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Dreams starting with the letter N

Not studying



Next class

Negro women crying

Number one zero

New uprk

Numbers note

Numb fingers

Not to talk to anybody

Newborn baby wristband

Nose dive plane

Number for myna bird

New pot


New black mercedes van

New guy as frieb???

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plane

New tongue

Nappier grass

Nails inarm

Neighbour took down my fence

Need to buy sheets

Neighbor getting murdered by three girls in surgical masks

Notebook falling in water

Nosebleed of my dead mother

Naval dream officer

Nazi sorting

Nosebleed and fainted

New wallet given to dead brother

Not remembering a name

Nun trying to kill you

Negative poking

Native american trying to kill me

Not being able to wrtie

Number given by dead person in dream

New born baby with ants on his body

Nazi school

Number one one in dream

New born baby was layed on the floor

Not giving me in dream in islam

Nine four

No food at a party

New iron rods

Nose prick in a dream


Nipple bitten pig



Narrow piece of meat given by my shop keeper neighbor in a dream

Not letting tie rakhi

Noahs ark

Noahs flood

No back teeth

Non human baby

Number six in dream

Not doing your job

Nose itchy during the dream

Neon green eyes werewolf

Not recognized

Near syncope

Number teer

Never ending pregnancy

Nick racing

Nipples being wrinkled

Nannie had bees in her mouth

Needing shampoo and put honey on my hair a lot

Needles in my bed

New boots cut by someone

Neck broken and head hanging

New wardobe with mirror

Navigation nightmare

Not wanting the hazelnut

Name repeating

Nipple pain dream

Number five six

Napping during family outing

Nose food drugged memory loss

Never been seen sea creatures in an aquarium and then killing them

Nuclear bomb white light

Not prepared for party


Needle heart

Not the ground

Notebook with written note

Number eight

Nasty child

Nails stucked in my foot

New sandal

Native woman giving birth

Nanaginip ako ng isamg santo na nabuhay

Never see loved ones faces


New sim card dream

Navy whistle

Never met this person but know of this person

Notebook fall from clean nylon into water

Notebook in clean nylon

Notebook fall from nylon in my hand into the water

Notebook in nylon in my hand fall into water

No seven on clock

Number two zero


November two zero two zero two three

Nightmare of a character

Night dragon

Name written in gold colour

Number for car accident and dead friend driving car

Number five in a dream meaning

Name amy

No being able to go into public places

Number two three

Not a dream but being beaten by a mad man physically

Not able to be a coach

Not being a coach

Number one four carved on your chest

New yam growing on dreams

Nazi salutes



Nipa hut on hills

Nipa hut on hills with green

Nipa hit on hills with green

Nickel in dream meaning

Needle and thread in my testicle

Neck bruised

Net falling

Net falling on me

Numbers for star

Nervous breakdown

Native american y drum


Needy dream

No, i did not look at the sign. there are other things in my work day, and i am traveling for a long time through large countries

Navel hair

New house then learn strangers live there too

Neon glowing multi coloured lights that move

Neon glowing led lights surrounding infect


Near judgment day


New leaf

Necklace gold

Number written in red ink

Newborn white baby mouth cvered with white cloth

Newborn babys mouth covered with cloth

Numbers for dreaming about a flock of five

New clothes dream

Never being asked for order in restaurants

Neighbor wearing a police uniform

Not writing an exam

Not escaping

Not packed

Novermber one nine at one one:four two

New bike

Nail fungus in your nails


Native americans chanting in front of my house

Non scented oil

Not giving meat that was shared among others

Nanaginip po ako ng nakasoot ng kulay green na sto.niño at ngsasalita po sya


Number four in a dream

Nice beautiful blanket

Nice bed

Noah ark moving on the sea

Nephews dying

Not eating in a restaurant

Nest of embryonic eggs wirhout shell

Naibour visit me at my house

Now or never

Neck rupture

New home in our dream

Number fiour

Name clara

Not fly


Niebours in my house

Nakes dead father dream

Near miss and accident

Near miss plane hitting you

Nantis bite

Nice money box

Nursing baby

Navel leaking

Neighbour beheaded two thiefs in a car.

Neighbour beheaded two thiefs. my father and brother hide the headed body.

