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Dreams starting with the letter A

Asian couple and blown glass

A snake licking my

Animals chasing you

A room full of decorated plates

A room full of decorated platea

African lands

A deer laying in a circle

All gods


A charter bus with a rocket

A woman harvesting sweet potatoes with her co wife

A gold cross pendent

Another place through a cupboard

A two unmarried girls wearing mangalsutra in dream

Abandoned house with a cat and dog

Arguing with my boyfriend mistress

Arguing with a sidechick

Animal that eat the baby girl

A girl driving my husband car

A mad man trying to romance me in a public on my way helping him, but i was safe by a muslims brother praying beat him for me

A mad man is romancing me in a public

A mad man is trying to romance me in a pubu

A mad person throwing stones on me

A hanging

A deliberately removal of a gate

A red triangle with a gargoyle in the middle of it opening my third eye

Apha i sthombe sami sifafabukile

A small boy applying sandal wood paste on my face in the temple

Awards certificate

Aunt cousins dine at home

A gold rings with a back stones saw i the table in my dreams

Applying butter to face

A dying and a sick dog

A head being chopped by a part of a plane.

A plan crush

A dream of a dead friend giving you popcorn

Animals with magic

Apocalypse in school

A yellow lizard comes out of my jacjet

Alive daughter

Allergy on the right face

Art work display

Anger ex jealousy

Abstract shapes

A snake trapped under the rock and group of ants

Animal meanings/otta

About shoes

A younger woman

A dead person chasing lion with gun

About sons an brothers in same dreams

A love takes on an added dimension.

Accident with child

A man pointing

Apple dream

A pen

A school bus

Ancient artifact

A bullet under armpit

A detached arm

Arguing with son inlaw

Another house

A white woman watching me

Agidi eko

A woman standing while i was sitting in the dream

Alligator garr

A lady handing over a bage of fish made out of gold

A loved one has a seizure

A girl dreaming of her father in dream

A girl dreaming of her father searching for her boyfriend in dream

A girl dreaming of a father searching for her boyfriend in dream

A little girl named lola

Artificial green grass

Attacked by doll

Asking my mother why is she wearing makeup and saree

A man trying to make us lose golf

Ants on dead body

A pregnant woman picking palm kernel

A tattooed dog

A hug for travel

A man cleaning pleaserfully vigena

A dog running after you

Assault dream

A person being happy in your dreams

A crash rocket

All tooth in hand

A green graden and a granny sitting down

A card

Automobile with engine stop

Automobile dream

And why did she gave me the sweet from the mouth


A stranger playfully slapped my butt

Amputation sister

A dream of seven violations

A dream of someone escorting you to airport

A monster inside of tar

A patient who is on ventilator recoverd

About a similing guy standing behind you



A mad woman bite my hand in the dream

Animal sculptures

A lot of chillies on the tree and with fruits on it.

Acoplyspe about people melting and me protecting my siblings

A supernatural being stabbed through my heart.

A stanger refusing my handshake amd saying it’s dangerous

Another woman sucking your husband


An unknown person driving a car gives two bundles of money to my mom and sister now dead and i they gave the money to me in dream

A hyena clinging


A dream about my cousin

Acused of theft

A man gave a woman kerosene in a dream

Alert announcement

A skeleton with a hood


A girl dreaming about muffing another girl

Applying butter on my scalp dream meaning

A friend giving me mangoes

An enemy drinking poison

A towel was stuck on my roof

Aunt cutting electrical cord

Alive roots

A university graduate dreaming of being in primary school and ready to sit for primary school national exams

Antichrist; one-eyed

Asked girlfriend about being mischievous in dream

Accused girlfriend of being mischievous

Accused girlfriend of beig mischevious

Attempt to steal

Apple tree on room top

Antique table returned

Airplane tricks

A grave was collapsed

At church

Aqua di gio absolute instight

Aqua di gio absolute insigjt

Asked to join a cult

Arguing with teen boyfriend

Aake plant seen indreams

A person in my dream getting stung by netles

Aman shoot by gun

Alligator eats my cat

About cooking sadza in a silver pot on a stove

A tree on an island floating

A man dreams licking a woman in her period




All dark outside front door

Absence of a fence in dream

Actors in dreams

A man was on the ground lying on his side like a foetal position with another guy stood over him stomping on his knee trying to break it and he kept stomping on it till there’s no skin or flesh left on it just bone but he’s still trying to stomp it to break it

