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Walking with a small boy without slipper

Giving back something to the owner

Harvesting moriga leaves in a dream

Princess katherine middleton

Catch the fish

Large body of water divided

In nature with princess

Moon phases

Tree swing

I was singing with my crush

Bucket dream

Chicken bucket

Alcohol poisoning


Car pushing me in front faster

Healthy skin on back

Seeing a person that is dead painting

Plugging chocolate into electric outlet

What deos it mean seen my ex lover in a dream inside his car admired me?

My husband flirting with his sister

Bald man and missing teeth

Small frying pan handle broke

Ancient trees

Losing a car

Bein given maggi cube in the dream

Gold in river and drown

See a squirrel

White rangoli drawn on ground in dream

Evil behind closed door

Door blocked by sand in the dream

Dream see clothes put in the garage

With a pastor

Incorrect signature

Flying over a graveyard and crying

Ex turning into my current partner

Enemy cooking

Cartapilar in millet plantation

Boyfriend making another lady wear apant

Dead black bird floating in toilet

Questions, intuition, work, love, partner

Dream of buying food to a mad man

Husband bleeding from his

With lions

Creepy fully black man with white eyes stare at me

Head above water

Machete self defense

Attack on family with machete

Stone in water


My brothers girlfriend died

Legs and hands tied in ur dream

Eating blue band in dreams

An angel blowing the first trumpet

A dead person showing you a broken gold ring

Airplane and birds

Pulling ankles

To dream of papers scattered in front of your house?

Serving people food and funeral see in dream

Dreaming of being kidnapped meaning

Three routes

Honey bath

Me having bath with honey

Shot with arrow

Having an exsorcism

Hungry kitten

Mother donating her clothes

Clown hotel

Crying reunion

Dream meaning of going for an internship

Meat eaten with chopsticks

Tear drop on your lip

Spit on ow dreaming

Flee after having a poison needle

Dreaming about pastor giving me a file and offering me a job meaning

Ex girlfriend or wife

Delivery of cow

Clot in arm

Blood clot in brother

Hit by a frog on the right leg

I dream of my husband looking skinny and looking badly

Water god

Dreaming about a you and a friend helping others

Inside a womb

Carrying cassava

Carrying peeled clean cassava on the head

Dead husband raped me

Girlfriend cutting her hair

Grim about a homeless person going into a emptyhouse.

Person as a cat

Picking a precious stones in my dream


Dream of white wallace

The registry of motor vehicles

What does it mean if your sister gets shot?

Twin mattress

Fainting in a dream

Rubbing blood on belly

Dreaming of plant bleeding

What is fungal on the hair in your dream meaning?

Gold amor

Children in river


Dreaming cleaning agoats intestine

Lakota elder

House for sale

Dreamt of a lakota elder

Friend selling soul

Dream of bleeding plant and rubbing its blood on my belly

Spitting out broken metal pieces

Kinner giving me a gold bangels in dreams

Ghost babies

Dream white chicken being killed

Clouds with word on them

Finding husband curled up in a dream

Digging up a coffin

My body was seperating and phasing into reality before i saw a picture of a brain above the fibonacci spiral

Oha leaf dream and it meanings

Salt flats dark shadow figures

My body was seperating and phasing into reality before i saw a picture of a brain above the fibonacci spiralthat was set to a certain frequency

Meaning of broken charging system in a dream

Being a little kid

Feet leaking puss

Clams in a river

Falling from the mountain

Confession love

What does the symbols of bandy and snake mean in a dream?

Some one left snake wrapped around my thigh dream


Big books

Late mother asking for toothbrush.

Five zero dollar bill being torn

Seeing my co wife in my house

Eating red grapes and red pome green

Eating a papad

Pour liquid into container like perhaps oil

Destroyed church

Bendy and the ink machine

Bestfriends boyfriend cheating

Bestfriends boyfriends cheating with her enemy

Meeting relatives

Dreaming of new house

Death head

Cross and chain

Dream of having three gigers in my foot

Upstairs of house flipped off on the ground

Oversized wedding ring

Looking for charger

Girlfriend transgender surprise

What does mean when i saw myself eating sacrifice int_junction?

