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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter D

Dreaming of awaliya darga

Dream of person who has your name

Dreaming of a lot of discharge coming out of my vigina

Dreaming of being beaten by your cousin brother

Dreaming of wearing a white jumpsuit and steppibg down into a shower

Does dreaming about fish mean pregnancy?

Diving into the river

Dead in to muddy river

Dreaming when it removing feathers on a dead hen

Dead person asking you to come with

Dream of burying a relative

Dream of lake with fog on top of it

Dreaming of an uncle burying someone beside his house

Deceased mom vomiting blood

Driving a car turns into riding a bike

Dreaming of mango tree producing eggs

Deceased mom throwing up blood

Dead mom and dad saying goodbye

Dream of a snake in my coat sleeves

Door prison mystery man accidents downstairs dark white

Door prison mystery man accidents

Diggings a grave with a life body coming out who was dead what does this mean

Die of not beathing

Dream of a snake in the sleeve of a coat i was sleeping in and woke up and attempted to gwt it and it went back into mt sleev

Dead wearing green

Dreaming of lord brahma

Def dream of thousand dollars

Dog chase you

Dog and deer chase me

Dreamt black flies

Dream of elder dying

Devil in a cloud

Dead loved ones in the same room

Dreaming in a ride with your president

Different color gumballs coming out of a gum machine

Different color gumballs in a machine coming out

Dreaming with lots of small fish

Deaf in one ear

Dreaming of maroon beads spiritualy

Dead grandfather giving fruit in dream

Diesel power

Dreaming boy friend putting on weeding ring

Dream of ghosts coming after you

Dream of higher ground

Dead husband asking for his old cloth

Dead husband asking for clothes

Dead husband askin his clothes back in dream means ?

