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The meaning of seeing iced fish in the dream

Dreaming of awaliya darga

Bathing outside in public

Throwing away your eyelash curler

Interpretation of cleaning a wall

Cum spitting then turns orange

Seeing yourself in a dirty or dustbin place

What does it mean to dream about a bishop giving you money?

Husband going to war in army

To hit

Climbing fence in the dream

Kiss goku

What does it mean when you kiss goku in a dream?

Bathing muthi

What does it mean when you kiss goku?

Coffin in a boat over rough sea

Asian couple and blown glass

Dream of person who has your name

What does it mean if you see a child holding hoe spiritual meaning?

Rolling on floor dream

A snake licking my

Scoring two goals out of three penalty played

Liver came out of my body

Captain of the ship

Picking up pecans in a dream

Friend changed gender from male to female

Murdered stabbed two different people

Sea shellin your mouth

Being beaten by someone close in your dream

Sperms coming out of a man in a dream

Murdered stabbed dream had by two separate people

Being beaten by my cousin brother

Dreaming of a lot of discharge coming out of my vigina

Seeing sperms coming out of a

The name dominic

Dreaming of being beaten by your cousin brother

Crush on a stranger

What it means when i dream with my ex totally ?

Dreaming of wearing a white jumpsuit and steppibg down into a shower

Gray hair on the floor

Tearing book


What is the meaning of seeing a fish in your dream?

Cat and fish

What does water represent in a dream?

What does it mean when you dream about jumping from high?

What does it mean when you dream about jumping from heights?

What does it mean to dream of jumping off a cliff?

What does it mean when someone falls into the river in a dream?

What does it mean when you dream about falling from height into water?

What does it mean when you get hurt in a dream and feeling it?

What does falling down a well mean in a dream?

Why do i dream of falling then wake up?

What does it mean when you have a dream of falling?

What does it mean to see train in dream?

Jumping from the cliff into the river

Black hare

What does it mean when you dream about fish in water?

Does dreaming about fish mean pregnancy?

What does it mean when you dream about fresh fish?

What does it mean when you dream about fish spiritually?

What do fish symbolize in dreams?

I was in underworld, and saw my homes and neighbourhood are parallel to it

What does it mean when you dream about being trapped by snakes?

What does it mean when you dream about a fish?

Diving into the river

Give a woman a quarter for guide dream meaning

Ghost attacking dream

Two quater

Two five cents

Ghost attacking me dream

Coin 25cent

Ghost attack mimicking my children

What does it mean if someone threw hot grease on you in a dream?

Gave a women a quater for guide

Wolf that turns into a deer

Dead in to muddy river

Black benz

Burn tip finger

Falling and died into muddy water

Falling and died into muddy water in a dream

Swallowing reading glasses

Two girls with sleeping

Court of many colours

Photographing full moon

Lemon pickles

Hard boiled egg

Meaning of eating banana soup in dream

Dreaming when it removing feathers on a dead hen

When ur removing feathers on adead hen?


Smoke coming out of a phone

What does it mean when you dream of death bats?

What does it means when you dream about your dead mother dress in green?


To see cousins in a dream

Smiling lips

Mouth from side

Me with long hair

To dream of cousins aunts as i hug kiss each one interpret


Step brother i don’t even have

Dead person asking you to come with

Wearing a necklace

Chased by carabao

Dream of burying a relative

Dream of lake with fog on top of it



Dreaming of an uncle burying someone beside his house

Eating meat of a dead person

Promotion at work

Received bracelet with gem missing

Husband peeing the bed

Exploring a big house

Deceased mom vomiting blood

Driving a car turns into riding a bike

Dreaming of mango tree producing eggs

Deceased mom throwing up blood

Embracing a rock

Corn growing out of head

Unstitched pants

Boy danny dream

Dead mom and dad saying goodbye

Dream of a snake in my coat sleeves

Door prison mystery man accidents downstairs dark white

Door prison mystery man accidents

Carrying a gun in my dream

Upset when i dont give up

Fight until dead

Diggings a grave with a life body coming out who was dead what does this mean

Moma fish eating baby’s

Lungs are pulled from body

Die of not beathing

Seven wonders

Petra seven wonders

Standing in a kitchen

Standing in a kitchen with relatives

Lion chasing you

Animals chasing you

Family dieing

Family members ding

People that have died

Husband turning into father

Runny. nose

Finger bleeding

Blood in mouth

When i collect one coin from temple?

