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Dreams starting with the letter K

Kinner giving me a gold bangels in dreams

Killing a cat the came to attack me

Kids they got blice

Kissing on

Killing a francolin bird with a catapult

Kissing two boys l love

Kool aid dream

Killed by dumpster


Kill my mother

Kiss anime character

Kraal on mountain

Kurota uchinhonga madora akawanda meaning

Killing earthworm with a saltwater in my dream mean what

Killing an elephant and enemies in dream

Kidnapped by a taxi

Kicking kids out of house

Kiss goku

Killing construction crane

Killing a shapshifter three times

Killing of a lizard in the dream

Kedi bocek yemesi

Kicking out squatter

Kidnapped by boyfriend

Killing a cock in dream


Kids stranded on tree


Killing mother of termites

Kissing a whale

Kolanut falling from the tree and i pick them

Kissed him i

Killing stanger

Kuttu vilakku missing

Killing a spider in your dream

Keep dreaming of my therapist

Kiss dad

Kissing uncle

Kissing teeth

Keychain dream

Kanthimala in dreams

Kinner dying

Killing someone using a gun

Kissing in dream ur long distance lover

Killing using knives

Killing thieves by knives

Killing people with a knife

Knife blade side in hand no blood

Killing a guinea fowl in a dream meas what

Kiss, lips, dead person

Kurota uchitemerwa matohwe

Killing a koi carp because it’s i’ll

Kitten biting my pinky finger

Kid playing in mud

Kill8ng ticks

Kids with white glowing eyes

Kinnar in my dream

Killed a cat with two head

Khalid bin waleed

Keep on following

Kiss a person

Kw brown slippers

Km wearing brown slippers

Kissing son of ex boyfriend

Kiss cheek deceased brother


King crab leg

Killing old self

Kicking in stomach

Kinnar sweeping the house

Karuppasmay cut my head

Killing unknown with glass bottles

Knitting hat in frram

Killing lies on head of my daughter

Kissing ex in the backseat

King cobra in dream

Kurota mapudzi

Kittens and turtles

Kissed frank sinatra on the head

Killing a wild animal unexpected

Kuchazani ukupn

Killing three guinea fowls

Killing a human and sell the meat

Kid boy and prophesying


Kiss from a guy

Kinner coming home dream

Knee stitches

Kids left on the bus

Kumkum s ed on floor



Kinner demand money

Kinnwr asking black clothes

Know someone died

Kitchen electronics stolen

Kissing cow in dream

Kissing your long distance boyfriend

Killing thugs bloody

Kidnapped during sleep

Kiss my crush hand

King calling meaning

Kumkum and haldi seeing in dream

Kid falling in the pit

Killer and snowman dream interpretation - killer snowman

Killed someone in hotel in my dream

Kevin in my dream

Kuta ka bach cha kitna hota he

Kids kick my teddy bear


Killing pedo

Kissing a stranger i just met

Killing a lamb by cutting off her head

Kwap videos png

Kids gives me coins

Keeping old man safe

Kinnar .hijrah

Kids in class

Kuchazani ukuxoshwa emsebenzini ephushweni

Karupaswamy chopping my head

Killed two men

Killing a girl

Killing a lady with swords

Kill rebbit

Killing ants

Killing and burring under river

Korean barbecue


Keep off the street for

King proposing love to me


Killing demon

Killing demons in dream

Killings in the hospital

Kissing foot sensually dream meaning

Koki in a dream

Kahulogan nang malonggay sa panaginip

Kids hitting people for me

Kids fighting to protect me

Kuota kiloba cha unga ndani kuna pesa kwa kiswahili

Kuota kiloba cha unga ndani kuna pesa

Knee or butt

Kissing someone and his tongue is long snake tongue


Kids playing in the house

Kissing a guy from high school

Kissing a celebrity

Killing chickens with car

Kitchen slicer

Kiss and madman

Kapok tree

Kill chilenen

Kissing a mad man in a dream

Karupuswamy dream

Kurota munhu achibika

Kurota munhu achibika musoro wembudzi


Killing a police officer

Kissing a dead man

Kukimbizwa na mbwa

Keys in the toilet bowl

Killing someone and selling off their meat

Kissing each other with stepdaughter on her lips

Kitchen collapse

Kinnar complaining about sari

Killing cat

Kalalo bellam thintunattu vasthey

Kraal full of livestock

Killing samurai’s

Killing white chicken

King cobra changing skin colors

Ka’aba; mecca)

