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Dreams starting with the letter V

Visions of tall ships

Vulcanising and tyre in d dream

Visiting wales

Very bloody annoyance

V cow head alive but cut off from body

Vulcanizing in dream

Virginal mucus dream

Vivid conversation with boyfriend

Valampuri sangu dream

Vertical straight line

Vitiligo right hand

Voltage fluctuation

Vultures dream number

Ventilator paient recovered means

Visiting friends

Vision of my son who passed away talking to someone

Visions of huge industrial shelves

Visiting dead grandmother home

Visiting temple with partner

Virginity young girl

Victorian age, older wealthy man


Voice coach teacher

Vomiting pearls

Vaginsl exam

Vomiting broken steel nails

Vomiting black smoke

Virgin mary necklace recieved

Vishnu lord giving chakram to me

Visions of breaking down the word goliath

Vine tree

Vessels full with water and flower


Vitruvian man symbol

Village marketplace

Viking ship in the cloud

Viking ship in the cloud with lata mother

Voice from behind stonewall

Victim of a crime

Vampire gifts bucket of sand

[email protected]

Vibithi falling down from the sky in the form of lord ganesha

Vibuthi falling down from the sky in the form of lord ganesha

Vehicle passanger crossing river

Vault door to symbolize unlocking career opportunities

Voir des âmes monter au ciel

Virginity and blood flow


Viles of blood

Visiting kashi temple


Visiting g


Vials of blood in lab

Vomited onion in my dream

Vomited a piece of onion in dream

Violence, running, being attacked

Virgin mary birthday celebration in a dream

Vomit a steel hand brush

Vomit a step hand brush

Visiting foster children

Vomiting baby birds

Voo doo doll head buried in my yard with ants coming out

Vicious fish bite toes

Vehicle losing power

Vehicle failing to go up hill

Vomiting intestine in a dream

Vacuum cleaner in utility room

Vaal sprout

Vehicle registration

Vietnamese people

Vertical street

Variety animal bones

Violent riot

Vultures attacking me

Visiting a friend and serves you roasted ground nuts

Vampire bat bite

Virgin of high grace

Virgin mary in blue clothing

Vegetable garden meaning

Very likable

Very likeable

Vomiting cowrey

View through trees on top of mountain

Van with no door going over waterfall

Virgin mary in all black

Vergin marie said to me only me can see her

Vishnu broken arm

Video of interpretation of seeing melon seed in the dream

Vinvitation from dead ones

Vulture bird

Vomiting up a placenta

Valley with clear deep water



Vomit squid dream

Vomit squid drem

Vomit ringworm dream meaning

Very naughty things happening than me and my friend are going to sleep very late and we’re at my house but it apears to be someone else’s house

Vintage cars

Vomiting choking

Vitthal dreams

Vomit dream kissing


Vomiting girl

Victorian man riding horse

Vomit kissing

Violeted, abused or mistreated in my dream lucky numbers

Volleyball match

Voice through a water pipe

Very shiny white eighteen wheeler with a very bright light shining

Very white and shiny eight teen wheeler

Visit work when have not been there for years

Vehicle carter ar

Vw bug dream meanings

Visiting ancestors

Vegetable and cow meat soup

Vur tree

Vomited dream teer number

Vishwakarma acharya in dreams

Voices in head overwhelming numbers

Visualization of a book am obliged to write

Vision of tree with gold leaf

Vision of tree with golf leaf

Video game ing

Varahi amman in dream

Vehicle window

Vehicle moon roof

Vegetable worm

Vomitting blood and sperm

Video voyeurism


Vibrant earring piercing on arm

Visit the same home in twice in dreams

Visit the same hime

Visit a home regular for two day in drwam


Visiting former house


Vaccum salesman

Vibrations trying tocwake me

Visiting grave of prophet muhammad saw

Virginia suck by a man

Vomiting fat in dream


Viper bite

Visiting someone room while absent

Voice can’t be heard

Vines growing to face

Visiting place of worship in a new country

Vomit wet sand

Vel in dreams

Vitex payo

Very tall hotel counter

Vascular blockages

Vomit found on the bed sheet

Van stripped and vandalized

Video calling with 4 people

Valampuri under ground

Violently wrapped in blanket

Vagina with worms

Visiting, temple and ex seen in a dream.

