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Dreams starting with the letter B

Boyfriend yelling at me

Black mark on my arm

Bucket dream

Bald man and missing teeth

Bein given maggi cube in the dream

Boyfriend making another lady wear apant

Blood clot in brother

Being a little kid

Big books

Bendy and the ink machine

Bestfriends boyfriend cheating

Bestfriends boyfriends cheating with her enemy

Boiling roses

Burn arm

Boyfriend giving woman money

Black and red beads

Bottles of liquor

Blood out of nose

Bought dead boyfriend childhood home

Bugs in flours meaning

Black shirt maroon pants

Being found by others

Broken camera lense

Black maserati

Been flog in the dream

Burning down a house

Being a prefect at school

Bull on fire

Bull on fir

Being raped by someone and seen by my father

Bed tom corbett

Broken veena

Broken bed leg

Becoming present and everyone is cat girls

Burying cow alive

Boyfriend and family meeting for marriage

Bottles in window sill

Buying raw rice at a cheaper price in a dream

Burning my food it was black

Being tickle by a ghost in a hotel hallway

Being trapped in a limitless space

Breat sucking

Boyfriend was a dog

Bulufim india video



Burn documents


Blood coming from mouth and nose

Bird eating carrion

Burning grandfather clock

Bad mother dreams

Bad mother

Bad moth


Broken bangle on wrists

Burning curch

Brother get raped

Boyfriend talking to father

Biting a birds head off

Bedridden walking dying mother

Broken strap on clothing

Broken bra strap

Buying a new apron

Being led by deceased to closed door

Broken beads necklace

Bandage around neck and throat with medicine

Burned finger

Bees under toilet

Being feed in the hospital

Being unsafe in prison

Blisters in dream on legs

Broken engagement ring and fixed

Being dragged to the mountain top

Buying big manson with body guard

Boyfriend who is drunk

Beaux paysages et château

Buttons falling off a coat

Buttons falling off clothes

Black cross surrounding fishing net

Black birds trapped around black fish

Boyfriend’s parents

Being replaced by someone


Buttering rolls

Birdman knocking

Being murdered by a demon

Bath and being watched by child

Bubbles and restrict breathing and feel claustrophobic

Being a cashier not managing clients

Burnt stuffed animal

Being watched when i sleep

Biblical meaning of a dreaming about a hamfr

Boyfriend cheating with stepmom

Boiled eggs dream meaning

Broken building

Being given soldiers uniform



Bishop praying for me in the dream

Black crow bird that turns into a lady

Black plums dream meaning

Big pond with flowers

Bigfoot chasing me down dark street

Bishop elect

Baby bird eats its mother

Black dying hair

Burnt horse

Becoming friends with husbands mistress

Bathing outside in public

Bathing muthi

Being beaten by someone close in your dream

Being beaten by my cousin brother


Black hare

Black benz

Burn tip finger

Boy danny dream

Blood in mouth

Baby face in ultra sound

Baby four eyes

Being bad bartender

Bing a bad bartender

Bleeeding hand

Baby white goat wanting to play

Best friend coming back from a trip but she really isn’t

Being spoiled

Boyfriend sleeping with his mom

Baby crying milk alone

Black flies and gnats

Burning a car seat

Begging dream

Black nodules on body

Being handed a button

Bomb house

Being set up by friend

Black stone road

Bite some one

Brother raping a sister and father saving her dream

Burying my dead mother

Bus with a rocket

Burying my baby

Building colaps

Blackheads shoulder

Being at an embassy lucky numbers

Being at an embassy but earning a small amount of r5000


Beaten by dead mother with rod on my back means

Bricks dream shillong teer

Being bit on the foot by a rat

Bread and fruits

Buying ankara cloth in my dream

