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Dreams starting with the letter C

Cum spitting then turns orange

Climbing fence in the dream

Coffin in a boat over rough sea

Captain of the ship

Crush on a stranger

Cat and fish

Coin 25cent

Court of many colours


Chased by carabao


Corn growing out of head

Carrying a gun in my dream

Cici what is the meaning in a dream if someone who already died give you slippers

Claw dream meanings

Cow chewing food

Coconut dream picking

Cancelling airline flight

Cerebral palay

Charter bus with massive power

Circle and rocks

Cat refusing to eat

Cowboy outfit

Cowboy fancy dress

Cats being eaten by insects

Chasing fish and stopped by the snakes

Coming out of the bush to the road in dream


Cutting wood with cutlass in the dream

Cut off waist

Cooking big black pots

Crowd following

Cutting of plants

Cape of santo niño in dream meanimg

Crossed out face

Colleting red or pink gems

Cutting skin off

Cleaning a dirty house of in laws


Car police snow car crash

Car police snow boss

Car police snow boos

Car collsion

Cold leaking from someones nose

Cup pong girlfriend win

Covering pastor with clothes

Child silhouette

Child breaking a leg

Cat attacking humans for no reasons

Cut ear

Calf slept on my lap

Closing access to entrance unsuccessful

Cat and kitten in a toilet bowl

Cooked chicken dream

Cooked rice dream

Cat had the tiny bird inside its mouth

Constructing high tower

Coffin in river

Car troubles


Coworker poured me liquor at a bar

Coworker poured me a liquor in a glass cup

Coworker poured me a drink

Coworker poured me a shot

Coughing burping and hicups


Chain reaction shapes

Changing seasons

Carrying sleeping baby

Climbing a mountain dream number

Carebara vidua

Centipede beige very large

Cloth on top of a coffin

Climbing tree to get fruits

Climbing tamarind tree

Cleaning the overflowing gytter

Comparing bible translation

Climbing on a chair

Cousin killing her husband

Cats and pancakes

Cats and monkeys

Cooking with brandy

Chicken foot

Crush grabbing waste

Cockroaches dream meaning

Chetan girl fuking

Cat sucking blood in dream


Car lighthouse

Can use both hands

Child as statue

Chaos trying to feed stray dogs

Car filled with snow

Children’s halloween party

Color yellow

Crown appearing in sky

Crab in mouth

Chaos happen

Cows in my farm

Color green bread

Child and snzke dream


Coins numbers

Cutting of oha leaves in a dream

Collecting gold in river

Creating a centepende

Crossing a old lady across the road

Coal in dream


Colleague killed by war

Carrying bags full of crayfish, what does that mean

Cargo cars

Cleaning car

Clothes in attic

Converting religions

Climbing a building

Chasing my sister

Chulha in dream

Cutting a tongue tie and you didn’t want to

Calling a dead person name

Contented cat

Cousin in-law at a table

Car crash passenger

Car yard

Cheating with golfing

Culdasac dream

Cioue being chassed by a dino

Class forgot to attend

Can’t see my deceased husbands face

Circle with cross

Color red in dreams

Cat paw missing

Crocodile eating cow

Climbing dangerous stairs

Creepy barbie

Catching fish with spear

Christian persecution

Copper headband

Cow chasing you

Cow turning to man

Chewing wood

Cleaning up a murder scene

Cancelling my lobola

Car in a dream

Cat whiskers pulled out

Clothes urine

Caring a stack of green notes

Chasing my cat

Cashing my cat

Cat person

Child screaming

Cleaning a kitchen

Chilli tree means what.

