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Dreams starting with the letter E

Eating meat of a dead person

Exploring a big house

Embracing a rock

Eating rice ball

Enemey begging for bread

Ex boyfriend bath together

Envelope full of money

Ex girlfriend laughing at me in dream

Embassy dream meaning

Eating yam porridge in the dream

Elephant head cut off


Ex husband in the church and giving me a shoe white and sandals

Ex husband in the church and giving me a shoe

Ex husband in the church


Eyes swollen , red and watery

Expired items

Eating umhlonyane

Eating blackberries in a dream

Exs blowing kisses



Eating wild fruit

Enemy blind in right eye

Eating my own arms and hands

External nasal emoragy

Eating herbs

Eye on pyramid

Eating pancakes

Eating with someone in a jungle

Every time on my birthday i always have a dream where i could open my cake and all spiders come out and i touched my brother and then he turns into spiders

Ereaming about a husband with a bald hair

Electric scooter

Earth axes

End of world war


Eating hard goat meat in the dream

Enemy in military uniform

Effigyu dream meanings

Evil infection

Enemy lucky numbers

Eating razor blade

Eating menstrual blood

Enermy numbers

Enermy lucky numbers

Elevating plateau

Ex husband gives cake as a gift

Execution murder of young people

Eating already fry groundnut

Eating fry groundnut

Eating sapota in dream

Evil pedlar

E symbol

Eating of pounded yam

Eating black soup with my ex boyfriend in my dreams

Elephants, baby mother and her calling

Eye glass screw detached

Ex boyfriend crying after an argument

Eating cow dung

Engagement happiness

Eating roasted melon seeds

Ex girlfriend stabbed me

Ex husband suicide

Ex husband attempts suicide in front of you

Employee dreaming of me preparing to get married

Eating mangos in the dream

Expired mother photo broken in dream

E meaning of the symbols of eating, nzu, igbo seen in a dream.

