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Dreams starting with the letter F

Funeral for preast

Father gifting me a red purse

Fight club

Fighting with a camel while you are very tired in a dream

Fast clock in dreams

Frog landed on a snake and then snake bit me

Fan baby

Feeding a food to brahmin

Flying in the airplane

Flies taking a piece of cake

Frog wooden sound toy

Furry head

Four four number

Family member villain

Falling whiles on tiolet

Field half dying farm crop and half dark green forest

Farm machinery

Fly high trees

Falling plate of rice

Flying in a while plane

Fighting with tokoloshi

Flooding in the home

Finding people in a tunnel with water

Falling from a manhole dream

Friend father dying

Funeral celebration for a family member who is already dead

Fire in the forest

Finding lost bible in dream

Froge teer dream number

Fall in love with heavens immortal meaning

Failing to buy fishes in dreams

Floor dream meanings

Frightened girl in dream

Father smoking pipe

Friend biting nipple off

Flesh face

Food disappeared

Fire falling from sky

Flowers store

Fruitless mango tree

Fire childhood home

Flower hanging on plants

Falling plant

Fear of swimming pool

Fish entering l

Fish entering vaginl

Fish entering

Finding a room

Father selling land in dream

Father going blind

Former boss comes out of closet

Former boss turns gay

Former president dies and i become the president

Friend tied you up on your feet and black clothes on the face

Father being intimate with your sister

Falling under the anointing of a man if god in the dream

Fighting girl over your boyfiend

Farces smeared on my thigh

Finger stain with red oil in a dreams what does it mean

Filled jerrycans

Flower on the head of a snake dream

Fate stay night

Finger ex girl friend

Flying motorhome

Friend offering rice in a dream

Frogs coming from mouth

Finding something in a boom

Flies on mop

Flames of fire in my chest

Flushing trousers down toilet

Finding new rooms in house

Flash bang ear ringing

Flogging with broom

Finding scissors

Father dying again

Female visitor

Falling from the sky in to a dark hole

Finding your phone that already lost

Food hospital

Father fighting uncle

Future dream meaning

Frog mening

Fire lizard

Fuming of juice from bottle

Feeding apple to lion in room



Fishing without bait

Forget dance on stage

Forgetting performance

Father in law giving water to me

Fertility treatment

Failing out of school

Family car not working

Finished gas while cooking in the dream


Falling on the fround

Friending animals

Football field abroad dream meaning

Four eight


Female statue

Fight step mum and brother

Feast of breaking the fast

Fighting with the neighbors

Falling off a boardwalk

Frangpanai tree no leaves in a dream meaning

Fresh kapenra

Floods with tsuname and many people died

Fuchsia cloaths

Flying like peter pan dream

Former president giving out his phone number

Feeding a two headed peacock an apple

Feeding a two headed peacock

Fighting tokoloshe in a dream

Fertile soil for planting wheat

Falling off anointing oil

Fever grass

Future loss of eyesight

Floating root ball

Found a lost hand bag

Friendly one eyed dog in a dream

Friendly one eyed dog

Friendly one-eyed dog

Fallling info a hole

Fluid in lungs

Fighting an attacker

Face covered in tar

Face coveted in tar

Friends arrested

Finding a gold wrist watch under beach sand

Fallen pot

Failing to tie a belt too small on the pants

Feeding flocks of sheep with mash potatoe

Foh hook in foot

Feeding sheep with mash potatoe

Fighting with patu

Flying with angel by holg hands

Flying with angel holding hands

Foot ball player

Falling stack of bricks

Fluted pumpkin seed

Finding clues

Food seasonings

Failing expectations meaning

Flowering vine

Frogs sillong teer dream

Flying in a tree

Frogs coming out of stomach

Flying guinea pigs

Falling in love with a killer

Frightening with a lady

Father wearing regalia

Funeral song

Flying golden.plate

Flying golden plate

Falling asleep during meeting

Father in law slapped me in my dream

Farther in law slapped me in my dream

Four silver pipes

Feathers growing out of feet

Former president of my country gives me huge money, meaning?

Former president gives me us dollars in a dream, meaning?