Carabao horns

Chopping head off of dog

Cooking pot is having a hole

Crack in the bottom of a pool

Carrying native pot on my head in the dream

Can’t escape

Casting satan in angles language meaning

Cuddling with random woman

Clean up blood from floor

Clan up blood

Caught showing backside pants down

Cat fighting for food

Child army

Cutting and cooking green onions

Cheap price tag dream meanings

Christian meaning being of cow turning to a man

Car key with poop


Cabinets falling off wall

Child dies after i feed him


Cannot catch up at work

Car hits train

Carrying a food in a cooler and the food poured away and little was left

Clay on hands

Chased and attacked

Chest of a girl

Cloudy glass of water

Cater er

Choking on beautiful colored feathers

Cat and dog fighting

Chased by tiger

Clean mop

Cutting dead fathers hair

Child falling pit

Catherine wheel

Clown doll

Carrying heavy log of firewood in a dream



Cut clothe line

Cleft palt

Cliff palate

Chocolate bar gold in my dreams

Chocolate gold my dream what is the meaning

Close the portal

Crying like a child while dead family member comes towards you

Cockroach bite

Close one was force to drink poison in house

Catfish in clean water

Climbing up a hill to your boyfriend

Creepy forest

Cooking oil pour on the floor in my kitchen

Cleaning glass shards

Covered in blankets

Car plate no

Chickens eye dream

Chicken and it’s eye

Chicken intestines in a dish

Christmas tree branch breaks

Carrying books on your head in a dream

Chopping a tree down

Chipping a tree down

Caught in to strem

Collapsed building

Cutting off childs arm

Clock ticking

Closed umbrella

Cooking for a man of god and serving food

Cooking urd daal

Chacing someone

Cockroach and juice

Cleaning old wooden mortar

Cut my hair


Cooking in toilrt

Cassava mixed with beans

Curdled tea

Copy phone number


Criminal fluffy five finger tree with bright sunlight

Carrying a girl on shoulder


Cry from left eye

Cow skin dream meaning

Chicken pox on the body

Can someone gatecrash my dream


Couple wearing traditional clothes

Cutting dead grandmas hair

Calling my deceased father’s name in dream

Chased and called by old lady

Carrying someone to help

Carrying someone who was hurt


Chased by a killer


Car with junk


Cloth falling in unflushed toilet

Crush giving me a girft

Colored beans

Christmas surprise visit

Cutting an ear

Carring food on my head

Cut my hand with a knife

Climbing up the headboard of the bed

Carrying dead baby on shoulder

Cat bitting my in my dream

Cleaning of environment

Colour on the face of someone in a dream

Clouds made of water darkened by boats floating on top of them and a feeling of being scared and running to get light