Cici what is the meaning in a dream if someone who already died give you slippers

Spiritual meaning of an old woman shaking ur hand

Working in a italian restaurant

Gift a horse

Baby face in ultra sound

Sitting on a bench with a deceased

When you dream you are mopping a floor?

Lightening, fires and extinguishing

Baby four eyes

Frog on a parcel shelf

St. anthony with infant jesus

Being bad bartender

Bing a bad bartender

Claw dream meanings

Quran fall in dream

See a girl showing me mathematics

Stealing of used sanitary pad

Missing used sanitary pad

A room full of decorated plates

Dream of a snake in the sleeve of a coat i was sleeping in and woke up and attempted to gwt it and it went back into mt sleev

A room full of decorated platea

Looking holly berries

Bleeeding hand

Seeing a sun stright above your head all the time in dream

Teeth container

Dead wearing green

I had a dream my twin brothers gf died

Dreaming of lord brahma

White baby goat

Def dream of thousand dollars

Baby white goat wanting to play

Saxs masaj

Best friend coming back from a trip but she really isn’t

What dose it mean if you dream about your best friend coming back from a trip but she really isn’t?

Being spoiled

See small lizard on my private

What is the meaning of vomiting needles and threads in dream?

African lands

Boyfriend sleeping with his mom

White horse standing by a river

Eating rice ball

Dog chase you

Cow chewing food

Is a cowboy dressed in white sitting on a white horse

Parent praying

Husbands chest

Dog and deer chase me

I was given a black mercedes benz

Fingers are stuck together

New black mercedes van

Making u turn

Overdraft account

Hole in

Baby crying milk alone

Water current

Father celebrating a birthday in a dream means what

Moon spilts in half

Dreamt black flies

What does it mean when snapping photos in dreams?

Black flies and gnats

Getting a new job that you hate

The crushing of s seen in a dream

Receiving a ring

Burning a car seat

Hearing good financial news

Dream of elder dying

Fleas in the ear

Devil in a cloud

My boyfriend leaped over a train and then when i got to the other side where he was he carried me on his back

What does it mean to dream of yourself wearing the zulu traditional attire in the dream and everyone around you keeps on complementing you?

Killing construction crane

Someone drinking alcohol while wearing sabarimala maala

Sparkles like snow in dreams

Panting nails with friends

Sister in the hospital

Dead loved ones in the same room

Dreaming in a ride with your president

Squirrel and raccoon fighting

Two fish with one holding a knife

Begging dream

Meaning of dreaming a lion qnd the snake

Seeing a dead person at work with white roses

Enemey begging for bread

Black nodules on body

Some one else die with the same name

Hand washing underware


Scrubbing a pot

What does it mean a dead person giving alive person white roses?

Yellow orb in hand

Tree crying

Pepper in mouth

Gumballs different colors being given to a person

Different color gumballs coming out of a gum machine

To be handed smethingsomething

To be given a button

Handing somebody a gumball green

Being handed a button

Gumball chewing gum different colors

Old ow case

Handing a person gumball

Lucifer’s name

Different color gumballs in a machine coming out

Gumballs were coming out of a machine freely

Funnel clouds

My ex recurring dream

My friend protected me until i was the only one left and he ended up killing me

Receiving money dream

You and your sister running away from a four legged creature

Pale girl

Getting off roller coaster

I was teaching someone how to use a fire extinguisher and it shot out of my hands and blew up

Walls disappearing

Ex boyfriend bath together

Pooping a squid

I dreamt twice about my girlfriend having pregnant by someone else

Bomb house

New guy as frieb???