Eye in egg

Eat chicken

Eating of eba and ogbono soup in the dream

Ex with ring

Eight eight two six two seven

Eating a cold meal

Elephants blocking a way

Exposed chest

Ex spouse

Evil aura

Empty glass bottles

Eating cassava and coconut in a dream


Eating fried yam

Ex engagment ring

Ex engagment

Eating foid

Eating of nzu in the dream

Ex relations

Ex sweeping my house

Electrical fault in the house

Ewedu soup

Eating cooked rice

Eatings egg ants

Eating roast cassava in dream

Electric pole burning


Eating haram meat in the dream

Excretion youreelf

Eric body

Eating fresh baked bread and butter

Eating pecans and walnuts

Eating doll

Eating two chicken eggs in your dream

Elder brother wearing my new trousers

Escaped a collapsing toilet floor

Entering house

Eating meat pie

Elephant and cow in your home

Eko elewe

Eli elewe

Eating amala with ewedu in the dream

European woman

Ear breeds blood

Ex bf buying clothes for me

Ex boyfriend, new girlfriend pregnant

Eating well cooked in a dream my islamic dream interpretation

Elephant hill


Eye contact with guy

Examination malpractice

Executed hanged

Eating mug

Eating with ghost

Emerald green dresses

Eight thousand

Evil men in your dreams

Eating human teeth

Eating soup with porkk meat

Eating little beans and posho

Eating boiled yam

Elephant falling from sky

Elementary classmates

Elephant in the stars

Eating matooke and chicken with other people

Eating matooke and chicken

Eating stomach with my mother and my cousin



Egale attacking on chinken

Eating fruits in a dream

Eating puri during pregnancy

Eating corn jellos in dream means what

Eating dry fried kapenta

Ex husband leaving with suitcase

Excretion flushing

Everyone secretly hates me

Eating used sanitary napkins

Eating used pad

Ex man kisses

Ear on a oak tree

Eel fish biting me

Eating banana in a dream

Eating ice block

Empty quran pages in dream

Ex-boyfriend dream

Eating ugali sukuma

Eating konkonte in a dream meaning

Eating with rich people in the dream

Ex dating cousin

Ex boyfriend dressed as shrek

Ebenezer dream meaning

Ex boyfriend getting in the bath with me

Eating with my brother

Elvis embracing me

Eating at a funeral

Ex husband sad no stars on sky gloomy sky lights city lights frame

Ex husband sad no stars on the sky

Elderly collapsing due to heart failure

Ex girlfriend sleeps with brother

Engaged exboyfriend running to rescue me

Esą buckthorn

Excited and pregnant

Elevator blocked

Eating soy beans

Esuru in the dream

Exploding boat

Evil ex

Ex boyfriend bite

Eating male

Eating a human leg

English language

Eight. nighttime

Ex girlfriend that left you

Eating a bird

Evil spells

Eagle killing pegion

Expensive coat

Eating peanuts

Eating bread with a cow leg pepper soup in a dream meaning

Exchanged my phone to old phone

Esgle eating chicken


Earthquake and tsunamis dream

Elevation dreams means

Enemy offer pen in dream

Enemy offer pen in fream

Empty gallon of red oil

Eating sand

Emergency alert

Erasing the blackboard

Eating omena in a dream means what


Eating beans and maize cooked githeri

Eating beans and maize cooked

Eating jalebi in a dream

Eggs coming out from female stomarch

Eating ugali and sukuma in your dream

Eating poached eggs

Eat vigina

Eating cow brain in the dream

Emotional dream about my father in law

Everyone hating me

Empty dvd store sale

Empty book store

Eating good food with ex boss

Eating good food with ex voss

Eating fufu with palmnut soup in your dream

Ex husband and he is dead

Eating pomegranate and maggots

Enemy fighting


Eating unknown fruits in a dream

Eys and nouse and ers


Eating amala and ewedu and fish in dream

Eating jollof rice

Electric sparks hit people

Electric charge stirking people

Electric stormhitting people

Eating garden egg in your dream

Encased in blood and bone and muscle

Eating aiden fruit in a dream meaning

Eating aiden fruit in a dream

Elephant thirsty

Eating of rice and plantain in a dream

Eye dream

Eating groundnuts,maize ,porrage and soda

Ekuru,eko in a dream

Earphones dream teer number

Earphones number

Ex boyfriend having been castrated

Earphonees number

Ex showing up to communicate with me

Eating a textbook

Evil watching

Ex boyfriend chocking me

Eating salad no dressing hard to chew

Empty presidential motorcade

Eagle hunting dog eye

Eka umdoko

Eka ujeqe

Ex boyfriend serving me breakfast

Exchanging phone with someone in the dream