Dreaming about evil spirits

Dreaming about dark forces

Dream of buying three umbila means

Dream of small hippo sleeping in my house

Dream of champagne

Dream of shampain

Dream see ex praying

Dream of wine

Dreaming of germinated maize

Dreaming a man trying to give birth

Dosa dream

Dreaming someone cutting your buttocks with a panga

Digging clothes out of the soil

Dream of evil eating sugarcane

Dead chicken that was rotten in my toilet

Door not fitting

Dreaming about giving a king money

Dream of tua pek kong

Delivering water dream

Dream black chicken

Dream a black duck on black eggs

Dreaming a girl

Dreams that am having a panty only

Dream and meanings

Dead husband cloth dream

Dead husband asking for his old clothes in dream

Dreaming of being in a same class with my boyfriend

Door to sky

Dark orange with roiling blackish gray clouds

Dead family member biting fingers lot blood

Dead family member biting off fingers a lot blood

Dead relative bite fingers

Dead family member biting my fingers off a lot of blood

Deliberately front gate removal in a dream by someone

Dead person biting

Demon raped man

Dreaming of being kissed by mad woman

Dreaming of wearing sangoma clothes coming from the river

Dreaming a dead person is going to buy a slippers

Dream cooking papa three pots

Dream pap

Dream of paster driving a tractor trailer truck

Dream of oil perfume

Dream of my dead mother putting lipstick on

Dream seeing cooked callaloo and flies

Dream on seeing cooking oit fall on the floor

Dreaming of magic clothes

Dreaming of magic clothes that suffer cate you

Driving over trees in road

Disassemble motor cycle meaning

Dreaming of a dark hallway with doors

Dog licking my palm

Daughter gets an abortion

Dream i had a big growth on my neck

Dreams of intestines coming out

Dream meaning of frozen account

Dream about yam

Dreaming of pulling trash from ears

Dreamed of mother in law feeding you

Drinking turmeric milk

Dreaming of wearing makoti gear

Dating my boyfriend when he was one three

Dreaming pastor and you clothe him with clothes

Dream of keys

Dream of trinkets

Dream wearing maroon skirt

Dead dog alive but saying she is not in the same body

Dream avenue

Deceased father wearing a hat

Dreaming of having your boyfriends s on your phone

Dreaming of having a stroke

Diamond and red ruby

Dog turtle swim

Dreaming about my younger sister lost weght

Dream meaning of sucking cows

Dead relative and sider

Dream carrying a huge platenof food

Dream carrying a hugs plate of food

Dream carrying a hugs platenof food

Dead sister cleaning yard

Dream if rice

Dead person taking my baby and give to us

Dreaming of being initiated into courtisim

Drug in my wallet

Dead grandparents

Dark purple cake

Dark purple cae

Dreaming seeing asshole

Dream of red blonde beard

Dig holes for maize

Does lower right sides hurt affect the pregnancy

Dreaming blue drress and white dress

Dreaming of couleuvre

Dig up mums grave

Dreaming worshiping at church

Dream number for flying firearm cartridges-

Dreaming of dead wanting salt form me

Dream number for flying firearm catriges-

Dry well

Dreaming using left hand whilst in real life i use right hand

Dream of your sponsor writing a black marker on your white shirt

Dreaming about umuthi

Dead cat wearing a bell

Dogs ear cut

Dream seeing maize plants

Dreaming of snuff change to be a sand

Dreaming changing to a sand inn a dream

Dog entering house

Dogs entering house

Distribution of pads in dream with one intercessor

Deceased family member standing in living room holding baby girl

Dreams about dying to a shock collar

Driving a company in a dream

Dreaming of being a head boy in your formal school

Dreaming of an ex friend

Dreaming of my aunt laying on me

Dream about my house filled with lots of people

Dream of comparing bible translations

Dreaming of dead person washing her feet

Dreaming of escaping from scavenger people who wanted to eat me one of them helped me to escape was killed then i climbed a higher mountain and i survived

Dreaming of inkanyamba as a person

Dreaming of someone pulling me away from two people

Dream of father giving you a gift

Driving in an unfamiliar city

Dream about a woman in a white robe

Door blows off in wind

Dream with angry lover

Dream about buying ampesi mean

Dream about buying ampedt...

