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Dreams starting with the letter S

Swimming alone in abandoned under water city

Soaking people with a fire water hose

Seeing a person that is dead painting

Small frying pan handle broke

See a squirrel

Stone in water

Serving people food and funeral see in dream

Shot with arrow

Spit on ow dreaming

Spitting out broken metal pieces

Salt flats dark shadow figures

Some one left snake wrapped around my thigh dream


Seeing my co wife in my house

Staring someone in the eyes

Saving ghost children

Sounds of emergency alert

Sister-in-law had a miscarriage

Someone walking through a mirror

Snow covered woodlands

Snake choking a panther

Snake and black panther

Snake peacock

Sinking in river water

Something being pulled from you by a person

Silver skull floating

Soft spot on me

Stealing of new saree

Self gradification

Seeing brother in law crying in a dream

Someone severed toe

Saved from fire

Sister who is not my sister scared me in my dream

Soorat alaq

Seeing distribution in my country

Shirtless dream

Saw your boyfriend in army uniform, what does it mean

Someone giving me powder in dream

Seeing my kids eat birds

Strange man pour sperm in my body

Split teabag

Shri vitthal

Staples face

Soorat tahreem

Soorat taqwer

Soorat taqweer

Soorat takweer

Seeing a demon

Serving food to boyfriend

Snake comkng out the ground

Smell period blood of other person dream

Someone else’s head bleeding

Skinning a black seal

Someone killing a pedophile

Shirt was on backwards

Sakha pola

Seeing a head of chopped bull

Seeing cooked matooke

Seeing president and daughter

Swimming with a baby

Same tattoo as someone else

Standing at a refuse damp

State code

Sewing a hat


Seeing a sword or light from a distance

Slaughtering pigs dream

Svuba diver who yurns into an angel

Scuba diver whose head is above the wayer

Somebody stole my calling card in a dream


Saw lord muruga

Seeing herbs in your dream

Stranger gave me money

S ed daal

Seducing women

Sister shorthair

Sneezing orange seed

Someone giving you dagaa

Sister, friends are going shopping shop

Stranded at sea on a pedestal and dropping my keys

See a man holding a baby

Spitting out safety pins


Salt and honey

See a lot hair in my nose

Subhuman creature

Sunny weather

Small white mice

Seeing bags in dream

Some guy girlfriends

Sniper trying to kill me

Seeg egg as my baby

Someone is skinny and wearing a tornned panty

Surgery on one self

Saw a deceased loved one in a mirror

Seeing someone handcuffed in dream

Seeing a cashew fruit in a dream

Stream dream meaning

Sister getting lkidnappdd

Strip pole

Slaping peoples ass

S ed black pint

Someone putting perfume on you

Salt bath

Sunken birthday cake

Someone took your winter boots

Someone making out

Something i love getting flushed down the toilet

So when i went back n sleep i dream of blood…dream i was bleeding alot b

Some one who ride speed a bullock cart meaning

Some one who ride speed a bullock cart

Sucking a girl tongue

Stuck in a ally

Someone hitting u with a broom on the head

Someone wanting to be a parole officer

Saw a shoe in my take out food

Seven, number dream meaning

Stuck in ear

Spitting out black stuff

Seeing a late mother looking younger than her children children

Saw a golden temple and a coin fell to my feet and sound came to my ears

Saw a golden temple and heard a coin fell and sound came to my ears

Saw a golden temple and a coin fell and sound came to my ears

Shadow detective

Seeing someone drunk

Someone palm

Seeing your mother drunk in a dream but you know it’s someone else

Seeing a lot of forty leg

Seeing someone drunk means what

Seeing a strange woman in mens bathroom


Seeing ripened fruits of cocao and cherries on same tree in dream

Seeing perumal in dream

Selling a tv in your dream



Seeing tamarind juice in dream

Seeing the baphomet in my dream

Seen ripe plantain in dream while pregnant

Stapled in leg

So my dream is that i ran into my friends from my old major (which i quit) and i was asked to perform the tasks of that major to a stranger and suddenly the person bombarded me with questions and even later started violating me by trying to push things (items) up my ass literally which caused me to resist and feel embarrassed by the half nudity i was in and the entire situation was bizarre given that we were in a public place (a mall i guess) and i was discussing grades with my former colleagues.

