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Dreams starting with the letter G

Gunea fowls

Green soursop

Gifting cigarettes

Gray sweater

Giving birth to a girl

Giving homeless person food

Giving of fuel in the dream to cook

Giving someone a contract

Gold lamp

Giving food to the mad person

Goblin throwing axes

Ganga ghat

Goat blood splash on your body in dream

Getting brinjal

Giving bitter kola to someone

God missing

Getting asked to be the girlfriend

Giant fish friendly

Grandfather protection from a boat

Grandfather protection

Groom waiting for the bride

Gold tarnishes

Golden mobile

Glowing golden monkey

Getting over a high wall

Giving away footprint

Going to the barrial

Ghost hunting me

Going in a movie

Going in the movie theater

Going in a movie theater

Grass roof

Grasscutter ws kill in a dream

Giving someone palmoil in the dream

Grass court

Giving a refund

Getting out of a moving car

Giving president juice

Glass of ether

Garbage in the sea

Ghost pulling something from me

Giving someone snail in dream

Given the name saint for my grandchild

Golden disc

Green dog

Giving red pepper to a friend in a dream

Giving money to a blind man in a dream

Green container snuff

Getting a new right hand

Gift of red and groundnut oil in dream

Great auk

Gooseberry in dreams

Getting married to police

Green periperi dream

Giving white flowers to mama mary

Giving someone bitercola and colanut in a dream

Giving packet of cigarette to a deceased

Getting engaged to a stranger

Giving mobey to the mosque

Golden potatos

Going uphill

Going up a hill

Guns and wanted by police

Getting back our phone

Giving azan in dream as a women

Gifted seasoning cubes in the dream

Giving a madman water, soap for bathing

Gooseberry and tree

Grand mother wearing a new dress

Gang coming in side small hut with gun

Green grass and bushes, clear blue sky, bright sun

Green grass and bushes, blue sky, clear sky

Giving money to kinnar in dream

Getting into trouble

Goat sucking human in a dream

Giving porridge to someone

Getting new sim card in the dream meaning

Gypsy camp

German shepherd bite on arm and hold

Giving birth to quintuplets

Gift of plenty five zero naira

Goat skin

Golden arrow falling next to me from the sky

Golden arrow falling from the sky

Given a cheque by the president

Golden yellow fire in the forest

Gemstones and gold

Gun shot sound meaning

Giving me keyholder in my dream.