Déterré le macabo en rêve

Dreaming of brother

Dying hyena broken jaw

Dream seeing father and grandmother

Dream worms in the dough

Dream abouth worms in dough

Dream of twitter follower tweeting

Dream of deceased grandmother

Dream of an angry woman destroying and marking up stuff

Dream of vomiting tacks

Dream seeing woman destroying stuff

Dream of woman marking up clothes stuff with marker

Dreaming about my ex boyfriend

Dream of grandma wearing diaper

Deleted message meaning

Dream someone is burning you and you read quran in dream

Dreaming of founding pearls

Dreaming of being investigated by your dead family member

Dreaming of dirty water and your child playing in them

Dream of doing pilgrim for mahadev

Dreaming about a half goat and half man

Dead parents moving

Dream bird no head and feather

Dreaming my relatives catch big bird

Dreaming a huge white sulfate

Drinking jamun juice in dream

Dream of dead person holding a baby

Dream of war

Dog being territorial over me towards other dog

Dream about a clothes hamper

Dream about goddess idol

Draining hot water

Dream of roasted parsnips

Dreaming seeing pear in the dream

Dancing with mermaids

Dream seeing many moons in the sky

Dream of dates full in the room trying to pick fresh dates from the rotten ones

Dream about carry a burning braziers

Daughter having boyfriend

Deceased father shooting himself

Dream meaning if a beautiful fireplace sittin on a marble white floor

Dream of man in women’s clothes

Dead person, given keys, in a church, while at work, and lots if money

Driving in a curve road fast

Disqualification on exam

Dead father with snake in dream

Dreaming of someone smelling like urine

Dead father with a snake in his hand

Dream of some man makin fufu

Dream of looking in my shoe box

Dream of burning

Dreaming about breaking palm kernel

Donating grocery to temple through people

Dreaming about someone removing dust from your face

Dream skipping a house

Driving on snow

Dream wearing isiphandla on my left hand

Deceased mom bruised back

Dreams about oceans, floods, stranded on a boat with aquatic ancient creatures

Decanter bottle

Descending road

Dead grandson sleeping upside down in a big bed

Dead grandma gives me food

Dreaming of a child get by a vehicle and still come out okay

Dead loved one rearranging furniture

Dress or cloth

Dreaming when my parents reject my partner

Deceased sister in dream

Dreaming that your are giving cloth to the mad women

Dreaming of spanish needle plant

Dead at a party

Dream about pants falling down

Doing menial work

Dreaming ripe mango dropping into hand from the mango tree

Dreaming of gold garden

Dream of showing love and someone trying to harm me

Dream of a shinning rainbow dresss

Dream of frog in belly

Dead father give me some soap

Dream about soked rain

Dreamt of my boy classmate kissing me

Dreaming burying someone who was buried longtime ago

Dream of buying new clothes

Dreaming of buying new clothes

Dreaming my sister givimh birth to the baby boy

Dream about sleeping in an unknown house

Drinking sorghum

Dream about pail which has clean water and falls and break down from the head

Dream of carrying water and the buckets and get broken

Dead snakes in left

Dreaming of priest telling me he love me

Dreaming dog and nearly i was collecting milk from the unknown sources

Dream about my father

Dreaming person cutting someones head

Dreaming of a dead person pooping

Dreaming of someone i know telling me she what to get malta

Dreamt of a traditional healer whispering something in my ear

Dream of grass and weeds

Dreams of seeing a different country soldier

Dreams about seeing a soldier in a different country

Dead sister wanting to cut my finger nails

Daughter calling me in a dream

Dreaming u went to the toilet to poop but when u reached there u felt happy and started playing with in the tap and washing your hands then u broke the tap and starte

Dream refuse money for transportation

Dream someone give me money as transport but i refuse it

Dead friend ran away when i tried to speak to him

Drying a cocoa seed in dream

Dream meaning of your 3x boyfriend throwing a surprise party for you

Dead person protecting

Difficulty in swallowing medicine

Dream of making sel roti

Dark hooded entity with glowing blue eyes

Dark hooded entity with glowing blue eyeals

Dream namber of dead man

Dreams about eating res berries

Dead man dream namber

Dead parent showing me farm land

Dream of snake crashing duck eggs

Dream of your crush puts a ring on your finger ring

Digging sand from river

Dreaming of two man fighting to kiss me

Dog sacrificed to bear

Dream list

Drinking concoction from a sangoma then vomit

Dream with unknown dead

Dream of rain dropping

Dream seeing mad person marrying yot

Dreams about being a psychic

Daughter has a miscarriage

Dream of semen on the floor

Dreaming with frogs having lots of eggs

Dead grandma holding hands with twins

Drinking water from dead father

Dreamed that my wife bathed

Dreamed that my wife bathrd

Dreams of my father as a poor man

Dreams of my father being a poor man with old clothes

Dreaming drowning in green water but survived

Dream interpretation of fishes and squids in the sea

Dreams of a leaking tank

Deceased husband melting in my dream

Dreaming yourself with your husband with body hair

Dreamed of an on oriental man sniffing my son on his head and pointed he’s the one

Dreamed this orientalist

Dreaming about someone using witchcraft

Dead bodies tied to wal

Dream of seeing someone carrying kenkey on the head

Dream of flashing people

Dark spot on foot

Dream of a white deer.