Cat taking my breathe

Cooking mandazis

Cooked bone marrow

Circles falling from sky

Cleansing a person

Curtain gift

Crush wearing your clothes in dream

Corn pap

Carrying a jerrycan of water on the bicycle while climbing a high hill

Cloned dogs

Carry straw


Carrying a calabash in my dream

Cigarette in the rice

Champion belt

Children running from the rain

Clear hand bag with money in it

Crocodile in drink

Chased by sheep

Chapstick on the floor


Chasing bull fire

Capsized boat

Cooked white rice

Choking girlfriend

Collecting coins on the beach

Cow heels in s dream

Cut of rooster head

Covering hard with cloth


Cars taken away by waves

Chewing bitter kola in your dream

Caught in the rain

Cattle ticks

Cartier bracelet fake and stones falling off

Cutting husband eyebrow

Cat on a leash

Chariot and god is falling in dream

Chanting radha

Calendar with no number on it

Choke strangle wife

Cutting waist beads off

City lights buildings magical frame beautiful view

Children running under sprinkler at night

Choking by a dead grandmother

Child on cliff

Cows running around freely

Cats in an eggshell

Charcoal stealing from me

Cutting hair with knife

Car accident and cut head

Cat rooster long beak


Clean clothes falling into gutter

Changed room bed broken

Catching the number five train



Connecting ponds

Calling out wrong twin in a dream with two ponds connected

Chasing a way a mad person

Cooking and eating in an enemies house

Climbing a mountain with a baby boy

Curtis dream meaning

Chased by man

Crippled child floating

Crippled child with power that controls wild animals

Cook white rice

Chased by a indian

Cooking and church

Cooking in a church

Clay bowl

Cleaning someone’s house

Chased in heavy rain

Collecting lost beads on the flor

Carrots and

Car parked find


Carabao is biting a huge chunk of flesh in my butt

Carabao biting your ass

Candles and mirrors

Cattle broke leg

Cattle that broke a leg

Clothes in a toilet bowl with clean water

Crows birds eating rice inside my house in my dreams

Calabash dreams

Ceiling on fire

Chole bhature eating in dreams

Cannula in your hand

Creepy man

Copper cube

Car falling off cliff

Chased by a dinosaur

Creat when am being raped by a mad person

Crabs cooking



Clinging child


Carrying sick child

Cheating pastor

Cheating padtir


Caged owl

Cooking money inside a pot in a dream

Crossing over through god to my love

Chocolate heart




Car crash and mob chase

Cleaning the ceiling in my house

Child reading leviathan

Choosing between family and friends

Colon bag


Children mistakenly left on the bus

Clothes white ans blue

Curd with boiled potatoes given in a plate

Chest ripped

Cartoon horse

Cat trying to hurt or kill you

Crossing a clen blue lake walking with legs

Cut from fingers from knuckle

Counting money drean meaning

Cows eating ripe mangoes

Cockroaches coming out of a in a dream

Carabao rope

Cloth with menstrual blood

Clapping hands with a lion

Cut toe nails

Caring a bucket full of paint

Cutting nails of deceased person

Child duplicate

Captain planet

Crying on your birthday because nobody is talking to you

Church dreams

Corpse disappearing

Clothes line fell

Chieftaincy in dream means

Cooked fatty meat

Clothes scattered on road

Car overtaking

Cashew pickle eating dream

Cow chasing me and it fails to get me

Crumble cakes

Cutting off dog toes

Cutting off dog feet in the dream

Colour purple

Climbing up steps that look like a ladder

Crossing dry river on sand

Creamcolored snake


Caluculating returns of investment in dream

Collecting bitter kola and a black thing

Class fight

Canned wife

Child ghosts

Car in deep snow

Cow walking on the sky

Chanting om namha shivay

Cake number

Climbing the steps

Cutting neck dream interpretation - cutting someone neck

Cashmere herring

Cheating on your girlfriend

Catching a stone


Clear blue sky, green grass and bushes

Checking someone pics on his phone

Climbed palm tree without leaves

Chased by spider

Cooking tea and s ing it

Cutting my dead mothers hair

Child is sick

Can’t find ringing phone

Catching a skinned fish

Concrete stairs into water

Cleaning church compound in a dreams means

Cutting hair of my wife

Cow in pond

Car parked in road

Colorful long coat

Celebrity dreams

Cousin dreams of dead sister and cousin wearing red shoes

Clock with no seven

Clock missing the seven


Cocking stick

Comb teeth missing

Car tyres taking smoke

Cats biting me in dream

Crippled ex husband

Car hitting black cow

Celebrity giving coin money for a taxi fare

Chasing a woman

Celebrity giving coin money

Climbing a tree and it breaks

Crossing a scary river


Cradit mony

Come back from foreign country

Cat eating a broken glass

Chased by two madwoman what is lucky

Chased by two madwoman

Crying in front of lord krishna picture frame

Court and summons dream

Children fukking

Counter attack

Cartoon cat trevor

Carrying a baskets of vegetables and food flasks


Cassava process food akpu

Cat with no gave

Cat with no face but teo wyes

Cooked food in a kettle with no lid

Clean clothes in running water

Cousin on fire

Child, red, dress

Curtains blowing by wind in my bedroom

Curtains blowing by win in my room

Calm snake and leaking water

Colorful worms

Cow changing to person

Cooked offal

Coming back in my country without anything dream meaning

Coughing water

Circle and square going smaller to bigger

Clown dream

Chicken eating clothes from someone body

Cant decide

Clouds transform into letters

Clouds transform into words

Cylinder library in the middle

Crawling in vents

Cutting hair dresm

Carrying a puppy in arms in ash

Comedy performance

Cook jollof rice in sack

Chopped off

Carrying a baby goat meanings

Colourful duppata

Carrying a baby goat and chasing dogs dream

Carrying a baby goat on my chest dream

Child calling mommy

Cain and abel

Cain and ablel

Cutting off of woman’s clitoris

Catch mudfish in dream

Cement bricks

Carving into a tree

Car goes airborne

Colorful dragonfly on ceiling

Cow with short legs


Calotropis plant in dream

Carrying rice of bag on the head

Chinese woman playing instrument sitting in white ligh

Crush being transgender

Corners four

Chatting with the sister of my ex

Canopy bed in jungle

Cut my legs, with a razor, but no blood came out, and no pain.