Black horse patrick telesco

Black metal bowl


Buying a dupatta

Being given a house as inheritance by my father

Being in a computer

Bully crush on me

Bully became boyfriend

Bishop in liturgical activity

Black man wearing tourquis shirt

Baby climbing stairs with sister

Baskerville dog

Black cloth following my husband

Bathing in burial ground

Biting slippers

Burning everything with an iron

Bad sponge bath

Bad bath

Bull terrier dog staring at you

Bubble bath flooding houses

Bubbles flooding houses

Brother in law cheating

Burnt god photos

Bugs and deceased loved one

Being sucked into a portal

Burning stable

Being hugged forcefully in a dream

Blind white mule

Beautiful winter coats in a city busy

Brother ex wife

Balled up plastic bags

Buying clothes for my eight year boy

Buck stag

Bleeding eyes nose mouth

Big red devil

Black spots under eyes

Bird out of mouth

Being in world war ii

Bfs dad selling me a house

Being on the top of a grassy unsafe mountain

Brother handcuffed by police

Black and white realm with shapes and spikes

Blue ancestry beads

Bird dang teer no

Bird dang

Bath running

Blood walla

Bible jewish translation

Bible translation

Being chased by antelope

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones playing music

Being thrown with a bottle shampoo

Boston mutilated

Breaking dried firewood happily

Being at a show

Boyfriend belly button piercing

Black pot stirring black liquid

Body fire

Butterfly knife meanings

Black ninja ghost. i swung a level at him

Brown fluffy blood

Baldin head

Black chalk shampoo

Buried cupboard having little child cloth and upon insects attacked

Broken atm card

Black dishes

Black gold

Boyfriend in woman’s clothes

Bunch of purple grapes

Being served food

Being hit by a ice cream truck


Best friend having affair with wife

Black left knee

Bot fly embedding in my hand

Being attacked by aliens

Black beetle in my head iam thrown it away

Black beetle in our head

Bengal gram dream

Being protected in a dream after a dream rape

Bruise back on mom

Bruise on back

Burying meat


Bread and olives

Blisters in eyes

Bit by girraffe

Bed headboards

Bathing front church congregation

Bathing front church and congregation

Bathing in front of the church suddenly a congregation gathered and they were playing

Beads dreaming

Bengal gram

Become alive

Bike without pedal

Bed gift



Buffalo matting with horse

Beating husbands mistress in dream

Being given raw meat in the dream

Boy in girls bathroom

Boys in girls toilet

Black lipstick meanings

Blue turban

Blur turban

Buy new blue colour scooty dream namber

Blue colour dream namber

Breaking of spoon while eating

Backwards e

Boxes falling

Broken virgin mary

Being at a strip club


Being driven over a bridge

Baby sitting on bed

Boyfriend lying about dating friend and best friend betraying

Black widow in my ear

Black,cat, turn into panther

Baby walking drem number

Black man, white man

Big grey cat

Big friendly bulldog

Bars on windows

Birds viciously attacking a snake

Boyfriend with two es

Bathing outside with an ex girlfriend

Broken dove wing

Bottom of the ocean pebbles being covered in pebbles

Butter spread in my hands

Brown clothes on someone else

Blue birds flying into my car

Bees stuck in hair

Blurred face boy makes me feel and love seen in a dream

Backbone in body

Beach. shania twain concert


Beaches and stars

Battleship address

Being called a mark

Beying okpa in your dream

Bying okpa in your dream


Being intern in a dream meaning

Betraying a friend

Big red hat

Big red har

Boat without engine

Baby throws up

Boat full of fish

Boat full with small fishes

Brown sea water

Building an extension that keeps growing

Biblical man developing a woman privates in a dream.

