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Dreams starting with the letter O

Oha leaf dream and it meanings

Oversized wedding ring

Ocean and fire

Of motorcycle


Old widow

Orange seed voumiting

Orange seed out of from nose

Owl attack snake

Owl attack snake off of me

On the front pages of news paper.

Oil s ng out of a car

Other people time traveling

Overs ed black pint


Opulant buildings

Over charge in a restaurant

Overcharge in a restaurant


Own funeral

Own funerql

Overdraft account

Old ow case

Official letter

Oil diya in dreams

One thousand naira note

Open gas tank

Open gas cap

One armed woman

Old clothes in dream

Opened my third eye and seeing a red triangle with a gargoyle image in the middle of the triangle

Open door in sky

One dot on a ant

Object just out of reach

Old paper money

Old paper bill

Old lion

On a horse got attacked by dogs

Ox with horn

Orgainizing books into piles

Organizing books

Olive oil floor wiping


Oil on s

Opening present

Old women were blessing me in a dream

Oud burning

Own gravestone

On a boat on green stagnant water

One person turns to three different faves

Outdoor movie screen

Opening the door for my decease husband

Old woman wagging finger

Ora leaves means in the dream

One zero

One zero zero zero check

One two three four

Open balcony doors

Old bully apologizing to you

One face shown others covered

One three zero zero zero

Old box spring mattress

On a ship in a storm huge waves

Open garbage bag an dog is eating

Opening a door

Ones mother

Old man having a gem eye

Overgrown plants and trees

Ordering pizza

Ordering lizza

Other dimensions

Old boss old company

On a plane that’s gliding down into the water.

One one:two six

Out with another man calling him ma bf jamie but it doesn’t look like him

Other person braiding my hair

Other person braiding my air


Olive oil mixed with sand


Orange stone

Offering thamboolam

[email protected]

Of finding love

Own silhouette in a dream meaning

Old unused building

One three

Online woman

Online chat

Old hand dream

Organising a prayer group

Organising a prayer group meeting

On the lusitania

Open portal

Ostia on the floor

Old pair of slippers

Orange rope

Opening a window at night then someone attacking you

Out of date steak

On a plane that landed in the water


Open purse on the floor

Out in nature by bbc a mountain river

One boy killing animals for fun

One two



Observing a murder

One large

Onio head in dead human body

One side slipper fall in dirty water in a dream mean

One microsoft way, redmond

Old man smoking meaning

Old man smoking

On plane

Overcrowding me


Open door house

One two three four five

Of your decreased child

Old woman giving me coins money

Ocean creatures

One five october

One five january

Operation stitches

One person

Only person in the world

Offering a white flower to mama mary

Owl lay eggs

Owl lay eggd

Overflowing food basket

Objects coming out of

Older classmates saying hi and giving hugs

Offer letter for a job

Oversized snake

Ox paresad

Open rib

Oarfish and dragon

One eye in center of forehead

Oxes ploughing

Office chair carpet area

One three dream interpretation about pouring, oil, family, members and habitation related.