Cut my legs, with a razor,but no blood came out, and no pain.

Cit my legs with a razor but no blood came out and no pain

Crossing a dry river


Cats head being cutoff

Chasing candy

Coming down from ladders

Crowd, panic

Chicken eating snakes

Climbing the water falls with little water

Charcoal and dust

Cleaning of gods ldol in dreams

Carport loosing metal roof

Crow finger biting

Crazy men loving me

Cant turn off water

Chief on his white horse

Children of family

Cheif with headdress on a white horse

Cleaning teeth with finger nail

Church floor unplaster.

Crush sister

Clean fingernails

Cyrus dream meaning

Crush calls ugly

Crush calls me ugly

Crush giving me a gift

Cleaning the pulpit

Constructing building

Celeberty dream

Cow parts

Child,bread feeding


Cleaning up murder

Catching termites in a dream what is the meaning

Crabs dream meaning

Choosing the right path down a mountain

Cows were attacking

Church floating in the ocean

Casing by nandi

Cheating dream

Coffe maker burned with flat iron

Cut no blood

Crushes sister

Cast of actors in a group in my dream

Causing mass murder

Caramel on

Cell phone filled with worms

Child falling in ocean

Covering a hole

Changing religion in islam

Child on a train

Corpse open eyes

Crying for her shoe

Cellotape chasing me

Corpse resurrecting and chasing me

Cow in a large wave

Chasing a cat and crapaud from my living room

Cat and crapaud running out the house

Cat holding onto a crapaud

Crab inside room

Cartera de difunto

Celebrating eid ul adha with the person i love

Celebrating eid ul adha with boyfriend

Cutting down branches of trees in a dream

Crossing a bridge seeing a dead relative

Colorful iron

Crumbling concreat ars

Cleaning of fish in dream with friends in church



Clouds of blood falling in waters mean

Clearwater a d money at the bottom

Chanting on radha radha

Can’t walk in heels falling over

Chickens, goats, sheep

Cemetery in a classroom

Cahos and people dying and fighting

Chasing rats

Chasing someone to hurt them

Climbing down ladder

Chased by snake

Cancer dream meaning

Cream rosary

Cutting firewood on a tree

Crossimg over a dangorouse river

Cloudy skies in dream always

Chicken in the toilet

Cattle charging dreams

Child picking dream

Carrying my dad on my back meaning

Coins founding

Cocaine inside of your walls

Crying with and for my friend

Created a blue portal

Cleaning with broomstick

Cleaning the house in dream meaning

Cleaning the house in dreams

Cat chasing a rat

Chain around neck turns into black snake with yellow eyes

Catching animal that are eatable in the dream

Cuffed legs

Clean used water

Charcoal bag

Cutting off dirty finger nails

Clothes being burned with acid

Cought redhanded


Cow eating green maize in a field

Colour blue and red zinc dream meaning

Chef daisy

Cricket spot, its ball and two men wearing white

Coconut water

Chicken pox on my body dream

Circle in sand dream seen from above

Cow in forest

Circular driveway

Crystal key

Crossing river to dry land

Candle crumble

Cleaning of nose

Crossing a bridge

Chained to table

Crushed human head

Clear tumor

Crow tied with roap likh adog what is the meaning. in dream

Candles in martini glasses

Chickens on roadway

Cat playing a kazoo


Coffee s ed

Can’t hear what peo

Can’t hear what people are saying

Cows dreams

Camel in a dream

Coughing bees

Chased by shreck

Cleaning a spot out of carpet

Clean river banks bathing

Crawling on my knees

Cleaning, ex

Coworker and our kid

Cooking with the assistance of ur partner

Crocodiles on a ship



Catch a thief

Carrabao poop

Chopping of body parts

Climbing in and out of windows with my adult child as a baby

Car fire

Cancerous tumor

Catch a rat with my trap in a dream

Care free


Can’t save my child

Cousin and husband murdered

Carring a baby at my back ascending steep mountain with a a fountain or a river

Crystal dragon

Chopped off hands

Crystal sword meaning

Cooking mixed cassava with beans

Chopping vegetables meaning

Come from beside the grave side

Cruiser dog

Cot dreams

Chikoo fruit dreams

Chicken spaghetti

Catching flea on me but jumps away

Crabs and seashell

Clean river, river taken one shoes, did not cross the river, somebody helped to collect clothes

Cat entering in the window

Carnival prossetion

Cat sneak in to the window

Cat, dog and a goat fighting

Children, new house lots of children

Constant dreaming of ex

Crumbling wood

Cheating daughter in law

Climbing up a grass bank

Climbing up a bank

Coloured snakes

Cupping hands drinking water

Car driving into my car

Crossing a thick or thin river with sewage water means what?