Black cow eating leaves

Borrowing money dead person

Burial ground

Broken down automobile

Burgled unlocked door

Black color dressed women

Black horse collapsed

Black saree women red bindi face

Buying a white checken

Blood ejaculation meaning

Being driven by your pastor in his car

Big frog

Being yelled at by a karen in a supermarket

Big house party

Broken stem of a tulsi plant

Black printed polished tiles

Being covered head to toe with sheet

Blue fox coat

Being a shepherd in dream

Black winged demon

Bird killed a snake

Broken wine bottle

Bought tomatoes in dream

Boat dream

Blood in husbad eyes

Blue corduroy

Buying red tomatoes in dream

Buying watermelon in dream

Bowing to a pastor

Balled socks being put in washing machine

Balled up socks

Being saved by a angel from the gremlins

Bying something

Break a covenant

Broken tulsa plant

Beautiful girl i saved and i like her

Booty shorts

Big machine

Big rip naseberry full form the tree

Burned bodies

Breaking carnelian ring

Black cow head

Being stabbed and bleeding to death

Being given a bra pad

Bottle ground deram teer

Bottle fill with sand


Being attacked by a mad man

Being in malta

Boy giving u one of his possessions



Buying meat at a butcher

Being demon

Being dw

Baby on table

Being a demon

Bing lost

Black glove changing to pink

Baby body turn backwards waist down

Baby head turn backwards and crying

Being a giant in a dream means whst

Back and we hite bangle


Blue fire biblical meaning

Boyfriend sending my s

Black giant serpent

Burning a abandoned building

Being blind and deaf

Band crush

Buying something in the dream

Box of buttons

Baby serpent in the house

Baby snake in the house


Being a character in a dream

Building a colarge

Being choked by nobody

Being choked by no onr

Boyfriend and his babymomma

Being covered with blankets at church

Being attack by sword

Bride money paid for me

Bumper to bumper car accident

Breaking virginity and seeing blood

Boyfriend licking my pussy

Blibically what happen when someone dies

Brown jumper

Black women married to a white man

Becoming a child again

Bleeding from ear

Black bin bags

Bitten by madwoman

Betrayal mask

Bats gnawing at screen trying to get in house

Being a naagin cibra

Bleeding thumb

Break into the house

Breaking into the house

Black and wnhite angels is dream black embracing the white

Baby spitting up worm

Boyfriend shoes gift

Blood pus from ear

Blood flows out of ear

Breeding ear

Being raped by son

Being scared of dark wood and coming back

Baby girl gets lost n find in end

Boyfriend buying shoes gift

Bal krishna bathing in river

Bal goal bathing in river

Black paper ash

Big mike on legs

Babul ke khate feet se nikalne in dreams

Birds transform into humans

Bathed with curd in dream what does it means

Being given bag of crayfish

Being chase by a man.