Someone cutting a cat open on news


Licking mean

Sharing malt

Seeing many little fishes

Coconut dream picking

Fingers coming off

Hearing a grandfather clock while sleeping

Dreaming with lots of small fish

Rooster statue

Man greasing a woman scalp in dream

Being set up by friend

A deer laying in a circle

Road getting narrower

Running to a door

Refusal of marriage from parent

Seeing my mother given or injected of medicine in my dream

Leaving a place

Black stone road

Wat does it mean eating posho without souce

Deaf in one ear

Rider bike

I saw shri ram fierce foot wear in dream what is the meaning of that

Bite some one

Dreaming of maroon beads spiritualy

Getting shocked by a solar flare and solar eclipse

Man behind me greasing my hair

Missing a meeting

Swollen women legs

Walking in heels in dream meaning

Cancelling airline flight

Mythical gods all

All gods

Gods plural

In a room with no roof and walls

Girl jumping from a rooftop

Cerebral palay

Sodier ants bite in dream

Two ripped fruits with one overripe when opened maggots were found

Envelope full of money

Brother raping a sister and father saving her dream

Purge dreams

Dead grandfather giving fruit in dream

Nuclear power plant

Partner going missing

Nuclear power plane

Looking for family members in a dark forest

Official letter

Diesel power

Burying my dead mother

Bus with a rocket

Burying my baby

Green stone slide

Moko kauae

Rocket torch attached to bus full power

Powerful torrchattached to a bus


Seeing blood


New tongue

Charter bus with massive power

Killing a shapshifter three times

A charter bus with a rocket

A woman harvesting sweet potatoes with her co wife

Tongue fall out and replace with new one

To kill a dangerous non human imposter

Removing parasite from left arm

I threw a pair of shoes high onto a wire where they dangled


Wat is power bank in d dream

Dreaming boy friend putting on weeding ring

My sister head was bald

What is d meaning for power bank in a dream?

Dream of ghosts coming after you

Sacrificing cow

Spoiled yam dream meaning

Mother giving ring

Circle and rocks

A gold cross pendent

Getting shot then pretending to die

Prevent suicide

Dream of higher ground


Dead husband asking for his old cloth

My own car

Tanned feet

Dead husband asking for clothes

Dead husband askin his clothes back in dream means ?

Hoe breaking while digging in the farm

Someone has cut my flowers

Transplanting sukuma wiki in a dream means

God statues stolen from my house

Laying by someone feet

My wife was flying and coming to me

Seing your boyfriend in toilet

Grandmother giving condom

White angel plant

Someone cut down a pawpaw tree which damaged the fence of my house

Dreaming about evil spirits

Dreaming about dark forces

Building colaps

Hold a

Sleeping mat

I am in a church with a friend and we both see a new born crying because he is alone, his parents went outside.

Solid snot coming from nose

Seeing my brother with lot of dirty shoes means

Blackheads shoulder

Receiving pen

Friends husband terminally ill

Unbuttoning white shirt

Dream of buying three umbila means

Three legged chair

Sleeping and dreaming of having a seziure in my sleep

Seeling dog meat

Saving children from sea

Sea children

Wood working


To see own self

Seeing thatched roof

Ex girlfriend laughing at me in dream

Oil diya in dreams

Pungent pine

Injured white bird of prey

Dream of small hippo sleeping in my house

Dream of champagne

When am gifted fowl in a dream?

Throwing slipper on me in dreams meaning

Embassy dream meaning

Being at an embassy lucky numbers

Dream of shampain

Going through a cupboard to get to another place

Another place through a cupboard

Dream see ex praying

Dream of wine

Meaning of pooping snails in your dreams

Feet chained up

Being at an embassy but earning a small amount of r5000

A two unmarried girls wearing mangalsutra in dream

Signing a check

One thousand naira note

Withdrawing money

Cat refusing to eat

Cowboy outfit

River backwards

Cowboy fancy dress

Withdrawing from bank

Dreaming of germinated maize

Killing of a lizard in the dream

Red oil allover the body in the dream

Forgetting about doing something with your friend and your other friend gets disappointed and upset


Having a few cuts on your hand making them look like a square

I had a dream that i was really smart

Looking for your bathing soap in a dream

Recieving vaseline from somebody in dream

Roommate acting lunatic

Losting your bathing soap in a dream

Abandoned house with a cat and dog

Small clusters of lumps on skin

Friendly wolf

Praying in the river

Found phone in water

Dreaming a man trying to give birth

My old tertiary school with new and old classmates

My husband eating pork meat

Dosa dream

Dreaming someone cutting your buttocks with a panga

What will happen if i saw pin and close it in dream?