Find money in a tennis shoe

Food finished while on queue

Fish fried

Flamingo chasing you

Foot stomping

Fighting with boyfriend mum

Failed tests


Former residence

Fighting in war

Finding the right place for bookshelves full of bookss

Failing to turn off car ignition

Floating groups of snakes

Face to face dream

Filling a hole

Formal wear but no shoes

Fried gram

Forgetting bags and they are locked behind a fence now

Friend kissing my shoulder

Face to face with cold little bird

Face to face with cold little bitf

Falling chalice in a dream

Falling chalice

Face massage from a good friend

Friends boyfriend cheating

Father with muddy shoes

Foregin girl ahowing me her and i tasted it

Fertilizing corn plants

Female friend with three

Fuzzy teeth

Fights on a plane

Feeling yourself die

Five of diamonds and the word odyssey yelled out

Five of simonds and the word odyssey yelled out

Filthy water seeping into the house

Far white cat

Flying ants

Flying termites in hands

Flying termites in hand

Fo a test

Fake tan freckles glasses brunette young

Foreign word meaning home

Feathered black and red snake

Feeding a horse red apples

Friend hung

Friends killing you

Fried chicken in toilet

Fivewhite ducking house kissed a human in the mouth

Filing a lawsuit against the governor of florida

Frog coming out of my

Flying blue alphabet letters

Flying golden plate coming to me

Five finger tree

Finding lots of shoes in the garbage

Favorite hardy

Finishing tasks

Filim star

Filin star

Family issues

Former colleagues

Fiddlehead fern

Family get together dream

Floor leads to sky

Friend driving a bus with no.licence

Family member escaping danger

Fighting with maternal uncle in dream

Friend in the veil

Fearful in darkness with no voice

Fried egg and plant

Falling in live

Four four four one::23e0:1d0c:b1c

Falling electric pole

Fighting in a dream with people

Friend dream she was baptize with black dress

Friend dream she was baptize

Four ex lovers

Five candles

Five candles inside martini glasses

Flying up to a tree

Falling in to a hole

Falling down of a pastors chair in a dream means what

Flying around my old school

Flying without control

Forgot to wear my shirt under my jacket

Four aces in poker

Finding your self in new country but full of sin

Fear wet

Forest lake

Fish and money

Fish hook in balls

Fried termites

Flying when dreaming

Floodwater dream number shillong teer

Floodwater dream number of shillong teer

Fetching water with a leaking gallon

Friend visiting from abroad

Finding way hom

Family member lobola negotiations

Firewood in basket

Feet producing salt

Free producing salt

Fight with girlfriend

Fur flogg

Fetish priest is me dancing in the dream

Feces on head

Front door being b,own down

Funeral or black clothes in the wardrobe

Finding someone

Former president addressing and a woman crying

Fluffy rabbit

Forgetting guitar

Floating load of bread

Fainting in hospital

Family witches

Floating grouped snakes in charge leading

Finding charcoal under car

Flash of light

Finding dices in dirt soil

Fall in a used latrine

Feces discharged from a

Feces coming from a

Flamingos pushing poeple into the rising sea

Father burning to ashes

Fish dream number

Faded engagement ring

Friend having seven fingers missing

Face with nodes and ears on the face

Fish in the toilet

Fish bitting hand when flashing a toilet

Female celebrities

Former pm in dream

Finding money inside bible and cell phone

Frozen in feaf

Fighting dead person

Forgetting book in a dream

Fish fighting then died by internal blood loss,

Father is scary

Finding a secret room in your house

Face peeking

Finding a old purse

Fire wood spiritual meaning

Fighting ox

Female entertain a male guest tea in dream

Fungus in your nails

Female cousin

Falling through wood planks

Female celebrity

Find peals in sand in the sea

Familiar voice calling but noone there

Familiar voice calling but no

Friends success

Foamy controlled o

Foamy controlled

Foamy u controlled ocean

Firewood with the dead

Forgetting a wedding gift

Friend caught by the police

Friends throwing apples

Father in yellow shirt

Feet fingers cut

Flying himself in dream

Finding black panties at your ex place

Fall into corn silo

Father buying new shoes

Father buying you shoes

Floating poops in the clear water

Feeding a freind rice.