A dream of catching people and my brother

Approved for a no money down

A fox upside down after killing chickens

Abandoned wooden structure

A boy sucking


A person wearing a purple robe

A person name sam

Animated jesus

Announced head boy

Asperand sign

Animal baby

Ankle locks

A walking man

A dead relative tells me a number


Ants in my purse

A dog on a bike

A cobra wearing a crown

Allah names in the sky

Ankle cuffs

Always dreaming at my home town

A dream about walking on a burnt bush

A woman eating

A person whose dead but still guiding me

Anointing oil in your hands in a dream

Angel with a staff stick

A person lying his head on my abdomen

A person you know is being aggressive, yelling at you and pinching your arm very hard.

A person you know is being aggressive, yelling at you and punching your arm very hard

Animal backbone

Amala tree

A leg in a brace but it was the devils leg

Ants eat snake


Accident blood horse

Arm soldiers

Apology from abuser

Another woman

Audie murphy

A snake swallowing a cock in my dream

A woman in a white dress

A child with me in dream

A murderer trying to kill you

A man cum in mouth

A person following you

A sheep trying to licking me

A messing home

Adult son of boyfriend

Air force in your dream

A boat roaming past you people waving but no water

A divided number two

About to be shot

A dream talking to a president of a country

Accident of a friend

Accident of a person

Asking doubts questions to maths and english teacher in school

Airtime scratch card

A dark man dressed in green t-shirt and green trousers

A pregnant woman carrying two bags of satchet water in the dream means what

About pieces of yams

Apha udla grapes

And murder


A jar of green olives

Ahewu in a dream

A man raped by a man and feeling it as real

A two bull fighting

A dumb person speaking in dream

A dumb speaking in dream

A pastor sending

Adult daugter smiling

Arrow head snake

Apple spitting

A lot of cats

A car without number plate in a dream

A dog licking my private parts

A mountain splitting in a dream then a heart at the end


Angel in black dress

Armillary sphere radiating color

Adult child in white with apple

A dead person is cutting my hair

A digger ploughing up dirt in a tunnel

An old woman gave me corns in the dream

[email protected], abigail windsor, [email protected], [email protected]...

Assisting in surgery

Abondend building, walking, river


A dream about sweeping uncompleted building.

Attacked in dream

A hologram in a opulent palace

Animals chewing money.

A white flying horse

Ability to fly with effort

A girl taking my phone number in the dream

A mouse bites you

Am married but saw myself going back to my parents in the dream

Abandoned stadium


And kiss dead mother

Auñar con polvo

Apple cinnamon

A buffalo is biting my butt

Axe in heart

Animal with no eyes

A ceremony in home

Amala and beans soup

A snake trying to enter your

A large green field

A man borrowing me a trouser

A family member dream during the night about a damage picture frame of a deaseased family member

A with a cut on it

A kiss to a chick

Armoured truck dream


A rabbit with buterfly wings

Acceping money in dream

A coworker being pregnant

A coworker is pregnant

A dream my crush bit my lip

Aliens that look like human men

Attacked by soldier ant

A cat trying to open the gate in a dream



A cat entering in my

Abandoned fish pond

A baby calling my name

A white goat

A giant brown dragon over my bed

A family member tries to hurt me

About school

Army soldiers everywhere

A soldier comes to a talk show and gives me a lot of money which i keep in my pants and have a baby, i run and hide because immediately there is a lot of bombblasts and people trying to find me