Giving dead person ice cream

Arms wide open

Boiling roses

Teacher sleeping in school dream

Feeling evil presence dream

Dream about top of the temple

Staring someone in the eyes

Saving ghost children

Burn arm

Wolf and deer laying together

Sounds of emergency alert

Country emergency alert

Mickle johrden ask me to play dunjens and dragons

Michael jordan asking you to play dungeon and dragons

To give quran to masjid

Canceled cruise trip

Sister-in-law had a miscarriage

Acid burn

Wash feets

My feets dirty and wash all clean

What does it mean when a cross appears in my dream?

Cat and dogs

Cow eyes

Praying in a dream and than discussing my death

Trying on a glove

Mailbox has been destroyed and it seems like in the dream of references has been destroyed many times but not in different dreams in the same dream

Dreaming of of st. jude

A plane flying over my house very low

Color aqua

Someone walking through a mirror

Dream that primer ministers said he will marry me

Ocean and fire

Dream of love

Washing your face with leaf

Late father wearing a black suit gave me black bag in dream meaning

Prime minister putting his hands on my head and blessed me

Copying in examination

Prime minister wore his coat on me and put his two palms on my head and and blessed

Red truck crashing in to a fence

Man dath

Dreamt seeing cake in plate

Women dead in woods

Murder and suicide

Snow covered woodlands

Rehearsal of a wedding

Dreaming of a small red pick up truck knocking down a fence

Dream of my dead mom cleaning a closet

To see people walking in sky in dream means what

Female whispering in my ear

Dried branches of guava tree

Ukuvukwa idloz likhuluma

Prime minister wore his coat on me

Eating cane in dream what does it mean

Prime minister placing his two palms on my head

White lady with dress

Fire in wall

Person having a seizure

Snake choking a panther

Snake and black panther

Prime minister putting his hands on my head

With young man

Drinking boyfriends water

Two black lines

Goat beat up a dog


Double line

War crimes


Evil spirit levitating

Eating popcorn and roasted groundnut in the dream

Eating my tongue

Dream about attending someone funeral with family and wedding at funeral on same day

Snake peacock

Handshake with seven fingers

Sinking in river water

Imaginary realms

Tomb cleaning

Going to shop

Wind blow my clothes inside raining water

Dream knocking on door falling

My been sucked

Rape pregnancy

Co worker getting food

A priest with black horse

.muscular woman

The dead

Dreamed ex boyfriend was having surgery

Dreaming of grinch

Rubbing stones to get fire

Meaning of red oil in the dream

Something being pulled from you by a person

A car destroying a large maize plantation

Dreaming of snakes during pregnancy

Boyfriend giving woman money

My boyfriend was giving another woman money

What does it mean when someone holding your wrist in a dream?

What does it mean when someone holding your wrist in a dream?

Gold colored bed spread

Gold sheet on bed

A lady sucked my in my dream

I dreamt clearing land for farming

Three leaf yam meaning

Silver skull floating

Soft spot on me

Hiding under leaves

Meteor falling

Catching flying termite in the dream

Rocks falling from sky

Lizard poop on my head

Toe puppets

Dream of taking a class with husband

Dream about a headgirl

Dream about letter f

Black and red beads

Not studying

With abscess’s popping


Bottles of liquor

Stealing of new saree

Self gradification

Blood out of nose

What does dreaming a mysterious man?