Oil house


Open door in yellow wall


Oriental man

Overheating car in the dream

Owning a jet pack

Open emails

Only dream of the back of someone’s head mean

Ogbono meaning

Ogbono fruit meaning

Old woman with cane

Old woman drinking water in my dream

On toilet

Old man with golden stick

Orc army

Old woman bathing you in a dream

One giant bird carrying away my boyfriend

One cow tried to collide me

Orange sofa children behind desk in office

One girl kissing two girls

Orange eyes in dead person in my dream


One/two deserted lot


Old monk with white hair in forest with white robe

Ocean carry something from you in dream it means what

On the boat going to dock

Old clothes being flown away by the wind



One thousand shilling note in a dream

Octopus attack my back

Octopus attachek my back

Octopus attacked my bum

One zero dollar bill

Other women wearing your dresses

One nine zero nine five nine what does it represents

Ocean swim

One eyed cat dream meaning

One eyed chicken

Open gate to house


Orange tooth stain

One one

Open flesh


Okra veggies eating dreams

Okra veggies

Over itself

Open overflooding soakaway

On a speed boat then speeding car

One eight eight zero gravestone with name jenny marie

On your partner house

Opaque doors


Orange fruit filled with maggots

Orange filled with maggots

One one nine three five

Oversize socks

Okra as a gift in the dream

One long tooth

Orange embers

Other women eating with myhasband

One eight wheeler truck

One eight wheeler

On s plane that crashes

Old setting 1800s but theres electricty and beautiful sacred architecture


On the higher ground or elevated place

One nine eight zero

Old man with a walking stick putting on a black hut wearing white garments

Oil burning lamp

Offer a deceased something to eat

Of a big kitchen in heaven in the clouds

Old boyfriends says he loves me in dream

Own home getting bigger

Own home

Old woman touch

One zero naira in dream

Old money and exercise books

Old lady giving you herbal leaves in a dream?

One zero zero naira note

Oke trees

One seven

One seven in dream

Obese male

Obese unhealthy male relative

One big blue eye in the sky

One big open eye

One zero zero

One zero five

One woman embracing me and biting my back of hand

One woman embracing me and bitng my back of hand

One eye above another eye on a face

Offals pepper soup

One zero zero’s of moving transparent snake like tubes

Older men fllirting with younger

Old grandeur

Of being with your crush

One horn goat

Oragns coming out

Office boss handing keys to his suordinate

Old women gives me bhayi

Oil been fruit trees in my deam

Other persons dream

Opening of poures with water leaking out

Opening a new purple and white toothbrush but it is duty inside the case

Older woman sky blue skirt

One more day to live

One body entering into another body

Of a lady being mudered

Old shoes and old clothes

Objects under my skin

Open wounded life chicken along the road but healthy

Old man holding a small son inside the son

Old man holding a babe son isinde the sun

Old woman kissing ear

Open window held with a rope

On boat

Opal plnk

One zero zero zero

Orange bathing suite

Older friend

One two keys

One zero headed snake attacking me and my friends

Official announcements

On top of an airplane

Old woman showing her privates

One two three four five six seven clay stoves

One four

Open wound heap

Oil on the foot on the dream

On a boat with an old friend

Oven made up of mud

One big dot

Overflow of toilet

Old man death

Owe drug dealer money

Old man blessed me

One nine nine two

Office transfers


Olr tv


Ox chasing you

One three:three four

Ocean fish


Overflow of water from dishwasher to the floor

Oneninefoureightthree dream meaning

Other mman

Othandiweyo ehleka

Object moving around

Overalls in a dream

Owl flashing red eyes

Onions leaves

Old flip flops

One shoes carried by water and went way

Open awooden box and find apen

Old and wet newspaper in front of your door

Old hen with four legs dream interpretation

Offered to buy another house

Owl on the road

Outsmarting someone

Open door to different scenery

Older kids

Only woman

Onto of hll

One white dog came in dream 3 days continue same dog came in dream

Operation in dream

Overloaded motorbike

Ordained as a prophetess

Old lady, tea, 3 rooms, raw flesh of animals

Old persone with a shopping cart

Offering rice on shivling

Offering me their hair

One bundred thity five thousand

Old man kissing

Old man kissi no

Ogbono in the pocket

Of u dreanlm your grandmother

Other person surprised

Of kissing someone

One shout gun blenk

Ox or bull without horn

On a mountain ridge with yggdrasil during a lightning storm my loved one is snatched away and i fall to my knees and storm stops and i open my eyes and they’re white

On top of a mountain ridge with yggdrasil during a storm and loved one snatched away and i fall to my knees and my eyes are white

Old bearded man

Other languages

Oily well water dream

Orange soil


Out with work colleagues

Oval shape with pointed ends

Oiling girl friends legs


On stove milk is boiling time that time milk spoiled


Over flowing pot of food

Ordering breakfast

On chest

Owning 100 of acres

Old lady with a baby

Onions growing out of my leg

Offered black pen in my dream

Old woman give me cash

Old mentally ill woman in church

Of wearing a hair wig

Orange tree with thorns

Old house with big garden were bodies are buried but am afraid that they can be discovered

One sandal fall in a gutter

Orion star

Orange color

On a train and missed my stop

One shoe from your foot and you don& 39;t find it.