Feeding a freind rice

Face so

Fall in wet floar

Folded face

Funeral, helicopter,boys

Faceboook accout ed

Faceboook accout

Forehead kiss from dead relative

Finding a lost object dream meanings

Full meaning of riding bicycle in the dream

Full meaning of tear exam paper in the dream

Front yard with a view dead relative

Front of house with a view

Frozen nipple torn

Forehead by pastor

Find gems and pretty rocks

Finding a wallet

Foot eaten

Fetching water from top


Fighting men in army greens and trying to run away

Falling from somewhere high

Feeding in dream

Fighting with a fellow boy over a girl

Fighting my evil self

Freeing trapped ghosts

Freeing trapped souls

Feeding lungs to birds

Friend taking

Friend getting high

Fish coming out on soil

Forgiveness from nun

Fish into oyster shell

Folded prayer hands and damru in the sky at night

Fake blue snake trying to bite

Falling into hole with water

Friend in cult

Falsely accused of rapping my wife friend


Fetching water for your dead grandfather in a dream means

Forceful clear water coming from a tap

Finding lost panties

Fighting with my step son

Fired goat

Follow a person in a dream that is walking

Feeling of real time penetration

Finding myself scotting bare foot in the toilet

Feces coming out of mouth

Futuristic towers

Face licked by tiger

Foot and blood

Fiend hazel with a dog on her lap

Friend who died is trying to tell you

Four nine

Falling rings

Flying with girlfriend on back


Four five six

Father extend yard fence

Flogging you in a dream

Floating blanket

Five men

Finding peg

Four women playing cards who would not talk to me

Flirt a girl


Falling in a race

Finding ancestral suitcase

Fire hearth

Fishing in dream and lucky number in teer

Firing a wood at night in the middle of the forest

Firing a wood



Fragile skin that bleeds


Fishing line breaks

Fighting vicious dogs

Falling and managed to get out of pitlatrine toilet

Fish eats the cow

Familiar person unaware of me watching him

Floor bubbling


Foaming from my mouth

Falling on knees meaning

Falling dream

Fig tree with dead limbs

Fire on cloths

Fight with loved one

Father photo broken into pieces in dream

Favorite plant falling apart at base

Falling in dream

Friends breaking things of yours

Father being beaten

Friend as a neighbor

Formal attire

Falling dry beautiful seed from tree

Fish hooks in skin

Flashlight breaking in

Fighting dad

Flys in swarms but not flying

Fight with lion

Farting in dreams

Feeding a baby girl

Freaming of a dead person awake in a coffin

Flood taking one of your shoe in dream

Family reunion with deceased

Fight my husband ex girlfriend

Fainting in a bathroom

Foreplay in public

Fox chewed in half

Fish luckey number

Fragrance dreams


Female wearing a white dress

Fiddlehead in dream

Forgetting someone’s name

Fantasy landscape

Four colours in sky shapes

Ferrets swimming in water

Fire in a wall

Family sacrifices me

Falling papaya tree with fruits on it

Feeling of being in other persons dream

Friend looking thru me

Fainting and falling in the arms of the boy who have crush on me

Fallen inloved with a handsome foreign soldier giving me his cellphone number

Fish in a tray

Fish on a tray in the dream

Falastheen girl

Falastheen girl showing her shaved pussy

Fetching coconut in dream

Fire from finger tips

Flies going out in the eyes

Four slugs

Forgetting words of prayers

Father in accident

Frog/male private part dream

Frog in a male private part

Frog and male private part

Frog entering a male private part

Feeding milk to a baby

Football dream

Feeling a dead little boy in a room with strong presence

Floor rug

Flying griffin

Fairy ring

Forgetting a rented house

Forgetting a rented room

Forgetting in the dream

Forgetting where you once rented and later remember and paid rent

Fighting a drunk man

Four out of seven trumpets being blown

Fighting with chains

Father being hurt in a dream

Father getting beaten

Finding job

Fighting a war

Fat cows in the gate

Fish into birds blue


Fish net dress

Friends crush rings a random celebrity giving you a cake

Food in braces

Family member arrives in a hearse

Foundation lifting

Falling out a plane

Folded hands in mine

Filling pork

Food in a casket dream meaning

Finding an abandoned boy

Flintstone dream

Flower pot containing soil and green moss

Falling mud house

Floating in the ocean in a red sweatsuit

Filling carrier bags

Fingering vaginna

Fighting seriously with nife

Flying bed

Fire burning your clothes and crops on farm

Find yourself in court

Finding enough new money

Father inlaw being killed

Fourteen seconds

Father being attacked with a sharp object in the head and the was separeted in two piecw