Buying pomo dream meaning

Buying pomo in dream meaning

Bumb back palm

Bumb pulm at the back

Buying anchovies

Baldness in hair

Bald spots


Black moles all over leg in dream


Being on a boat

Bugs coming out of running water tap

Bugs coming out of a running water tap

Baby named meadow

Burning deadman

Being in unkhwon house with my family and unkhown older people

Brother dinner table

Blue glowing light

Being hairy

Burping in dream meaning

Blemish on leg

Brakes don’t work properly

Black hat to white hat

Birds attacking your feet

Box of tissues

Beer attacking me in dream

Big open dark mouth

Blue mohawk

Brown quilted dress

Birdhouse empty

Boyfriends new girlfriend

Biblical receiving appointment letter

Boyfriend acting deranged in dream

Beans of diffrrent colors

Backpack floating water

Baby inside a tree

Blowing ashes on you

Bitter kola fall and scatter and i pick some of the seed what is the meaning

Being insulted by the one i love


Bathing in a compound

Brother emaciated

Brother slimmer

Back pack bag

Broken angel wing at doorstep

Bread dreams

Buying gum

Bitdied person bites

Being given raw snake meat what does it mean

Biting off a man’s foreskin while my boyfriend watches


Blind deaf mute

Broken down space ship

Ball game

Beingseeing a female prostitue shot to death in a vat of liquid

Be forced to shoot my best friend but not doing it

Been given so much maggi in the dream

Black oven

Black burned oven

Bee colony

Blackened skin

Basketball net

Being showered with money

Blowing air into mouth

Birds landing on you

Bio fluid dreams and the meaning

Bio dreams

Big ear

Big winnning at the

Being bitten by my mum

Blank puma attacking dog

Baby tongue

Bathing with my ex boyfriend meaning

Boyfriend moving away

Branded aem

Biting eel fish

Baby handicap dream meaning

Bamboo tree uprooted b

Buttons contaned

Bathing infront of people

Being a blue being

Black and white checkers

Buying a motorcycle

Being slapped by a mad man in my dream

Buying a brand new moto bike

Bad mark

Bluff cliff

Buying beer for dad

Bishop comemy home ti eat food in my dreams

Begging bf to stay

Beating in a dream

Bucket, full of rice seen in a dream

Bad smell dream

Being mad dream meaning

Being mad


Broken kaddu gopal

Bleeding l dream

Bible in lake

Black shadow demon

Burnt plastic forks

Baby carabao

Boots dreaming

Boots cut by unknown person

Bolo sword

Bill swotd

Bill knifr

Boots cut

Blood clot on right side of body

Be unlimited

Bike race

Big bees nest full of honey

Bag filled with water

Boiling kettle

Boyfriend had swx with another guy

Brain tumor diagnosis

Being in jumanji

Bomb under bed

Bite a head off a fish

Bleading cut

Blck snake entering the home

Being offered food

Broken jiko

Blessed mother

Boyfriend dead


Blood skeleton


Buisness place

Buying chickens feed

Bloody chest or torso



Brother cheating on his wife

Buying ankara

Brown wedge sandal

Black knight chessman

Broken aqeeq

Bathing mothers dead body

Blisters on my legs

Bag in a certain location

Being a rookie highway patrolman

Black metal rods in front of my front door

Burning of broom

Best cakes

Broken mopping handle

Burning qurans

Building diminish

Brahmin and eating food

Brahmin eating food

Brahmi leaves

Baby with cleft lips

Buying bindis

Buying milo in my dream

Boy with bird tattoo

Bumb on glass statue

Brown cater ar on head

Blood violence

Being in a dingy

Burning of cedar wood

Been cut with a scissors


Big koi fish

Bug eggs on my skin

Black snakes in water

Beads all over the flor

Buying onions in your from death person

Baby getting eaten

Beginning to fall out of things

Buying espensive item

Beautiful woman talking to me in my dream


Burning patched clothes

Bread in a dream

Blackbird in dreams

Bone protruding from sholder

Black bird dreams meaning

Buying of palm kernels seed

Boyfriend crashing car

Bailing water from a room

Bowl overflowing with ghee

Birthday celebrated wrong

Blible soled in water

Bronze cube

Befriending a native women

Bus driver smoking

Boyfriend flirting with mother

Bad dreams like my dying

Bloodily fingers

Bug bites on the ankles

Bloody pyramids

Broken candle glass jar

Boy eating a bra

Black spot in front of you

Barefoot in nasty public bathroom

Building without roof

Being afraid to offend someone

Bear bottal

Bucket of hot water

Bull chasing goat in my house

Broken stem of champagne glass

Bed deceased husband

Body turning black rotting