Elephant attacking a lion

Bought dead boyfriend childhood home

Having bowel movement

Bugs in flours meaning

Removing a rope from your tonque


Black shirt maroon pants

Removing a thread from your tonque

Dream of snakes being curled up everywhere and falling all over him


Cats catching snakes

Dreaming of a man with two sets of hands kissing me on my forehead

Unable to kill animal and waking up

Mushrooms on my

Could not kill animal

A man with four hands

Three brown mice biting and could not be killed

Living in a bedroom

Three brown mice biting

Dream of gifted royal chairs in exchange of my old chairs

Young five year old girl

Dog with burned pows

Being found by others

Of motorcycle

Broken camera lense

Meeting parents in law

Dream of owning a bank

Aridan dream meaning

Loved one proposes

Loved one searching for me

Loved one find me

Watering fields

Seeing brother in law crying in a dream

Acceuillir une femme a la maison

Rêve de tuer deux pintades

Missing car but recovered

Carrying of cassava and crossing a river

Lost eraser

Annular eclipse

Dreaming of deceased mother shouting at me

I went for hajj but couldn’t perform it

Someone severed toe

Dessert presentation

Collecting my slippers from a woman means what

Saved from fire

Sister who is not my sister scared me in my dream

Many layers of old wallpaper

A mortar got broken in a dream what does it mean

A mortar was broken in a dream

Red beard

Pretty woman with devil horns

Soorat alaq

Islam calabash

Dream of jeckfruit


Rob and shot in a dream

Urinating in toilet

Seeing distribution in my country

Wrestle in mud

A friend wearing a peeling shoes

Anubis walking to me and then watching me

Black maserati

What does it mean when you dream of an unknown rapper that dies?

A man walks up the stairs and i can’t close the door

Shirtless dream

Dreaming dead husband wearing wet clothes

Saw your boyfriend in army uniform, what does it mean

Chocolate bride and river

Husband apologing to me

Been flog in the dream

A teacher flogging a student in the dream

Torn window nets

Dreaming seeing ur brother stealing sugar cane


Dreaming of a boyfriend wearing an army uniform


Dreaming grandnut

Giving a dog water to drink

Dream seeing my late father giving me unripe plantains

Climbing over junk furniture


Repetitively blowing bloody worms out my nose

Roadblock with cut logs

Dreaming of ripe plantain an pregnant


Roadblock with trees

Someone giving me powder in dream

Fire engine on the moon

Seeing my kids eat birds


Mother in jail

Warts in hamds


To dream my father lucy numbers

Ritual money

Horse fly

Burning down a house

Dreaming of farting

Washing of snails

Winning an oscar

What does it mean to give someone frame in the dream?

Release sperms

Riding on horse with sword and army

What is toil?

Dreaming about nails

I saw my dead grandmother naming my son then my aunty told that why she tell the name the baby will be deaf and mute

Strange man pour sperm in my body

Dreaming about girls circumcision

Tire tube

Female hijab

Split teabag

Crush kiss forehead and lay head on shoulder while smirking

Crush kisses forehead and lays head on shoulder

Putting shoes in garbage

The meaning of the symbols of dead, bodies and backyard seen in a dream.

Dream my friend was walking around with a bag of cocaine while i was trying to find a missing child

Ayaat kreema in dream

Dreaming of my dead father going blind

What does mean in a dream?

Fallen ripe mangoes

Astronomy magazines

Freckle face

Catching mopani worms

Upside down building hanging or somewhat floating in the air

Being a prefect at school

Bull on fire

Bull on fir

Door was suddenly remove

Pink color number


Poop in a cooking pot

Poop in a pot and clean the pot

Being raped by someone and seen by my father

Shri vitthal

Husband licking the wife virgina in the dream

Riding in a cor that turns to a bicycle

The man i know very good man flogging me in a dream

What does it mean when you dreamed that your son 22years old accidentally swallowed a chicks?