Eating from the dustbin in dream meaning

Eating from dustbin

Eating from the dustin in dream

Eating from dustin

Elevator patterns

Entering a barn like with a dead relative

Eating glsss

Eating food with my ex in dream

Eye ball in mouth

Engaged to boyfriend

Ex husband giving me money and he seams like he was apologies to me

Eating ghee and kheer

Eating hamburger with my deceased father

Eating from a mad mans plate

Electri tuching dream number

Ex boyfriend gives you money

Eating yam with pepper soup in dream

Eating of maggi in dream

Ex’s brother and niece

Eating bitacola in a dream

Eating rice and chicken

Eating green plums with salt

Eating, grape and fig

Empty wine

Eating fatty bird meat

Eating palm frond cane

Eating vermilion in dream

Engine spare part

Enemy having a new born baby

Ex being mean but being sweet after

Ex wearing my jacket

Escaping from iron doors and hallway

Elephant is vomiting in dream

Elvis presley made love and he was obsessed with me

Eagle carring dog away

Eyes blinking,coffin

Expensive metal

Extrovert dream


Eating while on train

Eating on train

Empty scary pool in a old abandoned building and the drain explodes

Eating your food in dump site, mean what

Eating ripe mulberry from tree

Eating sour jujube

Eggs for a christmas tree


Eating hollow rice in dream meaning

Eating my own testicule dream meaning

Eating my own testicule

Eating rice from a poor family

Eating with the poor

Everybody in my dream was wearing the same shirt

Ex and i are back together but he’s extremely cold and mean

Enough food guests

Escalating with joy

Eating shea butter

Eating pakora

Eating posho with someone

Eating black cow leg

Electrical wall socket shorting out

Eagle coming out of the mud


Eagle in the mud

Eating agidi nigeria food

Eating fried egg

Eggs green peppers

Eating silverfish and my sisters laughing at me

Early morning half desserted grocery store lot dream

Ex lover in a tree

Early morning half empty grocery store lot dream

Enemy wipe they hand on your body in a dream meaning

Execution of family member

Execution dream

Excutition dream meanings

Excuti9n dream meanings

Eating or swallowing sperms

Elder anointing your head with oil feels cold

Ex boyfriend forcefully and blackmailing

Ex gave me something and i gave it back

Elephantiasis disease

Eating beetroot given by someone

Eating meat in a dream

Eyes with white light coming through them

Eating icheku dream meaning

Escaping prision house

Ever green maize fields

Eagle catching the snake

Eating meat with maggots

Elon mask whatvis meaning

Eating amala wwedu and fish in dream

Eating smashed meat

Eating a bitter kola

Eaten by hating

Extremely short fingernails.

Eating a heart

Eating with a king

Eating posho and beans at school

Eating bread with a liquid soup

Explicit videos

Ex husband asking for money

Ex hubby uncle telling you that he is dying

Eating green leaves from the top most part of tree

Ex boyfriend dad dies and its my fault

Escaping by means of fire escape

Ejaculate on face

Ex boyfriend giving me a ring

Earth shaking

Eating beans sense with aroma

Ex facetimed me

Enemy falling in a hole

Ed out to sea

Extra toes on the left foot

Entering church with a bag

Eating eko tutu elewe

Ex boyfriend has put dreadlocks

Egg , falling, down and hand seen in a dream

Eating in the dream meaning.

Eating plantain with oil

Eating cooked meat in morning dream

Eating fufu and egusi in dream

Eating amla in dream

Ex boyfriend giving you cake

Eating sadza cabbage

Escaping wild bears and mountain lions

Eating fried corn and groundnut

Ex father in law

Entering the kraal

Eating food with ma boy friend

Eating bitter leaf in a dream

Eating from a chamber pot

Eating chocolate biscuit

Eating chocolate bar biscuit

Empty lunch transparent lunchbox

Eating pork skins

Ex friend giving me clothes

Eating fruits from the tree

Eyes inside legs

Eating salt fish

Eating koki beans with a child and a friend

Elaeagnus angustifolia

Enemy becomes my boss

Evil coming through window

Ex partner leaving me

Effile tower sinking in water

Eating swallowing food in dream


Eating at school

Eating dumplings

Eating diced cucumber in a drea

Eating sliced cucumber in a drea

Empty water pot

Escaping a storm by driving fast

Ex husband made a drink for me to drink

Eating candied nuts and fruit my friend gave me and she was watching me eating it