Selling my work tool in my dream

Sucked down a skinny hole

Silhouette of a devil

Silhouette of a devil in photos

Selling cooked groundnuts for five zero pesewas

Seeing people cashing crayfish in the river and put them inside basket and i carry the basket

Swimming in palm oil water

Seeing a priest flogging you in a dream means

Seeing a priest flogging in dream means

Separate children fight

Seeing a political party headquarters in a university

Sunglass gift

Sikh religion

Smile in dream

Sweeping up hair

Shaking hands dream

Shower in locker room

Sweaters as gift

Sweater as gift

Snake burrowing

Skin rash dream

Seeing men with erect

Seeing someone cracking big snails in the dream

Stolen buddha

Side to side

Seeing red bindi

Sister dreamed of green rice field

Sister who dream of green rice field

Sweeping balls of hair from your house even if the house is clean

Sweaty palms

Seeing a house in the desert in a dream

Seeing shadows and talking

Storm but inside with my mother

Saw dead grandma in a white room after my surgery


Search for dream meaning of seeing yourself cleaning the wall of an office

Seeing oneself cleaning the wall in a dream

Seeing yourself in a dirty or dustbin place

Scoring two goals out of three penalty played

Sea shellin your mouth

Sperms coming out of a man in a dream

Seeing sperms coming out of a

Swallowing reading glasses

Smoke coming out of a phone

Smiling lips

Step brother i don’t even have

Seven wonders

Standing in a kitchen

Standing in a kitchen with relatives

Spiritual meaning of an old woman shaking ur hand

Sitting on a bench with a deceased

St. anthony with infant jesus

See a girl showing me mathematics

Stealing of used sanitary pad

Seeing a sun stright above your head all the time in dream

Saxs masaj

See small lizard on my private

Someone drinking alcohol while wearing sabarimala maala

Sparkles like snow in dreams

Sister in the hospital

Squirrel and raccoon fighting

Seeing a dead person at work with white roses

Some one else die with the same name

Scrubbing a pot

Someone cutting a cat open on news

Sharing malt

Seeing many little fishes

Seeing my mother given or injected of medicine in my dream

Swollen women legs

Sodier ants bite in dream

Seeing blood

Sacrificing cow

Spoiled yam dream meaning

Someone has cut my flowers

Seing your boyfriend in toilet

Someone cut down a pawpaw tree which damaged the fence of my house

Sleeping mat

Solid snot coming from nose

Seeing my brother with lot of dirty shoes means

Sleeping and dreaming of having a seziure in my sleep

Seeling dog meat

Saving children from sea

Sea children

Seeing thatched roof

Signing a check

Small clusters of lumps on skin

Seeing my husband stoned till he faints

Sao paulo


Stabbed in back with scissors

Sheep beheaded

Shrimp bite u

S ing of ghee in deam

Someone admiring your dress

Snake smelling me not biting


Saw chola bhatura in dream

Sucking a

Seeing my own unshaved legs

Someone your feet

Someone r

Sister wearing a beautiful black sequence pant suit

Someone s ing cooking oil

Seeing a stainless plate and was able to squeeze it while praying in a dream

Shadow presence near my face

Someone see a dream about your head being injured

Symbols of cooking oil in tamil

Someone is admiring you

Sitting on wooden rickety bridge with water lapping up on it and in distance was a shiny new bridge that i wanted to get to

