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Dreams starting with the letter R

Receiving black cloth from dead grandmother

Read book in dream

Received bitter kola dream meaning

Receive dream

Running frantically on a giant chess board

Red colour nuns

Running breaking free

Road white background

Ring lost in lake then found

Rising floor and broken





Red oil and plantain in dream


Red dream

Right arm pinching someone

Running, drowning

Relative cooking

Relative is cooking

Reeds tied up

Reeds being tied up in a bundle in a house

Red sneaker

Road old man talking

Raise dead person from death


Rain lilly

Rivals are sitting at my home in a dream meaning

Rubbing someone’s arms and legs

Red crown with jewels

Rotting teeth?

Rejecting food

Returning a lost phone

Running away from temple because i was on periods

Running from cooks

Reap shoes

Removing as ankle bandage

Removing a bandage


Reclamation yard

Red snake turning into a giant bear

Rubbing an oil on d leg of d dead person

Rain water take you along meaning

Red oil meaning in a dream

Removing dry clothe from line


Red oni

Rabbit with a broken neck

Running away from two lions

Receiving white mantle from a man of god in the dream

Roofing sheet

Right neck lymph nodes

Red and white carpet


Rescue a bird


Refused gold necklace

Receiving gift from enemy

Receiving a coin from someone i know

Riding a bike over rocks

Receiving recharge card in a dream

Reunited with ex boyfriend

Road blocked

Running without a shirt on



Rat running and entering the house

Receiving greenish lemon grass leaves from a woman in the dream

Rain pouring on three big trees

Received crochet dress from mother in law’s

Receiving a settlement

Recovered from illness

Running and jumping waters

Returning lost phone

Rotten yam

Received bitter kola in my dream

Received kola nut in my dream

Rhinos sighting

Riding bike through water

Red pen cross indicates

Red pen cross

Receiving simcard

Right hand cut off

Ripe rice dream

Ripe rice in the field

Repairing someone’s door

Run away from people in woods

Riding a horse while wearing a white dress

Removing mangalsutra in sleep

Robot head

Red drink in a dream

Receiving coffee from girlfriend

Richer than me

Red ribbon on finger

Red palm oil

Receive plant in dream from dead father

Running late for a train

Rüyada teslis yapmak

Rearranged bedroom

Received nysc call off letter in dream meaning

Recieving, key and enemy

Red, string, bracelet and

Riding a carabao with a woman and child?

Running into house

Ribshape plant

Red guinea corn

Rib plant

Rib cageplant

Running race

Running away in the dark

Recieving something

Recieving a puppy

Rescue of sinking boat

Religious interpetation of sitting on a rood in the dark and fog then going through many doors

Relative send me an errand in the dream,means

Removal of pubic hair in private part

Repair of roof

Rearranging house furniture

Rejecting an egg

Raped child

Ripe plantains in dreams symbolizes??