Dream of wearing torn short

Dreaming of my therapist traveling

Dreaming about picking up dodo

Dreaming with color olive green

Dove wing

Dreaming of elevation

Dreaming what a dead person paint and alive person

Diameter cat

Dead relative chopping a meat

Dream with name written in sand


Dream saw my dead dad

Dead mother have water from you in dream and become happy

Dreaming of sky

Digging a tunnel of sand

Dream meaning of seeing a church

Dream of facies

Dream allah necklace

Dream of petting crow

Dream of can’t find a bathroom. bathroom is out in the open

Dreamed of a gender reveal but it was not mine

Dreams that contains a black circle on three fingers

Denied transaction

Driving into trash cans and food

Dropping teacup

Dreaming my late father giving me sugarcane

Dreaming having a gift for some one and did not give on a birth day

Dreaming having a gift for some one and did not give

Dancing in church

Dreaming a baby

Dead mother asking to wash more dishes

Dead mother asked for washing dishes

Dreaming of mad woman giving me water

Drowning temple

Dreaming my late mother cleans a yard

Dead bodey

Duck and ducklings

Dead grandmother covered in feaces

Dried vegetebales

Dreaming seeing yourself taking bath

Dreaming talking to president

Driving car in the dream

Destruction of moon

Dream students cheating in test

Dream of my right palm being green

Dream eating fake eggs

Dream of seeing weeds in a bedroom

Different ethnicity

Dream of traveling in train with dead people

Dying flower

Dead grandmother combing my hair

Dream my hair was cut in a style

Dreaming of someone sucking your finger

Dream with dogs

Deadly bodies in the bush shoes to school

Dreaming of uprooting green chilli plant

Dad a drag queen

Dream meaning of red blood ejaculation in men

Dream of sweet butter

Dress as mad in dream

Dream a young sister falling in a pi latrine

Dreaming of teststing hiv positive

Dreaming about someone died inviting me to a party

Dream interpret logo the meaning of the symbols of sick, person, fat seen in a dream

Dream about eating cooked banana and yams

Dreaming death is literally at your door

Dream meaning of dressing a child

Dreamed of estimate

Dream meaning going up in the mountain with the bus

Dream washing rotten meat

Dreaming of home village by evangelist joshua

Dreaming of home village

Dead person holding a scissors

Dream taking wine from the priest charlice

Deep well with not much water and not clear

Dreaming of catching prawn and tiger prawns

Dreams about fire

Dreaming of being a prefect

Dead son hiding items in the couch

Drink acetone

Drunk driving convertible ex wife witch

Dad passing

Dreaming of dead dad

Dream shooting a bird to death

Dreaming when weeding maize

Dead person you see in a face

Dreaming of dead husband wearing new shoes

Deceased person closing door behind them

Dreaming about my identity card broken meaning

Dream home

Dream of wearing white clothes and gold jewerys

Dream about a winnowing basket

Diseased person gained weight

Dreaming of dreams

Dreaming your given a dream

Death in a maze

Dancing with someone ex wife

Dog liking private part

Dream of putting bushfire off

Dream of killing bushfire

Drop of blood behind you

Dreamed number seven seven

Dreaming about getting a silver play button

Dream of cow liver and blood

Dog suck blood from stomach in dream

Disappearing flowers from my garden

Dream of holding a baby

Driving on a slope mountain

Dream meaning of eating fufu

Dancing with my husband’s ex wife

Door closed without knob

Dying baby in a dream

Dream of seeing the same place another dream took place in

Dream about family members fighting

Dead mother smiles and laughs ready to go to a party

Deceased aunt handing you a drink

Dirt behind a friend house

Dreamed of white supremecists

Dreamt that my sister fell in large puddle of water

Donkey passing urine in my house

Dreaming of acup

Dreaming of someone giving me acup

Dream of young lady showing off private parts

Dreaming of someone give you use shoes

Death by hanging

Driving a company bus to carry children

Dreaming someon is paying your visa fees

Dry fish curry eating with old rice

Dreaming of green water

Dreaming of a tree full of quince fruit and spraying it with insecticides

Dreaming solder what meaning

Deceased parent and veea

Dreaming of an octopus caming out of my

Dirty flowing river with crocodiles and green plants

Dream sky

Driving shower

Dead person giving you something

Dream of going to church with five white plates

Dead springbok in the house

Dead grandma appears

Dancing in front of me

Dead dad tears

Dead grandma looking

Dream of a wounds private part of male i know

Dream about a colleague

Dream of a brother in law looking

Dreamed about my dad flogging and beating me and i have a bottle of star drink i stole from his room