English spelling bee

Evil blue eyes

Eating a motorcycle

Eating boiled eggs dream interpretation

Eating biryani

Eating cat meat

Eating large lima beans

Ex boyfriends mom asking for favor

Eaten eba nd ewedu with soup in the dream

Eagle flying

Ex girlfriend wearing black

Eating with dead people

Eye contact with an ex

Extension to my house

Eating the four legs of a cow

Escrater in the dream

Eating gnuts paste and shea oil

Eat rats

Eating charmed food

Eggs and alligator

Ex and slapping

Exploding oxygen tank

Eating bread with friends means

Eaten bread with hot water with many friends

Er log mich an, während ich die wahrheit auf dem handy lesen konnte

Early morning, headphones,

Ex called my sister

Entering paradise; ka’aba; masjid; mosque

Eyes meeting in middle

Exam cheating

Empty ow cases

Eagles dropping a house

Earth rotation stopping

Eating profiterol

Eating in my sleep

Excreta on your body

Eating a blackhead

Enemy shaved my head

Eagle banana monkey

Eagle snatching banana

Eating edible worms in the dream

Escaping from teacher

Eaten food cooked by a friend who is no more alive

Eaten food cooked by my friend who is dead now

Eating mucus bread in my dream

Elephant head bones

Eating sweet sorghum

Eating white tissue paper

Ex girlfriend with number one three


Excavated soils

Ex had a baby with someone else

Elephant with runes on it

Elephant head with runes


Eating attachment in dream meaning


Eating with albino

East lawn

Exploding eye

Ex with new boyfriend

Eating animal

Ex boyfriend, ship ,iphone,wallpaper

Ex boyfriend, ship , water, iphone,wallpaper

Eyes of a carving shadow

Ex calling you

Eyelid bump

En pointe shoes

Eating lizard

Exhuming dead bodies in a dream

Ex mother in law

Eating ridge gaurd

Eating honey in a dream

Eating plantain and red oil


Eating white bread

Elephants and dinosaurs

Elephant and dinosaurs

Eating cooked rice with family

Eating raw offal in a dream

Evangelism in dream

Eating roasted palm fruit in dream

Extra patio furniture

Eagle chasing birds

Eye navel

Elf giving money

Eat food in toilet nowl

Emancipated elephants

Ex pay lobola for me

Eating moi moi containing egg inside

Earth opening up

Eating dog head soup dream

Eating adams fruit in dream

Eating own poop

Ex bf give me diamond stone

Exes baby momma

Escaping family and canoe seen in the dream

Ex locked me out of a room

Eating cassava in a dream meaning

Eating meat and eggs and rice together dream number

Eating meat and eggs and rice together

Ex boyfriend building a house in the rain

Eating fish and chapti with friend in dre

Eating fish and chapti with my male friend

Exhuming dead person in a dream

Enter the last bus in dream meaning

Eating the insides of a cow in a drem

Eating human feces

Eating human stool

Eating poo

Eating out

Everyone starts looking at me with strange eyes then i am chased



Eating bitter yam

Empty pouch

Eating bambara nuts

Escaping on a small airplane

Eating of kolanut in my rearm what does that means

Eating mabela

Eating lots of cake

Ex boyfriend buy for you torned clothes

Eggs in a mango tree

Emancipated person

Ex boyfriend giving me his socks asking me to wash them

Eating sadza and vegetables

Eating in public

Eating unripe tomato in dream

Eating unripe tomato and leave in a dream

Ex girlfriend touching my in dream

Everything getting bigger

Entity entrancing others

Eating with ex girlfriend

Emotional abuse

Earing salty durian

Ex-husband, touch stomach, hospital

Ex girlfriemd talking but i dont understand

Exhusband been dragged by harmed men

Eating waterberry in dream

Eating boiled but still alive turtle

Explanation of burns in the legs

Eating mangoesteen

Eating powder muthi

Eating bitter kola on the dream

Empty half broken plastic yellow pot

Eanting to sell a theatre ticket dream

Eight babies