Giving me key holder in my dream

Girl with braided hair

Getting shot head

Going to a witch with mother

Grandmother on train

Giving green

Giving, clothes, dead and person dream

Golf ball dream interpretation - golf ball dream meaning

Getting chase

Gold suit

Gold suit on male ex

Girlfriend leaving me for her ex

Given eggs

Getting something you wished for

Getting hit in the face

Giving red pepper to someone

Ghost witch terror family

Gun underneath bed

Giving birth from mouth what does mean

Golden tap running

Greek flag

Getting shiva blessing in dream

Getting reunited with husband

Getting united with husband


Grandfather dying, me being rebellious,

Giving a violet flower to a sister

Giving water to black crow in dream

Grinding millet in mill

Getting lost and on the way home


Gifting eggs

Gore, violence, being attacked

Getting a present from unkown

Given £five zero notes in a dream

Golden cap dream

Given her small handbag to you to carry

Given her bilum to you

Girl dissapearing

Girl giving you white tissue

Goat in my church die

Goat in my church dying

Gory death

Ground rolling wave

Grinch not leaving my homei

Grinch not leaving my home

Giving someone bitter kola

Giving bishop maize

Getting a handkerchief with written name

Grass cutters been poisoned in front of my house

Green chillies dream means

Getting allowance from cedirk

Give a hair as agift

Gave a hair

Gave ahair

Green color

Green color flood

Geocery bags

Giantess growth

Grass inside and outside the house

Grandpa pointing to something on a sheet of paper

Grandpa showing me something on a paper

Grass getting cut

Grocery store parking lot

Giving drug to my sick brother

Giant hot dog

Giving my dead grandfather food

Godzilla in my country

Getting hit in the nose multipul times

Goddess cleaning herself

Girl sits on guys face

Green chillies picking

Getting thrown around

Grandma cutting my dogs ears off

Grandma cutting my dogs ears

Girl i like

Given visa for greencard

Glowing white door

Girl without panties

Golden skies

Going to brawin’s house to meet him

Give neighbour drink

Golden freddy

Garden eggs and oranges

Girl without

Grave collapsing

Given one torn money

Given a new office

Going out to get an oven

Gigers seen in your hands in dream means what

Getting hit by a pickaxe in the back

Giving tumeric and kumkum to lady

Gallons, red, palm oil in dream

Girl friend on the phone

Going to school wearing a uniform

Getting stolen a car engine

Giving your ex food in your dream

Giving your ex food

Giving someone a tin of sardines

Grilled meat in a burial

Getting your school report and saying farewell to primary school for good

Gets me hot

Gift of dirty old cloth

Gril tailor

God sending a gift of art

Green tulsi

God paintings

Girlfriend mosque

Great reputation in a dream

Give birth to a baby with gold hair

Glowing cat in the dream

Gameshow of dying

Gynastic in the water

Ghost activity in a house

Getting chased by something

Grader in a dream

Gettting a pair of shoes

Green seeds in my

Gold trophy with small sea stones inside it


Giving birth to babies that just later died

Green leaf vomiting

Given a watch

Girls exercise

Getting reassurance from someone

Giving money to the dead

Giving my son cpr

Given a power bank charger in dream

Giving deceased father boiled egg sandwich

Grandchildren waving

Given live chicken

Gold chain and black chain

Gf on tv dream

Girlfriend who already died

Giving bananas to a friend

Goat and human hair

Getting sucked down a bathtub drain

Getting hit in dark

Giving money to dead mother and brother

Gastro intestinal tract

Growth in the outside of upper stomach with thorns

Green and white dream meaning

Green and white mean

Grey snake changing to grey animal and back to snake

Gap in doors

Giving a mad woman groundnut

Given two cents in dream

Game, domination, old school, growing up, riding wind, blocked by wind

Gathering where they are frying chicken

Guy wear white shirt


Guru giving a gift

Goddess cleaning the front of house

George name meaning

God pouring water mouth

Getting a new suit and hat

Giving a girl sweet bananas in adream

Given sukuma wiki

Gold from soil

Grabing my girlfriend best friend ass

Gold fish hook

Goat skin on wrist


Girlfriend gangbang

Giving saree goddess

Getting notes from atm

God in toilet dream

Giving candy to a loved one


God idol in bathroom

Google the spiritual meaning of a seeing a bundle of fire wood

Going back to where you were

Going back to where you were from

Going back to where you were form

Golden and silver star in dreams

Grandfather hands a sheep to slaughter


Giving jam to someone in dream meaning

Giving jam to someone dream meaning

Give them candy

Groom waiting for me

Grave caving in before coffin is lowered

Green light in palm of hand

Green heaet

Ghosts throwing shoes


Grey bird in kitchen

Ghost possesing toys to kill me

Girlfriend leaving

Going into

Going to fetch water from a tap with a gallon and carry it

Giving someone a plant

Green trees, a lioness and snowfall

Green trees, snowfall and a lioness

Girl dream killing a man

Green face of baby

Grandma possessed

Girl matured in dream

Gnuts paste

Goes to my finances house with my siblings see his big house and find his twins left alone find money in his pocket start to argue with my brother and my sister takes a bathe