Open door by ghost


Office buildings

One horned cow

Old clothes on at my wedding


Offering ladoo to saints

Old dead dream

One eye cow

Of being in car going to fast

Ocean shore with boulder

Ocean shore with boulders

Organizing event

Olives and olive tree

Orange book

Oil on chest

Old woman cooking very rich meal

One green chilli on the floor

Onions in dreams

Orange bell shaped fully blossomed flowers on trees n pants n hedges

Opposite direction dream meaning

Old lady in a sick friends rocking chair

Old sitting in a rocking chair

Old lady in chair

On top of car

Owning a farm

Orange in the dream

Of picking mangoes from a tree and sharing

Opening a book

Opening a book over head

Orange glitter

Older woman dressed in coat and turtleneck sweater

Old men fighting

Obstical course

Ordered around

Ordered sound

One dead woman and dead child

Other people perform havan

Old railway station

Obsessing over one word

Orange colour and a car

Old woman black horse

Old woman on horse

Older version

One letterbox

Old acquaintance driving a jeep

Old woman baithing me with herbs

Old woman give u white meat

Old woman give you white meat

Oil on leg

Old lady to plant peas

Old lady given dry gungo to walk and plant

Older neighbor lady hanging from tree

Olive cutworm

Ofals dreams

One of my most vivid dreams is the one that i had when i was still a little kid in my dreams i was being chased by my mother with a bolo on her hand and i was running towards a big church