Ka’aba; mecca

Kissing a cop

Kidding a cop

Kid stones in mouth


Kashi shiva temple

Killing a pangolin in dream

Killing a flock of gnats

Kids swimming near sharks

Kur jam me motren dhe marr me magji nje marshmelliw qe kishte katee marshmallow motra ime hengri ca un akm jo por dola nga endrra

Killing two people

Killing two peo

Kissed by three different girls in a sequence

Killing enemy with a gun

Kunkum in my head in dreams meaning

Killing with a spear

Kids playing ball

Kid suffocating

Killed by vein in neck being pinched

Kids driving me

Kid falling down stairs

Kissing a teacher

Keys and readings glasses

Kneeling before an elder woman for help

Killing bear

Killing a tokoloshi

Kurota nzungu dzemakoko

King monkey

Kissing with your ex and he spits saliva in your mouth and you swallow it

Kissing in a dream and the person spits into your mouth and you swallow it

Kissing a friend my dream

Kissing someone and the person has false teeth

Khakhi overall dress and plain white isiphika

Kept a revolver

Kinnar dream number

Known person attempt suicide in dream

Killing a bird with stone

Kissed by an unknown girl

Kiised by a girl

Kill pork chops

Kiss on the forehead from my grandfather who died

Kid paying with two knife

Killing people and drinking their blood

Kissing ear

Kissing eat

Kill a cock in a dream

Khan stones i place it to the sword

Key and teleport

Killing grass cutter indream

Kiddy pool

Kid saying bye

Kissed by a gay woman

Kissing white woman

Kill a dog

Kissing a lady with three crosses and swallowed

Keep on seeing my exhusband on a walk

Kitten escaping

Kinner kiss me in dream

Kumkum and turmeric

Killing monitor lizard and snake

Kill cockroach

Killing a black goat

Kurota uchimora uchi

Kobe bryant playing basketball with me he is deceased

Kurota uchidya nzungu dzakabikwa

Kurota uchidya nyimo dzakabikwa

Kurota iuchidya nyimo dzakabikwa

Killing mother chicken by mistake

Kanthi in dream

Killing birds

Killing some 9ne

Killing a kudu in dreams

Killing children in dream

Kalas fell. down

Kiss a kiss tattoo

Killing dream

Killing a fish dream

Killing by not feeding

Kissing princess dianna


Khaba cover piece

Kurota uchibika

Kurota uchibika rice risingaibve

Killings bugs


Kicked out of my dream

Kili kili mahabang buhok means

Karuppu swamy helping me

Knife blade breaking from handle

Killing a baby mouse

Killed 9 teenage girls

Killing my cousin

Killing my cosine

Krause reeves

Kola nut that is four cotyledon in dream

Known woman

Kiss in the cheek

Keys to big house

Kissing while dancing

Kids playing in the tiolet



Karın da kan

Knife wielder chasing you

Kissing bleeding

Kissing bleeding pussy

Kissing the genitals of the girl

Kissing the genitals of the girl i love

Kissing pussy

Kurota uchidzura nzungu

Killing neck

Knok on my head

Killing earthworm with salt


Krishna kamal flowers in temple

Killing bad people

Kissing someone with a pointed younger

Kitten, abandoned, store

Klu klu clan chacing you in dream

Kittens being burried


Kissing my forehead and saying sorry

Killing rabit

Keep michael myers out of your home


Kiss on top of my head

Kurota uchikwatisa nzungu

Kids crossing the river

Kusho ukuthini ugqokiswa isdwaba?

Kuchazani umnakweni ehleli nendoda yakho

Kiss crone

Kiss an old woman

Kudzura nzungu

Kissing the hand of a dead relative and saying sorry, what does it mean?