Vantage old clothes

Voice talking in my ear

Vegetarian eating chicken curry in dream

Verbal abuse dream meaning: from 1 different sources.

Verbal abuse dream meaning: from 1 different sources

Vacuuming water



Vomiting a thick substance dream

Vegetable and tomatoes

Vortex after death

Vomiting of hair in the dream

Visiting former friend family

Vomit one cowries in my dream

Vendor refused to sell me sweet potatoes

Very clean compound

Viewing a house

Vandalizing things

Video talk with my ex

Voodoo and letter u

Visit dead parents for holiday


Vomiting in virgina

Vigana bleeding in dream

Vomiting rainbows

Valley flooding mean


Violent family ceremony


Visiting kedarnath with my girlfriend

Vagina smells bad

Van floating in the sea

Valueable from trash

Voice saying bomb

Viper skull

Virginia hair

V shape


Vaping a vape

Vanilla flavoring

Virginia in dreams


Vaginal blood

Visa interview

Vomiting blade in dream

Vomiting seafoods

Vomit copper

Vibooshi and kumkum

Visa grant in dream

Vagina and tumor

Vice president dream meaning

Visit temple but didn’t see in god ganesh in it tamil astrology

Vomiting sea glass stones jewels

Vines growing upward over house

Venus pink smoke

Vomiting black bird

Voice call hello

Village submerged in water

Vulture eating flesh

Vulture eating fleah

Vergina exposed

Vomit bee


Volunteer in mandir

Violet colour flowers near a river

Vomit keys

Vomit keys girl

Viking ship

Voodoo pin

Vanilla bearing flower

Vagina shaped as triangle

Virtiligo in a dream

Visiting krishna temple with my crush

Vomiting raw squid

Visited by a blue tit

Vomit snake in your dream

Voodoo doll with needle

Vanilla flower begins to grow

Vanilla flower shoot growing out

Vanilla begins to bear

Vomit in bowl


Visiting temple with ex in a dream

Velasco stephanie

Vulture dream number

Very tall man shook my left hand

Vomit of a cat

Visited varanasi temple in my dream

Virgin mary and flowers

Viirgin mary with flowers

Vomit sand

Visit to hairdresser

Visit to aloof hairdresser

Voice telling me to say it the lesson is learned

Vomitting fish dreams biblical meaning

Video coverage

Vicar in creased clothes

Violence at wedding

Visitor refusing to leave my house after welcome

Vagunal wound dream meaning

Visiting a former area and noticing developmental changes

Varahi amma

Violent storms

Vice president

Vertical road that is easy to fall from

Vitiligo on face

Very long red snake

Voice saying hello

Vice saying hello

Vomiting demon

Vomiting black beads in the dream

Vitiligo on the face and hands

Visiting the cemetery with my two kids

Vermilion on head

Village fete

Vomiting water baloon with tiny fish inside

Vehicle stop working

Vehicle brake down

Vehicle brakes down

Virgin mary hold christ in her right hand side


Vishnu purana

Visiting soldier camp and meeting a stranger in the camp in dreams meaning

Visiting soldier camp in dreams meaning

Vomiting pearls in dream

Violent ghost slamming door and opening door

Video scandal

Virigin girl missing a jumma nimaz in dream

Virigin girl missing a jumma nimaz un dream

Virigin girl

Vampire teeth broke out in my dream

Viewing unknown number whatsapp statuses

Vagina discharge seen in dream


Voodoo head

Vase of water

Vomit in bag

Voir un mort qu’on connaît pas

Very busy tall tree

V ix

Vibhuti in dream

Vomiting precious and expensive stones and pears

Viscous animals

Violet and tan

Visa approved

Virgin sacrifice

Vacation with deceased dad

Visiting temple with your partner

Venomous baby snakes in a bottl

Vada pav

Violating space

Valley with unknown people

Velvet tamarin in dreams meaning boy or girl

Vampire biting my hands

Vines strangling