One eye blind man he wants to be my husband

Owl yellow eyes

Obtuse trapezoid

Onions dreams

Orthodox church

Older couple

Outdoor market

Ophanim angel staring at me

Obuasi to kumasi how many minutes drive

Offload a full motor parts container in a dream means

Of shopping and buying clothes for my bf

Old woman wearing a red sari

Open defication

Open urination

Of angles in battle

Of the 7 trumpets and i go to heaven

Orange and black snakes

On water pulling to get out

Overheating phone

Overtaking another car in dream meaning

Old man throwing stones which never hit you in a dream

One side slipper slipped in the drainage

Offering a dead person something

Odor in blanket

Object has odor

Oil poured on my palm


Old woman sweeping my compound

Oil bean seed in a dream

Okuloota nga olya kasooli omwokye

Oy sweet cheeks

Overflowing bathroom gutter

Oli lamp still lighted then alter on fire meaning

Orange couch

Old wound squeeze


Owed money

Olympic gymnist

On a train with dead relative

On a bike with dad

Odors king of persia torment in the dream

Office relocation

Old house and a river

Orange and green markers

Orange marker

Orange markers

Old picture of myself and riping it with tears

Out of order

Ominous dark figure

Opening a closed door

Of the symbols of snake and closet seen in a dream

Oil gift

Offering flowers

Open door into darkness

Open door with glow

Old woman ghost trying to attack

Ox dieing in water meaning

Old woman unknown lady beside my husband on the table with me

Others eating naked

Orange coral color

Oil on my body

Old woman in white clouds

Orange river rising

Of being given nail varnish

Of a plant st johns wort

Objects falling from hands

Offloading a truck in a dream

Okulota nga olonda emwanyi

Old woman giving me used cloths

One coconut and two womans

Old book

One man who drink full acohol

Offering hldi to shivling

Offerun hldi to shivling

Old man begger

One leg cut and it lucky number

Old unknown woman trying to come inside my house and i denied to open the door

Orb sweeping

One lost shoe

Old women giving me money and blessings

Offered sjob by the president if your country

Oil on the fingers


One to

One thousand naira note in the dream

Open leg

Oats coming from vagina

Open door with sand

Only child having sibling dream

Old emeny

Oil have been fall down from my hand

Orange saree

Open bowel

Open bowl



Orchid thrown at me

Of passing biker gangs

On a ship that went off a cliff

Over board on ship filled with water and children

Opulent house

Office director giving you key at office as he was not feeling well

Oranges and grapes


Old coin gambling slot machine

Others being absorbed by demon

Others getting absorbed

Other people being absorbed

Owls catching squirrels

Octopus coming out my vagina

Ordering wetsuit in work by ccident

Overbearing mom of boyfriend

Oil on bottom of feet

Of water and urine seen in a dream

Oranges ripe ones

Overflow of clear waterhole on top of steelbuilding

Oil stain clothes in the dream

Old woman under a tree with babie in her hands


Offering curd to shivling in dreams

Old woman sewing and sucking in my breath

Old woman sewing and sucking my breathe in

Old woman sucking my breath out of me

Of a lion being abused

Objects put in butt

Orange poop

Organizing big work room

One spirit

One piece of garlic eating

Offering to mow

Offer to mow lawn

Owing a new motor circle in the dream


Oil pan

Orange condoms

Overprice invoice

Out of control on water skis

Oil pan in the cooker fallen dow

On a school bus with work colleagues

One person naked

Of buyi


Owning a house

Oil repair light in car

Oil light on in car

Old boyfriend giving me lots of credit cards

One mouse in white bag and another mouse ceased into my pocket

Orange necklace

Ocean turn into sky

Overtaking dream

Objects glowing

Open spaces

Old age home

Owls in a dream

Orange carnations

Opulent rooms

Oil light

Om namah shivayah

One quarter

Own empty plates or dishes for serving their foods

Opening the ground and water coming out

Object inside vagina female

Objects doubled


Old piano

Oneself being surrogate in dream

Open clear drain

One betel nut cut two piece teer

One betel nut cut two piece

Own eye puple

Old scar

Okd scar

Open door under water mean

Other people dressing up

On a boat with a man

Offering sindur to god


On a table in a dream

Opening a door and seeing your dead mother

Opening a can

Onion growing on knee

Out of my depth

Open chest on fire dreams

One sweeping your dining in a dream

O i

Orange beaded necklace

Over rip

Over ripe plantain meaning

Over ripe plantains meaning


Outdoor cafe

Open canned dog food

On cruise ship with danger

Old women sweeping my room

Open body

Owning the capital building

Oil turning into acid

Others looking younger

On the cover a man and see your ex coming out the water

One eye octopus in dream

Outdoor extention of a two story building corridor collapse

Okuloota nga olonda emwanyi

Okuloota nga olonda

Old dog asking to be rescued

Orange leaf

Owl rainbow night

Ocean faraway and dark

Owl feather

One thousand naira note seen in a dream

One thousand one hundred naira note in the dream

Of an old neighbour

Orange chillies meaning in the dream

Organs falling out of butt

Old man praying for me

One woman two men

Old man with brown vintage briefcase

Old suit of departed

Of standing beside a stre

Others being made redundant

Overpass wrick

Opening of òkrika bale in the dream

Open door to a wet bird

Old man sucking vagina

Old friends avoid you

Orange and white light

Ox given a birth to her child

Ox delivered

One going to toilet in front of you and gives you money

Owls and crow befriended

Online player

Online gamers

Oha leaves

On a bus in the country side

Old viking ship

Old woman behind a window

Open wound with bugs coming out

Outside entrance

Ocean with sister and cooking food

Old calendars

Oldman boss

Onion in water

Over ocean

Opening a gate padlock meaning

Old friend and the name sam

Outer space i felt free

Other women


Owl eating another bird

Orange powder

Old lady stealing from my car

Of oil poured in both handa

On knees crying

Oriental garden lizard

Owning a parking garage

Orange color and lion

Oil was used in marking my right leg one’s and on my left foot it was too much and they were going to blind fold me