Fuel mixed with water running as waste

Fighting against ghost

Ff m

Finding a wallet in the freezer

Finding a earing

Fur blanket

Feeding my ex

Fallen stars that are angels

Four) i had a dream i was throwing a party at my house outside in my backyard and later awoke in my bedroom with a small group still outside. i couldn’t remember a thing; my mind was completely blank. i ask my friends what happened and they said they roofied me and they all laughed. i woke up crying from this dream.

Flood sweeping away loved one

Friends not likening you anymore

Freind rejection

Fall tree than a man died

Four females souls are in vase

Four females souls are kept in vase

Floating water

Fowl eaten her eges meaning

Found several dead bodies that were hidden by my friends step dad

Father dyeing his hair

Floating mosque

Front cow leg cut off

Flower and cemetery

Foating and sky seen in a dream

Fear of starfish

Fear of underwater life

Female mate being bitten by poison snake

Face with sharp features

Fiddlehead ferns

Fighting with sangoma in a dream means

Falling abyss light shining at the bottom

Feet reverse

Found a fishing lure

Feeding a lion apples

Flying with owl wings

Falling in to an abyss

Filling up a water bottle

Filling up water bottle

Following a girl to give her file

Find childhood gloves n jacket

Feeding huge crowd

Fire damages passport in the dream

Flicking off tatar

Floating shoes in the air

Fleet of vehicles

Five four three eight

Fead gave me garlic

Forgot transport fare

Flogging dream meanings

Flooding hostels

Finding eagle egg in a dream

Frying akara selling many people are buying

Feeding puppies

Food in potting soil

Followed in a bright tunnel

Fondling a female dog in dream

Find a baby then it goes missing

Fighting with snatcher for gold chain

Flying with president in an airplane in the dream means what

Fish and fish bait

Father shot in leg

Flying with orange color smoke

Father in prison and i’ll

Four dream meaning

Female doctors

Falling from five story building

Four eyes baby dream meaning

Four eyes baby

Forgetting the lines to a prayer and repeating it

Forgot to book air tickets dream meaning

Fourseventhreenine, dream


Finger nails trimmed

Floting on mud water

Feeling relieved

Front of body scraped and bruised

Fire hurricane wind is going up

Face covering

Fire station

Fighting damage one eye

Frog in my house

Family members are all looking at me

Fall back with chair

Folded white wedding dress

Feeding boyfriend in a dream

Feeding boyfriend


Feeding snake

Feeling forgiven

Feeling happy then committing sin

Friend evil

Father passed away is sweating

Fish swimming

Foot boiling in a pot

Foreign women send me two bottles water in my dream

Find my medicine in the sink

Forgot words on stage

Flower shirt

Father is ill

Folks bringing me food

Flying a plane to get my kids somewhere

Fox licking my face

Forgetting my dreams

Fake lizard

Forgetting someones name

Falling for a long time

Fix the church roof meaning

Finding old flip flops

Friend arm amputation

Fish squeezed out of finger

Familiar park

Falling of mast in my dream

Female and male cadavers being opened for cutting

Following a list

Fat to skinny dreams

Found money in cemetery

Flowers gradan while pregnant

Flowers draden while pregnant

Flowers while pregnant

Funeral of brahmin

Fallen corpse from coffin

Flying to the top of oke tree with aconrs in it

Fighting with an imbecil

Fire catches from monkey dream

Full train

Fixing magical items/statues

F e a r

Finding love in november dream

Fin dream meanings

Finger purple

Family gathering dead relatives

Fear by spirit

Floor drain

Feeding 3 small rabbits

Fish and spiders

Farm animals everywhere not in pens

Fades away

Falling in love with 4 people

Friendly mermaid

Fall in mud

Falling in apit with water

Falling into apit with floods that is not being used

Friend in fancy dress

Family breaking into my house

Found spect on floor

Feeding baby banana and me also eating from it in the dream

Fat people fighting

Flying awey

Falling in sand pit

Falling and rescued from the pit

Forgot my passport

Frog bitting my finger

Fire axe

Floating table on air

Falling papaya with abundant fruits in a dream

Feminine energy asking to play

Forgot who i am

Found missing sock

Fear of dog

Fingers through hair of therapist

Fall in loose soil

Finding things scattered outside the house and feeling like someone is being beaten