Black giving birth to white

Birth of baby

Bone fracture

Boyfriend been badly beaten up

Brand new charcoal pot

Black night seeds

Breadfruit tree

Big bug

Broken clay pot

Being in a movie theater

Betel nut number

Box of nozzles

Boyfriend sleeping with guy

Being taken in a room with pressure

Boyfriend kissing my sister

Boyfriend kissing sister

Bought roofing sheet transportation to house

Being pregnant in my dream

Boyfriend brings pizza

Boyfriend is short

Being in a submarine underwater

Bad face lift

Broken hangar

Blocked by a huge river not to cross over

Blue jay bird

Being a superhero with your crush

Boy toddler

Broken crystals dream

Bricks in a walll

Bricks in a wall

Being given a life jacket

Bracelets left arm

Big head sculpture

Broken drink

Bruise on right arm

Black bird white spots

Being chased by man with chainsaw

Being president

Bracelets shaking

Broken id card

Buying samosa and fried casava dream

Broken sleeper

Being an assistant judge

Being an judge protégé in court wearing judge robe

Been asked to make contribution inorder to avert hunger

Beggar with leprosy asking for food from me

Burn on my chest and s

Being chased by a deaf man meaning

Being given a spear written you are and inharitsm hiritsnce the new king

Being given a spear written you are the new king by a boy that was a king

Being given a spear written you are the new king

Bathroom window locked

Baby turning black what does it mean when you dream about

Baby turning black what does it mean when you dream about y

Baby turning black meaning

Bike dog

Burger exploded

Berada diatas langit melihat bintang

Black snake bit black snake

Break the kite

Bouncing ball in empty room

Bouncing ball

Broken black obsidian

Banned from store

Building of house

Beach dream meaning

Boyfriend wearing a monkey musk

Boyfriend in a cult

Breaking someones wings

Bruise buttocks

Big snake hurting me

Big house king

Bestfriend affair husband

Bitten by a witch

Bite/bitten by witches in dream

Being bitten by witch


Boyfriend, sleeping, parents and house

Being hit by a bullet

Brothers circumcised

Breaking house

Bathing cat

Betel tree


Burned lizard

Body parts gone

Blond grizzly bear dream

Begon merchi and masla

Broken teddy bear

Black index finger

Being nudged by someone

Beating someone with the panga

Blue strong water

Bad people in woods

Birth dead baby

Blacksnakes thousnds

Boss lady in dream

Blue morning glory flowers

Being mustard

Being ketchup

Bring in a fashion show and having a mishap

Birth of quintuplets

Boiling milk in dream what is it mean in bible

Brown envelope was not sealed

Brown envelope was not dealed

Bureau people

Buying white paper with black musical notes in a dream

Bleeding lamb on tree

Bleading lamb on tree

Black cow in water

Birthday with dead mother

Being friends with the matron

Beautiful red shoes

Beautiful red shies

Beautiful red shoes and dead cousin

Breaking a shoe horn

Breadfruit nuts

Breaking girl virginity and blood seen in a dream

Bread nut

Black shadow and a black crow repeat in my dreams

Bi eniyan ba wo aso odi lojun ala

Boyfriend holding cat

Buying of waakye in a dream

Burying somebody who is dead and buried already

Bitter yam in a dream

Boss insulted u in a dream

Been giving incisions in the head in a dream

Being given jaggery by an uncle in a dream

Box in the gabbage


Both sky and ocean on top of my head

Back handsprings

Baseball stadium

Big tree on fire

Beatle leaf and dead person

Being loved by a man in my bed

Baby girl matured in dream

Branches dream interpretation - branches dream meaning

Buying slipper and dress to dead mother


Buying smoked fish

Bleeding poop uterud

Big bushes of two rose plant

Blood on the floor

Baby with idol

Boyfriend moving in with me

Boyfriend moving in

Bus on fire

Bear came to my bedroom

Birds with six eyes

Boyfriend two

Boyfriend two es

Black and yellow snakes everywhere

Bathing public

Brother being gay with you

Bird poop on you

Biting off nipples and spitting them out

Bodhgaya in india political map

Being with elementary school freinds

Broken rule

Broken glass in stomach

Baby and green pus

Boils and puss

Bent wood

Burgundy graduation robe

Bleeding gum

Baby chameleons

Buying,offal and meat

Black pretty short hair

Black pretty hair mean

Bird stole my wedding ring

Black pretty hair

Bell fall from the sky

Blessed scrament right in my rooom with beautiful followers all around it means?