Running bleeding bear

Rain in dream but not water

Removing lights

Received emails

Removing a black dress in the body

Receiving five big frozen fish

Right arm bruise

Resting next to a sick person

Return from a journey

Receiving tumeric powder in a dream

Receiving of hundred and naira in a dream , meaning

Running away from bomb

Receiving a red gift with lock

Read text sent to girlfriend

Raw beef washing eans

Reptilian face

Refusal to participate

Railway journey

Reincarnate into the same family

Roasting yam in the dream

Receiving three rings

Rusty gold bracelet

Removing maggots from my head

Receiving gift from mother inlaw

Received a hair

Ringworm in the mouth of a baby

Right turn dream

Right / left

Red roses thrown in anger at me

Receiving new clothes from my dad

Religion changing

Reptiles coming towards me

Rabbit dream

Recurring house dream

Ring dead brother

Ring from dead brother

Roast corn

Rubbing fine salt on lips and hands

Rubbing salt on lips ans hands

Red ant eating sugar

Rice cooker broken

Rising up to the ceiling and then getting crushed

Romantic hot springs in cave with bees

Random person waiting at my driveway

Rainbow and angels in my dreams what is that means

Role changing

Recieving calculator and pen in dre

Receiving garri in dream

Refusing to take pictures of me on my birthday

Refusing to take pictures of me on a birthday

Red rose lei

Rose lei

Rukmini vittala in dream

Removing iron nail from feet

Releasing a caged animal

Rrr ross

Royal blue and mossy green

Rats disappearing in a dream like leaving a field

Robot transformer

Removing grass around house

Running away in forest woman and baby running behind olive gre

Red wall dream

Red price tags

Raw potatoes

Receive key toilet

Riding on a roof top of the bus

Return the goods

Rectangular white paint wooden table

Running on flyover bridge

Running on flyover

Resolving a problem

Raped and satan dream

Riding horse in the dream

Red apples with my dead grandmother

Running people

Red ballon bursting in dream

Removing lion teeth

Removing sindur

Refusing coke cola drink in the dream

Riding a brown horse then falling

Riding a horse and falling

Rooting people

Rainbow body


Ray in shore

Room in clean

Riding a wave and not being scared

Running over chickens


Rolling in a car accident

Raped by dad and his buddies

Raped by a stranger


Rash back

Rotten dreams dreams and what

Red teephone

River drying up

Rever du the

Red black ducklings

Red carnelin

Removing wedding ring

Red bumps on my

Racing in circles with a guy whose face is blurred

Red car under the water in dreams meaning

Reunion with school friends

Rice and sugar

Ravine descent

Rubber candy

Reoccurring dream about someone you used to mess around with

Red bindiya on forehead

Red colours

Receiving a medal in a high place

Romance in a dream means

Received key

Receiving alcohol

Run away snake

Receive of a foul gift

Riding black horse

Rocky mountians

Received gold ring

Received ring

Red number five

Red string

Raw fish eating in a dream

Red number five written on small square paper above window

Red and blue worm

Rose mary

Rolling on back

Rolling on my back

Running from death row

Running no shirt

Riding a black horse bareback

Real brother tries to rape in dream

Reproductive organs

Red and white cobra snake

Red truck meaning

Rich life

Receive a set of new pots as a gift in dream

Remove sticks of brooms in my ear

Red sperm dream

Red sperm

Receiving bitterkolainthedream

Running from being killed

Running in forest

Riding motorbike alone

Radharani as a baby

Radharani as a kid

Reading an address

Rubbing out dirt from own body part

Robin in cats mouth

Red squirrels

Refusing to do work in a dram

Room was filled with water but dryed out

Room was filled with water but dryed up

Receiving money from your boss

Rapture dream meaning

Red wine on wedding dress

Red wi

Receive a house as a gift

Reciving gifts

Royal bedroom

Ritual by a neighbour

Ring in safe deposit box

Riding on rainbow horses

Red indian on a canoe singing christian praise song

Rose small

Rhino teer dream number

Rat and rabbit

Rat missing tail

Recieving egg in a womb

River with green vegetation spiritual meaning

Red orange sky dream

Receiving onions from my martenal aunt in adream means what

Running with my daughter as baby

Running competition climbing

Respect a king

Receiving a hug from behind

Red wrapping paper

Red candle burning cover with a glass cup in the dark water

Riding a bicycle up some stairs

Relative living abroad coming home

Red cloaked figure

Running late for work no coffee

Ripped pantyhose

Removed wedding bands

Running from bombs invasion

Receiving brown envelope with money inside from my late husband in my dream

Rever de prier sur le prophète mohamed

Ripping nose

Rising sea

Riding a wolf

Rejection of meat in a dream

Rottweiler dogs biting my hair

River bank with fire cool

Retainers in dream

Received cover of pot to be given to my mum

Receiving a curtain gift

Ripped head

Receiving green lemon

Receive and eat cola nut in the dream meaning

Recieving donations of clothes for my baby

Refusing to eat beans but pasted dry fish

Rice with black raisins

Road rage resulting to killings

Receiving bitter kola in dream

Roll away beds

Repeating vamping

Robbery in ur house

Removing peanut from your and chewing

Romantic breakup

Roll over crash

Recieving henna as gift in dream

Running up the stairs for my life

Ripe rice.