New puppy with four eyes

No wheel car


Neem fruit meaning in my dream


Night turned day



Not fastening a car seat belt

Newborn child

Name of guru dattatreya

Nail polish came if toes

No accommodation


Night mare of ing

Not studying for an exam and not realizing it until the exam day

Nurses dressed in flowing white gowns with jade green

Nicked lady with tattoos

Nest of spiders crawling out of wall

November two four

Necklace bracelet and money

Nest of mud wasps

Ñumber dream of gate

Notes attatched to a ar

New set of keys

New job offers

Nightmare of snakes

Nothing makes sense

Not looking when driving

Not able to find a bathroom

Not able to find a toilet

Not able to use my cosmetics

Not able to touch up my make up

Nine zero

Never will i leave you

Not able to say what i mean

National park

Nocturnal animal

Nineteen dream meaning

No dreaming

Name written in the sky in a dream

Needle in

Nobody believe me

No bouquet at wedding

New neighbor

New dress and petticote

Neighor looking on my fridge mirrar

November tuesday 6.36pm

Nipple on left arm

Neighbour tyding my garden

New rug being destroyed

Network mast falling in my dream

Name autumn

Native american heads with black face paint

Name in a bottle buried under ground

Not attending lessons university

Not buying something


Nightmares of school

Narrow road

Naputol ang rosaryohan sa panaginip

Niagra falls

Nuclear meltdown

No roof on my house

Necklace broken by a woman off a man

Nails woman

Nazi aat

Number of men in black dress


Number uk if you sse gren maize

Next-door neighbour

New born baby two in dream meaning

Ngiphuphe ngiyolobola

Nursery rhymes

Nits on body part

Needle to the heart

Not believing me

Neighbor renovating house foundation

Nataraja statue in dream

Nataraja statue in fream

Nun nurse

Number 670

Nuns with no faces

Nail in my car tire mailing it flat

New chair and old fabric

Neighbor trying to kill me and doing charms

Nose pricking on a dead body

Night and dark

Not invited to dinner

Not invited to eat out

No stairs

Necklace pendant changing

No pants but towel wrapped around me

Numbers for pastor

Naked and cold

Numb fighting

Ngiphuphe ngizikakele ngangena ebhoshi ngithi ngiyozisula kanti bizobona ngomunye athi ngihambe ngiyogeza ngempela ngageza