Kraken being my friend

Killing a monitor lizard

Kissing a stranger and spiting out some saliva

Kissing girlfriends sister

Killing rat

Kill monitor lizard in dream

Kill big red ants

Kissing a female hand in dream

Kanasalli brahmins bhandari kannada

Killing a rapist in a drea

Koolaide spilled on clothes red

Kittens in a hot oven nightmare

Killing a person dream interpretation

Killing grasscutter on top of a three in dream

Killing two worthog with my dog in the dream

Kissing your dr

Kingdom keepers


Killing robin in dream

Karupanaswamy dancing in dream


Kids and house collapsing

Killing animals

Kids on me

Kicking a crocodile

Kittens in trees and one has 3 tails

Kito in the dream

Kite in the dream

Kangaroo in washroom

Key open puzzle box

Kumkum and haldi

Key of bathroom

Kid saw snake in dream

Kiss baby

Kick stone with left foot


Killed my attacker

Kiss dead friend


Killing cooking stalker feeding cats

Killing a goat

Kid forgotten on the bus

Kerosene coming up through floor

Killing a turtle dove

Killing a bird on a nest

Kissing sister in law

Krishna idol falling in dream

Kill ex boyfriend

Kill people

Knife in shoes real

Kids playin in water

Killer whales

Kissing a womans body

Killing beggar

Kuchazani ukubona unelaphi wendabuko ephusheni

Kiss sea shore

Killing an egret bird


Kidney stone

Killing a princess

Killing my fish because it was attacked by a seal

Key in your tongue

Khake shifa

Kill a dead uncle in dream means

Kalasam blouse pieces puja

Kissing a faceless person

Knife okapi

Kaatar kankhajura

Kids giving me money

Kid counting sheep in dreams

Kissed a friend i haven’t seen in years

Keir starmer

Keith starmer

Kamias tree fruit

Kissing our loved ones dream

Kissing our loved ones in dream

Keeping secrets secure

Kicking something in your dream but actually kicking

Kicking but actually kick while dreaming

Keys falling in pit latrine and covered by wood waste products

Kissing older man mouth with berries

Kanye west was in my dream talking about my music and then he kissed me

Kissing a kinnar

Kids roofing my house

Killing a bird using a catapalt

Killing an elephant by sword in dream


Kissing on cliff during a luner eclipse

Keep dreaming about ex boyfriend while currently in a relationship

Kneeling before a pastor in dream

Kicked out of friend group

Killing my friend whos sleeping with my ex girlfreind

Kinnar fight

Kitchen items stolen

Kiss child not yours

Kids going through trash

Kicked by the boss

Kicked in a dream of others


Killing grass cutter in a dream with cutlass mean

Killing golden snake

Keep repeating the word charlie

Killing earthworms with salt in a dream

Killed guinea fowl that attacked me in a dream

Killing guinea fowl attacker

Kapenta fish

Kissed by a whale

Kumari dream

Kalasam kumbabisegam dream

Khakhi uniform in a dream

Kneeling down before a pastor in dream

Kidnapping dream

Keke na pep

Kurota chibage nenzungu

Kamashi devi calling to come inside

Kissing brother’s girlfriend

Killing an agama lizard in a dream

Keep money in locker dream

Killing a buffalo

Kaana floating


Kill a dabman

Killing a snake using a sword

Kubikani ubuhlalu obumhlophe nobu blue

Krishna kamal flower in dreams

Killing my clone

Karen yelling

Killing lizard in dream

Killing dream number

Kidnapped and tied up with rope

Kind snapped and tied up in rope

Kidnapped and tied up and thrown in water

Killing a springbok

Keys handed to me in a dream

Kicked out of restaurant

Kissing a white boy in the dream

Kissing a centaur

Krishna chavi in the sky

Kutty ka peechy lagna


Killed many people in a cave

Kuda putih

Kalash falls down in dream

Kalash falls down frm dream

Killing a baby elephant in a dream

Killing toddler

Komet im islam


Killing a 10 people whose a cult

Kettle fish

Killing you

Kinner knocking door in dream


Kissing passionately with a guy who is not talking to me