Romantically pursuing

Roling on a bedsheet

Rebuke ghost in dream

Running while it’s raining

River blocking path

River blocking path in a dream

Relaxing hair dream

Running out of firewood

Riding bicycle my mother

Rubbing a dead person stomach

Receiving kpomo

Red wood

Red wood being shaved or trimed with a sword

Religious parade

Rotten structures of house

Rotten structure of house

Railroad gate

Rain and thunderstorm

Roasting fish


Red yamaha

Room flooded with milk

Rosary of the dead

Rubbing my face in a beard

Riding a horse but your feet are touching the ground

Receive plants

Removing skin disease

Round thatched hut

Rental car crash

Renting house but not yet finished the house

Riding a bicycle and attacked by a hyena

Running and slippers went off

Red colour shirt

Receiving and eating white kola nut in my dream

Receiving food from a celebrity

Rubbing sand on my vigina

Running away with my ex

Rock hyrox

Receiving an earphone in dream

Recieving a pants from enemy

Red flowers on shivling

Rotten skin dreams

Retiring taekwondo teacher

Running away from joker

Red and green chips

Rejected by lover

Rob the whitehouse

Roadway dissappear

Rabbits running around

Received hand me down

Ring shapes as crown

Ressurection of someone

Running from the ocean flood

Rice flooding

Red quartz crystal opening the unverse

Red quartz crysta

Roulé en moto

Rubbing both hands

Rock singer

Ridding bicycle without seat

Red monk that grab my left hand and put something on it the i wake up

Releasing a snake

Recurring dream of looking for an apartment to live in

Ram stealing a ow

Ripe coffee berries means what in the dream

Ripe bananas at someones head

Ripe bananas at someone head

Receiving cowries from an old man

Ravan one zero head

Rest in peace photo

Rip profile photo

Rubbing powder in the dream means

Romantic crush interview

Receiving or giving kumkum

Recieving clothing from seer

Recieving dhotis

Recieving dhoti from seer

Recieving dhoti from a seet

Removing snails from shell

Rat chewed a hole in my stomach


Recovering a phone in dream


Repenting in a dream

Running dream


Red cloth and crow

Race in the dream and been caught up

Race in the dream

Repeated hearing north, east, south, west in my dream

Ripped tights

Ring taken to you

Ring be pulled out

Rabbit teer dream number

Rocking horse

Rokeng horse

Red mirch

Re-accuring dream about a know mountain in a camper in the middle of a field with only one tree

Red nail polish

Rangoli making

Running to catch up


Rats escaping from a container

Re-usable putty

Rubbingn woman booty

Rubbing the n woman booty


Reped by by clergy

Red a white beads

Refilling soda

Room number seven zero seven

Received money in dream

Rubber band in my mouth

Running next to the sea

Racing a car

Real teeth zipper

Recovering land and some houses

Receiving bitter kola in dreams

Red rhinestone cape

Receiving money from government

Removing jiggers from hands

Refusing to pay money dream

Ringwom on my wifes cheek

Repeating yelling

Receiving udara and licking it in a dream

Riding a bike and seeing a dog

Road getting narrow

Road penalty

Road fine

Remove what does it mean in dream

Rain and snakes

Riding through a field of bombs

Roof blown off in storm

Rabit dream number of shillong teer

Receiving keys from deceased

Rebuking a whirlwind in a dream

Removing egg from your le

Remove socks in the church

Remove socks

Red snake eyes

Rats and chickens

Red tika forehead

Rain water coming into a room through a windows dream interpretation


Rain water coming into a room through a windows

Receiving a birthday cake and purple flowers

Renting out chairs in a dream, meaning

Rain carting away cloth in the fream

Running drunkly after someone

Raining of skeleton

Removing meat from my teeth

Remove a screw driver

Red and blue

Removing nails



Receiving new uniform

Recieving a new dress and petticote as uniform

Reaching the end of the road in front a black cloth

Replacing parallel self

Rained on

Receiving cane beating

Red sweet potatoes

Running animal

Receiving bag filled with something from deceased one

Receiving cheque

Rejecting ex boyfriend

Recieve flower from prime minister

Rescuing a dog from sea

Repairing house


Rings on fingers

Running away spiral staircase

Rosary boiling water


Red steps

Rock dropped on your head

Relative delivering an appliance in my home

Recving gift from teacher

Railway line

Riding in rhen driving a sports car

Recording someone

Recording someone

Reviving from the dead

Renting a house for 2000 rand

Rent a house for 2000 rand

Roundavel without door and window

Random persom shouting

Running and crying to a friend


Running to railroad station

Running to a train

Receiving gifts from grandmother

Receing lotto numbers from a dead person

Running with my dead brother

Rescued from the pit

Receiving a bow and arrow gift

Received a bow and arrow

Rash on deceased

Rambatan fruit

Rash on deceasef

Rash on deceasrd

Receiving kumkum and saree from a known couple in dream interpretation

Reunion with ex in dream that also involves a little baby

Radha rani temple

Running my hands through hair


Receiving gift of bread and meat

Ro dream that some black was being pulled from your buttocks which then turned out to look like a orange and green long lengths and length of cord