New wife gift of bag

New job.don t what to do

New head

Number 5 on paper

Name marthe

Nose bogey

New phone replaced with old phone

Not enough food to the guests

Neighbor expanding their home blocking my house

New sim card number dream

Never making it to party

Narrow bridges

Narrow britr

Name andrew

Number dream

Nothing but a face with really wide eyes staring at me

Newly web couple dies

Nuts coated with honey

Needles fish hook feet

Noon time

No pants in public

Naked co worker

Negotiate for someone’s life


New born baby in dream teer namber

Naked with crush

Not getting home

Native american woman in dream

Number 49

Not paying for it drink at bar

No lifts

Nbr 3



New girl in gym

Naked in front of ex

Naked lady in cave talking to me

Not stepping on a sticker

No water to shower

Not stepping on stickers

Not feeling heard

Naked grandpa


Nosy neighbor

Naked in front of a colleague

Nail in toes

Nail in toe and fingers

Native man intervening for you

Name on banner flying above the pool

Name written on a flying banner

Name on a banner

Nail boring your foot

Number 3368

Naked homeless man

New gadget

Night with your crush

Nail in lime

Native american chanting

Not included in conversation

Naked britney spears

Naked and pregnant in public and quarrel ing

Not served the food to prophet and his wife

Not serving food to man of god

Number 8 conote what in a dream

Number 8 represent what in a dream

Needles on my armpit

Name patriarch

Not eating with people

Nandi ji attacking

Naked in the dark in an unknown house

Naked in the dark


Nutmeg coming out of vagina

Number 20 000

Number nine

Nail colored

Not having a pleated skirt

Neighbors fix fence wrong way

New rich friends

Nails injured my foots in a dream

New grave of a baby

Neck stiches

Ngiphuphe ubaba wami ehamba ngesihlalo sabakhubazekile

Ngiphuphe ngingena esbayeni


Not seeing a face and being back later

Nalapusallu wearing in my dream

Number 56

Numbers for naked

Numbers for naked baby

New room

New house on fire

Nightmare about a daycare

Name kendra

New forklift

Not welcome

Narasimha angry on me

No one sees me in my dream but i see people

Nuts brazil

Naked neighbor coming to your home

Naked neighbor coming to your apartment after a dispute

New home office due to promotion

Naputol na rosaryo bracelet

Neighbor selling their home


Nose out of water

Needle in an arm

Nasty leech that’s nice to only me

Nacked abused by brother

Note money being given

Number division in dream

N s

Name marked in a dream

Naked in front of boyfriend

Naked in front of boyfriend not feeling ashamed

Nude phone

Neighborhood asked me money

Nagaraja coming to home

New bakkie packed outside

Naked lady

New fountain

Nude black girls in dreams

No 18

Needing from mouth and nose

Naked for bath

Not enough food for the guest

Nasty kiss

Nasty snotty kiss

New note book

New wood

Ngphuphe ngigeza amazinyo

No coordination to complete a task

Not able to light diya in a dream

Numbers steaming

Naked wedding


Najed grandfather

Nipple skin color

Niece shot

Nest of snake eggs

Naked police woman

Naked pastor

Naked and dressing in public

Necklace pulled off

Nail through the right arm

Neighbor in love with me

Number certain date

No bus fare

Not remembering an event

Not remembering committing murder

Non veg in dream

New roof cover with water

Naked in my dream people laughing

Nacked wife in dream

Net fishing and catch fish


Nibbling on penis

Name of henry

Naked with bleeding


Naked girl in toilet

Non muslim praying salah

Nobody talks to me


Neighborhood children play in late night

Neighborhood woke up till late night and their children play in hidden side

Neighborhood woke up till late night and in play hidden side

Neighborhood woke up till late night

Nursing with bloody milk

Naked shower with a kid

New gospel song

Neon orange

Naked woman crying

Name written in book of riches

Not registered for an exam dream

Narrow and dark path

Not able to light up diya

Naartjies in a dream

Not ready for test

Note book

Nuts shells in your bed

No fear

Nest of eggs

Needing to wee

New boyfriend in the farm

Netball playing

Next in line to die

Nobody cares about danger

No room in bed

Not letting woman in bed

Not able to cross the river

Niece naked in my dream what does it mean

Naked man from rear


N z

Numbers on paper floating in water


No phone signal

Naked hairless man

Newstar model boy jimmy

New star sonny photos

New star sommy

Nephew coming back from abroad

Naked es with butt smell

Naked in tub

New relationship

No stranger here

Not interested please

No longer talk harbinger

New orleans

New books


Nancy reagan

Name in fire

Nursing paralysed child

Nuff black ants

Naked bath in group

Need to clean

Never going to see you again

Never going to see you agaain

Nails in someones shoe

Niece offering a black torn tshirt

Niece offering me a black torn tshirt

Numbers written on white wall

Nazi officers

Not fitting in the van

No meat

Naked pictures





Naked female friend

Not wearing hijab at masjid

Now is the time say it

Nobody cares

Nipple big arrows

Native american male handsome and flirtatious