Bull poop

Blowing fire wood

Boss praising your work

Being a german soldier

Being hitler

Being the führer

Big cokc

Being fat and clothes not fitting

Bana leaf burning

Blond girl in castle

Baby pied crow in dream

Baby eating money dream

Baby girl with golden hairs

Best friend having affairs with my wife

Buying moimoi leaves

Bottle gourd number teer dream

Being stalked by a mountain loin

Bleeding bear

Buying garden egg leaf in the market

Beaten by milky substance rain from the sky

Beaten by milky sustance rain from the dky

Boyfriend is brother

Boyfriend is half brother

Being chased by men with stones

Blind dream

Biting nail

Being protected by a deer

Bird urinating hand

Big ants

Bones in my bed beside me

Bird peeing in hand

Being treated like maid

Burying pig meat in the ground

Black crow drinking water

Bar coins

Black ox pushi me by his head and i pushi him back

Black cow bush me

Baby boy stretching

Baby boy curly hair

Broken bridges

Black duck meaning

Bird spitting

Baby can i hold you tonight

Be in chest

Being shot by aircraft

Blooms pine

Buildings near water

Beige coat

Bit by gargoyle

Being in horror scene

Bakery window



Being with a girl i like

Black dog bite

Being biting by a dead man

Bear eating loved one

Bitten by a dead man mean

Baby boy with big

Brown snake climbed right leg dream meaning

Being arrested by soilders in a dream

Bush mango

Broken eye statue sai meaning

Balloon teer dream number

Bathing dead mother

Black toilet water

Back itching

Being sideswiped by a white pickup with a white trailer

Bare bush being damagesd

Bush being damaged

Bing. com/create


Big snail on my ceiling

Birds and mud

Baby in black stroller

Bear and ram fighting

Bitten on the hand by a silver snake

Boy raped

Being paralyzed and no one believing you


Broken wings

Breaking celphone in half

Buying a carcass

Boyfriend buying breakfest for babymama

Being wanted in a dream

Broken leg dreaùm

Being out casted

Beatel nut tree

Being bewitched with a wrapped up cloth

Buying plam kanel in dream means what

Beide dream nambar

Buying catapult in dream

Beheaded eagle

Beautiful 2lane road

Bunch of snails

Brother punches father

Blood on money inside a mattress

Baby flowing in river

Bugs flying over my head

Bugs/spiders falling from the ceiling

Being intimate with dead father

Being chased by unknown people

Being protected by kids in a dream

Boiling water turning into ice cubes


Become a bishop

Blue car white woman ocean and wave

Baby head busted open


Broken/deformed arm

Beautiful black shiny hair

Burning candles and insence

Bag bread

Boy grave with his mom running down stone road dream

Black horse with a carriage and gold chain

Black horse with carriage and gold chain

Brutal acceleration

Braided hair

Being told affirmation is coming

Black cow in a dream

Big rock moving from under foot and going down mountain

Blocked drive

Broke steps

Being held down in water looking up in the water at the sun

Broken snake structure

Blue and white kitchen cubinets

Black cow with horn in temple in a morning dream

Black and white bunny

Babysitter killed baby

Both hands held out ,znd are full of pieces of corn

Burried clothes

Brother not injuried

Buying diya

Blood and sperm transfusion

Boiling milk turning to oil

Being sucked in your working place

Black color in girl’s mouth

Burying a person in a muddy ground

Brother dying in my hands

Brother versus sister

Brown oil runni down wall in house

Bathing for deceased mother

Bathing for deceased mother in a bathroom in a dream means

Black spots in mouth

Being married to a white woman

Boyfriend dreaming of girlfriends long hair

Burning carter iars

Bee honey hair

Body lifting in air

Buying key holder

Boy setting in my feet

Being given milk and bread by a dead woman after collecting wood

Black spider coming out of black ball

Beating my stepmom in my dream

Being lost and late

Black art remove

Breats feeding


Bus driving away

Baby has ears and nose cut off

Bf gets s or explicit videos

Being in a plane crash

Blical meaning of dreaming your childs pictures

Being friemds with the president

Best friend removing her headcover

Best friend removing her head cover

Best friend removing her hijab

Bright spot

Bright white spot moving

Birthday cards with money

Black water on a raft

Brother crying

Baby ducks

Big sleeperly fish

Basement door

Bowels move a lot

Bff snitches about me

Bamboo shots plucking dream

Baby in dryer

Boy on a dock on a lake falls then two boys comes up

Big ugly tumors on butt

Buying food from madman

Bhakari with hole

Being kissed by a madman

Bhakari with hole in dream

Burning of dried leaves by me

Black and white mask

Babies turning into black birds

Baby face in form of crocdile

Blurred happy guys face

Bleeding palms

Beating baseball bat

Buttock wound

Beingserved cabage and meat in a dream

Body hairy

Black toilet paper

Bike raide

Bad dream about my child