Goddess of mercy

Grandpa, tree, great grandparents

Gold statue

Gift paper

Getting hit by a train

Getting a bag of corn

Giving someone charcoal in a dream means what

Getting locked in jail

Getting ready for my marriage

Giving a dead person water and food

Give stony

Giving money to a disabled man

Grilled puppy

Gray hand

Granding crayfish and soya beans

Granding crayfish

Grabbed by the balls dream

Green plums

Green tiger swimming

Grizzly bear dream

Giving money to ur boyfriend

Giving plate of food for you gf

Got your nose

Grandfather and a baby girl

Going back to the apartment you lived before meaning in dream

Going to old house you have left many years ago i. dream

Grass trimmer

Going to moon


Girlfriend lesbain


Getting married forcefully

Given an affidavit in a dream

Green hermit crab


Gray strand of hair

Gave a child birth

Getting a bracelet gift from my ex

Getting a bracelet as a gift from my ex

Giving my phone to a mad man

Getting hit by bull with horn

Give birth to a chicken

Green snake pink snake

God shiva’s statue is smiling

God shiva’s smiling

Getting keys from the grave yard

Getting rid of something

Girlfriend gets raped

Girlfriend had a threesome dream with another female

Gosh find

Groin bleeding in a dream meaning

Green and red mixed

Girl friend house

Grandmother giving a ring

Giving mad man food in dream

Gruesome dream meaning

Gunshots to head

Girlfriend crying driving off the highway

Glass clicking

Getting a mobile phone

Giving laddu to someone

Gifting clothes to a dead person

Garden in the sky

Giving birth to a child

Getting food from a hill in a dream

Gifted a jump rope

Given bitter kola in the dream

God photos

Giving a fish away

Grafting plant

God kissed me on the shoulder


Gifting silver

Giving you coconut

Goat that had miscarriage

Garden den

Green grapes with worms

Golden watet

Gameshow having contestants eat bombs

Gameshow having contestants eat bombs to win

Given silver key

Giving food and water an old lady

Gallon of red palm oil in the dream

Girlfriend texting

Get it with something on your shoulder by someone you know in your vivid dreams

Grinding iron

Green land

Giving up money

Giving up what i earny

Goddess kali and lakshmi

Given i bhayi with old women in a dream

Getting with a guy

Gold ows

Green snake biting on my bum

Giving bitter kola in dream mins worth

Getting cut by terri it’s with your friends

Going up high in elevator

God vitthal

God vitthal in dreams

Gunshooting and firing

Gum tooth stuck

Growing another thumb

Giving a green fifty dollar bill to a young lady

Girl throwing up in dream

Girl pregnant

Green carabao

Giving a foreign money and hear foreign language talking by soldiers

Gave birth to embros

Greedy cherry tasting

Gift of ruby ring

Great deal of water coming towards me

Goat attacking deer

Goddess amman dream

Getting shot by my brother two bullets

God girl

Getting lost in a hotel

Giving away a dirty old broom

Group of people celebrating dead people birthday in my dream

Giving children sachet water

Give red pepper to someone in my dream

Giving children water

Green maize in the field

Grandma cut off my hands

Girl sitting on me

Girl, bathroom

Getting out of oxygen in gasul

Getting killed and betrayed in dream

Gum stuck in braces

Gifting an expensive automobile to my father

Gifting an automobo;e to my father

Gifting an expensive car to my father

Green fern

Going down steep steps into basement

Goddess wearing pink saree idol in dream

Giant love position

Groundnuts and popcorn

Gril bouncing on your bed

Golden hair woman

Giving me few vaccine’s against my will

Giving brith to triplets and one died

Golden pheasant

Getting a friends house clean to sell

Getting rejected

Getting eate by a whale

Giving someone my birth control

Grim reaper riding a horse

Grim reaper riding in a horse

German man writing two pg love letter

Goddess feet near sea

Grey and white wolf in garage

Ginger cat attacking me

Group of angels fighting

Groups of angels fighting

Girlfriend glowing

Geckos mating


Group of stars

Gate and dead parents

Grabbing friend balls

Getting lost temple

Green aurora of light making noises like a bird in a dream meaning

Getting married in water

Gay women

Gold inside the water

Giving food to friend

Giving ows

Green dream meaning

Giving toothbrush to dead man

Getting back with your ex husband


Golden gods with open arms and calling your name to come to them


Goat wearing a dress

Girl kisses me

Graveyard and nuns

Gold coin on top of ow

Gluing fingers together

Guns ft see

Growing a third hand

Growing a hand from your leftt hip

Guiding people to surf on muddy water

Given a cap to wear

Getting a jersey belonging to former president

Giving a speech on a violin


Grandmother giving me cake

Going out with dead on

Ginven send by my biological parent insitead of money this means

God idol missing dream

Getting a invitation for a death person