Eating cooked banana with boyfriend in adream

Ex boyfriend with new girlfriend

Eating ugali matumbo in a dream

Ex lover following you

Easily pulling up stalk of wheat

Earthquake drowning and water

Eating eba and stew

Empty space with sky

Eaten eba and stew

Excelling and sport

Excelling in a sport

Explanation of hand breaking chain

Eidul fitre dream

Eidul fire dream

Eidul fire eid dreaming

Eating red rose

Ex want his son back

Ex husband

Eating with colleagues

Ex husband and current husband

Everyone was in a motorhome, collapse of society

Ex boyfriend choking you

Eating in popular street

Ex apologising

Eating cake in grave

Eating chicken in half with the president

Eathing my food in my left hand

Eating in a dirty place

Exboyfriend questioning me why he let me go to town and that why we separate

Exboyfriend licking vergina on a bed

Earthquake falling cliff

Eating with a known billionaire in dream

Eating egg and milk

Eating garri wit palm oil

Eating moimoi and eko in the dream

Eating palm oil

Elephant apple picking from tree dream number

Eating pawpaw in the dream

Eating rice with rocks dream meaning

Eating a mandarin

Eating seafood dream

Eating apple

Electrocuted to death dream

Eating red palm oil in bread

Eating khake shifa

Eating crunchy kaangmu

Eaing raw irvingia gabonensis

Eaing irvingia gabonensis

Eyeglasses in lake

Ein sof

Eye of the sheep in the sky dropping blood

Everything is white


Ex new spouse

Erosion in the dream entire inside my house

Escalator injury

Eagle sitting in window

Eightfourfive dream

Eating an egg with pepper

Eating rice with konyomire stew in group

Eat chicken and chips meaning

Excepted repentance and death

Excepted and death news

Eating genital infant dream

Elephant swallowing your dog

Extended family trying to poison mother


Eyelash and mites

Eye image

Escaped bombing in a bus

Eyes of god dream

Ex trying to kill you

Explosion gone wrong

Enemy became friend

Eating bread laced with coconut in dream


Eating garden egg and pepper sauce i

Eating time

Eating bottle

Eating chicken and rice in dream

Eating green strawberry

Ex catching fish

Eating boiled egg with pepper in a dream

Ex and woman laughing at me

Ex boyfriend got sister pregnant and another lady pregnant too

Eating rip banana

Eating another woman


Eating dessert and gf

Eating trifle gf

Eating hard corn fried

Eggs fruits

Eggs hanging on a tree

Eye in the sky

Eating mango with a knife

Eating a cooked fatty meat of the lamb

Eating a fatty sheep meat in a dream

Eating the fresh fruit on lotten fruit meaning

Exactly boyfriend

Elephan with nose up

Elephant with nise up meaning

Ejaculating non stop

Elephant trumpeting

Ex boyfriend murdering me

Ex boyfriend serving

Ex boyfriend food

Eat self legs

Eating legs

Eye and mouth infection

Extremly big statues

Ex-girlfrind with beard

Ex hasband dream number

Eating okpa in my dream

Eating efo in dream meaning

Exchange car for money and meat

Employment status

Eating jamun

Eating garri in a dream

Ex give me money and i give it back

Execution by injection

Eaten by goats

Ex sister

Escaping a crumbling world


Expired passport or visa

Ex bf smiling at me

Eating maggi

Eagle attack after threatening its chicks

Entering a big building narrow doors broke some along the way and rejected moving on due to narrow doors

Ex leaked my s

Emptying water well with hose pipe

Eating cassava bread

Eating black meat with a legend

Eating at the beach

Escaping a building after repairing cigarette burns in clothes

Eating diehuo in a cleaned dustbin

Eight wives

Eating a dead king and queen

Electricity cables disconnection

Eating raw egg and garri in a dream


Evil dead aunt

Eating with my pastor in dream

Eating bean cakes and bread

Eating with your girlfriend

El nino floods

El nino

Entering keke in a dream means??