Vibhuthi received in a shrine in my dream

Velvet blue sky

Virgin mary and 2 black pearls

Vivid foreplay

Vampire muffing my vagina

Vampire sucking my vagina

Voice change in a dream

Vomited a rotten eggs in my dream

Vintage jf 40 jeep

Vintage jeep


Vacuum flask



Velvet coat navy blue

Vatican city

Vase with fowers

Visit girl house

Vomiting internal organs in the dream

Voice of deceased grandma

Vomiting leaves

Very dirty streets

Velvet vision

Vinyl disc

Vulture with horns


Vagina with no hair

Voice recorder

Vomit bird feathers

Viewing a blue sea in dream

Visited by the moon

Visiting tenple with boyfriend

Various types of potato salads prepared by my friends at my house

Various types of potato salad and samosas prepared by friends and


Visit from the queens

Venom from marvel



Visiting old home

Verbal abuse

Virginia part

Vagina prolapse outside the body

Vibrating sound and that someone behind me clearing their throat

Visited by royal family in a dream

Vomiting hard on a dream

Vomiting water

Vacuuming the floor

Virgin mart

Vegetation hair

Vampire attack

Virgin mary smiling and close seen in a dream

Vitiligo in leg

Vomiting out a bush

Vomiting out a plant

Vomiting fish hooks

Vigina sucking

Violent fight with spouse

Viloet colored flower

Vinnie the pooh

Vomiting rope

Virgin mary birthday


Vomit lung in dream

Visiting a witchdoctor

Vermillion water

Visiting a friend in the united kingdom

Vegetable peeler

Vomiting nuts

Visit to dead friend

Venimus yellow and black snake landing on me but not biting me

Valampuri sangu dreams meaning in tamil


Vomiting mash potatoes

Vibuthi to my wife

Visited by head of state

Vibration in head

Very foul odor

Visiting kashi vishwanath temple seen in a dream

Vision of person with yellow eyes

Very tall american indian

Virancia manchu

Vandalism of walls

Virgin mary and baby jesus medal

Violent outbursts

Vomiting blades with someone next to me

Versions of me merging

Vitiligo on face neck


Vagina thumb

Vomiting snake

Vehicle getting buried in sand

Vagina fisting

Vietnamese person in dream

Van jenazah

View of dream sideways


Vandalized home

Vampire pinched my toe

Vision goes black

Víѕítíng α clíníc

Vagina changes to a penis


Visit peer baba darga and see sleeping snake outside the darga

Visiting dargha and see snake also

Violet door

Visiting temple with ex in dream

Vision of two faces

Vomit grass

Vomiting poison

Video equipment

Van getting shot

Vacuum cleaners

Visiting chinatown

Vomiting hair in the dream

Vision of a blanket that belong to someone who is deceased


Violent act

Vacant green gas station

Vomiting blade

Visitor in my bedroom

Vegetable and seeds

Vulture toys seeing in dream

Vanity means

Volcano warning and the ground bumping up with heat

Vacation with dad

Vomiting combs

Vaginal fingering

Vampire fighting werewolf

Vanilla bean sprouting



Vases made of soil


Video call with ex


Vitiligo skin self

Visiting gods house

Vomiting faeces in the dreams

Vomiting faeces

Venom symbiote

Voodo home

Visited a spirit medium


Voice says look

Voice warning me to get up high

Victorian ball

Violence toward child

Violence towards child

Vomiting eeg in dream

Vegetables leaf

Viscous dog attacking anouther dog

Vaishnav tilak

Vomiting folks

Visitor into my new home

Voodoo store

Vomiting prayer beads

Virgin mary portrait

Violet engagement ring


Voices greeting


Vomiting after dreaming of kissing someone who is not your lover

Vomiting after kissing in a dream


Visited by someone who has passed awsy

Visited by someone who has passed away

Vip means spiritually

Victorian lady brass bell

Visa reject

Vegetables selling