Father caught his son in a bra

Fetching water and the bucket just break


Fire under floor

Following me

Fighting with evil teer dream

Fighting with evil number

Fighting with evil nimber

Fire market

Firmament filled with fishes

Fighting a killer

Fondling womens legs

Failure of exam

Fish attack

Finding kittens in the dream

Fish in my ear

Front house

Fading in and out

Finding someone soap in river

Finding soap in river

Fingers in someone’s ears

Foor tiles

Fead relative walking through front door

Fuel /gas in dream

Floor with carpet

Function preparation

Friendly white puppy


Foam or soap watter

Faiting drim numbar

Finding gold coin and other coins in dream

File cabinet and key

Flies under may arm

Father handing me golden key

Famous pepole

Fish hook in arm

Flower feet of god

Flowers growing out of a floor

Filing coming off my molar

Foot finger nail

Fake news

Flash water flooding your feet on a toilet in dream

Family lost on a boat

Flying as if being carried by someone


Female dream that she has a vary big male organ

Flowing in mud shillong dream number

Flowing in mud

Feces from navel

Feast of nazaren

Father inlaw beating me

Fighting with friend

Face with white powder

Forced labor

Finding your male friend in public


Finding a dead person

Frog in rectum dream

Family gathering and celebrating

Fantasy restuarant

Fantasy place

Frozen see, ocean

Frozen see

Full of earthen water pot

Floating in the dream

Female half and clean the nipple

Feces and dead mother

Front room furniture

Falling into water with rosemary

Finding condoms


Friend complaining about food

Falling stones and wall about to collapse

Finding a silver dollar

Frog, teeth, recording, phone, throwing, fog

Frogs backdoor fog phone throwing

Fly a plane

Floating diya

Foot hole tree limbs in foot

Freshly plam branch (the soft one in middle)