Father getting legs chopped of from skateboarding

Digging clothes out of the soil

Unblocking a drainage full of muddy rain water

My husband stoned to death

Man standing over the bed

Seeing my husband stoned till he faints

Cats being eaten by insects

When a woman dreams about being fingered?

Lost sim card

Pregnant woman fetching water in early pregnancy

Kedi bocek yemesi

Dream of evil eating sugarcane

Truck gari

Truck gaddi

Dead chicken that was rotten in my toilet

Sao paulo

Arguing with my boyfriend mistress

Worm eating cabbage

Arguing with a sidechick

Watching someone fall out of the sky

Chasing fish and stopped by the snakes


What is the meaning of someone gave you ankara material in a dream?

Animal that eat the baby girl

Stabbed in back with scissors

A girl driving my husband car

Sheep beheaded

Shrimp bite u

A mad man trying to romance me in a public on my way helping him, but i was safe by a muslims brother praying beat him for me

Door not fitting

A mad man is romancing me in a public

S ing of ghee in deam

A mad man is trying to romance me in a pubu

The meaning of the symbols of giving money and reject seen in a dream

Hair fall in dream

Beaten by dead mother with rod on my back means

Bricks dream shillong teer

Someone admiring your dress

Griifin raising up an angel

Giving a king money in a dream

Dreaming about giving a king money

Tua pek kong

Dream of tua pek kong

Mashed flour

Parents rejecting your boyfriend

Meaning of grinding sorghum with grinding stone in the dream what does it mean

Father calling phone

Material lead

Being bit on the foot by a rat

I kill someone who i love who is also brainwashed

Mad young girl

Riding bicycle carrying and mother

Football jerseys

Peacock marriage and mating ritual


Fighting with lot of sangomas on your house

Snake smelling me not biting

Pink rattle snake


Laying next to feet

Fighting with boyfriend’s sister

Take off cloth take a bath

Coming out of the bush to the road in dream

Bread and fruits

My phone was burning in my dream n i poured it water to set off the fire

Plucking of garden eggs in the dream

Delivering water dream

Open gas tank

Open gas cap

Kicking out squatter

Dream black chicken

Buying ankara cloth in my dream

Black horse patrick telesco

Half in a dream

Taking chilli from others

Lucky number if dreaming curtains

Lucky number of dreaming clothes

Taking chilli from someone in dream

Dream a black duck on black eggs

Lucky number of dreaming a sheebeen

Lucky number of dreaming a drunken man

I dream fighting with someone from ther she forgave me

Lucky number of dreaming a house

What is a lucky number of dreaming a meat?

Saw chola bhatura in dream

What a lucky number is dreaming a man?

Dreaming a girl


Dreams that am having a panty only

Dream and meanings

Black metal bowl

Turmeric falling

My grandfather apply curd rice on my stomach what it means

Gun bulleet

Washing a bowl

Red kitten

Taking sand pot by someone

Wearing security uniform and carrying a gun

Wearing aspac uniform and carrying a gun


Dead husband cloth dream

Wall fall

Dead husband asking for his old clothes in dream

Man outside staring at my house

What does it mean when you see a wedding ring with flames of fire burning in it in your dream?

Dreaming of being in a same class with my boyfriend

Kidnapped by boyfriend

Door to sky

Cutting wood with cutlass in the dream

Eating yam porridge in the dream

What about my boyfriend kidnapped me while while i was fast asleep?