American president ship

Arti mimpi memotong gajah

A snake bite me

About writing gospel songs on a exam

A lotof rice

A lot of bir

A lot of birds

Abandon park in detroit

An old friend whisper i love you in my ear

A dead person giving a ring to a married girl in a dream

Angry bear

A baby being abused

Airplane flying overhead

An old lady asked me if i am still a virgin

Around had white rotten skin

Autubus driver

A big ship on the beach

A car without a number plate

Arguing with a person on the phone

A petrol leaking

A dream where you are attacked by a large animal meaning

Asking for food in a hospital

A mother dream her daughter dress a maroon gown

A married woman blowing powder and saying words towards me

A man wearing waist beads in a dream meaning

A yellow container falling from the sky

Able couleur dress

A white lion on a car

A archeological body

A full bright moon behind passing clouds at night


Afrikaans people

A foreigner talking to me in my own language

A recurring abandoned house with a swamp like area, in my backyard. i was with someone and there was a dead cow on the porch of the abandond house. at one point it woke up and acted like a bull charging towards me, then i woke up.

Afriend richer than me in a dream

Applying lotion on the legs

Asking money for my father

An x mark on your back

A very big long yellow and white snake biting me

Asking hot water from a pot

A spider switching to a cat

A large spider entering my house always

Asking warm water from woman

Angel and window

And mother dream

A lot of guava fruit in the trees dream meaning

Attracted dream interpretation -

A black and yellow snake that had a feather tail climbing up a tree

Asking my husband to repent

An oriental man, small plastic bag with white powder and guns

A dressed women like a god

A god women

A god womwn

Automobile bonnet

Army duffle bag

A deceased person i pushing you back to come through the front door

Arrest warrent

A white bird turning into human child dream interpretation

A guy choking

A girl was grinding on me

About kevin hart

Animal without head in dream

A white room

A man dream about a woman who was dancing without clothes as

A robot arm

Aghori attack

Angels with a pregnant belly

As a soldier

A peach banana

A worm that turns into a snake coming out of an apple

A dream of a baby with two genital organs

Ariel it’s

A dream where a dead mum bathing a baby

Afraid of sitting on high

Attacked by cult


Ass beat me and afraid

Asking for vodka

Ash carrying puppy

A pastor phoning me

Adopting baby boy

A pregnant woman to see palm fruit in dream

A guy trying to touch me and get close to me

A dog suckling a cow

A dream of two other people quarrelling

Ants on ankle

A stranger old women giving blessings to me

A woman with a

A dream about not getting caught

Ant as pet

Assassination dream meanings

A dead male with an erected

A woman pounding in the dream

Alice in boarderland characters

A double

Arson to a library

A big house and the beach

A man sucking female in the dreams meaning

Alien spears death and water fear

Alone at a railway station

Applying alta on feet

A woman sucking my

A dead father biting my sister back

A woman licking a woman

A plunger

Alien octopus man earthquake blood

Amazed watching overflowing harvest of resin

A friend choosing you

Attacked by a donkey

Ancestor greeting me

Arti mimpi kehilangan sprei

Afraid left baby in car park

About the seven trumpts


A woman put muthi under the ow

Air sucked out of mouth by someone else



A child being abused

A half empty grocery store lot

Apologizing to a stranger that wants to marry you

Apologizing to a strangh

A ring not wedding ring from dead brother

A crazy drunken man trying to get in the house and steal some food and seasonings to eat and a lady gave us some tried fish to eat