Elastic stuck in teeth

Ex half

Enemy giving me sweets

Ex feeding me

Ex wife undressing in front of me

Ex-wife undressing in front of me

Extract a fork from body

Ex boyfriend in grandmothers house

Ex partner in granny house

Eyes with different colour

Eating salad with bread

Ex boyfriend, dark bedroom, spiders

Ex boyfriend dark

Eating chana and rice in dream means

Eating rice in dream

Eat akara

Ex cleaning the house

Elizabeth taylor’s name

Ex boyfriend sucking my

Election number 11

Exhuming skeleton

Eating prunes

Eating in semetary

Ex boyfriend on phone me mastriibating


Eating sacrifice in dream

Ex wife sucking and swallowing another man cum

Exposed dead bodies

Eating butter and honey

Ex partner pregnant

Eating oklahoma

Ex girlfriend begging to get pregnant

Evergree treesn

Eagles attacking animals

Elvis kiss me in a dream

Eating a mongo with maggots in it

Ex-lover dream

Eating vege and rice

Ex girlfriend touching my and kissing me in the dream

Ex husband coming back home in my dreams

Ex boyfriend coming home in front door

Eating with many people

Eating pounded yam in a dream

Exchange car for apartment

Eating sog food

Ex walking with a cane

Exchange of mobile phone with your father in a dream

Ex giving you his bank card

Eating ring box

Eaten object

Ex boyfriend present in dream and overwhelming sense of comfort with him there, like he was there to protect me, wearing a yellow button down shirt, put my head on his shoulder and felt overwhelming sense of comfort