Grandpa slapped me and some quarrels

Grandpa slapped me and had somequarrels

Grandpa slapped me

Gray green color of a grenade in the sea

Guru gives me flowers

Guns and conflict

Giving gift to new mom

Giving of grapes

Grey hair meaning

Green moving truck

Green snake under a rock i moved

Golden fishhook cross

Giving them food

Given bathing towels

Given towels

Gold and royal blue clothing

Girlfriend left me for someone else

Getting married to your maternal uncle and getting very upset

Girdle in the dream

Goat head cut

Glass path over sea

Guru handing money interpretation of dream

Glowing g rosary

Getting lime from lime tree in dream

Green snakes and apples in dream

God giving me mangalsutra

Green pixie

God killed me

Giving someone a used notebook that they write in

Going mandir in dream means

Going lhakhang in dream means

Girl dream of unripe plantain

Grandmother sewing machine

Grandmother ask for warm water to wash clothes

Getting attacked by a kimono draggon

Girlfriend went bald

Giving flowers to a dead person

Giving my dead dad a blanket in a dream

Garden in grave yard

Garden in graveyard

Garden around grave

Governor giving me money

Graham crackers

Goalkeeper in football

Giving away a rare stamp

Giant curious stork

Gutter water flow in to my house from neighbor

Gutter water flow in to my house

Ghost/devil:lucky number

Getting a gift from ex president

Gender dysphoria


Going home from abroad empty handed

Gold guns

Giving someone bananas in my dream

Going down the road

Giving to a sister and brother coin money

Going to church with gumboots

Goat falls into a pond

Giving offering of coins in a wedding

Gifted an old bow and arrow

Gifted an ancient bow and arrow

Giving water to my dead grandmother

Giving children coin

Gum boot

Gemine energy

Getting laughed at

Girl in a dream

Give someone garri means what?

Getting lured in

Gifted with bread and meat

Gifted with food

Gifting people with gifts

Goddess picture frame missing in dream

Graduation mortarboard

Girls dress

Grey colour and meaning

Grand central statuin

Gold, tarnished

Green maize number interpretion

Green maize according to number interpretion

Girl number

Greeting known old people in your dreams

Green boiled egg yolks

Grabbed by someone hiding there face

Gold elephant

Got hired

Got hired on the spot

Green parked old classic car

Given a red onion by a dead person

Gourd seeing in dream

Getting stuck climbing a wall

Growl in ng

Granunt mean

Giving a made person water

Grace name


Girlfriends dog

Giant snowman chasing me

Giving friend a peg

Gayatri maa dream

Giant dream

Getting picture frame as a gift

Goat fighting back snake

Going in the opposite direction as others

Going to sell some one mushroom for him mean

Girl trusting you

Going in to unconscious

Green chili taking in packet

Grey soap

Girlfriend turned into boy

Gold knife and fork

Giving someone a pear

Growing hair on fingers

Gallons of red oil in the dream

Gallons of palm oil in the dream

Give me sachet water

Grader opening a new road

Giving back eight diamond engagement ring

Green snake teeth

Grave in your house

Grandson getting raped til bleeding

Girl drowning

Gods photo

Gunshot sound in a dream

Given money to your mother in your dream

Grinded mealie meal

Glass stupa broken

Groundnut seller

Giving birth to a carrot

Guilty surprise

Giving soyabeans to a pastor

Giving a pastor soyabeans

Grand mother peeling matooke dream



Getting chased by a megladon after joining 6th grade again

Green beans dream meaning

Giving me paper in my dream

Given seeds by a teacher

Gift of shoes frpm dead perosn

Girl boxing dream

Gift in a dream

Giving dead father water to drink

Gas explosion in a house

Glass of water drinking

Giving chandan

Gifted white clothe

Glowing mushrooms

Grinding someone

Grind someone

Giving a rat a bath

Growing flower from old wall dream meaning

Green rice and field and calm water seen a dream

Ghost in doorway

Getting chased by a fat cat rolling on a red ball with a tophat

Girl send s

Green goyabano


Green thikh skinned lizard

Going to a prestigious school

Giving sugar cane to someone you love

Giving rice to eat for boy friend in dream meaning

Ganga river

Giving bread and butter to a ghost in a dream

Gun on you door step

Given a furnace and matches

Getting loat in the way

Getting astray in dream

Glared eyes

Gling to lemonade street

Giving a dead mother in law a cookie

Golden ax

Girlfriend sucking rick

Girlfriend sucks friends in car

Grandmother climbing and falling in a step ladder

Grandmother falling in a step ladder

Gourd dream number in shillong teer

Giving money to security officer in a dream

Going to ummrah with my sister

Gold ring given,to a lady in,her finger

Getting up from the ground

Group getting up together

Grilled door

Giving my late grandfather water and food in a dream

Greeting and shaking hands in a happy mood with the dead father of a girlfriend in my dream