Acrobatic stage performance

A friend opening a dead friend door

A dog

A good dog and a scary old man

Attack bird

A house painted red and white

Abscess on the arm

About the ku kux klan

A stranger i know

A dead body refusing to be packed in bag

At the ocean

A diamond encrusted cross and sword

A friend pissed on me

Am old, taught by a young teacher, i refused to be cained by him

Acne chin

Ate my bra

Amphibious vehicle

American flag flying

A walking man as a tree image

A kitten as gift

A white rabbit running

A man dreams that he was sleeping with a young girl without havi

A man dreams that he was sleeping with a young girl without hin ä

A man dreams that he was sleeping with a young girl without hyvin ä

Argument girlfriend

Accused of misinformation but i let them accused me

A boat with feathers on it

A cross hanging from my

Attacked by insects

A dream seeing your old clothes

Aghori in black

A girl giving water in dream

Aghori in black garments

Annoing a profet

Attacked by animal

Attacked by pet cat

A brahman cow was chasing me

Approval on parents

A can embedded into my throat and bandaged up

Argue with sister

A loveone keave in a highway

A dream abt a party with dead family members and friends

Animals in a lake

A demon me inappropriately

A actor in a play

A rabbit was swimming

A other lady of infection with puss leaking

A maid breaking my spouses cup

Arms with large hairs in my daughter

A duck stealing another ducks eggs

Acquaintance intimate dream

Applying fertilizer in small maize plant field

Asked to look after a watch

Animal chewing my money in a dream


A lady stealing your soup in the dream

A lady stealing your p

A lady stealing your po

A lady stealing your pot

A white duck or geese kiss i ng me in the mouth

A young woman who i know tried to seduce me in a morning dream

A long red ladies coat

A long tooth

Angel children

A severe rain

Angel thrones

Adorn in polka dot clothes

Automobile crash

A frined

Allahs names in the sky

Adhere meat on my tongue

Arti mimpi wajan

Adult child’s face calling his mom kinda of foggy

A baby crying in your dreams and that baby is no longer with us

Adult giving child dirty look

Ababeel bird

Animal snake dream

Above window square note with red five

Anger is tied in rubber bands

A cock holding your hands

Abandoned funfair

Abandoned fair

A mounted head as a animal trophy on the wall

A bright light in the dark

A shipwreck

A woman wearing a kanzu in a dream

A dream about a squirrel eating a hibiscus flower from our house hibiscus plant

About chiefs

Airplane door

A dead person trying on new shoes

An elderly lady giving me a slice of gingerbread

A woman seeing her man gifting her a pink cap


Apostle dream meanings

Ayyapa mala wearing husband

A younger father

A big eye in the sky



A man to dream using a woman period blood to bath

A mad man giving direction in a dream

A man dreams of carrying än oldwoman inside ambulanssi, and four persona are inside a

About pastor giving you advise to whom to get married to

A rotting tree gurgling up water

An ex boyfriend diging a hole in his backyard could see dirt




A dream by elton john mp3 download

A old lady

A lady collecting dead dogs at a dumping site to make medicine

A karen yelling at the dreamer

A karen yelling at me

Arti mimpi ular makan telur

A python sqeezing a monkey means

A snake squeezing a monkey

Attack by wolf

Apa arti mimpi rumah ditelan bumi


A female climbing in through the window in my house

A girl i saw in my dream, that had black hair and white goun

A girl black hair white dress

A girl with black hair and a white dress

A picture of a green wreath filled with red roses set by a tombstone

A woman see me and than she smiles creepily?.

A woman praying for you in a dream

A girl peeing and i drink her pee

A strongest pyramid house

Alligators all over a dry floor

A girl peeing

A bull metting with a cow

A friendly beige cat liking my foot

A beige cat licking my foot


Aunt black magic

Alara rira aso funyan loju orun

Animal turned into a human


A faceless man walking beside me

A dark powerful presence

Aromatherapy oils

Altering trousers

Almost finished perfume bottle

Axing people in the head


A sister holding puffed rice

A girl from your past

Amputated hand dream

As a woman i dream living with daughter of the president

A deceased person giving you wet shoes

Assist in fetching well water

A scary cemetery on an island

Attend a funeral service

A party with family and friends who passed away

A kitchen in heaven

A cheque book with malunggay tree

Aids meaning

A dream where i’m inside a church with plastics full of groceries

Ackee in plastic bag dream

A boy that come from circumcision

A dead women asking her a printer

Arthi dena

A dream of a pastor half

Abortion baby

A woman bathing you on white in the dream

A ruined birthday

A bully being my friend

A bully being my friends

A hallway

A hall

A pool

Avoiding lions in the dark

Asked to wash three windows

A dead person holding a crying baby

Animal feeding on a person

A person and a place you like combine

Allah name on my id

Allah name written in id

Allah name in id card

Allah name written in card

A dog with blood in eyes

A black cow with a tall horn in a dream meaning.