Wound in hand

Hole in right hand

Buying a dupatta

Father vacant

Sucking a

Juice container

Me straddling a man in my dream

Me straddling a boy in my dream

Being given a house as inheritance by my father

Nappier grass

One armed woman

Pain in right hip

Former boyfriend invisible

Cut off waist

White water fall

A mad person throwing stones on me

Nails inarm

Seeing my own unshaved legs

I caught my husband leaking someone private part

I caught my partner leaking someone private part

Dark orange with roiling blackish gray clouds

Cooking big black pots

Rolling blackish/gray clouds with the color orange behind

Dead family member biting fingers lot blood

Roiling blackish gray cloud

Dead family member biting off fingers a lot blood

Dead relative bite fingers

Dead family member biting my fingers off a lot of blood

A hanging

Deliberately front gate removal in a dream by someone

Dead person biting

Someone your feet

Someone r

A deliberately removal of a gate

Taking phone away

Demon raped man

Front gate removal in dream means

Dreaming of being kissed by mad woman

Dreaming of wearing sangoma clothes coming from the river

What does it means when dog licking me in my dreams?

If the gate is deliberately removed by someone means what

White horse and three snakes

Fingering my pussy at my mom

Finding gold in clear water

Woman licking my beard

Wearing prosoner clothes


Crowd following

Pull dream

Feet cuffed with iron chains

Losing sim card

Threshold of a dream

Dreaming a dead person is going to buy a slippers

Sister wearing a beautiful black sequence pant suit

Toilet number

What does is mean my brother sitting in bathroom?

What does it mean in a dream that my crush taking pictures of me?

Old clothes in dream

Meaning of casava in a dream

Someone s ing cooking oil

Laurel in your bed when your dreaming

Seeing a stainless plate and was able to squeeze it while praying in a dream

Opened my third eye and seeing a red triangle with a gargoyle image in the middle of the triangle

Losing earrings

A red triangle with a gargoyle in the middle of it opening my third eye

Shadow presence near my face

Dream cooking papa three pots

I dreamt about my nephew who committed suicide and he said he was okay

Being in a computer

Dream pap

Cutting of plants

Plants cut

Apha i sthombe sami sifafabukile

Picking a jewelry gold in the river

Wife offering food to eat

I saw some one been jailed and raw meat

Dream of paster driving a tractor trailer truck

Someone see a dream about your head being injured

Green snake dream

Symbols of cooking oil in tamil

Tortoise turn

Tortoise turn cat

Someone is admiring you

Sitting on wooden rickety bridge with water lapping up on it and in distance was a shiny new bridge that i wanted to get to

Travelling in d car with a dead father to a vulganiser

Travelling in d car with a dead father

Firetruck crash , explosion, blood,

Fire truck explosion, blood everywhere

Seeing a vulganizer and tyre in my dream

Throwing at window

Wife kissing another woman

Money inside ow

Cape of santo niño in dream meanimg

Visions of tall ships

Silver trophies

Vulcanising and tyre in d dream

Elephant head cut off

Fresh cream cake in a dream

Light coming out of mouth

My deceased father told me happy birthday

Bully crush on me

Bully became boyfriend

I goes the temple then there i see big stones big idol i worship with my nephew then when taking i was about to take blessings from priest by giving some money my mother stop refuse to give me money.

Seeing a basket full of ripe palm fruit means what

Seeing ripe palm fruit mean what

A small boy applying sandal wood paste on my face in the temple


Tooth in nose

Seeing black dog playing with me and then its peeing in my bed

Golden challice

Love emoji dream

Crossed out face

Open door in sky

Miter of a bishop in a ceremony

Mighter of a bishop

Awards certificate

Mighter of a bishop is mocked

Stood up at wedding

Priest or bishop

Bishop in liturgical activity

Dream of oil perfume


Rebuking a spirit in jesus name

One dot on a ant

Colleting red or pink gems

Dream of my dead mother putting lipstick on

Aunt cousins dine at home

Waiter eating my food

Friend strip dancing

Feeding blind stranger

Honeydew melon

What does it mean to see olive oil on small holes all over the floor?

Cutting skin off

Man dreaming of black birds in a tornado

My best friend commits suicide

Neighbour took down my fence

Told to be silent

Told to

Dream seeing cooked callaloo and flies

Hawking yam

Human shit

Falling wagon

Dream on seeing cooking oit fall on the floor

Friend venting

A gold rings with a back stones saw i the table in my dreams

Fox rape dog

Applying butter to face

Running water hose

My ex and my crush

Uncompleted house

Black man wearing tourquis shirt

Mother in law being mean telling me to stay away from her son

Girlfriend steals something from a restaurant


Reciting counter

Baby climbing stairs with sister


Got sea shells as gift in dreams by a spiritual master

Cleaning a dirty house of in laws

Gift of sea shells in dream by a spiritual master

Tidy up in-laws house

Tikka in english

Fighting for brooms

Five zero cent coin pieces

What does it mean to curse someone out in a dream?