Seeing a vulganizer and tyre in my dream

Silver trophies

Seeing a basket full of ripe palm fruit means what

Seeing ripe palm fruit mean what

Seeing black dog playing with me and then its peeing in my bed

Stood up at wedding


Seafood or food

Serving people ona ceremony in adream meaning

Stealing fuel

Stealing petrol

Stolen light bulbs and lamps

Snake with a person

Skeleton riding a horse on fire

Sweeping crumbs of counter and putting in the garbage

Snakes biting me

Something blowing dust in your eye

Someone loves you

Sitting room

Sleeping in cabinet

Sparks coming out after

Seeing an aura on my husband in a dream

Special power animals

Shifting sand sculpture

Seeing a dead relative and a spider in my dream

Standing on enclosed reservoir

Seeing someone from the past

Stabbing dream

Someone crying over your dead body

Seeing yourself die

Spanish town

Some guy hugged me tight from behind

Some tan guy sucked my

Sleeping husband on the bed

Sleeping husband

Snake teeth

Spell work

Sister dash

Sense of suffocation

Salt dreaming

Someone giving directions

Scrolling computer screen

Seeing snake

Seeing time on your phone

Someone poured me liquor

Someone going mad

Standing in a big garden of millet ready to harvest with some people singing praising songs

See someone in dark room

Snake killing kitten

Some one else had my slippers

Snake trying to kill kitten in my dream

Saving a baby from danger

Snail turning into a cat

Someone coming back home

Seeing girgit in dream

Seeing sugarcane plants

Silver jewelery

Silver jewellry

Swine flesh

Skinny hand

Sand in a container of snuff


Sprinkled by water in a church


Surah dhuha

Spiritual meaning of wife bathing with black soap pack inside snail shell

Singing girl

Swollen of unfamiliar person

Swollen of undsrmi

Surviving an alien invasion

Seeing a dad person roaming in the house

Seeing negro pepper in my dream

Sucking ripe mango

See some9ne feet turned backward in dream

Selling water to a disabled person and giving him change

Stairs just ending and twisting into new stairs

Something stuck to my butt

Stole gun

Seeing myself as skillfull doctor in dream

School picnic in dream

School picnic

Seeing tipper hit a house

Swallowing a teaspoon


Someone penetrating me

Selling vegetables

Someone applying vibhuti at my forehead

Searching for restaurant

Skink lizard

Seeing a dead person applied kajol in dream

Sleeping bird

Sleeping sparrow

Saw a woman with moong dal

Shitting in a refuse dump

See vulcanizer in dream

Seeing a king on a white horse coming from the sky in a dream

Shel fish

Seeing your siblings carrying bags of mealie meal

Skinning a bear with family members

Steel elevator

Someone else wiping away tears

Someone wiping away tears

Shillong teer dream number betel nut cut two pieces

Someone refused to sell yam to someone in a dream

Scary puppet will teeth and alot of blood

Scary dreams about puppets and blood

Stain on pants

Someone handing me a drink of alcohol

Seeing a dog

Sister was an evil demon

Sister was a demon

Sita ram dream

Seeing pear in the dream

Seeing goddess parvati

Stone dream

Swimming pool draining

Sleeping with my psychologist

Saving fish from shallow water

Store robbery

Son is missing from location

Son kidnapped

Someone performing a ritual on me

Someone giving me coal

Seeing a black unicorn

Satan fire

Smoke, burning food

Somking with a girl

Someone smelling in your dream