Always seeing yourself with a child

A person died covered with white blanket

A womans period

A vulture was crushed and scattered in my dream

A culture was crushed and scattered in my dream

Arti mimpi organ perut terlihat

A dream of me just follow what

Aqua ocean

A boy dies and the head got eaten by the raptor in a luxury room

A snake hiding in a tunnel with dirty water

A snake in dirty water

A king bowing to you in a dream

Ambushed in sea

Adopting dog

Albino eating

A man kissing my feet

A skin walker as a dog

Apples floating in beach waves

A tree growing out of my tail bone

A crab stick in my nose

Ahlul bait

A slap from a ghost

A man ejaculates in my mouth

Amachwane enkukhu ehamba emzimbeni

Aeroplane crash of others

Applying for employment

Aura of light

Accdient death man dream no

A group of man talking

A dream about been found im a different school selling dougnut

Assisting or working in the mortuary

A already cooked pot of nshima bt without nshima in it just water means what

Applying vibuthi on my head

Arm on a arm

A baby women and bangles

A blind young girl wearing black cloth hugged in my right side

A blind woman in my right side

A baptist pastor, pulled my in appropriately


A plywood tunnel

Attacked and bitten in pinky

Ask someone their date of birth in a dream

A girl being circumcised in a dream

A guy u like

Absolute love

A dream of a big golden gate with the big voice

Aztec gold

Are pregnancy dreams good?

A greetings card

A big alter with a big flame of fire

A wolf coming up to me

A blind wolf coming up to me

Amethyst mined beneath tree

A friend father

A dead person in a supermarket wanted me to buy her some horse leg meat

A woman beat me with something on my shoulder in my dream

A big ball of sand

Answering a call

A unknown lady entered my house

As i woke up to move in my i seen a cat over my head

Aloe plant

A friend asking you to sell goat

A pile of glasses with more glasses going on top of the pile

Aunty gives food in dream

Army of soldiers

Asking me to be godmother for baptism?

A mad man been in love with me but am running away

Ashebi in the dream

A group of people making mandazi at home means

A dead cousin giving you meds

Aliens taking over the world in giant machines

Animal in a forest

A girl you know

A buddie of mine kisses me

A friend stabbing a knife behind a door slightly open

Animal sneeze in the dream meaning

Alive person in real dies in my dream and takes me with her

Am standing inside a clean river on top stones nd beautiful trees with branches

Arrogant woman

About alam

Angels and seders

Acorn sprouting an oak



A new duty purple and white toothbrush

Accident with herd of cows

A soldier

A boy being hit buy a car

A person i use to talk to

Air strikes and birds falling from the sky

A white drawing of a hand in the sky with writing around it

Appointment canceled

Abnormal pregnancy


Am asking if you are a virging

A little who is already dead in a room with blue shiny hearts

Across river

A healthy life chicken with an open wound on a road side and surrounded with ash

Asking saree

A pregnancy woman had a dream that her husband died while he was alive

Am not understanding my dream

Abscess stomach

A deceased friend

Airplane accident dream teer number

Argument on beach then happy in cave bus crash

A person smiling three different smiles and handing you a envelope

A zombie apocalypse

All the body putting mehendi

After visiting temple i saw snakes in my dream

A person lied to me in my dreams

A grey carpet with sand

A wall replacing a window

Arts crafts

A loved one in an elevator

About being a leader

A boy i like kissing my neck


Abusing orangutan

A bishop running after me

Asian men and women in a tube in hole in ground wearing pinstripe suits all crowded on top of each other