Neighbor using a strimmer

Not being passionate for twenty years with dance or with anything

Niked wife in front hunsbad

Not wearing dentures

No head baby

Neket women

Needle and hairpin in my food

Naked in personal n one women is look

Neighbour’s place

Neighbor cut down empty clothes line

New experiences


Neck sucking

New born baby girl die

New born baby girl die after 3 days

New clothes at the dumping area

Nail in ear


Nearly given necklace

Noah being said by deceased grandmother

Neck pillow

Niece having a baby out of wedlock

Naked below waist

Name in someone hand

Not getting security guard form

New wall texture


Net fishing

Name dave

Noyfriend marrying his sister

Nake man dreams hit number

Nsked friend

Name in white paper

Naked cousin sister in dream

Nake dream man hit number

Nake dream man

Naked dream man

Name on a notebook

Naked women boobs and 2 contact number

Naked boobs and 2 contact number

Neighbor killed herself

Nandi bitting me

New born baby in water cryong


Nestling and fledgling in a nest on beach


Night stary sky embers from a indian tribal fire ride in sky i heard drums

Naked in church in dream

Neighbors wall collapsing

Ninja school

Not being able to present

Nut in me

Naked husband with other naked woman

Nude boy

Native american home

Number for monkey

Number for mountain

Number for dam

Natarajan in dream

Naked daughter in law

Naked but covering myself with blanket to hide nakedness

Naked but covering myself

Naked deadly grand father

Not working elevator

No nails

Naked in a cult

Nude and images taken

Navy fluff ball


Nut tree number

Noni fruits in a dream meaninh

Narrow road inside of a dream

Name appearing in newspapers

Nysc preaching on a dream

Neem tree producing lots of milk

Neck getting scratched by razor blade as price offering

Newborn baby boy

No roof on the car

New banquet table

Naked mad person

New stand for residential

Not in a dream the anointing oil fell and break

Naked women bathing in well dream meaning

Nail split

Ninja turtles and babies

New pitcher and new mug in a dream

Nuclear submarine

Neck gland swelled

Numbers going down

Naked woman in dream

N a dream with a guy you know physically

Neon shoes

Nissan rouge

Native americans wanting to kill

No more room

November 7

No dog leash

Nephews wedding

Not paying a bill in a restaurant

Naked men swimming

Nuclear attack

Ngiphupha ngakha umkhukhu

New leaves on plants


Navigating a road usually taken in my dream this time

Not able to lighting diya

Nail buyer

Nose dive into water

Naked and tried to cover myself

Naked in war


Noise; music; hearing

New clithes

No initiation


Naked man walking down the stairs

Numbers for white flour

Neighbors old house

Naked woman open legs

Not getting sleep

Negotiations on an already married cousin

N married girl wearing mangalsutra

Not paying rent

No numbers

Name backwards

Name written backwards

No man’s land


Non motored car

Not having seating

Naval officer in white uniform

Negotiating debt

Not flying

New house and someone passed away

Neem leaf

Nuclear bomb vertical stripes

Neon purple

Nail in my tire

Navigation system

Name libby

Nurse teacher

Neglected baby

Necklace throw

Number 6 in eyes

Nuts and bolts unscrewing them


Nagaraja protect me from rain


Not being helped

Nataraj idol

Numbers long brige ocean

Not wanting to walk through gate with husband and his new wife

Not wearing a seatbelt when driving

Names written in the sky

Number codes


Naked photos in his phone


Not paid salary

New bedding

Naughty dreams

Naked family

Newborn and husband

Nun killing celebrity

Night vision

Non living things move in dreams

Naked baby girl

Name allah on forehead of a wome

Needing stiches

Nipple beside my breast left side

Nun stabbing me

New road in forest

Navel bug

New exercise books in the dream meaning

Navel pain dream spiritual meaning

Naked dream nmber

N n in dream

Native american woman ancestor

Not loving your significant other

Newborn baby with too many toes

Necklace of virginia mary


New spouse


Naked tiger headed woman

Never receiving my diploma

Nipples being squeezed

Naked ex being vulnerable in public

Nipple split in two

Nakedness in a dream


Nephew sleeping with my girlfriend

Not having enough credits to graduate

Nipple peeling away

No front teeth meaning

New dawn


Not afraid

Not afraid of pain

Narrow escape from falling into pti latrine dream meaning

November 9

Naked driving police

Numbers on fire

Not understanding

No top lip

Nightmare about bigfoot

Naked girl on motor bike


Net dream number

Number eleven

Needle in clit

New body part

New hand

Number for unclear

Nuts in a cake dangerous

Numbers 222 dream of dead partner saying them

Numbers from dead partner

Neem tree fire

No pant

Naked in a social gathering

Night time moon then day break

Native wears

Nails in feet

Not completing exam

Naked white woman

Neighbour dying suddenly

Nail on nose

Neem leaf in a dream

Not having help

Naked kids

Notebook falling in the water

Night was day and alone in my school

Number for dead

No fingers then growing back

Neck bruises

Need to save the world