Receiving iron nail

Baskerville dog

Seafood or food

Black cloth following my husband

My late mom wearing church clothes

My late mom wearing zcc clothes

My late mom wearing zxc

Pregnant while finding bunnys

Girlfriend touches of my father

Serving people ona ceremony in adream meaning

Dreaming of magic clothes

Dreaming of magic clothes that suffer cate you

Passport exchange

Stealing fuel

Washing ex boyfriend clothes in a dream

Stealing petrol

Driving over trees in road

Disassemble motor cycle meaning

Stolen light bulbs and lamps

Bathing in burial ground

Snake with a person

Missing a date with someone

Dreaming of a dark hallway with doors

Skeleton riding a horse on fire

Meaning of children playing with condoms in a dream

Biting slippers

The meaning of frying akara in the dream

Playing baseball without a baseball glove

Sweeping crumbs of counter and putting in the garbage


Dog licking my palm

Daughter gets an abortion

Dream i had a big growth on my neck

Dreams of intestines coming out

Dream meaning of frozen account

Dream about yam

Tiny people break into room and judge pet bird

Fire sat friend building skyscraper

Pool with little boy swimming big

Dreaming of pulling trash from ears

Marrying uncle who is forbidden

People who have died

My gloved hand in a snakes mouth

My hand in a snakes mouth

Transgender dance

Helicopter ride

Jumping and landing smoothly

Burning everything with an iron

Marrying uncle

Snakes biting me

The meaning of the symbols of girlfriend, gives, oral, another and guy seen in a dream.

Ex husband in the church and giving me a shoe white and sandals

Ex husband in the church and giving me a shoe

Dreamed of mother in law feeding you

Car police snow car crash

Car police snow boss

Car police snow boos

Car collsion

Ex husband in the church

Cold leaking from someones nose

Unable to reach help

Drinking turmeric milk

Need to buy sheets

The number one seven nine

Match sticks coming out of my ear

Making love with pregnant women in a dream

Trying to comit funication in dream

Cup pong girlfriend win

Something blowing dust in your eye

Covering pastor with clothes

Dreaming of wearing makoti gear

Pig nd rat

Painted arms

Bad sponge bath

Bad bath

Two woman lover dream

Large dark spots on one cheek

Dating my boyfriend when he was one three

Leader in the community

Me and girlfriend throwing branches at each other

Throwing tree branchea back and foeth over a fence with my gf

Someone loves you

Meaning when you dream of your boyfriend and his mother telling you they are sick

Bull terrier dog staring at you

Getting married to a white guy

Your fav dog breed

Dreaming pastor and you clothe him with clothes

Bubble bath flooding houses

Bubbles flooding houses

Tending to someone vomiting

Weevil corn

Fat lady sitting on me


I was given a elephant neckleace as a gift from a cousin in secret

Dream of keys

Dream of trinkets

Sitting room

Icing flowers

Dream wearing maroon skirt

What does it mean of your grandmother tells you to make icing flowers?


Brother in law cheating

Child silhouette

Was in a space craft

Mothers kitchen

Dead dog alive but saying she is not in the same body

My parent building a new house

Ice stairs

Receiving zobo drink in dreamy

Gold yarmulke

Throwing up bones

My money

Burnt god photos

Torn god photos

Make out with boyfriends friend


Dream avenue

Sleeping in cabinet

Given money by ex

Hag stone

Deceased father wearing a hat

Flock of magpies

Murned matches


Object just out of reach

Head fruits

Fruit growing in my head

Wheat bales

Eyes swollen , red and watery

Hands and seeing sparks

Sparks coming out after

Reed stick

I was told to get a stick of reed and put it in my house for protection

Throwing ducks

Bugs and deceased loved one

Madman give me money

Dreaming of having your boyfriends s on your phone

Dreaming of having a stroke

Diamond and red ruby

Gold ring broken

Lost at a party

Torn panyhose

Looking at the pictures of my crush

Killing a cock in dream

Recite counter

Great light prophetic voice

A dying and a sick dog

A head being chopped by a part of a plane.