Fishing hook stabbing me 3 times

Fighting with your step mother and her daughter

Finding a brain in spaghetti in sauce

Former president of state

Found my husband who is alive is dead and lying on a stretcher

Found my husband dead body on a stretcher

Fortune thousand rupees

Falling down a hole

Father is wearing military uniform in dream

Fighting with my dead mother

Finishing an all same shaped puzzle

Fighting with a co wife

Feet in my face

Fighting with fish

From behind

Friend date

Fish and cashew

For a man to promise to buy phone for lady in the dream

For man to promise to buy phone for a lady in the dream

Food prepared and forgotten

Flying with a life jacket

Fish coming out of a human head

Flying fish attacking someone

Find s

Fondling wife in dream

Find your self in a very bushes road

Father requesting for flowe

Falling in reservoir

Formal village

Flood and rats

Friends becoming enemies

Falling out high places

Fear of being caugh

Female friend with a new haircut

Forgetting kid’s birthday

Famous director as a boyfriend in dream

Former vice president

Foot piercing

Falling into water gel

Feeding wolf

Feet in the air

Flying in the aeroplane

Floating in air

Full moon over sea

Flying in a dream and being chased by someone

Fat beef bolting

Forgetting song words

Fufu dream

Family member hanging death

Flying in and out of walls in a house

Floating in the air to not to step on the dirty water

Falling down a sink hole

Flashy sports car

Flying house

Feel sorry for

Fire wood cutting near the house

Forget sandles

Flying in the clouds


Flower horn fish

Floating candy cup

Fishing dream number

Father agree love marriage

Father giving shoes to he’s son

Friend wearing my clothes

Force marriage

Flood tree roots

Frank from donnie darko

Finger poking in rib

Fake penis implants on a person

Flying, tsa

Fought estranged sister

Forgetting to sign up for exam

Forget to sign up

Fibroid falling off

Faded innerwear

Frying about undone bread

Fire fighters hard hat throwing at you

Fire fighters hat

For 2months dream of having funeral at home about my sister

Floating about

Family stuck under clear water

Family documents found in a dream

Found missing documents in a dream

Family graves buried in home

Floating over ocean and afraid of falling

Floating in the air over an ocean afraid of falling

Fish, crammed, container, drain

Feeding sweet to kid

Fish friend

Free falling into water

Finding gold on the street

Field of crops

Fighting fish eating each other

Flued colors

Flamingo attack

Family group hug

Fruit salad bowl falls to the ground dream

Family c

Fire wood dream namber in teer

Fire wood collecting dream namber

Fox in a broken cage

Friend gifting me a green skirt

Fingered by coworker

Fried corn and grandaunt dream

Friend getting kidnapped

Fluffy toy

Forgetting allah

Flag dream after burying the dead

Father falling off building

Fresh and juicy peaches

Flood at home

Friends in a uniform

Floating building

Flowing rain water

Fountain water in a bucket

Flood in my dreams lucky 3digit

Feeding dolphin

Father having with someone else

Five dollar bills

Finding little maggots under ur toenail


Fixing a nfls players broken finger

Folded paper towel

Frok dream nmber

Frog dream nmber

Face dream

Feeding roti to baby elephant

For someone to give you 400 naria

For someone to dash you 400 naria

Falling on laying person

Fully clothed falling into sea

Finger butt

Fighting with your niece

Falling dish full of water

Feeding crabs

Fetching water from the borehole

Failing pawpaw tree

Fighting over cake

Filtering farment cassava

Family in a room

Found mouse inside an egg

Fake teeth boy friend

Feeding a dead husband in the dream

Fake lady

Father happily gives daughter a carrot

Flying white ants

Fighting with a fat woman in my dream

Fire burning on a house

Falling in love with a foreigner

Fighting ex friend

Friends family

Finding snake eggs

Finding two oars while in a boat


Forehead kiss from a close friend

Forehead kiss from an ex

French kiss with a friend

Frozen pink flower

French kiss with an ex

Fish bone between my teeth


Fish bone in my tete

Fish bone in my teet

Friend unfriended me

Former partner

Flood light

Following loyal to unknown man

Fighting about hairband



Footprint in a whiteboard

Friend got mad in the dream means what

Friend got madness in the dream means what

Full naked wife

Fortune teller says about my looks

Fashion judge

Finishing the praying

Flies on toe

Fabian in a dream

Friend became begger

Feeding my father

Friend stealing your boyfriend

Front passenger sit

Finding dzi in dream meaning

Feeding boiled eg

Fauwl dropping

Fauw poopo

Folding blanket for someone

Fighting for condenced milk

Fold blanket

From hig to low

Fawn eating a rabbit

Fire in sugarcane crops

Fish on the ground with snakes around me

Flower and teddy bear

Feather burning dream

Frog caching

Forgot her skirt at my house

Found skirt

Friends getting killed

Fire wood meaning

Fetching water at the graveyard

Fly caught in a web

Finger attached to my left leg

Femine wash and facial wash

Felling better

Flag hosting

Fighting unknown mad person

Forget to clock in at work all the time

Fighting drunken old person

Father vegetative state

Fish turned into a snack

Fluit cover my ear

Frying a fish

Fingers with long finger nails

Full body tied in a rope

Farm with pickers

Fivefold minister sleeping on my bed

Flowing lake with grass

Fruits in a fridge dream meaning

Friend is a skeleton

Father blessing his son

Finding money on drawer

Feces dream

Falling a sleep

Feet in clear water

Feet grounded

Former lover visiting me

Fellowship on tall buildings

Friends in pregnat

Friend licking my vagina

Falling inside an erosion in the dream

Father is agree with me

Finding eggs on ground

Frozen knees

Found bed sheets

Fast car overtakes me and crashes ahead

Female vagina and ass

Female ass

Finding emerald jewelry on the beach

Flying bug in eye

Fictional character being your parent

Falling from somewhere