Raining dream


Riding bear

Riding a grizzly bear

Removing dirt from strainer

Red ants in sugar jar

Rich man borrowing money to me

Removing a old stove from your home meaning

Recieving calabash


Receiving cash money

Rushing up to 5th floor with water jericans

Rescuing bat and owl

Rock turning into snake

Running home a rabbit

Rainbow beards dream

Running away from someone trying to hurt you

Red cow tied and black cow sitting

Raining trash

Red coral with gold necklace

Rice grains is toilet bowl

Roof of a building removed

Red cape

Running after a moving commercial bus

River flowing opposite directions

Riding on a rough road in confidence in dream mean

Rubing cooking oil on wall mean

Returing a soiled handkerchief to a dead servant

Red letter

Rejecting an egg from someone in a dream

Running at edge of water

Ring pinky little finger

Rosd trip

Road tril

Recieving sankha as gift

Ripeing agirl


Reciting ka hola wala quota illa bills hil aleyulazeem in dream means

Rapoko grains

Roasting a head

Running away from mad woman

Riding bycicle

Rüyada havuzda ayak parmağı emmek

Red telephone box

Rough salty ocean

Red knee

Re knees

Red knees

Running to the hill

Rubber band stuck in teeth

Royal son fall in love with me

Removing nose piercing in dream

Running and i see a girl looking at me

Roasting yam in the farm in dream

Ripping wings off bird

Receive a password

Returning borrowed white sandal to sister but sandals are now damaged

Receiving a gift from guardian angel

Receiving silver charm braclets

Receiving charm bracelets from a spirit guide

Receiving silver charm bracelets in your dreams

Receiving silver charm braclets with charms on them

Receiving sweets from transgender

Room reversed

Renew vows with exhusband

Receiving bloody cow milk in my dream

Reading quran in washroom

Receiving money from a mad mad

Rescue my sister during fire outbreak at home

Receiving bangles from temple

Rising from the mat and start going

Riding a boat but sink but espape

Riding a bus around a cliff with family

Rusty coin

Relativ villian

Rubbing white powder in your face in dream

Receiving esuru in dream

Rainbow lightning

Receive money gift from my husband


Rain inside a home

Rebuying my first house

Rever de chien

Rat in water

Red oil inside water

Royal dream

Riding a bike at night at the beach

Ruin food


Red black lion cloth in a dream

Red black lion cloth

Ridge guard

Road blocks

Rock glass

Rising from the ground

Removing aperson from the pit

Rainfall and river

Ram sita in hanuman heart

Rabbit with two children

Riding llama


Receiving lemon pickle as a gift

Received handkerchief that has turned into pants in my hand

Ragi flour

Returned hold ring

Removing meat in mouth

Rocks and a flying towards me

River change the direction to flow

Ravan dream

Rescue baby car flood

Red bag with rice and coins


Receiving bornvita in dream

Rope dividing property boundaries

Received a keyholder from a coworker in my dream

Received a keyholder from a coworker

Road blocked with snow

Removal of windows

Receiving a candy from the dead

Receiving a sweet from the dead

Roadblock by cops

Rooster wings clipping

Receiving diploma

Riding a roller coaster

Reciting the shahadah in sajdah

Red roots growing on a window sill

Removing prewinkle in dream from its shell

Rebuked mother

Remove a jugger from someone else

River bed and bouquet of flowers

Reassuring someone

Rib eye steaks

Rib eye

Red and orange demon

Repairing a shop

Real name called

Red blanket covered meaning

Random person said my name

Recently deceased uncle asleep and holding a baby

Rain coat bubble

Received foreign currency from a king

Refusing to fetch water for mother after several attempt

Riding keke in a dream

Red bike stolen

Running tap on fire

Removing joggers from face

Receiving alligator pepper in the dream

Riding on a gold xar

Riding in the back set of a vehicle

Rain inside apartment

Receiving a pamphlets from a celebrity

Ruth dream

Racing an old friend



Remove jigger from someone

Redhead woman

Red panties falling down