A plan crush

A dream of a dead friend giving you popcorn

I dreamed my lover was sucking on my small toes very passionately

I saw all countries flags in my dreams

Great light

Expired items

I dreamed that my nephew had a bleeding cut on the bottom of his feet

I dreamed my lover was sucking my toes

Moufette qui rentre dans la maison

Seeing an aura on my husband in a dream

Child breaking a leg

Animals with magic

Cat attacking humans for no reasons

Special power animals

Wooden needle

Magic animals

Gravity control

Laws of physics

Being sucked into a portal

Woman giving cunnilingus

Greek god

Utshwal besizulu

Izinsipho zotshwal besizulu

Dog turtle swim

Neighbor getting murdered by three girls in surgical masks

Burning stable

Being hugged forcefully in a dream

Walking in town

Dreaming about my younger sister lost weght

Green poop

Blind white mule

Hit and car and left the scene

When you dream with saint christopher?

Cut ear

God statue got stolen from your house

Home to buy four four thousand dollars

Shifting sand sculpture

Calf slept on my lap

Apocalypse in school

I heard the named lucifer in my dream

What does it mean to be given 200naira note in the dream?

Dream meaning of sucking cows

Winged stag

Tray egg broken

Beautiful winter coats in a city busy

Man wearing two nice wool coats in city

Winged stag glass

Dead relative and sider

Seeing a dead relative and a spider in my dream

Dream carrying a huge platenof food

Dream carrying a hugs plate of food

Dream carrying a hugs platenof food

Dead sister cleaning yard

Trying to close access to the top of a enclosed reservoir

To wonder

Taking back an inheritance

Returningan inheritance from my deceased husband

Standing on enclosed reservoir

Getting sucked into a tornado

Returning inheritance

Returning heritance

White lady and her son

Closing access to entrance unsuccessful

Toilet bowl kitten cat

Cat and kitten in a toilet bowl

Seeing someone from the past

Cooked chicken dream

The jugment day

Stabbing dream

Cooked rice dream

Yellow rice dream

Dream if rice

Brother ex wife

Balled up plastic bags

If my died grandfather taking my baby and give to us

If my grandfather taking my baby and give to us

Word valkyrie

Dead person taking my baby and give to us

Priests robe

Buying clothes for my eight year boy

I dream it’s was a storm coming it started hailing

Dreaming of being initiated into courtisim

Drug in my wallet

Infestiation about locus and ladybugs

Buck stag

Old paper money

Old paper bill

Bleeding eyes nose mouth

Big red devil

Black spots under eyes

Someone crying over your dead body

What does it mean when you dream of a big red devil?



Receiving a wedding dress as gift

Seeing yourself die

Red motel

Finding a huge bag of weed

What does it means when i see my son with long hair in my dream?

Grandma killing me

Ink in my brain

A yellow lizard comes out of my jacjet

Dead grandparents

Three people

Spanish town

Some guy hugged me tight from behind

Some tan guy sucked my

Forgot sport uniform

Going on kailash parvat and saw white snake with damroo on his head

Two right foot shoes

Two left foot shoes

Alive daughter

Dark purple cake

Dark purple cae

Dreaming seeing asshole

Frozen eagles

Dream of red blonde beard

To see the right face

Sleeping husband on the bed

Hail breaking a window

Sleeping husband

Œufs de pintade en rêve

Allergy on the right face

To dream of jamaican vegetable chocho

Bird out of mouth

Cat had the tiny bird inside its mouth

Giving someone your bed

Dig holes for maize

Snake teeth

White goat sacrifice

What does chocho means?

Does lower right sides hurt affect the pregnancy

Being in world war ii

To be given a cho cho

Constructing high tower

To be given a radio

Wearing pajamas to a party

Dreaming blue drress and white dress

Spell work

Sister dash

Holding on to plane