Kill lonte habib rizieq

Kill lonte jokowi

Killing black kite


Kool aid face on moon

Kitchen wall crack in dream

Kicking a glass in a dream

Karupar samy coming

Kiss on neck

Kissing and embracing a dead father in a dream

Khaki with white

Killing a parson

King gave me pen

Killing people in dream

Killing a bird by throwing stone at it

Kinnar torturing me

Kalash falling down

Kurota uchipiwa nzungu

Killing a furry


Khaab mein kangaroo dekhna

Killings with knife

Knee cup detached moving under skin

Knocking someone in the head

Killing soemone

Kitten eating mice

Killing me with a pillow

King author

Knotted belt

Kirikiri star

King married his slave girl

Kuchazani umhlwehlwe omhlpphe

Keyholder in the tummy

Kitten heads

Keeping beautiful rangoli with full happiness

Kids praying for me

Kaşların gürleşmesi uzaması

Koran on the floor

Killing red cardinal bird

Killing a cardinal bird

Killing a mad man

Kalasha falling in dreams

Khud ko haldi lagate hue dekhna

Killing baby colorful bird

Kicking by horse

Kneeth lenght multicoloured satin shirt dresses

Kissing and vomiting after kissing

King asking me to give him some paperbage and every one sings praise


Kissing my sister in law

Known person leaving

Kundalini goddess persephone breakdown breakthrough dream

Killing a blank bird and took down the egg laid

Kutora uchisakura mumunda

Kasi biswanath mandir in dream meaning

Kids telling the truth

Kurota tsime rakazara mvura yakasviba

Karrupusamy in my dream

Killing person with axle

Komodo dragon facts

Kinner giving blessings and hug

Killing a fish in your dreams in ocean

Kissing cat

Kessler dream meaning

Kissing the neighbor

Killing my brother

Kissing someone with split tongue

Kill a man cut on neck

Killing someone with a automatic gun

Kissing skulls

Kissing skull

Killing ex boss

Keke stolen or lost in the dream

Kid krishna standing with cows

Kneeling on flag pole

Kusho ukuthini ubuhlalu obomhlophe

Kissing exes new partner

Know i’m pregnant

Kick door open

Key on the wall like safe

Khowab mein kangro dakhana

Killing earthworms with salt in dream meaning

Killing a man number

Killing a father of a girl

Killing 3men by me

Kissing the top of my head

Kurota mumango

Killing mice

Kusakura mihomba yembambaira

Kurota muchsakura mihomba yembambaira

Kurota mihomba yembambaira uchsakura

Kurota mihomba yembambaira

Kinner is doing humiliation


Killing white cock dream

Kissing badly

Killing a wild elephant

Kissing in a pool

Kissing of ass of a girl in dream what is meaning

Kurota uchibika sadza mbodza

Kurota uchibika sadza mbovha

Kiling man dream

Killing a lizard snake and being comforted by my boyfriend afterwards

Killing a defenseless kudu


Kicking dog down

Killing elephant

Kissing a sangoma

Kidnapping my pets

Killing chipmunk

Kurota ma twins

Kurota vasununguka ma twins

Kerosine stove

Killing a stalker


Kneeling down before pastor

Key in keyhole

Key keyhole

Killing fish in a dream

Killing the mongoose

Kissing and laughing

Killing a white cat to protect a swan

Kids old clothes on someone else

Kicking out a turtle

Kissing ex

Killed girls

Killing my ex husband

Keyboard not typing

Killing an elephant in your dream

Kissing a cold tongue

Kist carried into a house

Kapenta and nshima

Kissing on the lips

Kiss on the lips


Killing trmites

Killing mother in law

Kitchen bench top dreams

Killing a wall gecko in your dreams

Kumkumam plant nadunnathu

Kids sucking cock

Kissing someone but they vomit in your mouth


Kissing an ex

Kids in 3

Kumuma pasupu

Kumkuma and pasupu on my head by someone

Krishna and radharani in palna

Kissing son

Kid is not well took him to someone who took baby and gave in return a basket full of ash and has iron and some hair on it when dug the ash a small body with head off and five different heads of different monsters