Saptarishi in dream


Stabbed dog

Slow heart

Someone cutting your skin

Seeing my daughter on a toilet

Sitting on a creature

Shirt with no collar

Some one breath in to my mouth in my dream

Stapler remover


Seeing jagannath deb temple in dream

Sucking ur

Sandwich with olives

Seeing ripe mango

Shrimp in toilet

Seen maggie cubes meaning

Someone crying in dream

Seeing baby is your dream

Seeing badly in dream

Sister sleeping with my ex

Seeing another person in the dream applies oil in his body

Someone asked me what is my next business

Snake bare a duck

Seeing sammad shikherji in dream

Seeing shikherji hills

Someone give me one zero zero zero naria in the dream

Seeing small green and red lights

Spicing white chicken

Stone dolphin from unearthing

Star dreams

Snake turns into frog and jumps at me

Six pm

Scorpion cat

Search for lost item

Seeing a man run

Siiting on the back of bakkie

Someone pushing your head

Seeing turmeric and kumkum inthe door

Shadow of a hand

Someone told me she want to get malta

School book

Sliver coin of laxmi ang ganesh

Snake living place

Someone gave me a bed

Seeing male having a woman in the dream

Six five ur old sister had a baby

Selling smoked fish

Someone trying to harm your children

Snake turning in to a frog

Seeing old spoiled parked car in the dream

Seeing dog entering masjid in dream

Seeing milk powder in dream


Sell soul

Sewing button holes

Six zero zero naira in dream

Sweet potato with a root on it

Soil and water mixed

Sitting in sidewalk

Stapler on ceiling

Spinning sphere

Spider in my dream

See me plea the blood of jesus

Sleeping dirt

Shopkeeper’s dream

Shaving an animal

Salt on a banana

Search …voice saying your dlozi is asleep they need to be waken up/

Spiritual meaning of a spider in my clothe

See the mother of your crush when you have never seen her

Stomach pain in dream

Sheep organs

Shoes in a box

Seeing shivaji maharaj in dream

Somebody smelling you for your perfume scent

Saying goodbye to a dead friend

Seeing yourself in a wedding dress

Seeing a dead ex partner

Stirring gravy

Snake in house

Someone trying to kill us

Someone else in dreamhas cut open abdomen


Speeding down a mountain trying to stop

Speeding down a mountain

Seeing mars

Soul merge

Someone dipping my head in water

Some one dipping my head in water

Seeing snake in the room

Seeing bed in a dream

Sand and name written in sand

Snakes coming out of my veins

Sleeve less shirt

Sell bottled water

Sweep corn bread crumbs on floor of dining room

Sweeping bread crumbs in the kitchen

Sweeping corn bread crumbs

Sons girlfriend dying

Sons girlfriend dies in my dream

See me with my son shirt in my hand

Saw children in slavery

Sand tunnel collapsing

Swept away in a river

Something’s stuck in foot

Seeing my dog urinate

Seeing my dog peeing on the couch

Someone plucking green habanero pepper and giving me

Socks and walking in dirt

Some give me a hug for future travel

Switch sparks

Seeing siddhar in my dream

Saved from a crash

Searching for soursop leaves

Seeing someone trying to steal bird eggs

Seeing someone trying to stil

Stair railings fall

Salt and oil

Save a person from drowning

Son in law arrested

Seeing your classmates dead in a dream

Seeing someones shoes

Seeing a plain crash

Swimming in ganga

Seeing women cooking in the

Stepfather looking for me

Someone dressed in green coming from ground and wrapping poison ivy around my mother