Disembarking bus

Diemarking bus

Dreaming hanuman idol broken

Dream about pounding pepper with motar and pestle and it splash into your eyes

Dream and vision of iron rods meaning

Dad building a house

Dream about receiving piece of. magg

Dreaming a java plum big tree with a lots of fruit

Dream of a mandala

Dream meaning of picking a blue crystal stone from a river

Dreaming of a child praying with you

Dreaming of a hild prating with you

Dream buying cat fish and eating

Dreaming of pastor dancing on y pulpit

Dream of a car being impounded

Dead grandmother giving me an injection

Dead brown grass

Dreaming of husband peeing in the dreams

Doorway ceiling dream

Dream about eating almonds

Dream of woman lying

Dreaming of koolaid

Dream about taking something out form the vigina

Dead father with black tika and rice on forehead

Dodo bird

Dreaming of aluminum pans

Dream aabout supermarket

Digging up gold

Dreaming of the woman sucking souls

Dead mother changing outfits

Deep blue dream

Dog urine

Dreamed of a degu

Deceased husband looking at me thru window

Dream of someone dancing on water

Dream of someone laying down in the church and the church is dirty

Dreaming of a person

Dream of seeing sun and earth

Dreaming in a nissan

Dreaming of being injured at a river

Dreamt about ridges

Dreaming of tarmac road means what?

Dream of seeing a swollen face

Dream about eating mass

Dreaming about the creepypasta laughing jack

Dreaming of black dyed hair

Dreaming of my ex boss telling me he have feelings for me

Dead loved one glowing face

Dreaming about my daughter in a mental institution getting beat up by a girl

Dream of my deceased mom

Dead father asking for a soft drink

Dreamth catfish in clean water

Dream of deceased loved one male

Dream of sasquatch

Dream of old students

Dead person say hungry

Dreaming of a pastor riding a bicycle

Dream of riding hunda fast down a hill

Dreaming gold headband

Dream of boy with toilet bowl head

Dream of briyani in islam

Dead relatives and feces in dreams

Dream of kola nut

Dead person suking your

Diving into a pool

Dreaming two ring on every finger. i wouldn’t take. my mothers ring off.

Dreaming if white hunuman murti

Dead pooping

Dreaming my late mom wearing a white gown

Dream meaning of tindora

Deceased father farming and a helicopter

Dream my dad beating my brother and me requesting him to forgive my brother

Dreaming of yourself using muthi

Dream of angle of mercy coming to kill you what does it mean

Dreaming of a killed brother giving you names

Dreaming having money

Dreaming of a man shouting at you


Dreaming of my husband giving me yello clothes

Dreaming of mabele

Dream meaning of sto. nino. in a black dress

Dreaming beast after me with a bulls horn

Dreaming while sorting knickers means

Dreaming about a fictional character

Dreaming of your neighbor telling you he wants to buy a car

Dream cooking in the market

Dreaming being offered a vip party ticket

Dream of beads

Dreaming about myself paying lobola

Dreaming about myself laying lobola

Dog arousal

Dream that someone buys lots of furniture

Dog handshake with me in drea.

Dreaming of someone i know give me a sim card

Dream taking pictures with my husband but we where walking and him he was holding our baby girl

Dream meaning of eating food together like shit

Dreaming about used condoms


Dream of a european woman

Dreaming of sparkling five finger tree whereby the fruits are just ripe with bright sunlight