Old neighbors house abandon pets

Our house be built flipped upside down and destroyed with we in it

Offload items from motor in dream

Ocean suddenly rising and the tide becoming fierce

Over paid

Outdoor court

Outdoor cort in the palace

Or at ration

Over eating

Over drawn

On a moving train

Old woman chasing a man i love

Oversized gold ring

Object flying around

Old woman giving me a healing water

Owl shapeshifter into native american

Owl turned into chief wearing a headdress

Owl shapeshift into native american chief wearing headdress

On a wire

Oil on forehead

Old woman walking sticks walking

Of floods

Obsessed man


Other employer

Owl cockatoo puppy

Old relationship

Old woman wearing a white blouse with popcorn sleeves


Old lady giving you food in dream

Old school friend and large penis

Oppressed in dream

Oversized slippers

Other people drowning

Old gray man

Of seeing carrots seed germination

Oil train

One seed of rice in my hand open and shower many rice in my hand in my dream

Old grass thatched roof

Okunywa obuji

October month

October month of delivery

Old lady cursing me

Older women

Old broken car parked in the garden

Old car in the garden

Open cuts

Opening a safe

Old woman preparing dessert

One eyed sheep a dream

Old factory with blinking lights

Orange bus

Old school friends

Old women having period

Oxblood cloth

Orange and black snake biting me

Old man kneeling down before me at the door

Old man kneeling down

Old woman giving you a white dress

Old couple blessings in dream

Opaque beer

Own house

Old jeep

Of sleeping with my wife in the bed and my brother being there close

Owl eating snake

Oru maadu enga ponalum ena mattum thorathitu iruku veri pidicha madhiri

Outside of family home

Of a certian person

Of the same man

Owl with wings spread

On top of skyscraper

Old grandmother giving brown old coins

Orange in wheelbarrow

Of buying 2 cocoyam

Open door to old woman

Old woman sings spells

Old wise woman

On display

Okuloota nga oyiina omuntu ģyotude naye nga ebali waliwo endiiga biri kitegeza ki

