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Dreams starting with the letter H

Haut jesus


Harvesting moriga leaves in a dream

Healthy skin on back

Husband bleeding from his

Head above water

Honey bath

Having an exsorcism

Hungry kitten

Hit by a frog on the right leg

House for sale

Handshake with seven fingers

Hiding under leaves

Having bowel movement

Husband apologing to me

Horse fly

Husband licking the wife virgina in the dream

House buying


Hund med lopper

Husband committing adultery in front of you

Hear the name



Hecate dogs full moon

Hands on my shoulder


Holding few cans of powdered milk and licking it


Hotel room floors

Height vertigo

Heart shaped red ruby nose rings

Half human goat

Hold mams

Holding oenis hanc

Having a rope around you

Having an egg in the stomach

Hills being destroyed and we were about to die

Husband sues me

Harvesting groundnut in a dream

How to find my url

Having intercourse.with a.crush

Helium tanks ..


Holding hand parting

Having my neck snapped

Harvesting a lot of weed

Hamster bitesmy hand

How can i know is demon dream

Hearing gunshot in your dream

Hunting wild chicken

Hallway when you run you t

Hallway turn black and you see something with red eyes

Holding a silver sword

Holding a pang

Having two husbands in a dream


Hair dyed in black

Husband going to war in army

Hard boiled egg

Husband peeing the bed

Husband turning into father

Husbands chest

Hole in

Hearing good financial news

Hand washing underware

Handing somebody a gumball green

Handing a person gumball

Hearing a grandfather clock while sleeping

Hoe breaking while digging in the farm

Hold a

Having a few cuts on your hand making them look like a square

Hair fall in dream

Half in a dream

Hole in right hand

Honeydew melon

Hawking yam

Human shit

Helicopter ride


Hag stone

Head fruits

Hands and seeing sparks

Hit and car and left the scene

Home to buy four four thousand dollars

Hail breaking a window

Holding on to plane

Heavy object falling head

Holding dirt high heel shoes

Hair hit no

Hawking fufu in dream means what


Having seven fingers

Horned owl

Holding a great horned owl

Hug in a dream

Harvesting big sweet potatoes

Husband having with best friend

Hairdresser customer

Harvest string dreams

Hijra dead dream

Horse nuzzling me

Heart with wings

Have a newborn

Hawk attacking my dog

Hanging the clothes

Head being pushed

Human poo

Having feces in your pants

Harvesting rep plam

Hardcover menu

Hardcover menue

Holding and trying to read a book written with golden words



Hitting legs

Hole under bed

Husband wearing my scarf

Hair kating dream number

Having thin hair

Hybrid man/ cow

Husband trying to stop our car speeding down a mountain

Holstein cows

Having my throat nearly slit

Having quadruplets and one of them in my arms

Having homeless people groom


Holding a royal staff in a dream meaning

Husband n shoes

Handwatch two

Hornbill bird looking at me

Hornbill just sitting and staring at me

He loves me

He wore a white suit

Holding knife and cover it

Husband being decapitated

Hiding behind a chair and being seen by a child

Human reptilian

House inside a mountain

House roof top on fire

Helping an older woman

Hitler ww2

Hometown, unkept baseball park from my youth, chased by a hog

Hometown, old baseball park from my youth, chased by a hog

Hand drill

House with lots of people

Harvesting and selling sukuma wiki

Helping slaves excape

Hiding cross dressing

Husbands grave keep moving

Head shave

Hand on a woman’s spine

Holding a tongue in the hands

Hands down a woman’s spine

Hand image of clossed fingers(fist)d

House walking in rice field

Husband behind window

Horse head human body

Horse with human body

Herding large bull cows through your back yard and small cows through your house

Herding cows off mountain and through your house

How can you talk to someone who died on our dreams

Handling gasoline


Handles wrist holding me in dream

Having dinner

Handcuffed in school

Home in sydenham

Heaping sand

Human bust

Hairy buttocks and back

Hands with deformed back of the palm

Hands with a bumb at the back

He smacked another girls butt

How can i touch my moms

Having a hairy butt

House from the outside

Hitting someone with my rv

Home evatosn

Hold my grandfathers hand while driving


Hac; umralı

Helping to drape the saree

Hair on bottom


Having blood clots while having shower

Husband says i love you