Dream about writing your name on a book

Daemon with for fingers

Dreaming of fearing to cross the river

Dream of yourself preaching to the multitude of people means

Dreaming of st ignatius

Dream of pair

Dream of girl

Dream of father losing his legs

Dreams about monster tails

Dream of blessing people

Dreaming of an old sangoma man

Dreaming of my neighbour a man giving me one piece of meat

Deceased mother sewing meeting new family

Dead mother with the bathing cloth

Dead aunt choking me in my dream

Dream of having to wear ragged pants

Decessed wife statue

Dreaming drinking vokda

Deceased father, injured, water ,baby

Dreaming polishing ur floor

Dream of a back of the palm of left hand

Dream of a palm that has a lumb at the back of left side hand

Deformed back palm on the left


Dream about a shadow of black magic entered into my body


Dead father laughing

Dream of white candle melted wax in ones hands

Dreaming about ur ex boyfriend telling you his busy

Dream of xhosa makoto attire

Dream of having water powers

Dreaming about golden rice field

Dream being gifted two grasscutter

Dream about washing white short

Dog turning into goat

Deam boiled egg with blood

Dream of being bitten by poisonous blue bug

Dream of cat playing with you

Dreaming of people exhuming my son who they had burried and finding him alive

Dream i’m preaching

Dream of a parent wearing a purple robe

Dead relative woman wearingbegles


Dad on son girlfriend in dream

Dreaming about a night dancer while taking you

Deceased dad coming home with furniture

Deceased mom waiving goodbye to me

Dreaming that your child is defiled

Distant screams

Double amputee

Devil building

Died grand father giving artificial gold bangle

Dogs tounge falling out

Dead father baking cake

Dogs lounge falling out

Driving in opposite way of lightening

Disappearing mouth

Driving away from lightening in storm

Dead grandfather gave birth to twin boys

Dreaming of wearing feng shui in rain

Dream about my girlfriends dead husband and i driving together

Dreaming of my sister and husband in bed together

Dream i was in bed with my child and his father in another woman’s bed

Driving along a causeway

Dream of a happy baby denying to be breatfeefed

Dram of shaking hand

Dreaming of crush

Dreaming of dead grass cutter

Daughter calling crying

Dreaming of someone giving you muti

Drag head on the floor

Drag head

Dead gives you a empty bottle

Dead person laugh

Dead person speak to me


Drinking coffee find roach struggling to get out at bottom of cup


Deranged boyfriend

DeĞerlİ taŞ

Derange boyfriend

Dream of having a drink in public but mine turns to be herbal concoction

Dreaming when i was in cloth that l use in garden and the gumboot and my coursement were wearing uniform

Dreaming of applying oil on your stomach when pregnant

Dream pastor giving you sweet wine non alcohol

Dreaming of a man zoom a picture

Double headed rooster

Dream that i have been offered scholarship to further my education

Dreaming of beaten by bee

Dream of giving people dream

Dream madman throw feaces on my house

Dreaming of wearing a purple sphika

Dreaming of being hunted by demons

Dream of cell phone call from neighbor

Dream there’s rashes all over my bottocks

Dream there’s rushes all over my bottocks

Dream there’s boils all over my bottocks

Dream there’s blisters all over your bottocks

Dead person give me a pair of diamonds

Dreaming when my wife is burning my black belt

Door handles breaking

Dream when my wife is burning black belt

Dead body with chop hand as leg what is the meaning

Door handles breaking in a dream

Donate to kinner

Dreams about passing my exam

Dreaming clothes swept by running water

Dream of seeing family friends

Dream of cooking mandazis

Deceaseds husband painting room white


Dreaming of war

Dreaming of man telling me that im about to be blessed

Dead person gives a sweater

Dream about unknown person hawking cooked food

Dreaming poland

Dead loved ones sweeping floors

Dream about a bag of pistachios

Dreaming my late brother giving me money and after giving me he cries when he has remained with nothing in the pocket

Dream about son with long hair

Dream of sweeping the floor

Dreamt of my mom and i could smell her.

Dream of slasher

Dreaming of a snake, a tourtouise and a frog

Dream about having a bath in a hospital

Dirty clothes pastor

Dreaming of your teacher dating with a monkey

Drinking milk with is butter

Dreakingmilk with its butter

Dreaming about broken mangalsutram for single girls for single girls

Dreaming about broken mangalasuthram for single girls

Dreaming of quranic school

Dim sun

Dream lion climbing on high branches with a long huge snake tail

Dead person asking for new clothes

Dream meaning of consulting a sangoma

Dream someone calling your boyfriend name

Dream giving food to ex boyfriend

Dream your child is selling maggie cube

Dead person gains weight in your dream symbal

Dead person gains weight in yur dream\\\\

Deaf blind mute


Dream of seperated husband

Dreaming of my husband doing salad

Devils leg

Dreaming of hiding

Dreaming of hiding from someone you love

Dream of a cigarette


Dreams of cleaning the church altar

Dream of sowing millet in a clean garden

Dead body meat

Dreaming of eating pads

Dreaming praying for sick mother

Dream where i had a girlfriend and she turned out to also had a with a red head, also there was a drill that kept drilling up valuable minerals, the prospectors loved it but all we wanted to do his hit a ground layer of snow

Destroyed moon by aliean

Dream i am an eagle

Dream of my dead ex

Dreaming that my crush is infatuated with a girl and that their roommate hates me