Adult son says he is gay

A baby girl urinating in my face and mouth

A colleague locked me up the room

A lady stole a bangle from me

A man dreams of hunting a rabbit and killed it,

A hand rub me raw egg on my face in my dream meaning

A hand rub me raw egg on my in d dream

Ant bring to car packed in plastic

A girl squirting

A dream of found an apples tree

A dream of dung in a plate

A nun

A white drink in a clear bottle

A woman dreams that she was chased by devil/ghost, lucky number

A dream of saving a child from road accident

A dead tree being cut down by relatives

Arguing with family at a funeral

Annoyed with my friend

A sudden suicide

A ladder in my tights

Adhesive putty

Almost getting hit by a bus

A man gave me three pants

A lady that is a distant friend

Attempting to change a one hundred dollar bill but receiving less in change

Angry old man

A soldier in the clouds

Attacking monsters

Ascent and heaven

An obsessive person

Abdominal surgery and blood

Apha wenzelwa umhlonyane

A owl heating me then it disappers

Army air plain

Animals turn into gold

Aidan tree

A man dreams of setting a new teashop in the adjacent market place, lucky number

A sick person healthy and happy in a dream

A woman give me honey with milke

A palm tree infested with beetle larvae

Accident injury

Angry mob chasing you

A big snake

Adream about my brother levelling the green pasture in our compound with the machine

Are snakes a symbol of health?

Amakaka engage yakho

A panel appointing someone in a dream

A panel appointment in a dream

Arguing with other in dream

A furry (cosplayer) appears

A holy man signifies in a dream

A man kissing me in my dreams and hug me,then he said i will never let you go

A divorce woman touch my in the dream

A man kissing me in my dreams and hug me,then he said i will never leave you

A girl stepping on my head

An ocean with strong tide

A person who has died in my dream

Animal with fleas


A baby growing inside of the moon

Arguing with a loved one who is dead


Aghoris telling you about something

A cat color gold and sparkle enter in a hole of my door house

A book being opened

Almost insulting someone in a dream

A police in ur dream

Archangel killing a demon

A dog death from accident infront of me

A king to be gave me 45cedis and l took only 15

Aggressive headless dog chasing me

A man sucking my clitoris

A boy building your house

A wife sees herself being pregnant

All eyes on me

A person telling me to suicide

A clown is going to stab you

A phone call from my deceased brother

A boa constrictor squeezing a duck

An animal ear on human head

Awoken in a dream and ceing held down

Alot of peanuts

Ability to be a writer in dreams

Affair with husband friend

Assorted meat

A dream about my step father giving me alot of money so that i can count it for him

A specific time of day being mentioned

Asking name

Ambassador car dream

A crowd gathered house

A pastor relocating near you and watching your house

Abandoned mansions

About to ride a sports car in dreams

Asking for their shoes

Attrndimg a wake of a friend

Ate the sun

Aeroplane and celebrity


Appliying honey in head

Arcade building

Addition to building

Amended trouser

A man becomes visible after being in descise

A giant bird

Alcohol dream

A customer inheriting money

A person knocking on your door

An acquaintance inheriting money

An animal caught my leg

Á màn fighting with small devil lucky number

A dream seeing sun and rainbow

An insane person praying for you

A white snakes tail eaten by three rats

Á màn dreams thật hệ was fighting with ghost and killed thể ghost ạt spot, what is the lucky number?

A king sharing food from his plates to me

Arm rotting

About dirty phone

Animal faces

Apha ufake ubuhlalu

Á màn dreams attending parents meeting ạt school wearing Á torn cloth, lucky number

Airport missing flight

Answer phone

Archers bow and arrow on my lap

A bow and arrow on my lap

Ancient bow and arrow gift

A big brown snake shallow a bird and they go away

A room

A guy i love wishing me luck while crying

A sibling lied about passing away

Already ate fruit

Attachment with a child who is not biologically yours

Arm piercing on arms

Attending jubilee with black cat

A dream twice means visiting a house and hearing about a friend being beaten

A kind man entering your home

A child taking my gift and am not bothered


Abandoned in a different country

A friend approoting my weeded maize dream

A dead man give you the same book

Academic cap

A tree that heals its fruits stolen

Animals attacking

Arms of neice

About ducks getting attacked by a dog

Asking for ur school principal in dream


A young good looking guy on a wheel but the person is on good health

A lady offers you fresh rose apples


A native doctor healing you means what

Anewly born weak young goat

Am fighting with girlfriend of my ex

A deceased loved one riding a horse

Angry old friend

A presence blowing on me in a dream


A snake suckling my

Attack by a fish

Aghori dancing

A dream that an ex breaks the necklace that was given to her by me and throws it at me