Someone pouring honey on my head

Someone my facebook account

Someone saying you are lucky

Snake going in hole

Seeing snake going out the house and go undergtound it

Someone giving you a handjob

Someone biting your cheeks

Splitting rocks

Salvation army marching with their flags

Spiritual meaning of my enemy taking white flower from me

Stranger slapped my butt

Stealing something with your deceased grandfather

Slapped on butt by stranger

Someone sucking my ring finger

Showing my friend as bride

Sawing a horse in half

Shoes in the bush

Shoes in bush

Sharing polony with others in a dream

Someone plotting against you and your family

Seeing your baby taking out your pocket

Sea snake biting

Seeing one leg that is the devils

Sunset in dreams

Seven violations

Seen cutlass

See cutlass

Seeing dead person angry

Someone to bargaining casket in dream

Sakeking with friend

Space door

Someone’s back

Seen a brown spotted lady bug

Someone telling you to take care of yourself

Someone using muti for you

Statue with a name

Swimming in a bottomless pool

Seeing some one in both rice and maize farm

Seeing some one in rice farm

Someone wearing khakis

Shawl hanging

Square maggi cube dream

Smelling pins sol

Selling deodorant in a dream

Someone lying in a pool of blood


Someone else’s mother

Seeing a deceased person with one leg

Sister in law being diagnosed with cancer

Snow encampment

Slip on dreams in a flooded building

Swimming with cousin and brother

Sister and killing

Squeezed lime thrown at me

Stranger saying it’s dangerous meaning


Skelton no heart

Scowling face

Seeing fat cow in dream

Snatching necklace

Somebody asked to eat blue sapphire

Someone kisses your forhead

Shouting at the couductor

Sharing money in the dream

Snow on dead

Shooter killing people

Shooter with gun

Smell pen ink and seeing black liquid


Something you want

See a crowd of people clapping

Saving someone from a killer

See leech

See leach

Someone killing another

See a big pretty house


Spreading mayonaise on trees

Same house different dream

Someone give me gun in the dream

Someone give me his phone number in the dream

Singing praises to congregation with microphone


Seeing ovulation

Shivaji maharaj statue

Swollen face filler

Sky full of colorful aircraft

Squirting milk

See with dead father

Stapling both ur legs

Shrimp paste in my dream

Sweeping my secondary school compand

Stealing pumkin

Someone trying to cover me up with soil on a shovel

Snake bites three kittens

Snake bites three kittens and they die

Sister fixing peg to brother in dream

Sister fixing peg to brother

Seeing a dry sea in dream

Symbols of the son of the president

Seeing a palm tree margot very many and blue snake eating them

See dead father and mather

Sucking blood

Seeing chickpeas in dream

Seabank, boat and hungry girl

Shapes in dreams

Swimming pools mass executions

Son coming back from abroad

Seeing a stranger worn my sandal in dream

Shutting yourself

Saw prince harry in a dream

Sphinx cat

Someone want to kill me

Someone want to kille me

Sim card removed from the phone

Sim card removed phone

Seeing white people serving me


Sister dancing on water

Short pants meaning

Son eating own dreadlocks

Sister marriage

Something trying to take your soul

Something trying to suck your soul

Someone giving alcohol to a child

Seeing five hen laying eggs one after the other

Sleeping with my sister ex

Seeing two police officers handing me three letters or application

Snake belt

Saw a gun in toilet i want to use in my dreams

St andorra

Sand dunes crumbling

Serving food to man of god

Someone telling me to go away

Serving a prophet food in the dream

Some at foot of bed talking to me

S ing pepperoni

Saw a doll from which i was scared and i started chanting om namah shivay and started feeling paralysed and felt the doll seating at the top of my ow

Snake caught in spider webs

Swampy water

Sons face

Snake slithering towards you

Saw dust coming out of throw pollows

Small maize plant

Snake trow venom

Seeing a brother in law

Sister in law diving into a pool

Some people came to me with wrapper

Seeing water pouring from the tank up

Seeing pier in the dream is it good


Seeing two kola nut in a dream

Someone sucking your

Seeing someone

Skinless calf

Someone giving you lotto numbers in dream

Symptoms of having a stroke

Sofa dread

Seeing betel leave along with fish

Seeing light pole break into two parts

Stolen mask

Seeing harpy eagle screaming in dream

Seeing yourself in a dream cooking in the market place

Shillong terr dream number water

Salts over leeches

Searching for your sponge in the dream

Some throwing mangoes to me

Some throwing mangoes from a tree

Selling reed mats

Stupid app

Shoes gift boyfriend

Shoes gift from boyfriend


Senetry pad in dream toilet

Seeing someone forcing face to

Saw number in phone dream three three, crossed our had wrote already.

Saw big tiger out, landscape

Snake coming out a

Seeing a glass jar filled with water in dreams

Someone that has passed giving you corn in your dream

Seeing my country winning world cup

Selling groundnut

Seen a girlfriend with two organs in my dream

Sheep with one horn

Someone taking my powder

Seeing my crush

Seiving pounded cassava to extract flour

Same world

Something desired happening

Sister turns black after snake bite

Scratching a neck

Something important written on it

Swollen back left hand palm

Swollen back left hand

Swollen back left hand back palm of a boyfriend

Searching for road

Seven wooden tables upside down

Seeing my dead father with an enormous laughing and putting it in his mouth

Seeing mountains

Someone dreamt that i became a mad person

Stranded on an island

Stitched dream

Stars brigthens

Star in sky shaping into things and brigthen

Star brigthens and forming to shapes

Stars forming to shapes and beautiful

Someone ride

Sores around mouth

Seeing meat at hindu temple

Seeing omo in a dream,means what

Someone stealing your silverware

Sugar in

Some one gives horse gram to me means?