Staples face

A car trapped under an ice

Right arm bleeding

Dreaming see a child on the river

Rubbing red oil in the dream

Late father was slaughtered a sick cow

Gas cylinder leak

Cleaning dead man’s bed

Mercury dreaming

Cow throwing someone

Transgender snatching gold in dream

Carring a basin of water in the dream

Female removing niqab

Getting evicted

Soorat tahreem

Soorat taqwer

Soorat taqweer

Soorat takweer

Lighting charcoal stove

Dreaming of yourself smelling bad

Death dream number

Wearing left and right slippers in dream

Dreaming of rape

Fear black room water

Killing a cat the came to attack me

Seeing a demon

Travel with someone

Walking a dolphin

Serving food to boyfriend

Toilet, manhole dying

What does it mean to ineciat to a cult?

Old widow

What does it mean to be inciated?

Bed tom corbett

Eating native talk

A dream of sewed clothes inside wet water

Snake comkng out the ground

Broken veena

A window eats in my house

Smell period blood of other person dream

Someone else’s head bleeding

Dreaming while receiving three(three) dozens of new black knickers

Broken bed leg

Dreaming my self wearing green dress and yellow heel

Dream of gamecock

Returning to the same place

Plugging plantain in my dream

Leaving for other women and than returning

Skinning a black seal

Leaving and coming back

Three five two zero two six six one one four five four seven

Go away for several months and than comes as nothing happens.

Someone killing a pedophile

Illuminate eye opening

Giving out a packet of cube to someone in dream meaning

House buying

Receiving books

What does mean when you dreaming ejaculating blood?

Dream of giving out a packet of maggie

Golden train tracks

Picking black plum under plum tree

My ex best friend

Becoming present and everyone is cat girls


Fingered by father

Daughter is hurt

Always dream of alighting from a bus

Living with your boyfriend in america

I dreamed of picking maggie cubes

Living together with your partner abroad

Living together with your partner abriad

What does it mean when you dream of living together with your boyfriend in the u.s?

Giant monster breaking into house

What does it mean to see a catholic nun getting married to preston a daem?

Dreaming chimpanzee following you

Enemy singing in dream

Shirt was on backwards

Car crash from car malfunctioning

Demon cut off fingers

Unescapable tickling

When we get gold?


Giving fist

Dream about spiders

In a room of dead relative with candles

What does dreams about dog with fleas mean?

Catching grass cutter and his babies in a dream

Hund med lopper

Lopper på en hund

Four, number

Two bulls chasing me

Pass class

Pass grade

Next class

I dreamed about going to umrah

What does it mean to dream when the thief returns the money they stole from you?

I dreamed about me flying with my cousin

Four hundred thousand

Carrying someone with motor cycle in a dream

Four zero zero,zero zero zero

Meaning of seeing a family member wearing a suit in your dream

Cutting dogs stomach

I dreamt about fixing my phone screen

Choerospondias axillaris

Sakha pola

Seeing a head of chopped bull

A friend cooking in the dream for you

Burying cow alive

Crabs on wall

Crippled peopple

Crippled persons came to shop

Mum in law

Seeing cooked matooke

Cow eating crops

Boyfriend and family meeting for marriage

Seeing president and daughter

Green chutney

I weared ayyappa mala in my dream

Swimming with a baby

Wearing sabari malai mala

Same tattoo as someone else

Meaning of the symptoms of receiving, bunch,unripe and plantain seen in the dream

Dreaming to move in a flat old

What is the spiritual meaning of dogs in dreams?

What does it mean when you dream about a dog running?

What dream symbolizes money?

Dog fire ears running

Why did i see my teacher in my dream?

What does it mean to be given money in the dream?

Counting bottles

What does it mean when your boyfriend give me rip yellow cocoa in a dream?

When my teacher give me money in my dream what does it mean?

Worm in bread in my dream

What does it mean to dream a woman in an aqua green dress and a gold watch?