Vomiting in mouth after a kiss

Violent beating with baseball bat

Violent fight with baseball bats

Violent mob baseball bats hiding

Vivid dream where mob with baseball bats were hitting eachother

Vibrations in the body



Vaginal bleeding beyond menopause

Vomit while kissing

Visiting a temple with boyfriend

Vacant space

Voldemort killing you

Visit from someone who has died and i was naked


Vanishing bad spirit

Village dream



Vomiting dead person

Vomiting red white beads

Vomiting seashells

Vagyu meat not eaten

Viking attack

Voice calling out

Vomiting change

Vomiting coins


Vegetable crystal ball

Visiting and seeing grandmothers grave and headstone

Voice over

Vomiting and black feather

Vomiting black feather

Void door

Voice saying kauthar kauthar kauthar

Very well dressed handsome in a new university class

Visarjan of devi durga

Vibrational energy in dream also when i wake up on left side

Veneers soften

Varahi amman in dreams

Varaahiamman in dreams

Vines and flowers together


Vomiting red and white beads

Vomiting a whole egg

Vomiting sour milk

Victoria amazonica

Virgen guadalupe

Very runny nose

Vomit cowrey in the dream

Vomit meat goose flying beamed up

Voice in a dream saying i should pray

Voice in a dream saying pray

Vomiting bllod

Vomit after kissing a girl

Volcano eruption hugetotnado

Virgin mary protecting me

Visiting gurudwara and having halwa as prasad

Vice presidency

Vehicle parts


Vomiting my organs in dream

Vomiting black beads

Voice of dead loved one

Voice message from enemy

Vision of a golden star falling from the sky

Via lactea

Venting dreams and apocalypse

Visiting krishna temple


Vine leave

Visiting home without permission

Voodo doll


Vitiligo on legs in dreams

Vibrating wall

Vomiting sand

Vegetables flushing in toilet

Vomit of stone

Veil wedding

Visiting just to see inside friend new house

Visiting just t see inside friend new house

Visiting temple with my ex boyfriend

Visiting temple with my ex

Village life

Violin bow



Vagina sucking in dream

Victorian little boy

Visit girlfriends house

Visit ex lover house and a guy is there

Vomiting and water and poop

Vision of a flashing fish

Vision of golden cup

Vomiting rice

Vomitting oat

Vomiting white feathers

Vicious hyena tears country apart

Vagina with a vine of mushrooms coming up

Vomitare uova una nonna a sua figlia

Voluptuous woman


Vomiting pin

Vomiting pins

Visa stamp in mu passport

Visa stamp in my passport

Vaishnava devotee asking for a plant

Vagina squirting

Vision of money in a safe deposit box

Vertical drop in road in dream

Visiting neptune with my partner via an elevator and we go to our house there

Virginity loss

Vuthela idlozi

Voice calling

Vintage dressed

Vermilion dream




Vomiting out a finger


Vimiting ku7



Vomit raw egg

View of a pool

Vomit onoins

Vice president pence appeared in dream

Vulture attack my cats

Vomiting eels


Vomiting dead animals

Visiting a grave and talking to it

Vegetable eating by cattle in dream

Vehicle trying to smash through house to get me


Vomiting toilet paper

Vomiting coins in a dream

Vast strech of land

Visiting jainntemple

Vomiting up pearls


Vacation plans

Vomiting fat


Vivid flower painted house

Vomiting poo


Verbally attacking me


Viper bites loved one

Vandalized flower garden

Virgin mary attacked me

Visiting temple with boyfriend in dream


Vomiting black liquid tar

Vacation at golconda fort

Vision of living person in a coffin

Vitange store name

Vegetable worms

Visiting an attic smells of death

Visiting temple with your boyfriend

Very many people roasting meat and i see in that dream my relatives who some are not good to me