Ex said i love you too

Ex told me he loved me

Eating rice with palava sauce

Eating coco yam with red oil in my dream

Endless hair being pulled from throat

Eating jackfruits

Ex flat mates

Ex housemate

Eating almond with chocolate

Everyone is there, me and everyone else is there

Eating clay soil in dream

Everyone vanished away and am a lone on earth

Everyone vanished and leave me alone on earth

Entity had his hands on my stomach om

Enemy driving a old car

Eat red color fruit in tamil

Eat red color fruit

Eating ladoo

Escorting someone to the airport

Expensive purse

Ex girlfriend being beaten

Eli black and white

Éléphant , fish and cleanwater

Ex partner stabbing current boyfriend

Eggs in soil means

Earth ending 2 days later

Eating fufu with light soup in a dream means

Empty ash moving car

Eaten by bears dream meaning

Eaten by bears

Eccentric friend




Exentric lawyer

Eka utshwala besintu

Empty cooking pot

Eating raw yam in a dream mean what

Empty basket but given by someone

Eagle turns into girl

Ex man

Empty rocking chair in water


Elevating in my draam

Ex asking food in my dreams

Egale attacking a foal


Emaciated animals

Emaciated wild animals

Eating sweet golgappay

Eating chicken in a dream

Eating meat and ugali in a dream

Eating groundnut and gift the shell to someone

Eating left over food

Eating left over

Elephant birtmark on the face

Elephant birth mark of the face

Eating simsim dream

Ex girlfriend standing over grave

Eating momos dream

Ex husband standing behind

Elevation from certain parts of town i live in

Electrical transformer

Escaping fire

Eating eko clay

Eating roasted meat dream meaning

Ex girlfriend in church in my dream

Eating chapatti from ex boyfriend in dream

Eating chapatti from ex boyfriend

Eating amala with ewedu

Eating amala with swedish

Entering the sea

Ex boyfriend sperm

Eating a swallow food in my dream

Eating abacha in your dreams meaning

Eating sour milk

Ex girlfriend pregnant with my baby

Emu neck crash by the hiy of dreamer

Eating golgappa

Emyo soorah my frind

Eating rice and oil


Eating omena in the dream

Eating pounded yam and vegetable

Eating halwa prasad

Eating lobster and rice in a hotel restaurant

Eating coconut and palm kernels

Empty cage bird open

Eating a tree

Embryo transfer

Eating bitter yam in a dream

Eating mellon soup and eba in dream

Eating atis

Eating abacha in the dream meaning

Earlobe wart

Eating simsim ia dream

Estranged father

Eating in a restaurant

Embracing a mother

Expanding your family kraal dream meaning

Ex with guy bestfriend

Eating with rich and important people in a dream

Eating french toast with boyfriend

Entering a building

Electronic beep

Elevator toilet

Elephants in a dark tunnel

Eating angle fish in the dream

Eating patty in dream

Eating herbs in a dream

Eggs laid in net

Eating matches in a dream

Eating burnt meat

Eating burnt chicken

Eating banga soup and starch in the dream with old time friends

Eating dried beef

Extremely tall person

Exams time table

Ex was making out and bitting my nipples

Ex girlfriend and her mom

Ex president giving you money in form of a cheque

Escaping gun shot

Enemy with golden jewlery

Eating from an emptied pot in a dream

Ex family membrs

Eagle bites finger

Empty old buildings

Eating in grocery store


Entering a passage in the mountain

Eating flesh and blood of jesus

Eating ginger and prekese

Eating in the toilet

Eating in the bathroom

Ex girlfriend leaves her skirt

Eating with my brother on the same table what looked like black chicken

Elephant drinking water

Eating dirty toilet

Eating a poisoned heart

Eating chanamrit

Entering a new chapter in life

Eating banku and okru soup with some one at the resturant

Ex husband and rose bush

Eagle choking

Eating gizards

Ex boyfriend paying dowry for the exgirlfriend

Eating fruit worms inside

Eating dried amarula seed

Everyone but me speaks russian

Eating dessert

Extinct animal

Eating fry goat meat

Ex girlfriend ass

Eating fufu and light soup with boiled chicken

Eating eba okro soup

Entering symmetry

Eating udara in the dream world

Eye swollen

Evil monster attack

Ex deceased mom

Egg broken yolk splash

Eating cassava leaves

Eating cake in the dream

Excluded from conversation

Eye on my leg

Eat human poop

Engagement ring exploded meaning

Ex boyfriend taka shower in may dream

Eating boiled meat in a dream

Eating an orange

Empty 2 beer botal

Eating nzu in the dream (white chalk)

Eating any food

Eating black urad lentil

Eating in a cooking pot

Eating chapati with an ex boyfriend

Eating food with church members



Eating sweat stones in a dream

Enlighted kamakshi deepam

Ex’s brother

Elevator flying sky

Eye inside a triangle

Eye of david

Ex boyfriend changing his hairstyle

Eating toffees

Eating tumaric in dream

Egg falling down from hand

Eagles drops snake in front of me and it bites me

Eagle drops snake in front of me and snake bites me after i got shot and walked away


Eating pakoras

Eating pakora in dream

Eating ripe udara

Eating boiled yam during pregnancy in dream

Embraced by a stranger

Eating sugar plums in a dream

Egg turn into frog

Eagle under water

Eating chicken stew

Eating home cooked chicken stew

Extra money coming from the machine

Eating cook yam and garden egg leaf sauce

Eye of lamb

Eating with pastor on the same table



Ex boyfriend stinky

Empty cooked rice vessel seen in dream meaning

Eagle and owl together

Eating morogo

Eating chapati given by a deceased person

Ex snake car

Eating cooked pumpkin leaves in a dream

Eating smashed matoke and gnuts in the dream

Electrical shock in my body

Ex lover kissing my stomach

Eating roti with jaggery

Eating porridge and bread

Ex officemates

Eaten eeg in front of a prophetess

Eggs steak

Escaping collapsing toilet in a dream

Everyday outfits

Eating own sperm


Ex girlfriend and pregnant

Eyeball damage

Eating with rich people on a gold dining table

Eating okpa with oil in the dream

Eating cassava fufu

Exalting god’s oneness)

Ex husband try’s shoot me but i shoot him

Eyes bleeding

Electricity disconnected

Enemy planting flowers in your garden

Ex boyfriend washing my feet in dream

Ex girlfriends washing clothes

Ex friend killed

Eating kpomo and stew

Eating roasted cassava in my dream

Extension of old house

Encanto seen in dream

Eating fufu and vegetables

Eating food in a dream