Gold raob

God to give me gold stick in the dream

Gold stick

Grandson filled to toilet hole

Giving me a coins

Gray cat

Guy self harming

Guy cutting his wrist

Guy cutting his worst

Girlfriend pregnant with anothe man

Giving someone a bottle of wine in the dream

Getting shot by a cartel

Gathering supplies

Gpd photo vibrating

Giving to the dead

Giving birth in a dream

Goat and horse fighting

Grapes in the toilet

Grandfather gave me a hat before my father died

Grandmother who passed away

Gifted with free presents

Given rotten meat to carry not to eat in a dream

Givening gari to peoples

Getting shock underwater

Green carpet

Giving dead people money dream meaning

Giving dead people money

Getting trapped then freed

Giving money to a gate man before passing

Golden fleeces

Golden fle

Green maizefield

Gun invasion at home

Giving a bouquet of old artificial flowers to my ex

Going through a castle

Gifted a wrist watch by a popular celebrity

Girl friends dad on his death bed

Giving fish by a pastor in a dream to eat

Girl pouring water on man’s foot

Gold wedding dress

Golden dress woods married witch

Girls trip

Giving my collegue a airtime

Golfs à rod of iron

Giving raw pap

Given dry maize to myself

Glowing red eye panther

Gathering carnations

Glitter raining

Green quran

Girl friend beach

Giving kid alcohol

Gold ink

Give me pipe to pipe your house in the dream

Gravel as gift

Give water to mom

Gray sock


Giving away drinking glasses

Grass and water in a dream

Grey colour three baby elephants

Gave a mad man meat who requested for help of money but i called him and ask him to share my meat with me