Dreaming the doctor refusing to help

Dirty mug and washing it

Dreaming about siddhar

Dream of cum\\\\

Dream a man stick his in my mouth and cum

Dream a man cum in my mouth

Dead person drinks milk

Dream of searching for fire wood

Daughter bittin by a scorpian

Drinking clean water from a bottle to take a giving by someone

Dream see me throwing stone offa chicken

Deceased mom moving and packing

Deceased no

Dreaming someone giving me paper money and i refuse to take it

Dead husband yellow

Dreaming of fish disappearing

Drawn face

Dream lost my car

Dream about cleaning a furneal home

Died brother giving me money

Dreaming seeing ur baby dad every night what it means

Dreaming about a man vividly but you are not in

Dead people with open mouths and bruised ones, one of them was a family member

Dream eating vegetable

Dream of red cat

Dreaming of the girl i like

Deep fried fritters soaked in oil means

Dead rooster

Dreaming of being powered with annoiting

Daughter getting in my bed

Drinking cigarette ashes

Drinking cigarette ashes and butts

Dreking coke

Dreaming of your manager (school head)

Dreams of always being a leader in my class


Dream meaning of an elderly seeing her period in the dream.

Dreams of cars

Dreaming hardhat

Dreams about your ex

Dreaming drinking a glass of milk

Dream heap of charcoal

Dream of disposing used pad in the river

Dog cut my hand finger

Dreaming of a dead person giving me some arrows

Dreaming a late father giving diging tools to use

Dreaming tendons

Dreaming of mother in a black fur coat

Dream interpretations of a duck sitting on my head

Dreaming of empty kraal

Dreaming of healing people

Death sister

Dreaming of ex wife

Drinking amarhewu in a dream

Dog eating snake

Dancing with nazareth church

Dead parents

Deceased mom is in dream

Dead person

Dream eating naartjies

Doing pooja in mandir

Dream of ghost took money

Daughter with poop

Dreaming about chichie

Dattatreya in dream

Dream of seeing beautiful bangles

Dream about upper lips hair is showing on make up mean

Dream removing someone upperlips by threading means

Dream of doing threading on someone make up

Dream about doing make up means

Daughter smiling

Dream of gold moustache means

Demons pulling

Dreamnt mom who passed away

Dreamnt about my mom w

Dream of someone removing cap from my head

Dream of being married and hiding from him

Dog tongue list

Dream about having umemulo

Dream about one of my students

Dead aunt washing up

Dead mother asking for saree in dream

Dream about iam a diplomat

Deceased grandmother is choking me

Dreaming a married person getting married

Dreaming grey angels

Dream of ex husband being blind

Dead family member bringing a second moon

Dreaming of consulting a sangoma

Dreaming about birds eat mangoear

Dead husband scolding me in dreams

Dream playing netball and scoring

Dream meaning black designer bag

Dead person with eggs

Dreams about being in a bus accident

Dead person looking for a fig

Dream of a pet

Dream of garuda attack

Dream of haruda attavk

Dead mother taking shower

Dream game

Dirt mound

Driving and crashed

Daughter buying a new house

Dream daughter hungry

Dreaming of vomiting centipede

Dreaming of a man drawing a tattoo and says come join us we are living too soon

Double dreaming

Dream, snake broom killing snake

Dream see a group home

Dead mum not accepting fiance

Dream of being in a group house

Dream of being in a group home

Dream about taking pictures of your cousin

Dead dad standing on cloud saying i visited derella

Dead aunty crying

Dead dad standing on cloud saying i visited derella

Dream of deity

Dream of leopard bitting

Dream of goddess

Dream of godess and smoke from cremation

Dream about eating mandaz

Dreaming about brown slipped meaning

Dream about making love to a deceased husband

Dream of being gifted baby items and box of diapers

Dreaming a puppy suck milk from me

Dead person asking me to tie his shoe laces

Dead person asking me to tie his shoes

Dream number poteto

Dream of your husband coming home from abroad

Dreamt of lime in kumkum water

Dreamed of bright full moon the adark cloud cover it

Deceased brother in my dream and going out

Dream of six pack abs

Descending elevator

Dreaming your girlfriend with two face

Dreaming about someone you were supposed to marry

Dreaming of mcako

Dreaming of a white man chasing after me in the bushes and within buildings

Dream my fridge is full of the best cakes and looks likes we gonna celebrate a birthday