Vagina touch

Vomiting raw eggs

Vomiting nshima

Vacation crush

Veal roast


Vulva and nipples

Visiting a cave temple

Vintage pay phone release coins

Visiting my dead mum on her birthday but she is alive in the dream covered in presents

Viewing old bedroom

Vehicle in a cave

Vomiting pens

Viper coiled up

Voodoo soul switching

Voodoo soul switch

Vacuum won’t work

Vivid dream

Vibuthi turns to kukum while apply on my forehead in my dream

Vigina snake bite in my dream

Virgin pregnancy by male best friend

Vegetables planted in a row and one rotting

Van tighem

Vines wrapping around me

Vines dealing me


Visiting a traditional healer in a dream

Vomiting a needle

Voice paralysis

Visiting dargah

Voice saying 4 30

Vacation cut short

Vehicles falling through roof

Vertical bridge

Venus de milo

Very sooty spit


Visiting a someon in jail

Vibudhi dream morning in telugu


Velvet bkue

Velvet fur

Visitor at your house

Visit from family

Vomiting pins in the dreams

Vintage white car

Video phone call

Vacuuming a lawn

Vortex tunnel sea water suck

Vomiting new blade

Vehicle stolen

Vine near a river



Voice in my dream warning me

Visitation from my mother

Vagina growing teeth

Voodoo doll

Visiting temple with boyfriend

Virgina eating sheabutter


Vegetate state



Vermilion room

Visiting a shrine

Vagina fire burning punishment

Vision of deceased mother in church smiling dressed in yellow

Vulture attack in dream

Virginal green discharge

Vomiting out your internal organs

Vilvam leaf dream of meaning

Visit at colleague

Visit with college

Vhs tapes

Vomiting after beaten up in a dream


Very large argument with my father after he humiliated me

Very big argument with my farher after he humiliated me infront of my school class

Vicious dogs

Visiting your long distance partner

Vomiting pens and pencils

Vandalising a school

Visiting a naked friend

Villainhiding with gun

Vomiting bird

Visitors trying to heal me of an unkwown illness

Visitors trying to heal me

Vomiting diarrhea

Vomiting foams and cotton from my mouth with a little blood from one of my big teeth

Voice taken away

Vacuuming a web

Vagina showing pubic hair

Vagina showing public hair

Vagina showed in dream with blak hair

Violent sea waves

Vitthal vari see in dream

Video call

Violent attack

Viewing house for sale

Visiting ex prime minister

Vasile vargo

Vision of someone saving you from a cargo truck reversing into you within minutes of it happening