Hugged by a duck

Husband caught by police

Horse killed blood

Horse thirsty

Husband mental illness

Harvesting much room in ur dream

Hijra helping

Haraam meat

Helping hands

Horse and carriage chasing you

Heavy bleeding wound on self


Half husband speaking with business professionals

Human meat in drea

Hand cuffed hands and feet

Hawk turning into a man

Homam brick

Hand covering mouth

High speed car chase

Having too much tendons

Hot oil pour into my leg

Hen fighting the snake and swallowing it

Husband licking other women

Husband having skin disease dream meaning


Honey inside a pot and putting honey on my hair

Housetop of dirt and cobwebs

House full of cobwebs

How accurate are dream interpretations?

Humans changing colors

Husband trying to kill

Hitting stone on the forehead

Hair on clothes

Having dreams always in your secondary school

Having a male child

Holes in the door

Huge lady

Hills on man

Husband wanting a baby

Hooves in a dream

Harvesting huge purple sweet potato in adream what does it mean

Having a baby boy dream

House full of flowers

Head seperated from goat

Hairy button

Hairy butt cheeks

Hairy butt cheels

Home wasmo somali

Human baby with animal head

Horse headed women

Holding virgin mary hand

Help poor

House with holes and bowls inside

How to teach k1 kid about abacus

Husband shaving beard off

Harvesting of ugu seed

Hall dream meaning

Holding an empty calabash


Healthy babies

Hearing mooing sounds

Hearing a cow mooing

Human giving birth to baby elephant

Half bottle of water

Half full of water

Husband was a dwarf in my dream

Human with red snake eyes



Helping simeone on thé floor

Help simeone when lying

Hug white ar

Having intamacy time with neighbour and my disrupt me

Holding a girl child

Hanuman smiling

Husband with another woman

Husband cleaning front yard removing weeds

Hunting a chicken

Hunting hen with gun

Hunting hen


Holding hand of a physical challenged person

Holding palm of a imbecile

House cockroach dream meaning

Husband apologizing

Half human cow

Husband dreaming of wife committing suicide

Husband infront of daughter

Holding uterus

Human giving birth to cow

Hungry daughter

Holding a pestle in dream

Husband girlfriend has a baby

Hair patch long on arm


Headboard in dream

Holding green vegetable leaves

Husband in front of a mother in law

Horse killing a goat

Hierophant card

Husband sucking of another women

Hand letting go

Holding hands and letting go

Having measles while pregnant

House on a cliff

House lizard entering to

Haldi kumkum

Hair picture grey or bleached hair photo

Have fun with your wife in dream

Holes on your body

Holes under your armpits

Hands through door

Hi guys that and he is giving me a red rose in my dreams what does it mean

Hit the wall

Hitting grand slam

Holding a child while ex climb out the window

Having a chemistry

Holding the world

Han ya


Hair cutting by barbar

Hair nails


Heavy in pain hard to walk legs

House of stone

Hovering and elevating


Husband asking for divorce and stay married to second wife

How do l get the name of the teams to win on st that is winning on 25th saturday

He meaning of the symbols of snake, egg and broken seen in a dream

Hawk swooped up dog

Huge tongue

Huge tong

House full of animals

Husband as younger version of himself

House on cliff

Husband sucking his wife

High pitch sound

High frequency soun

Holding a baby lamb

Holy scripture has a torn page

Husband being intimate with househelp dream

Hubby sleeping with housegirl

Held captive in cage


Hearing someone lying in pool of nlood

Hen eating clothes from someone body

Held by two women

Hangers in a closet

Holding a baby goat to the chest

Having a friend man and turns to a woman

Hair los

Holding a cracked of empty bottle of beer

Holding pee

Hiding from being caught

Husband fingering wife

Human bird dream meaning

Human dream meaning

Half bird and half human dream meaning

Hiding in a dark chapel

Husband after doing painting

Head in microwave

Head trauma from fall

Help someone in a still water

Headphones dream meanings

Hungry for leftovers

Hungry dream

Hospital escape

Hi five

Homeless man dressed in black

Heart desires

Hunter green nail polish

Hear loud knocking in my sleep that wakes me

Have a seizure

Helping someone sell gari in the market

Hello. i had a strange dream that my deceased father wished me a happy birthday. but his birthday