Snake wrapped around dogs neck

Sister marriege cancelled dream


Speaking loud in cemetery

Sunlight books birdhouse person floor

Seeing five finger in vision

Stranger i love in faded garden

Stranger in faded garden i love

Selling fish dream

Someone giving me a leaf

Somewhere unknown

Solar chakra

Swirly eye

Staring at dead grave

Shoes left behind

Someone online

Spider on the window glass



Someone throwing a boquet of flowers to you

Selenİt gemstone

Swimming roach in my coffee

Selenİt crystal

Sending a greeting massage through a radio dj

Sending a greeting through a radio dj

Sending a greeting and love through radio

Sending a message through presenter

Sending amesage through presenter

School bus falling from sky

Sadhu in dreams

Silver coin falling from my hand

Seeing my mother

Seeing my brother

Silver helicopter

Snake, birth and shell

Silver eroplane take off

Sister wedding

Super speed

Seen rea eyes of my son in dream

Sweet wine

Seeing rain from inside the car in dream

Snake bite in the dream

Some person pooping

Soft road surfaces

Symbol of justice

Spanish woman i did not like

Someone pour sand on me


Seeing fenugreek in dream

Saw a money bags in my dream

Seeing yourself in a farm

Sucking someone’s in a dream

Scrubbing the skin with salt in a dream

Seven zero three three two nine three zero nine four

Seeing wild animals

Sim card dream

Seeing virgin mary image

Seeing a co worker in a dream


Seeing a group of women fighting

Seeing aground of women fighting

Seeing a witch in your dream

School dream

Shake hands with left hand

Shaking hands with left hand

Surrounded my darkness and screams

Seeing three tubers of yam in your dream

Singing worship song in all white

Spirit you with cold hands

Spirit with cold hands

Snake allured into jar, taming it

Six feel fingers in dream

Stolen plates

Seeing quran in the toilet

Struck by thunder

Singing teacher

Seeing lakhe


Snake eating a cow

Share food with siblings

Small brown fish deep green clear beautiful water way

Some one putting thilak on my forehead

Seeing somebody’s aura as yellow

Skeleton key underneath the skin

Skeleton key underneath your skin

Sack of millet

Seeing a female prostitue shot to death in a vat of liquid

Stange people helping me

Seven sand castles

Sister wearing my clothing

Singing with someone famous and forgetting the words


Seeing black mice

Spider grows and then shrinks teaches

Saw myself dead

Seeing a huge ship

Seeing empty new cattle kraal in dream

Swimming in my poop

Steven hawking

Seeing qasim soulaimani

Seeing imam abbas and imam hussein

Six dollars and beads on it

S ed porridge

Someone stealing my bike

Skin walker in dreams

Sewing mat

Seeing my celestial home in my dream in two days

Seeing my celestial home in my dream

Seein my

Sister running mad in dream

Stolen bathtub

Skate boarding wheels fall

Selling table fallen on you in dream

Somebody pointing to call me out of crowd

See people that have passed

Seeing an elderly person

Seeing a mutual friend

Sangoma giving muthi for healing

Stitches on nose

Someone gives you meat to eat

Seen women doing vomiting

Sister cut my dogs ear off

Snake in tree

Sitting in school and found a lost jacket with the name andrew



Swarm of black crabs

Seeing sponge rollers

Sweeping the floor and clearing the brush

Stomachache to a son dream

Struggling with guinea fowl

Someone gave you food on tasting it, it was roasted flesh and you spit it out

Seeing someone clearing my bushy land

Standing in dirty gutter and a man pull me up

Seeing yourself with a needle

Seeing myself in drips

Selling tiger nut

See a pastor eating in a dream

Self awarness

Stacked tyres with rope

Suggestions for evil book in dream

School compound

Son gives money to mother

Stars dream meaning

Silverly green t-shirt

Spiritual meaning of honking cars

Spiritual meaning of car’s honking

Spiritual meaning of car honking