Food falling on the ground

Standing at a refuse damp

Tallest man of zcc

Mom cooking dinner

Bottles in window sill

Dream meaning of a mad woman handing over her baby

Photographers taking me pictures what does it mean

State code

Gold flat lid

Sewing a hat


Buying raw rice at a cheaper price in a dream

Dream about my late brother wearing 1shoe

Seeing a sword or light from a distance

Burning my food it was black

Husband committing adultery in front of you

Fingering anything woman in front of you

Deceased, showing green crops

The deceased walking in front showing green crops to me

Dreaming pigs slaughtered

Taxi strip and parts stolen

Slaughtering pigs dream

Pigs being slaughtered near by mosque

Pigs in front of mosques

The meaning of kill two grass utters in a dream

Yes it’s my feces and i pooped on my white dress

Man sucking

Transgender dream in is alan translate in kannada

Dead man float by tree

Svuba diver who yurns into an angel

Dreaming of your boyfriend leaking your picture

Scuba diver whose head is above the wayer

White eagle on a large green tree

Somebody stole my calling card in a dream

Dream fesses

Dead relatives and friends having parties

A cat laying and hatching eggs

Lights went out

Worshipping lemon in dreams

Pieces of paper falling from the sky with bible verses on it

Torn sock

Flesh eating goat and raw meat eating

Wearing a durag

Wearing a durga


When we see some give laddoo?

Wearing gold and white clothes

Two snake in the air


Saw lord muruga

Unfinished homework

Being tickle by a ghost in a hotel hallway

Negro women crying

Throwing menstrual pad in put while people are looking at me

Yellow road lines

Drinking snake in a cup

My boyfriend carrying my handbag dream

Seeing herbs in your dream


Trapped in limitless room

Being trapped in a limitless space

What is the meaning of seeing african star apple (udara) in the dream?

Daughter in law went missing

If you are eating termites in a dream

Ing a pregnant woman

Catching a trapped hornbill

Dreaming of a donut

What does it mean when my crush is looking at my pictures in my dream?

Pig licking leg

Dream of putting sock to dead person

I dreamt i was growing another index finger

Stranger gave me money

Eating termites in a dream meaning

Red bow

Breat sucking

S ed daal

Kids they got blice

Giant grey carabao

Dreaming while in a very big function

Kissing on

Father getting job

Im calling sons name

Phone totna

Eating termites

Dream of seeing my enemy

Flashing green light

Light receive

Hear the name

Dreaming of flying using a stick/rod



Seducing women

Sister shorthair

Calling name

Pass me rm1000 to help buy 4d

Calling searching

Eating pani pori in dreams

Women bathing

The meaning of the symbols of friend, giving, cooking and pot seen in a dream.

Calling shouting

Frozen baby coming back to life

Sneezing orange seed

Digging urinal in a dream

Boyfriend was a dog

Orange seed voumiting

Walking in a dark

To dream mad talking with mad person

Orange seed out of from nose

I saw a dream where my seven months baby is with my dead grandmother. i go n bring her from her

To dream when am doing calculations

Receiving unriped palm fruits in my dream

Getting regination by school staff against my wish

Getting regulation by school staff against my wish

Thumb infection

My husband is going abroad

The cross demands to much power, i much prefer the candle

Java apple in a dreams

Cleaning counters

Today shilong dream number my sister, friends are going to shoping shop

Cleaning up food

Someone giving you dagaa

Traveling in train with my deceased wife


Sister, friends are going shopping shop

Killing a francolin bird with a catapult

Stranded at sea on a pedestal and dropping my keys

Yellow dividers

Pushing off of a chair

Forcibly taking someone clothes off their body

Medieval europe

What ifbu see foreigners and a bby with them?

Hecate dogs full moon

Hands on my shoulder

Late night walks with crush


See a man holding a baby

Counting wood rings

Dog eating heads of animal

My boyfriend washing his clothes in my home

Roza rasool

Leaked bottle

What is the spiritual meaning of a panga?

White crocodiles

Bulufim india video


Spitting out safety pins


A dead relative throws flowers at you while in a car

Temple, goddess amman and her snake nagas in water

Glass falling into water

Trying to erase a white board in your dream

When a deer hits your vehicle purposely?