House on hill

Holding hands and walking with a girl

House with leaking roof

Hearing sound of yemoja in dream

Hand growing on head

Having a party in a dressing room

Heavy chest

Hot dog giving birth

Hot dog giving birthday

Half empty parking lot

Horse in a trailer

Hair in tote bag

Husband and begging

Husband begging

Huge snake kills tiger in a brutal way

Hybrid rattlesnake cobra

Holding, bottle and fanta

Hummingbird landing on pinky

Husky brings fish

Hiding clothes

Half moon that shines very bright

Hiding in a dream


Hear someone calling mommy

Husband going abraod

Hedgehog with flowers attached

Hatchback cars

Hiding yourself or ukuzifihla

Hiding yourself

Hugs jesus

Head boards

High tide but calm

Husband kissing mother

Handing food you are eating to a mad man in your dreams

Handing food you are eating to a mad person

Hanging white and red and blue sress

Head of a squirrel

Husband sucks sperms from his pennis

Hitting ownself by stabbing his head in a dream means

Having a fake

Hand palm on fire

Heat sensation on you palm of the hand in a dream

He stole money from me

Houses in reeds

Husband removing clothes and run away

Half black half white hair

Hoping to cross with someone

Havging a sheet over my head

Helping with a play performance

Holes in hands

Hole in couch

Horse in clouds

Hanging white clothes into the bush

Halloween party to dream

Hair in butter


Homeless man

Huge huntsman spider

Headbutting walls

Hiding child from demons

Helping someone out of a window

Husband carrying his died daughter in the dream meaning


Holding trishul and walking shiva

Handed live chicken

Hearing lollaby

Helmat drem

Helmat dreem


Having a party with dead relatives and friends

Hearing a shot gun sound

House in reverse

Handcuffs husband

Hen house on fire

Hand took wood and it crumbled

Having a wedding ring on my finger

Head of a white donkey

Husband possessed by a demon

Harry and megan

Husband weres a red saree

Human head trophy on hunters wall

Heavy metal in the way

Horse with bloody nose

Husband seduce sister in law

Hitting someone on the head with a white stick

Haunted movie theatre

Hunting clothes


Hiding a boyfriend from my parents

Having mhlonyana

Healing a damaged plant

Healing a damaged plamt

Husband buy glass bangles for me in dream

Having a fancy car in a dream

Horse in the own garden

Horse in the garden

Husband, dead, give and money seen in a dream

Husband with other woman and family

Hair in teeth

Hole in wall with clear water pouring out

Husband broken neck

Husband brokem


Husband licking my

Holding silver stone

Husband trying to sleep with daughter inlaw

Half moon in dreams

Hanging exsicution dream

Head seperated from the body

Hot water disconnections

Husband dreams of poisoning makeup

House grahpravesh done by a deseased

Hiding a automobile

Hiding a car

Holiday with colleague

Hurting right foot

Hands falling fromm my hands

Hello soaked chana daal

Having a floppy pig tale and being a different person in a dream

House of wood

Having wedding looks

Hair falling out and tumor

Husband stacks wood

Husband drives huge moving van

Husband edifices a moving van

Horizontal wounds

Holding a folded mat

Husband sleeping with infant in a dream

Hands being handcuffed

Having diabetes

Holding hands with a stranger but feeling butterflies in my stomach

Helping the enemy when she was sick whereas everyone is disputing her because of her sickness

Helping someone to put pedlock

Heaven on top of mountain

Heaven on top of mounatin

Hot pepper dream

Hash browns plum tomatoes dream

Husband giving money to another woman in a dream

Husband infront of my daughter dream

Husband eating two meals i did not prepare

He was lying while i read the truth on my mobile phone

Healing the sick

Hug and kissing president seen in a dream

Home inspection

Hob on

Hollow neck with door

Hair in cake

Hurting your family and loved ones

Having a dream about someone being afraid of strawberries

Having a dream about someone being afraid of water

Having a dream about someone bothering me.