Seeing lord narsimha and jagannath rath yatra pulling in dreams

Seeing dead husband

Shopping with deceased brother

Shoes missing

Some ones dreams see your table empty

Snake with green gem

Sparrow drinking water from hands

Seeing crabs

Someone gifted a miracle leaf

Seeing jesus in my dream

Seeing my mother getting married to my boyfriend in the dream


Separate two brothers fighting

Spraying perfume in your mouth

Supervising an exam

Separate twe brothers in a dream

Stepping on stickers

Seen two dove at night driving down the road on a dirt road

Someone cracked my back

Sea drowning and coming back to life

Sringbock cstching

Seeing land

Stealing something but then putting it back

Seeing relatives who r dead

Small carabao

Seeing and hearing shankh sound in dream

Scorning - baseline

Snake enters chest of someone else in dream meaning

Silver coins in sand

Snake entering into body of chest of someone else

Seeing someone that has passed on

Seeing a dog crying into tears in islamic

Seeing a dog crying

Someone indecently touches me

Singing krishna bhajan in dream meaning

Smiling siblings

Seeing many demi in the dream

Stealing organs

Shillong teer dream potato

Sea with the mist

Seeing rusty coins in someones wallet

Soñar con pop

Spitting apple

Soiled clothes on sea water

Security uniform


Seeing moss in clear bucket of water

Shoes in the rain

Someone running around you in a dream

Stepfather death

Seeing some one in dream

Saw my crush with my deceased father

Salt in the body

Symbol of three eyes on person

Smiling bleeding face

Someone stolen charcoal from me

Seeing boyfriend in kraal sitting

Someone giving me maggie in my dream

Searching for help when wounded

Seeking help for a cut

Sneaky link gets a gf

Singing in a black clothes

Someone cutting off a stand of my hair and burning it at an alter

Snake entering private parts of your daughter

Seeing someone eating meat of dead elephant

Seeing someone eating meat of dead elepthan

Stitched blouse

Someone giving stitched blouse in dream

Seeing rice in dream

Seeing my boyfriend is in accident cut head

Seeing the door of the sun or possible point of entry

Sister inlaw giving money

Seeing a female former neighbour in d dream meaning

Son beheading our pet cats and saying they shouldn’t live in a world like this

Sweeping in a classroom

Spots of blood

Sanitary towel

Seeing stanger hug

Showing mobile battery percentage two four

Slaughter and skin a cow


Seeing yourself on billboard

Someone give me garri in my dream.

Sqauters in your house

Selling very clean dry carpenta

Still people

Sleeping with a mad man in a dream

Sentepede dream

Seeing yourself in beach with lot of kids

Stones change color to grey with yellow specs

Step mother backing ababy andsitting near me in dream

Seeing spider in your dream

Shiny object dream

Stepping on eyeglasses and breaking them

Seeing gulab jaum

Someone put spry perfum on my hair

Sleeping at mall

Snake crawling on my shoulder

Standing on a chessboard

Secret brick door

Seeing tabla in dream

Seeing new silk sarees and new jewelry

Seeing transgender entering ur house

Seeing silk sarees and jewelry

Snake turn into fish

Shiva parivar statue broke in my hands

Seeing blue bangle in dream

Some one give me a bible

St sofia

St sofia mentioned

Sucking huge disembodied phallus

Seeing a friend alone in a loaded lorry of unripe plantain

Seeing a friend in a lorry load of unripe plantain

Smell cologne

Snake tied in gold chain

Squaller public

Seeing yourself in the dream cleaning a church yard

Sandstorm death

Slapping but

Someone punching you on your arm

Selling bottle mineral in the dream

Stepfather kills father

Sueños con polvo

Son eating my period pad

Saw a big snake on the roof


Smelling the pork roast cooking

Seeing deceased in red saree

Stack with bucket of water in my head in dreams

Seeing your ex on and running

Someone moving into a new house and having a baby

Sister in law moving into a new house