Dead woman in wedding suit




Church and a cemetery together

Church and a cemetery

Salt and honey

Owl attack snake

Owl attack snake off of me

Lapsi picking

Pickig a choerospondias axillaris

Girl showing me her private parts dram meaning

Three four six nine five

About to alight from a bus

Ex giving pink carnations in a box

Ride an elephant

Rotten money

See a lot hair in my nose

Dreamt about my mother in law saw me sleeping with a man

Subhuman creature

Deer and snow

A jug of clear water

Sunny weather

A jug of water

Mother monster

Finding something

Small white mice

In a bath tub of mash potato

Living in a house built on water

Meeting mom dad


On the front pages of news paper.

Oil s ng out of a car

Christmas tree splitting apart

Deer knocked over christmas tree in house

Holding few cans of powdered milk and licking it


Garçon de café



Eight and a half by one one piece of paper with a gold seal on the bottom right

Eight and a half by one one pieces


Dead mother slapped arm


Deceased father giving stone

With my sister


Dead brother rearend

Fake things

Three hundred and zero zero zero

Dreaming of all face things

Three hundred, and zero

Three zero zero,zero zero zero

Waitress showing her butt

Fighting with brother

Meaning of digging wealth in the cave

Meaning of dream that burn documents by other

Burn documents


Dream of a woman then a snake wrapped around her and they disappear

I got kidnapped and then escaped

Blood coming from mouth and nose

Loud environment

Lightening fire with matchbox and failed

Comparing yourself to others

When ur lightening fire with matchbox and failed to lightening and l got fire from a neighbour?

Dead brahmin dream

Seeing bags in dream

Walking a different road

Watching wife getting massaged by a man



Dreaming about dead person toenail

Looking g for house

Hotel room floors

When you dream of going to church alone?

Some guy girlfriends

When you dream of siting for a difficult exam?

Romantic admirer

When you dream about searching for a lost school jumper?

Dreaming about searching for a lost jumper

Dream cutting down guava trea

Sniper trying to kill me

All gates open in heaven

Taking photos together with dead person

Seeg egg as my baby

Illuminati choosing me

Carrying two eggs

Meaning of vomitting a candy

What does dreaming of rugs mean?

Danny dream model

Dreaming about judgment day

Pressing of crush

Fense removal


What does it mean when you dream of your best friend with my sister?

Dream uncle asking forgiveness

Bird eating carrion

My lower rib was being taken out peacefully

Two plant with rout in hand

Crushed car

I saw my oldest brother in a dream and i could see his rear. what does that mean?

Late husband cheats on me

Late husband cheating on me

Burning grandfather clock

Late husband piloting a yellow plane

Downsizing house

My ex is pregnant

My ex is pregnent

Cell phone charger burning

Dressed in isidwaba

Dream of mentioning the location

Dream of traveling and mentioning the location


Bad mother dreams

Bad mother

Cloud shaped animal in dreams meaning


Bad moth

Losing customer

Punching my child

Finding a handbag floating on water

Packing faeces

Someone is skinny and wearing a tornned panty

Surgery on one self

Two bottles of water in a glass bowl

Dirty shoe laces

What is the meaning of leaking pipe under the the kitchen sink mean in a dream?

Height vertigo

Peach shirt

Cleaning president house

Cut open arm

Two bottles of water in a clear bowl

A lot of land given to me

Mother under bed

Car falling back ware offcliff

What does it mean when you dream about flying home to your family empty-handed?


Making taxi wait as i get ready

Man with open arms

Man with arms open

Saw a deceased loved one in a mirror

Broken bangle on wrists

It issue

Website address

Seeing someone handcuffed in dream

Yin and yang

My late dad was teaching me in my secondary school as my teacher

Toilet paper test

Dreaming of ordering a new couch

Chased by a celebrity

Puss mass

Giving dead money

Why would i dream that my boyfriend and daughter have an affair?