Opal for eyes

On a train with 3 suitcases

Old hag sittong on my chest

Old hag is killing me

Of a black and red snake bitting a kitten

One eye and lion

Over charge

Old man long white hair black cloth on head

One of my nieces was sacrificing her sister because she was sick


Objects being pulled out of your vagina

Opening of old scar surgery

Ornate entryway deep red deep plum darts

Open cuts on legs no bleeding

Old glass plate as a gift by a pastor

Ox is eating crops in others field

Of a chair move by itself

One puppy locked onto another puppy representing self

Orchard dropping fruit

Outside of apartment building surrounded by water up to a high floor

Orange and black bird

Overcome enemy

Oar fish

Officer of the law

Occult symbols and meaning

On a school trip and lost

Orange orbs

Offering a white pen

Oregano spice


Old building slab collapse

O grace

Opossum pretending to be a cat

Old woman pouring salt in my hand

Om namo narayana in dream

On a train with my grandmother

Orange van and lover

One of my boyfriend cut my waist bead in my dream what is the meaning

Owls and crows

Old classmatesin a parade

Oil stain on rug

Open coffin

Old baby

Oil cap

Old women give me my favorite food

Ogbono tree bearing more fruits

Other country


On a train miss my stop

Olive oil wiping floor

Out of fuel

Old basketball gym

Old basketbwll gym

Old native man

Ogun anger

Ogun angry at someone

One leg

Old living city

Ovacado tree

Old cloths given by friend

Of me touching a girls puss

Our car stopped on the way


One side slipper swept away by river and found at end

Opening locked door dream meaning

Own boob sucking

Ocean water dries up



Old rifle

Old eiffel

Old riffle

Old fashion riffle

Over worked

On a stage being dip by a man and smoke was around us

Open the door at the entrance of house

Opening a big door

Others look younger and more successful than you


Old twenty naira notes

Offering milk to the lord nagerandra in dream


Offered flowers to hanuman in dreams

Old enemy pulled hair out

On an island with a log blocking my path and a friendly cat on the log

Old friends attending a party

Old man i now in my very angry face

Opening drapes

Open and egg it had a yolk and a dead baby chicken

Old visa passport page torn in the dream meaning

Old woman kissing my forehead

Old style six shooter

Old woman yelling

Old house when young

Old teacher

Old woman walking with walking stick

Open door for cat

Overflowing farm water

Of cactus plate

Oil massage

Old rusted ship

Orcas near the shore

On top of rhe world happy

Of a wire like rope in your boyfriends neck

Olive green tank top


Object fall fromthe sky on me

Orange moon

Of a rock

Old neighbour

Older women brought me a bottle of moonshine

Old work friends

Officer trying to kill me

Old friend stealing your boyfriend

One person name written in quran

Overflowing water tanks

Overspilling cooking in dream

Odor smells in sleep

On older irerish gentleman

Opening a gate and going in someone elses home and feeling comfortable like it is your own home

Old place

Octopus eating


One flea

Old lady putting tika and asking for blessing

Oyster and bullets

Oyster and billets

Old graveyard

Okro and fufu

Old house network of hidden rooms on top floor

Oil leaking from walls

Of my girlfriend as skinny

Orange glow after a death

Owned drug money death

On a boat that was washed up and got stuck to land

Outfit and hair going wrong

Old boyfriend from 30 years ago

Oude vrouw


Once dreamt of soaring above

Other person killing a child in my dream

Offals dream meaning

Octopus stuck in skin

Okuloota sigga

Offering food and temple seen in a dream

One imsect buzzing in head

Orphan baby

Old lady giving a gift

Open medicine bottle no lid

Open bottle missing lid

Owl baby white

Orange colour wearing dead mother in dream

Other souls in my dream

Opened my door and got attacked

One thousand naira in a dream

One tree bearing different fruits

Owning three houses

On a bike

Orange mucus

Oregano is cut

Old highschool running from or to safety never getting to work

Other people having chicken pox

Overpaid an expense

Office supplies

Oil being pour over an rub around your neck

Orange eyes black cloak


Old woman dying who is already dead

Old man giving me grinded ogbono in y dream

Old man giving me grinded ogbono in tnr dream

Organising roman empire

One light blub falling from sky on me

Owl being chased by crows

On ice

Old woman carrying firewood

Orange red and yellow plague beak mask

One friend

Our family is escaping to other country

On the sidelines of a game

Overalls dream meaninf

Ordering a reuben when you’re a vegetarian

Oranges and grapefruit seeds on the

O dream of standing g in some done urine

Other woman clothes hanging

Oregon basketball jersey

Orange tooth

Older cousin pregnant

Opening a cash valt

Old ladies attacking me

Open condom

Once i dramt of landing on the moon

Orange peel bathroom

Orchard mason bee

Of some getting karma

Ox hide

Old gum peeling on face

Office space being changed reconstructed

Offering manglasutra to goddess in dream

On a bus with students

Oozing bloody pus

Owl eyes

Orange cat turning white

Orange cat turning black

Oarfish dream meaning

Old music sheet

Olender flower

Old friends on a carpet water ride

One eagle in nest with two baby

Orange chicken

Orange sparkling glittery on black sky

Orange sparkles black background

Oha soup

Old man with no head in a house

Ocean chasing me

Onyx bracelet

Over bleeding finger

One boy eating buffalo meat what is the meaning of dream

One boy eating buffalo meat

On top of colored sheets

Old man trying to rape me

Old man in dream trying to rape me

Ominous dream

Owing an orchard of lime

Owing an archarch of lime

Orchid root

Old water tank covered with damage hill in dream

Old water tank covered with damage hill in drea

Old water tank covered with damage hill indrea

Old flame in church sanctuary wanting to get back together

Orange flag

One oar

Old chiropactor

Old woman looking at my grave

Old person wearing

On top of a high building and there’s no way to get down

Old person furious

Others being unhappy

Only i can see distruction around everyone laughing

Ocean covering the land

Overdose pills meaning

Offering at church

Orthodox priest

Olga suvorova

Olive color clothes

Olive and comourflage color clothes meaning in a dream

Octopus killed snake in my dream

Oversized chimpanzee eye contact

Orange tree full of different size of oranges but same colour

Of tow pigeons bringing to baby shirts

One steel gasbottel