Holding bitter kola on your hands meaning


Hands over mouth

Hands ove mouth

He said i want some ham

Hoarding house

Having a runny nose in the dream

Half a smile drooping

Hanging on a stunt plane

Had a dream that a lady came and me for chilies means

Headlless body

Havesting cassava

Height, fear of falling from a height

Hole in nipple

Having a pet cobra in egyptian times

Head of state

Hem in on all sides

House full of flying insects


House shape

Hit by a bullet underwater

Holding a burning bible

Husband ignoring me and with another woman

Husband having an afair with sister in law

Hard wind

Humongous flag

Holding spanners in your dream

Hole in your couch

Hearing a pen drop

Husband showering

Husband in shower with another person

Husband asking for another child

Hear a loud crash in your dream

Hidden eggs

He gave me a blue stone

Hiding your clothes

House in the woods

Helping chosing suitable clothes

Healer doing rituals at home

House painted in red and white

Horn fish jump on river

Hammerd the head of a snake

Having dream of someone getting blind on their wedding

Helping the blind

Huge tapeworm

Hearing knocking while sleep

Head hit by yellow brick

Having many different mothers

Haunted room levitated

Hockey game

Husband wearing lingerie panties in dream

Husband wearing panties

Helping the president from danger

Horror incident

Husband cutting wife hair

Having a dream about a friend having a wound on her leg

Haxe in a dream

Hibachi chef

Half fox

Huge spider web in multiple colors

Head blown off by shotgun

Husband shaves his beard in my dream

Husband shaves his beard

Hand shaped cloud meaning

Heavy book cabinet falling towards me

Heavy cabinet falling on me

Halfman half goat

Hole dug by a dog i meaning

Husband missing three fingers on right hand

Hitting mad person with a car

Having newborn babies

Hot metal

Hot to the touch

Hot black ladle

Hiding under the green grass on a small river sand

Hand on back

Headless chicken running

Having dreams of clearing my competetive exam

Having dreams of clearing my competetive eam

House broken


Huge black snake

Hair on someone body

Hairy nipple

Husband molest

Hand stuck in purse

Hairless monkey or baboon

Having two noses

Huge fire

Having a baby dream

Husband judge his wife a rumors meaning in dream

Holding kenkey in a dream

Holding my

Head off

How to use omega three capsules

Humid misty room

Hundreds of flying eagles

Hiding gold money

Holding a baby boy

Holding a pestle

Holding hands and kissed on cheek

Horses running in circle

Husband ko pant pakde dekhna

Helping from dead person

Half nicky in a dream

Happy child ghost

Home town church dreem

Hot in my handsbahobali

Holding a golden pheasant

Harvesting adam fruits

Hole in baby head still alive

Hiding from a deceased friend

Holding moon

Hiding deceased friend

Husband sucking wife in the dream

Holding a dress

Holding a y black dress in a fress

Helping a girl to seel mineral and malt

Having a dream with husband wife

Hair in ocean

Hair in warer

Has water coming out of it

House dreaming

Husband’s mistress

Hammers and damaging walls

Hole in your house

Hair in navel

Hair in belly button

House mess

Hand sky night stars people

Hands being hit

Huge ship crashing into land ?

Hand over

Hr manager as guest in the house

Hasband dreams his wife bathing him

Hearing restored

Hair color

High in the air on top of fire scape

High in the air in bed

Hit and run by a black sport car

Home my family members and friends from a yearly function...and u get to a near by town near your home and you stop in the same town and i and my friends get out of the car and my wife requests to drive the family members home and come for us later after a refreshment in the twn with the friends

Haveing a stroke

Hi church i went to jerusalem during the war

Help someone to sweep

Having an international phone call in my dream means what

How rare is it to taste in your dreams?