Dreams about venus

Decoratimg a church

Dog sacrifices

Deceased ex boyfriend driving a bus and asking me to get on

Dream of removing cap from your head

Dreaming about seeing chief

Dreaming of someone who is not a part of your life anymore but you still love it

Drowning is which number

Dog licking private part as a man

Dream about unable having intercourse and divorce

Dreaming of apartheid

Dream of velociraptor outside my window

Dead person coming to take you

Dead person says he is tired

Dram of father in law

Dead father spits on son during argument

Dream gate sugarcane from brothers

Dream of giving mad man food

Damage book

Draining hot water dream in islam

Dead daughter in dream

Dropping pins on the floor

Dreaming pimentos

Dream about being pregnant again

Dress in white and yellow

Disabled crippled child floating and moving with powers

Dreamt of juicing soursop

Dog blood tears

Dream of my boss giving i and other staff key

Difficulty in breathing after bath

Death because of sand

Daughter who has a secret boyfriend

Daughter washing her hands

Dream of drinking water from my hands

Dog growling

Dreaming of mayan

Dreaming of matan

Dreaming putting sand in ahole

Dream about baby crocodile walking around in your house

Dream about your youngest son got into a fight

Door peephole

Dreaming a house being built but it’s only framed

Dead mother running away from you in a dream

Dead aunty tell you to wish her son on his birthday

Dreaming about some one you gift tasbeeh meaning

Dreaming arti in temple

Dreaming about a burning army camp

Dancing in some unknown place

Dead ex husband proposing to me in dream

Dreaming about something like tasbeeh

Dreaming of mole on the ear lope

Dreaming of an angel killing you

Dreaming about my neck

Dreaming about having a saggy g neck

Dreaming ur x girlfriend that u still love buh she no more interested in me

Dream of throwing fishing line

Dreaming someone pouring muthi in your yard

Dreaming of things in a pair

Dream of falling out of bed

Driving through water

Dreaming a fask clock

Decayed upper front teeth

Dreaming a fast clock

Dead father says will win in dream

Dreaming of making zobo

Dream about winning a beauty peagent

Dreaming in the storn with my mother

Dreaming seeing polony

Dog bite

Dog biting you

Dog biting your friend to death

Dreaming handcuffed legs

Dreaming handcuffedelgs


Dream being pushed in a hole

Designing a christmas store

Dream of receiving a huge amount of money

Dream of receiving a hugenamount of paper money w/ family members

Dead brother offered me a water to drink

Dreaming my girl child giving me a fruit in the dream

Dreamt that my grandma who is alive was showing me land which she had given to me

Double yolk

Dream of my sister falling into drainage

Dreaming about mad person

Dream gifted a bra

Dream while asking where this is

Dreamed lost gold heirloom one zero zero year old ring

Dead sister having a birthday party

Dead sister party

Dreaming of my dead sister having a party

Dreaming of rubbing body cream on my body

Discharge coming

Dream some one have polio

Dream of polio

Dream on catching ants

Dead mother laying on the bed

Dead mother lying on the bed

Dead brother visits wearing black

Dream of a cow eating my wrapper

Dead sister rubbing her head

Dreaming of my husband sleeping in the garden

Dreaming of kissing the k pop artist jonghyun

Dream about sibling being psychopath

Dream of throwing stones from the sky

Dead husband laughing and happy in dream

Dream of long

Dream of saging s

Dreaming my boyfriend slippers

Dream about someone that is dead

Dream of girlfriend cheating

Dreams of jesus

Dead person,wedding dress, torn

Dreaming about viand

Dreaming of a plane flying thru a tunnel

Departed love ones asking for apple to eat

Departed love ones asking for apple

Dead person asking for apple

Dreaming a childhood deaf man talking

Dreaming of stamp on left arm

Dead farther giving handkerchief to daughters

Dead wife in wedding dress

Dream about seeing two fifty in your dream

Death father slapped me

Dream about breaking kola nut

Dream of black snakes on rocks i’m passing

Dreaming my late mother was playing card with my living sister and my late cousin also my ex living aunt

Dreaming of my boyfriend who did not give me money in the dream