Vibhuthi in head

Vitruvius man

Virtuvian man

Visiting a marabou ina dream



Vehicle dirty

Victim of a massacre

Vortex in the ocean

Vomiting snake in the dream



Venkateshwara god marriage in my dream

Very dirty


Vomiting traces then seeing bodies lying down


Vagina sucking in dreams

Vomiting up a dog

Vehicle particulars renewal


Vaginal examination

Vision of huge forearm sliding down a wall

Venomous snake

Visiting ex’s new girlfriend

Vessel of cooked rice

Visiting your energy who oppress you at place of wor

Visit by maori elder


Vibrating head

Vision of money filled in a room

Village toilet burning

Vomiting clothes in dream

Vomitting food

Vulture eating a cat and fighting off a dog



Vtj 03zz

Vtj 033zz


Violent child

Visa stamp in passport

Varadaraja perumal kanchipuram in dream

Violet bougainvillea

Viewing curriculum vitae

Vision that someone cut bands

Van stuck in the sand


Violet hair

Vines trying to bind you

Voice gets deeper

Vomiting sunflower seeds

Visit where i use to work and it was not the same

Vomiting bat in the dream

Visiting a tourist site

Vaginal discharge in a dream meaning

Verse of john the baptist

Vapour trail

Virgin get diverging in the dream

Vomiting fly n small eggs

Vacuum cleaner working alone

Vacuum cleaner working on its own

Video whatsapp calling

Visit other planet

Vinegar in dream

Vehicle being swept away

Voting card

Vagina discharge

Varanasi visiting dreams

Varanasi gangaa bath in dream



Virus dream




Visa interview seen in dream meaning

Violent wind and shaking

Vast property

Vomiting white bands

Visiting a pastor with his daughter in the dream meaning

Vegetarian eating chicken in dream

Voice said hello

Vintage jewelry


Vomiting beads

Visiting in paris

Vomiting from my second finger

Vaginal cancer

Virus outbreak where the infected have a foul smell from their mouths a teacher teaches me on how to survive


Vomiting bat

Visiting germany

Vomiting my stomach and intestine


Vigina dream number

Vomiting melon in my dream

Vomiting melon

Voltzwagon beatle


Vengeful spirit

Vomiting shrimp shells

Vermilion washing in dream

Vomiting snails

Vomit fish

Visibility of amathambo in a dream

Vaginal discharge of green mucus

Volunteer delivers food to my house


Velvet book

Voice warning you

Viper with white eyes

Vagina hair combing

Vomiting small gel beads

Vomiting little balls

Various animals


Visiting umrah

Vital energy

Very terrible dream


Vishious rodent

Vast ocean high up rock

Victory at the end

Vaseline on the penis

Visa interview dream

Veins coming out of the throat

Vending machines yeah

Visitation of three women in a dream

Visiting the royal family and having to protect them from people attempting to kill them

Vaginal odor

Vaginal blood on your hand while a demonic spirit is leaving your home

Vaginal blood on you hand

Virgin mary statue fell down

Vice president giving me his coat

Voice in a dark

Volume up what activities will you increase to reach your ambition in life

Venus fly traps

Vomiting snakes in a dream

Vision of white chickens

Virgin mary dead

Vietnamese girl

Vomiting out a whole potato

Vomiting out a potato

Visiting under construction site with girl friend

Vomiting cowries


Vagina and spider web

Vanila breath


Voice from cloud

Vagina squirting water



Virgin hair

Vomiting a centipede


Vessel breaks while cooking

Vibhuthi applied in forehead in dreams

Vomiting flower and leaf

Vehicle out of control but nothing was broken

Visit daughter in hospital

Vomiting a bird out from your mouth in your dream

Vein burstung

Vomiting in a dream meaning

Vagina and toy dream

Vagina toy

Vulture holding snake in dream

Visiting abroad

Voice recording

Vandalised grave

Vomit a needles and nails



Vacuüm sucking you in

Vomit after kissing

Vandalized car

Varicose veins in my legs

Virgin mary and god images is floating in a holy water

Vomiting blood

Village from the middle ages

Village ffrom the middle ages

Vanish out of thin air

Vilitigo in my neck

Veins were plants

Vomiting meat

Visiting a cemetary


Visiting temple with my crush


Visiting the dead relative

Voice changes

Varicos vein in leg

Visiting a specific friend

Victorian bathroom

Vomiting coffee grounds


Voice of a friend

Victorian scholars

Victorian men walking

Visiting a friend in an unfinished house

Vigina bleeding



Vomit intestine in my dream

Visible heart and circulatory system

Vision of desert with water




Van abduction

Voodoo dolls



Vision seeing clouds and stars

Vision of seeing open calabash what is the meaning

Vacation without money

Vel dream


Vagina with soil

Veins about to burst in hand

Very thirsty

Vagina fell out

Vigina being closed


Vehicle grows

Victorian woman


Visit someone’s home

Visiting house


Vines suffocating you in a dream

Vagina electrocution

Vision about divine wife

Vines in mouth

Vines growing out nose

Vertical thin blue line

Vein on arms standing straight up off of arm

Veins standing straight up skin and all

Votiming soil

Visiting pastor


Virtual man