A baby girl poo and i bath her and clean her up

Artfical grass

A dream where you see yourself wearing asoebi clothe

Arguing with husband

Application letter


A dream of coming back from abroad

A dream meaning of someone giving me a bags of sachets water

A woman urinating iine public

A dark force carry a wounded child and trying to take the child

A girl touched my

A man visit a house that lying on the cliff, lucky number

A man visit a house that lying on the cliff, lucky

A man dreams that he went to visit a house that situated on the vent of the cliff and from that house in the cliff he could see a big river under it, what is the lucky number ?

A lady walking with hands and legs

A crowd of strangers inside your house

A man dreams about trying to stop the burning of joan of arc

Atm machine dream

Animals revolting

A dead person asking to drink a soft drink

Alive biscuit

A woman dream of giving birth to a dead chicken

A wealthy man come and stay in my house

Applying coconut oil in my hair

Accompany partner

A bouy

Antique piece of falcon in dream

Armed forces/

An embrace with a madman

A star chasing me

A d clear water

About confronting steven tyler

All party goers wearing white

A women asking for an invitation

Accidentally calling someone

A mother cat has brought her kittens into my house

Asking for eggs

Almost being raped by a goat

A man gave me money by hand in dream to both of us rs 1

Amabhayi ezangoma

A short cup removed out my l

A short cup removed out my vahinal

An old woman snapping my ness in the dream

A leder

Athletic, good looking, kind, caring, funny, appropriate, honest, perfect, amazing

A man wanting to tie my legs with a chain

A woman carrying a man and crossing the river

About someone given birth

A woman touching a man cock

A bushel of rose thorn being cut what does it mean?

A guy in public

A girl dreaming a guy friend


Annointing water


Angels caring me up in the sky and landing safely

A cult trying to kill you

Angry kinner

Amla picking dream

Aa person asks to bring sesame in dream

Asking for 14 million cash dream

Ants and termites

Arms in stuck position

Adult acting like a toddler

Ankara material gift

Angel appears while sleeping

Applying oil on somebody’s body meaning

A open door, and not seeing a partner

A student dream of being a fisherman

Achillies getting cut


Animal with human teeth

A great governor visiting your house

Applying butter on head

An authority figure talking to you

A tree with ripe apples ready for harvest

About broken padlock

A catholic sister gives you a prayer rosary in a dream

Ablution inside room

A man sodomised by male friends


Ashtray broken in dream

A heart yellow necklace

Amaka wengane

A shadow of a tribal man with a spear on the face of the moon

A dream of seeing my pastor arrested

An evil witch in dream

Applying arishina and kumkuma


A woman having both and

A dream of a sprout seed means

A fairy and butterfly

Apple lion dream meaning

A snake following/ claiming a tree after you in dream

Ate green stone

Actor tv

Akamu with salt

Automobile in a dream

A swimming pool

About my sister kissed my boyfriend

A woman pilot

A wounded person carrying a luggage on his head

A dead relative giving you a charcoal in your dream

A man wearing saree in dream

A friend receiving fake flowers and i had nothing to offer

A girl in red white saree

Airt ducts

Ashes are burning

Accidental with son

A man seeing her gf on heels with pant and bra in his dream

A golden mirror on a car

A hen

Attacked by a scorpion

A dead person to throw water on you in a dream mean

Amassin wood lucky number

Amassin stone lucky number

Accusing of cheating

A doctor

Anothers mouth

A female dear

Afang leaf in a dream

A missing diary

A mission dream

A dream about a neighbor

Amasimba akho