her soul had landed back in her body with a resounding thud.

Example 2: Night Study Sessions

Educators with a keen interest in dreams recount experiences of "night study sessions." These dreams feature conversations with enthusiastic students that extend discussions initiated during daytime classes. These dreams possess an unmistakable sense of reality, akin to shared astral travels of a group, united by a shared passion for a particular subject.

Example 3: Journeys to Distant Lands

Dreamers describe journeys to distant lands to briefly reconnect with loved ones. Such experiences are particularly common among separated twins or spouses, with one partner stationed in a distant location. While the details of these nocturnal conversations may fade, the profound awareness of the connection formed with a loved one endures.

These examples suggest that astral travel may be initiated by concerns for loved ones, shared enthusiasms, or a longing for connection. These heart-to-heart links may serve as the catalyst for astral journeys that are subsequently remembered as dreams. For centuries, mystics have described such experiences, leaving us to contemplate the uncharted horizons of the soul.

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