Cleaning silver pistols in water

Cleaning pistols in water

Color red and blue on an animal

Crying and wake-up with tears on your face

Cup of garlic water

Cooking with a boyfriend

Convenience store

Child being swallowed by fish

Canarium fruits dream

Cyst on palm by pinky

Cooking cow trotters

Color scarlet

Carry eggs in your hand

Castor seed dream meaning

Castor seed meaning in the dream

Chat show

Catching mophane worms

Car engian stolen

Cocking with fire

Cloths in a clothing line

Casava chips dream meaning

Cracks on plaster wall

Chased in a video game

Cows eating watermelon

Chasing kidnappers

Closed gates for my friend and i successful open for them mean

Colour blue dream

Cat eating itself

Catching anew shoe in river

Catching anew shoe in stead of fish

Catching me shoe in stead of fish

Crossing a risky river

Couple staying at different house

Cat bleeding from mouth

Carabao attack in dream

Corn soak in the water

Calling someone to sign the same contract

Cat got robin in its mouth dream

Chinese lady gun car water fight

Clocks turn into eyes

Climbin through a window


Carpared house

Chased by sangomas

Checkered dress

Coal minor with headlamp

Carrying the blessed sacrament

Coal minor with lamp

Creepy child

Coin witj woman face and stars on forehead

Cobb horse turning into woman

Coin with woman face and and stars

Climbing a house to get to the roof

Coins, diamond abd egg dream

Coins, diamond and eggs dream neaning

Cleaning a garage

Can i al

Cooking and pot fell off stove

Celery spine

Cooking dolphins

Cutting a ditch

Children war

Crush writing my name

Clear crystal river


Causing at me

Children waiting for a bus to school

Cleaning veranda

Changed eyecolor

Changed eyecoloe

Cleaning foot print

Cemetery headlights

Celebrating boyfriend birthday

Carp men japanese

Caning in school in a dream

Chocolate and ice water

Cooked cassava

Corrugated building

Conducting aarti in temple

Cardinal devoured

Couple phone

Computer key missing

Cutting a pyton tail

Cutting up cats

Climbing a long treee

Child head

Crane for infection

Cup of the priest

Chased by a brown headed sheep

Cleaning trains

Cat eating parakeet

Coaster bus travel

Corn soaked in water

Cooking plain white samp

Cabbage worms inside

Cut toenails

Cop trying to kiss me

Curvy and windy road

Cute baby alien

Crow eating the eyes of a baby

Cow in white and black colour

Canceled event

Canceled baptism

Canceled babyish

Climbing a big tree

Crow dream

Coloured nails

Celtic crucifix

Celtic religious cross

Celtic cross image

Cat soerm


Clock that wont stop moving

Coverin brests with band aid

Child staring window

Consulting to traditional healer

Comanche artifacts

Cut tip of tounge of

Catch big bird

Catching burglar

Crude oil shooting up from ground

Calories with paper money in a old brown sak bag

Crawdad ear

Clean beautiful toenails

Cleaned banana plantation

Christian turn into islam

Catching net

Changing a bad past to a good one

Carrying grass meaning

Carrying napier grass meaning

Crashing into road construction machinery

Caring for ghost nightmare

Coligue preparing bed

Clown tryingto murder you

Cyber augmentation

Cleaning deceased grandmothers poop

Circle of light

Climbing of tamarind tree

Coach yells at you

Catching perfume

Catching perfume bottle in dream means

Carrying napier grass