Ghost friend

Getting in trouble

Getting a phd

Gold man

Ghost at school

Given a work journal by a colleague

Given a work dairy by a colleague

Ghost covered me with blanket

Giving life to dead animal


Green eyed tiger

Getting whacked by a hockey stick

Gap in your teeth

Grocery store checkout and i& 39;m topless

Girl building a birdhouse

Getting cheated on by your partner

Got cheated on

Gift of tea bags from deceased

Gift of tea bags

Grandfather glass door

Giving the dead flowers

Group hug

Giving necklace gold to my sister in a dream

Giving award in a public dream

Giving food to black dragon

Goat delivered twins in the dream

Gifted a yam tuber in a dream

God and goddesses

Green maize cobs


Giving salam to a dead father

Glassy sunset meaning

Girl pooping

Guy wooing

Golden chair

Green mandarin seen in dream

Gifted toy phone

Group of women tying red cloth in a dream

Giving mango

Giving a butternut

Giving bath to snake with milk as pooja

Gol gappa

Green grass land means

Giving way to elephants in a game park

Giving way to elephants

Giving half fruit but did not eat it

Girl encouraging you

Gold crown wit laurel leaf

Green grass land with some white snow

Greek pillar opening like a door

Glass with out water

Getting ready made to saïm to s n island

Girl sit on my face and farts

Going to the american embassy for visa interview in your dream means what

Giving raffish to a dead person in dream

Girl farting

Getting into dream school

Giving clothes away

Green beans steak rice corn

Goddess maxim feet

Giving red sweet peppers to decease mean on dreams

Gf was taller than me

Growing white and pink flowers in my mouth in a spiritual way

Giving my boyfriend mother water to drink in a bottle

Giving kishmish to my died mother

Giving hat to someone else

Giving someone a sticks of match

Giving water to a dead husband

Gathering with dead relatives

Getting asked to homecoming

Gas in my house

Giving rice to cock and hen

Girl with huge penis

Guest arriving in your house

Giving someone a key

Guidance counselor dreams

Green heart leaf

Grandma tried to kill me

Green plum trees

Giving white flower to virgin mary

Go to wrong funeral

Going to photocopy paper given by boss in dream

Giving cold water in a dream

Girl wearing school uniform

Given paper money

Green grass on the dam

Given birth to a baby with 6 eyes

Giving candy to a child

Greeting my village king in a dream


Giving a partner a tin of milk

Gathering garri from the floor meaning in a dream

Giving holy communion in church

Giving holy communion i church

Greeting old woman in my dream

Gargling dirty water

Green vegetables and fruits

Getting besan

Ground crumble

Green door mantle

Glitter rain dreams

Gray rose

Gold snake turn into silver

Given sugarcane

Gifted a shrunken head

Getting first position in exam in dream

Girlfriend watching me

Gold urine

Grandma giving white clothes as a gift and then telling me not to be rude

Gifted earrings

Given a pink book and u refuse and the person is angry meaning

Graduation hat

Giving a thief your sliver necklace

Goat eating barley

Giving out in dream to ungrateful people but another man interceded for him

Grand kid

Grand daughter laughing

Given a pos machine in a dream

Getting money from relatives

Green maize which number

God feet

Grandmother who passed was ironing in her old house

Green squid

Girlfriend in water

German sheperd climbing over walls

Going to work but forget to clock in

Grandora get married

Giving brother law food

Growing peace lily

Growing peace lilit

Gold boots

Green bird on leafless tree

Giving meat in dream

Gift of shoes from deceased father

Giving beer to a girl

Gift from the ocean meanin

Governess watching


Girl drunk text me

Giving away milk

Giving ghee walli roti in dreams by female

Golden fake flower

Giant branch tree

Goddess idol is missing

Giving security to the president

Giving white saree comes in dream means

Grabbing a snake by the tail and the snake bites me

Golden rosary

Grain farm fire

Good denief

Green furnishings

Gaia destruction god bs devil

Good vs evil fight gaia destruction


Guinea fowl and babies

Giving someone sanitary pad

Giving food to deceased brother


Giraffe skin in human

Game and cannot leave

Getting hit by a pickaxe

Gone mad

Gun fires but no bullet

Gay massage

Green tall fence

Goat eating maize


Guru rinpochoe and spiritual masters


Gifted speakers

Gold station wagon

Going bold

Given okro to someone

Garbage swamp

Gold hoop

Giving razor blade to dead father

Giving a baby sweets

Giving sweet to someone

Guy asks you to homecoming

God idol falling in dream



Ghost dragging me out of house by leg

Ghost dragging me out of house


Goat slit eyes

Garlic in mouth

Green string lights

Genital stimulation in dream


Goal post

Goalkeeper dream meaning

Giving herbs to babies

Green and red kitten

Giving way to a african traditional healer on the road

Governor of the state giving us envelope containing money in dream

Gangbang with friends and girlfriend

Gifts of two tubes of yam in dream

Green and yellow banana lucky number

Given panty liner in dream

Gun in my bag dream meaning

Gasket in dream

Garden of vanilla

Grandma spit on my foot

Green tree branch

Garden in gutter

Getting into a row boat from a larger boat filling with water bailing it out my father would not put me in this boat not very afraid i can handle it i found a bucket

Ground divided into two

Giant octopus

Going to be executed

Grey smoke coming towards me

Goalkeeper missing goal in dream

Going with a poor husband in a small household

Group of lobsters

Giving perfume to dead person while he is offering to go for prayers

Grandma telling you to be careful

Grandmother killing you

Going to visit someone who is dead

Grey humans

Getting shot in the dream but the bullets didn’t penetrate

Gummy bears moving

Green mussles

Grave and picture

Giving birth leviathan

Go ahead

Getting crushed

Getting caught having an affair

Gathering and eating macadamia

Giant drain with monster eating bridge


Girlfriend pregnant of another man

Ģiven money in a dream and rejecting it

Girl as a boy

Girl to boy

Grandma and garden

Grandfather giving injection

Giving curd someone

Grandmother and flowers

Green pastures and big cows eating grass near grave side

Green pasti

Goblin stool your coins

Getting much change after buying

Given a ancient metal tablet

Given a metal tablet key

Girl boy symbolic in toilet

Ghost killing people in dream and chasing me

Giving a dead person a key in a dream

Giving a dead person key

Given coco

Getting burned by hot cooking grease

Garnet stones


Glowing bugs

Graduation caklp

Grease on my clothes

Giant crab

Getting shot in the head multiple times and living

Glass airplane

Getting ur penis sucked

Getting ur penis sucke

Giving birth to an albino baby boy

Giving a flower to a girl that i like in dream but doesnt in real

Getting beat up while present

Girl wearing mangal sutra

Get a wrapper in dream from unknown lady

Giant wave going sideways

Guru rinpoche in dream

Ganpati visa than

Grinding maize with grindstone

Giving my gold chain to someone

Gecko mating in dream

Grave and sister

Guys flirting with me