Killing a yellow spider

Krishna alive smiling at me

Kissing your girlfriends best friend

Kissing ex best friend

Kinner in dream

Kissing a korean idol

Kovil kumbaabishegam

Killing nuns

Kamala harris su ked my neck

Killing the mistress

Kicking dog seen in dream

Killing black goat

Kissin white woman or making love



Killing a fowl

Kissing your pant then marrying you when your pregnant

Kissing a foreign girl

Kissing a foreigner who is a lady

Kinner stealing money

Kissing a white lady

Kissed a girl i know

Kicking a door close in someone face

Kindergarten teacher

Keep havin ghost dreams of my haunted house and my dead grandma

Keep havin ghost dreams of my haunted house and my dead randma

Kissing your cousin

Koka nut

King and queen give me a fish


Kissing the king

Kissing the ring of the pope

Killing dove


Keelback and earthworms in dream


Kissing sensually

Kneeling to greet old woman in a dream

Kissing your own sister on a cheeks mean

Kissing a hand of a king

Killing jason

Killing yourself on motorbike

Killing a mouse with knife

Killing a murderer in a dream

Killed a short snake

Killed a short snake that swallowed a chick

King cobra

Kurota uchisakura chibage

Kissing mother

Killing a witch in a dream

Kittens sucking on me

Kissing a killer whale

Killing a buffalo in dream


Keep out

Kip pay

Knight in shining armour on white horse coming towards me

Killing people during bank heist

Kinnar asking for money in dream

Killing earthworms with salt in the dream

King and queen meaning

Kissing your brother

Kalyanam god

Kuchazani ingane yakho ilahlekile

Kid dreaming of another women

Killing your crush on a dream

Kidnapping in dream

Killing goose

Kkk dream


Kissing uniform

Kind lutscht penis

Killing a mad woman in a dream

Killing trantulas

Killing a poisonous spider

Koala bear

Kill a silverfish

Kissing someone with a weird tongue

Killer clown kill my sister in my dream

Killed 3 times in a dream

Killing an intruder with a pick axe

Killing an intruder

Killing a cat

Killing a bird in dream

Killing snake inside my stomache

Kissing a black man

Knock on my head

Killing a spider

Kill a man

Kissing a college friend

Knees give out and fall

Kings sitting on chair



Kissing girl above water

Kissing my deceased dad on the cheek

Kumari goddess third eye

Koy fish

Kissing a handsome young man

Kissing someone above the water

Killing a dove

Kiss for the bride

Killing 2 babies and let to live

Kiss my forehead by a dead person means

Killing sparrows using catapult

Knot bathroom and jinn

Kurota uchisakura mumunda



Killing a cock

Killing peoples

Kissing my boyfriend who’s tongue was forked and limp

Kissing my love interest and his tongue was forked and limp and enormous taste buds

Killer tryna kill me and my friend in a theater

Known deceased peopple are participants in your dream

Kung fu panda tai lung

Kung fu panda





Killing myself

Kinnar asking money in dream

Keeping money in my friend wallet

Kissing a person that changes to demon

Killing an alien

Killing god

Kwla fetna

Kali in dreams

Killing someone to save someone else

Killing a group of snake

Kusakura munda une nzungu shoma dzegreen

Killing two people with gun

Kitchen flood

Killing others

Kissing the side of your neck

Killing of very tall fat man meaning

Kinnar dancing

Kid head on backwards

Killing a guinea fowl in my dream

Kids cemetery

Kissing death grandmother

Kiss on forehead from a loved one that passed away


Kissing someone passionately

Kissing loose lips and eating styrofoam head

Kissing loose lips and eating styrofoam

Key of f

Killing fish in a stream in the dream meaning

Kobe brynt

Kaduputho unna amme kallo ki vasthe am avuthundhi

Kaduputho unna amme kallo ki vachindhi mango undham ani ante vadhu ani annadhi anduku ala annadhi