Kissing two boys l love

An object coming out of

Seeing a cashew fruit in a dream

Dream about being in a fellowship

Giving birth to something

Pranking boyfriend

Stream dream meaning

Flying aku

Heart shaped red ruby nose rings

What’s the meaning of dream cluster meaning of dream clusters?

Reproductive organs falling out

Kool aid dream

Port side


Animal falling on me in the dream

Earthquake simulator

Man wearing all black with red eyes

Female reproductive organs falling out of me

Dancing with an old lady

Victorian clothing

Girl with beard

Almost rape

Sister getting lkidnappdd

Giving money to sixers in dream

Clothes in toilet

Get money

Burning curch

Chariot riding in dream meaning


Dreaming dog rolling me

Daycare dream meanings

Dreams of dying

A child walking through water

Cavity in teeth

Strip pole

Dreaming of s ed pistachios

Slaping peoples ass

Other people time traveling

Picking ripe fruit in your dream

Many people in childhood home

Tall person getting shot

When someone is giving out wrapper and you saw a good one with a man holding it than you saw an old design you have tell the man you will get the new one once you finish looking at the old wrapper and the old one vanish and you where returning to get the new one?

Cat with two tails and they loose one

S ed black pint

Overs ed black pint

Someone putting perfume on you

When someone is giving out wrapper and you saw a good one with a man holding it than you saw arnold design you have tell the man you will get the new one once you finish looking at the old wrapper?

Closest friend calling you ugly

Brother get raped

Varnishing a cabinet in australia

My dead mother was wearing a wig in my dream

Empty grocery cart

Dead husband dies again

Dream eating raw beetroot with the skin

Center piece


Half human goat

Foxes attacking rabbits

Crushed by dumpster

Killed by dumpster

Purple passion fruit

Boyfriend talking to father

What does it mean when a guy humps u in a dream?

Falling from the grand canyon

Fire on eyes

Win digo

Protecting an animal

Dog transforming into lizard

Transforming from dog to lizrd

Biting a birds head off

Conflict with daughter

Salt bath

Dust in hair

Toxic grandmother

Lot of dust in hair

Two flamingos

Two two flamingos

Doing ruqya on someone in my dream

Disposed sunken birthday cake

Defrosting a freezer

Sunken birthday cake

Your goat running away

Running into horse and carraige

I drèamt of doing ruqya on my daughter

Falsely accused of stealing your own slippers by realitive

Gnats flying around me

Partying and mom appears

Partying and a dead relative appears

What does it mean when you are caring a gun in your dreams, you have a gun?

Dreaming of fire

Dreaming of ex spouse

Bedridden walking dying mother

Someone took your winter boots

Women swimming in water leopard swim suit

Cats wearing plastic bags over heads

Caboose nightmare

Broken strap on clothing

Broken bra strap

Catching a small fish

Dream that someone is taking picture of me

Farting in front of coworkers

Dream about kamias


Wearing purple dress

Mouse entering in the house

Tongue pulled out

Parachuting without a harness holding parachute straps in hand

Buying a new apron

Dead father not answering phone

Someone making out

Dead person closed door

Being led by deceased to closed door

Something i love getting flushed down the toilet

Number one zero

Five male children


New uprk

Tracht or medicine bandadged to throat

Hold mams

Holding oenis hanc

Conceded a goal in football


Trying to hug my pastor


Fighting a shapeshifter


Maps and lost

Carnation perfume

Church at night

Gigi berry

Pastor has children but not in real life

Broken beads necklace

Worms comming from

Pastor has children

Eagle killing kittens

A tracht in my pastors throat

Bandage around neck and throat with medicine

Having a rope around you

Flushing panties in the toilet

Tool cut off

Having an egg in the stomach

Carrying an egg in the stomach

Rope around waist

Gunman dream meaning

What does it mean when you flush your panties down the toilet in a dream?

Burned finger

Unicorn and white animals in a dream

So when i went back n sleep i dream of blood…dream i was bleeding alot b