Hand craft dream meaning

Hosting a crusade in the dream

Havesting ripe coffee beans

Hearing chanting

Hearing my name being called by a woman in a dream

Hanging washed clothing

Having an unplanned business meeting

Hands scrubbed by someone else to remove dead skin in dream

Hands being chopped off

Hands being cut off


Husband complains no money in dream

Huge landslide as seen from road

Husband having baby with another woman in dream

Hispaniola that wants to date me

Husband killed

Hatvesting moringa leaves

Hitting with belt

Hairless horse

Holding a lamb in my dreams

Halwa puri


Husband being stubborn

Harvesting bambara beans with a dead person

Human resource

Hand ring

Hanging the washing with a friend

Harvesting pieces water yam in the dream

Harvesting water pieces water yam

Hurt feelings

Hairy tougne

Having friends in my house but its dull

Having friends in my house but its dark

Horn honking

Hair being on back

Husbands best friend

House repairing

Holes chewed in rug

Husband and wife deficating at the same time

Having fun with your ex

Husband in bathtub with other women

Human transform sheep

Husband give me money for tiffin in dream

Hang clothes in rsin

Hear gun shots and seeing a flash of light

Hat does it mean if you see someone killing a spiny bush vipers snake in dream spiritual

Handful of rocks

Humans killing animals

Hearing someone died of sucide

Hearing someone died from sucked

Hiding in a bathroom

Handing over keys

Horses butts

Horse with tiger head

Hose snake wrap

Husband when he was you g


Huge tree with rooms and white walls

Holding closed the mouth of alligator

Helping a lame person

Headless palmtree

House without door

Home room

Hearing music playing

Hearing knocking door waking you up

Hyena feces

Homeless and


Handed a bow and arrow

Heaps of sand

Heart half cut

Heart cut

Half full water bottle


High school students

Horror film

Half infront of my boss

Hit by rock

Healing fruits stolen

Healing fruit tree

Hiding a fugitive

Hands of niece

Haldi turmeric, and puja

Hexogon hole in my dead brothers head

Hat does the symbols of mother, washing and feet mean in a dream?

Having a baby without a butt

Hawk on back

Hawk on my back

Hawk trying capture my dog and grips to my back

Husband and wife holding each other while crying

Halo around sun

Had a dream of my lover speaking my mother language

High tech technology

Half a cup

Hamster drinking water

House in the cliff, lucky number

Half bird and half boy

Haircut at dream

Having a

Harvesting dry corn

Hotdog with spiders in it

Husband touching sisterinlaws

Hyena trapped by dry thorn tree

Hand job in dream

Hole in a veil

Hand on window

Holding muti in ny hand

Husband killed daughter

Hiring a dead people for a job

Hand through door window

Humiliated in large meeting

Having milad in the house

Hair on palm

Hide from zombies

Hometown flood

Half eaten tongue

Having a step sister

Hard very sting bambara bean in a dream

Hidden transactions in church

Husband washing clothes

Husband, lying, bed, another and woman seen in a dream.

How can crude oil be used spiritually.

Having an encounter with bible prophet elijah in a dream what does it mean

Hot water in a siver kattle

Hidden water world

Here my son died

Human with pig head

Having to protect my husband

Helping a girl i know to cross a river

Husband necked in a dream

Hands cut by blade roughly

Hang upside down

Having children outside marriage

Holding cash money in plenty

Having romances

Hearing my child screaming for my help

Hearing someone try to speak

Half infront of a teacher

Hives rash

Handed over two white clean shirts

Half ex

History exam

Hole in toilet dream meaning

Hole and twigs coming out of foot

Hole in foot with twigs coming out no pain

Hanging clothes on the line

Harvesting sorghum

Hair clippers and shaving

Hair in the dream

Hitting my husband ex and children’s biological mother

Holding hands with dead woman pastor and feeling happy


Hijra dream namber

Hijra drem namber

Heat vent

Hearing a doorbell

Husband young again

Husband slapped another woman’s butt

Husband slapped another woman’s ass

Handle made by human bone in umbrella

Hybrid scorpion/nettle

Hanuman told me to chant ram ram

Having arms and legs cut off

Heavy object fall on head

Husband nd wife argueing

Hasbund wife

Happy sister

Hot floor

Helping someone to wash the dirty plates

Home key inside the house

House without stairs

House missing stairs

Had a vision of a pair of white sandles that i fitted on my feet.