Narrowly escaping death

Naked female chasing you

Naked in market place

Not at home

No nose or mouth

Never land


Number 5000

Naked butt

Numbers 24:7

Notes on walls

Names scribbled on walls

Nail falling off

Nwely but house seen in a dream

Neighbour pregnant

New baby in basket

Not able to light lamp in temple

Nude pic

Not following instruction defiance

Nuclear bomb explosion

New born on floor

Nymph on narc

Not being able to feel foot

Not clearing an exam for the fifth time


Naked man in dream

Not finding drea symone


Not sharing

Needles of sago palm

Naked man and woman in bath

Needless poking at feet

Not real person shows u their scars

Numerical 2 15

Newborn baby girl who talks

Needle and thread

New grandparents

Niece falling

Name missing in the dream


Naked person in a dream

Naked couple making love

Never met in person

Nudity in shower


Not leaving you alone

Nose kissing

Nose kiss

Neighbor house on fire

New born baby in a dream wrapped in blue


Navy hat

Nephew being taken from me in a dream

Native american indian

Name magpie

New married couple

Necklace with name on it

Neighbor walking with bread

Neughbor walking with bread

Native american chant

Not enough ammunition

Newborn baby kicked

Nhusband as young

Not being able to catch a water bottle

Nose operation

Naked in dreams

Nudity of others

New girl and wife in same place

Nandi attack to me


Naming children

Naresh kumar

Naked with towel

Naked pregnant woman in a dream

Neighborhood explosion

Nuts and bolts

Neighbours cutting down my blossom tree

Neighbours cutting down my blossom

Naked ib rainy night

Ngiphuphe ngiwasha izimpahla zami

Newly thatched hut

Naked in temple permises

Nun darning fabric

Not having money

Not putting money in an offering bowl but going around it

Naked mole rat

Near drowning

No retainer in

New food flask

New born baby boy with gold

Negotiating the price of two amplified bibles

No windshield

Ny deceased mom handing me water

No pregnancy heartbeat


Needle in knee

Neglected animal

Neglect white horse

Neglected white horse

New blue mittens are being burned by someone

New and blue mittens get burned by someone

Native american beating on drums

Native american red vest

Native american wearing red

News of death

News if death


North on a map

Neem wood

Native mat

Needle through head with black thread

Night dreaming of holding sticks

Naked woman conworker

Name in a graveyard

Nipple bitting

No one knew me



Nordea eunning

Nail fixing

Ninja trying to attack me

Naked baby bathing

Naked girl in dream

Naked in a hall dream

New cloths dream meaning

New cloths and hand bag dream meaning

Night mare of pin

Not in my own body

Name asking

Naam bread

Naked ex lover in dream

Number 9 and number 16

Naked dancing by someone else

Not enough food for guests

Not able to complete task

Netball players

Namaz people disturbing

Need in mouth

No passport

New coconut growing

Nursing a lamb

Number for death

Nice ghost


Naked in clothes shop


New born biting your finger

Naartjies dream

No power in a fight

Niger seed

New shoes with glitterson them

New glitter shoes

Nezha dream

Nigel in dream means


New electronic in a dream

Naked at restaurant running from cops

Not performing prayer on time

No sheets on the bed

Nervous about being late for the airplane

Nails with hammer into stomach

No internet connection

No sigh

Nail piercing in skin

Ndarota ndichibata madora

Not the father of munborn children

Nephilim in dreaming

Neflem in dreaming

Not wearing sippers in dream

Napping in the legs of someone

Natarajar idol seen in dream

Nose tube

Newborn with 3 arms

Name of a church

Nail falling off and bleeding


Non macrame men

Number or symbol represents in dream pigs in night

Number or symbol represent

Naked couples dream

Naked bottom

Na tuo

Nun and bed seen in a dream

Nuclear codes

Ngiphupe ngi washa

Naked people bathing


No tail on dogs

Not getting a seat

New suit

Ny boss sitted on my chair in office

New building without plastering

Not being successful what i set do

New sim cards

No faces

Neughbor giving me lots of money in a dream

New partner in dream

Not being successful in what i set out to do

Native american earrings

No compassion

Navel split


Not being able to pay for something

Naked in church and been offered a male cloth by pastor in charge

New baby goats

Nacked girl in shower

No spoon

New paint job

New paint automotive paint job

Ngiphuphe umlungu wesfazane egqoke ingubo enefindo

Navy and white

Naked ladies with penis

Numbers for dreaming dried fish

No seat at the table for me

No assigned seat at table

Nana consoling me

Numb miter

Numb mither

New nice matress

Nikaah dream of ur friend in islam means

Nikaah dream of your friend

Niece in dream

Number 1111

Neighbor tongue kissing me

Not answering my call

Note on flowers

Not remembering alarm

Name rubbed off

Name smeared

Naked girls bhat in open river

Naked public laughing

Names written in blue

Native american ritual dream

Nakedness in prayers meaning

New shoes weather with flood


Neck grab and burning

Nakedness on the photo

Naked washing dishes


Nose held