Cooking bitter leaf soup in dream

Children falling in the gutter

Cc badge

Cats depth psychology

Cooking supper on campfire

Clutter in apartment

Ceramic planter

Coughing woman

Cat in my car

Climbing mountain stuck in fear

Curd pit falling on the ground

Cum in my mouth

Children workers

Children voices

Child freezing

Can’t find a place where i started

Custard apple riped

Crush saying that they love me

Car filling oil

Cutter deceased relatives hair

Cut on hand

Chased by monster

Cater ars in a tree about to transform into butterflies

Class asking me a teacher question and i am not repling

Collàgue wear white dress

Corner post of a fence

Cleaning idol in temple

Crush swimming in lake in dream

Crush swimming in lake

Cat pulling my hair

Catching dove

Child being mad and insane

Cooking stick (mugoti)

Care ftee

Crossing a person in your dream

China lady

Cater ar from my and harmful to it

Crush, touched neck, smell

Clearing weeds growing in home

Christmas dinnee

Children playing ball

Clothes taken by river


Cleaning breadfruit

Craw eggs falling down from tree

Cutting my late grandfather hair in the dream, means what?

Crowd dressed in black clothes

Crude oil in the dream

Cyst chest

Child wearing glasses

Cut the white mushroom in dream

Creamy white humanoid creature that have arms with licked balls and spheres. it had a tali made of blocks like its body. then the creature put his hands up over his shoulders like a parashoot.

Collecting aidan in dream


Contemporary art museum

Cut fingers dream interpretation tv

Cuddling a foal

Cowrie shell

Child pee

Child poo

Child poo big poo

Children playing in a clear blue sky

Corn on a bucket of millet

College test

Cousin winning the

Cashew nut dream nomobar

Cassava leaf

Cassava leaf soup

Cooking beans in two pots

Cars falling out of air plane

Car without a wheel

Chewing gun

Color and jewelry

Color and

Color and jewelery


Cooking oil as a gift in dream

Clay house

Centurion with wings

Cooking noodles cloth together

Cooking noodles and cloth together

Chases by a mob

Cake eating

Cutting head of big fish

Cousins proposing for marriage in dream

Closing from church program

Cutting grass by the river bank

Cars covered in snow

Catching fish in river with knife

Classmate proposing

Chasing powerful suv


Classmate commits suciside

Crazy cat

Cleaning someone bloods from nose

Crap dreaming

Crossing a river of black weak snake

Coat dress

Cutting roses from a rose bush

Cat with sharp teeth and big black pupils

Cooking cocoyam leaves

Cat eating on my head

Cattle feeding in green maize


Child hood sweetheart love

Clothes fell into dirty water

Carabao attack dream

Clothes taken away by flowing water


Castle or villa

Changing of tallit

Child standing alone under streetlight

Camera recording

Camera filming


Car taken from the seashore by the sea

College life

Cleaning a key from vomit


Cow meat vegetable soup

Collecting fresh meat from someone


Cutting hair off someone who has died

Chased by a serial killer

Confident play as a bowler


Cricket ball



Clay stoves

Cast net fishing

Cooked yam

Coins in my nose

Cooked cassava mixed with beans

Cleaning chicken intestine

Cow with no legs

Cleaning my eye from dust ...in islam

Contract agreement

Carrying a ton of rope

Cousin lying face down

Clothes washed at church

Chasing a rat

Catching grasscutter

Corn harvest