Heart shaped tatto

Hiding in bunkers war

Hand in snake curse

Heavy rain at jetty

Hand tied to the wheel

Holding kadai

Holding heart in hands

Hell hound attacking my family

Hiding animals from the world

How to open a door in your dreams

Husband cruel

Have baby tiny

Holding wooden frame

He says you will understand when you look at it from above

How penis works in vagina

Harvesting mopane worms

Hair in food meaning

Hooking a fish

Hospital dream

Holding queen elizabeth hand to greet her

Hyena bites me

Hearing cow in my dream

Hyena bite my left arm

Holding brown circle bread in dream meaning

Holding tricycle

Holes in the ground with dead animals


Hazrat ali

Hands with spots on them

Huge tsunami while we are in a building

House been rubbed

House been ruuned

Having jiggers in ur fingers

Having jiggers in ur hand fingers

Haversting melon seed

Healing frozen owl

Horse voice

Http: .google.com

Helmet dream interpretation

Husband and sister

Hardware shop

Helpers disappear

Having with a muscular woman, being a woman myself


Handil bars

Hotel bed

Healing a dead animal

Hitting my wife with slipper dream

Hear your name

Hammered noises

Hammer noisr

Hammered noiy

Holding a baby girl with a purple shirt

Having a dream of someone that don& 39;t like as as you like them

Having with mad man

Having with own mother

Honey coming out the wall

Hanuman saw in dream

House decorations shopping

Hair inside nose

Having with an american lady

Having with a white woman

Hairy fingers on my hands

Hearing amazing grace

Having confusion

Https: .dreaminterpret.net/sukk-dady

Holding a person& 39;s hand and she moves her hand away

His stomach was hurting and was looking for help

Having with a giant man

Horse drawn sleigh

Having so many bags of sachet water

Having with a blind man

Hands you paper towel

Horse in old abandon house dream meaning

Horse in old abandon house

Hanging clothers

Have reacuring dream of been happy. flying like peter pan also i& 39;m with a person i love and want to spend the rest of my life with

Holding a black hors at evening in dream

Husband suckling another woman breast in a dream

Holding black linen to the sea, pure colors, that voice is calling me i have no luck, i have no salvation (i have no salvation)

Holding ogbono in the dream tie with transparent nylon

Horns of moose

Hammer nails in shoe

Horse dream

Happy finding nuts

House in a cemetery

Human hand

Having an affair with married man

House in the desrt

Huge home

Having 4 breasts

Hanuman ji smiling face

Hole in frying pan

Holding a ripped udara fruit

High five friend

Helping a misunderstood man

Huge elephant penis on girlfriend

Half human and half a spider

Handsome man arranging to get a bookcase for my books

Having a 3rd eye in your upper back

Having a running nose

Hanging flowers cleaning room

Hanging flower from ceilig


Horses intercourse dream

High schhol

Hypnotising someone

Horse chestnut dreams

Hiding in a house

Half naked with other people

Hearing ben in a dream

Husband half naked in a dream

Hybrid snake cat dream

House on top of a moving waves of sea

House on top of a moving waves of se

Holding both hands praying for the president

Heart green leaf

Husband’s mistress sends presents to him at our house

Having food with ancestors

Holding a naked baby that pees on the floor

Hill castle

Hearing a grandfather clock

Hearing the same word over and over

Holy mary statue

Husbands get cut in head

Humiliated by husband in dream

Happily eating panipuri

Hijra attraction to you

Hole in hand

Hand with long finger nails

Hand touching you

Hand with black nails

Horse with a human head

Heard six months in my dream

Husband was kissing another womens feet in my dream

Hem a purple robe on someone

Heavy man sitting on me

Husband hiding bank account

Head stitched up

Hair falling out for burning

Hole belly button

Hunting with deceased father

Husband shot

Hebrew word

Having on one foot slippers and one foot shoe

Hair butt

Hair growing out of my butt cheek

Having goat stool in my mouth in dream



Helps zayard

Holding 1 maggi cube in dream

Husband cutting me with a cutlass

Harpie skull

Hippo in a river

Having a mould shop in a dream

Holding six fruits of okro in a dream

Half werewolf and half vampire

Hunting a grasscutter in my dream

Helping a helpless father and child

Husband peeing on pillow in dream

Husband in army clothes

Husband donning military clothes

House on firer

Hacked account on fb

Husband not repying on msg

Harvesting mushroom on palm tree