Kissing my deceased dad cheek

Killing a springboks

Killing a warthog

Kissing the foot of the saint

Kids surrounding the car

Karma 8888

Killing pedophiles

Kneeling cattle

Kissing widower feet

Kitten stealing

Kissed by the moon

Kiss from a lion

Keys fell into a pit toilet

Killed a snake and another popped up in its place

Knocked on the head in dream means what

Kumkum felling down in dream

Kissed on head

Killed cow with the car

Killing a brown snake

Kill a mad man

Kissing a parrot

Key won’t work

Kissing a green parrot

Kissing green parrot


Killing witches

Kill lioness

Kids resssuraction

Knees bent

Keeping perinwinkle

Kissing my boss

Kneading dough with curd means in a dream

Kurota nzungu

Killing a bat

Killing a pig

Killing a black and white cat with my bear hands

Killing a wolf

Kill snake

Killer machines

Killing a bad man in a dream

Kinner entering in house indream

Killed bywomantoman

King cobra vs leopard

King crying

Kissing in the car

Killing my ex

Key of solomon

Kicking a pigeon

Kurota madora ari mumuti

Kolling peoplrto dream of a soilder


Killed by a knife

Kumkum falling down

Killing cows

Keanu reeves giving you something in my dream

Kittens and frogs

Keys and a chair

Kraal meaning interpretation

Knocking in dream


Killing a dead brother who is already dead in a dream

Kissed by fictional character

Kukhanya ugesi

Kudutshulwa ubaleka kodwa kungaduthulwa wena

Knife bent tip


Killing with spear

Kissing lucifer

Kissing sister

Karupu samy

Killing an old black dove

Killing a snake in dream

Killing crabs in ocean

Kissing dead brother

Killing someone by pressing is neck is what

Kid having food

Killing a serial killer

Kist in a dream

Kissing a drunk crush

Knowing the date

Kidnap by someone

Killing of grass cutter what does it mean

Killing leech

Kissing your teacher

Kidnap by stranger

Killing someone who is dead already

Killing witch

Kissing a snake in a vision

Kill of pig

Killing of pig

Kill in pig

Kraken eating people in my dream

Kissing someone feet

Kill someone by mistake

Kurota uchipiwa madora

Kailash parvat

Kailash parwat

Killing an injured squirrel

Killed a robber

Killing a lizard

Killers on farm

Kissing ex girlfriend

King giving me lots of money

Kinner giving blessings in dream

Killing mistres

Knitting mana pants


Kissing my crush’s sister

Killing alien dreams

Knocking at a door

Kalalo yoni ni chushte




Kissing my stepdaughter in a dream

Kitten in crocodile mouth

Kissed a friend and we both liked it and i tried to hide that anything was going on between us from my family

Killing a prey bird means what in the dream

Kobe bryant inside the car

Kobe bryant inside the cat

Known people

Kissing a celebrity sister

Kids with coins

Kids and their grandma

Khanapara teer birinjal dream nambar


Kumkuma falling down dream

Kinnar preparing food in dreams

Kissing someone i know

Killing of big fish out of water

Kumkum haldi and temple early in the morning dreams

Kneeling bishops

Kissing person who died

Kids clothes in a drawer

Keeping bundles of money

Kissed on top of head

Killing a deer presenting on altar

Killing flamingo

Killing a golfer

Kurota uchisakura zvirimwa zvisati zvamere

Killing mouse

Kabba was away from me only with 2 peice of land in which ine had mosque andcover of kabba was removed by over cover but the design was change

Kissing vomiting

Kamasinalli halasina banni bandre yenu artha in kannada

Killing pests

Killing lots of centepides

Kidney heart liver

Kids dancing in a circle

Kids dancing in a girl

Khuwab ki tabeer

Knitted cap

Killer ants

Kopp idol

Kiss on forehead

Killing someone who wanted to rape you in a dream

Kissing my older brother in a dream

Killing a running lizard in your dream

Komodo dragon coming out of the house

Kumkum apperance

Knights templar

Keisha statue


Killing a deer

Kiss by an owl

Kurota uchibura uchi

Killing of wall gecko mean in a dream

Kissing a little bush

Killing fish in the river what does it mean

Kind spirit

Kind entities

Killed and woken up

Kriahna gold idol

Kissing a gypsy woman

Kissing with former girl friend

Kissing with former love

Killer plants

Kind wife in a dream

Kaye tattoo

Killed kittens

Killed a lion with my hands as it tried to attact me

Kissing wolf


Kissing a dead sister

Kissing moment

Kicked out of church

Key put in the vagina

Kissing a preacher

Kopis sword


Kunkuma means in dream

Killing an earthworm with salt in a dream

Killer in house attacks my dad

Killing of frog and snake together my me

Knocking at the door

Kill stabbing self defence

Kissing and getting intimate with a demon

Kneeling in front a grave site

Known niece persuasive in a dream means

Known daughter persuading you in a dream mean

Kalasam kumbabishegam dream

Killing police

Kalasam and god photo misplaced

Kissed someone and their tongue got stuck between my teeth

Kid priest and devil

Kids staring at you while bouncing bouncy balls on rhythm

Kids start


Keys inside shoes

Killing someone as defense

Kneeling before a pastor


Killing birth

Killing president lottery numbers

Killing president

Killing my little brother

Killing a bush animal

Kidnap dreams

Killing a mad woman

Kissed by a lion in a dream

Kritika mayur

Kid falling in sink hole

Kitchen cleaning mother

Kutshoni uliphupha amacimbi

Killing snakes with barefoot

Killing of springbok

Killing snakes with iron rod

Killing snake iron and rod

Killing the snakes with iron and rod

Kiss in pool

King in the card with a sword over it

Karaga festival in dream

Kissing my ex gf sister

Kissing my landlord

Knock door

Killing earthworm with salt in dream

Kniting wool stuck in my teeth

Khaki pants with black belt mean in dream

Killing a feral opossum