Running somebody over

Ram namam

Rebuking demons in vents

Rabbit monster

Rabbit killer

Random guy smacks my butt

Removing black cloth in the dream

Racing pigs

Red pantsuit covered with lint

Remedy an oversight


Roasting of cashe

Roasting of cashew

Roasting pork meat in oven

Request time

Receing cheque in the dream

Receiving a painful injection on my right bum

Rotten food meaning

Ripe bitter kola

Receiving money as prasadam

Removing broken bangles

Rejected white man money

Received money from a madman in a dream

Rectal prolapse with feces


Red reflection

Removing washed dried clothes



Red guineafowl cloth

Receiving cotton clothes

Receiving money in your dream for your marriage what does it mean

Rainbow tattoo face

Returning a lost phone to the owner

Recieving udara dream meaning

River toys

Ripe peach

Ripe peaches in dream

Reed mat in dreams

Running into a big church

Receiving 200 naira bill from someone


Rising from bed

Removing my teeth

Reaching into my head

Running over animals with car

Reverse room


Reading of tribute in a dream

Receiving notification

Repeating actions

Red blood turning in white fluid

Round fat belly

Room at the top floor

Room top floor

Ride in a bridal carriage

Roasting meat

Running dry

Remployerdoed inthe laps employeelap

Returned handbag in a dream to someone

Rejecting slippers

Rejecting slippers in a dream


Rope around foot pulling you up

Restless sleep

Red teleportation crystal in a bus

Rubbing oil on chest

Receiving razors

Riding in a car that u think is a stick shift that u should drive

Rope walking over water and dying by alligator

Rotten foor

Replaced identity

Raining inside the house

Rude boys in your yard

Robotic hands

Removing from clothes

Royal in car see security and crowd

Raw fruit

Removing steel wool from throat through mouth

Receiving dowry unexpectedly

Receive sesame from dead person

Recieving a bitter kola in the dream

Reversing a vehicle

Ragi mudde

Rotten pepper

Rescuing a man

Rising big tides

Received head cap as gift

Red periperi

Rejected on job interview

Removing bucks in someone white wedding dress

Removing jiggers from feet seen in a dream

Rabbit on tree

Red sari and jewelry

Reality normal


Removed fish bone from mount

Receiving money from ur de ad mother

Rushing flood water

Rushed flood

Red and brown hair

Red and brown hairà


Running on cobbled pavement

Runing rhino

Ruined dress

Remeeting a beautiful girl holding her whilst running

Removing jigger from toe

Riding a large

Removing blackjack on the clothes you have worn

Rejecting parents

Rejecting dreams

Rocky river stream

Rocky water ways

Ride on a ship stormy to rocky oaand dy lands

River with a lots of flowers

Rover tossing it the coin

Riding ship

Riding on a ship

Rocky swamproad

Rocky swamp

Ride on a ship stormy to rocky oayh and dy lands

Rice grains and fire

Rubbing my friend clitoris

Roman solider

Road trip with ex


Remioving intestines of a fish in a dream

Running milk

Red bangle

Radio stolen


Receiving 20 naira in a dream

Rusty old bus

River carrying clothes

Roasting whole pig in a fire

Rubbing rangoli in dream

Receiving coins and money from dead relatives

Removing intestines

Reburying a baby’s coffin

Red anthuriums

Road leading into clouds

Road leaing into clouds

Revelation lof a dream

Removing door hinges

Reuniting with your crush

Renowned pastor kissing my forehead

Removing fish hooks from child’s clothing

Removing fish hook from a child’s clothing

Rook chess

Receiving letter from the sky

Running through autumn forest

Resort hotel

Receiving political appointment in a dream

Regalia dream meaning

Refusing drugs

Receiging rudraksha

Receiving meat as a gift in a dream

Rusted ring

Receiving bank card

Receiving gift from abroad in a dream

Rocking chair rocking then pitch black

Receiving evenlope and cry joyfully

Restraing ex lovers

Rapes girl


Right side groin

Running in mud that have green grass

Returning lost wallet to the rightful owner

Red back spider

Running in church

Rainbow tattoo dream

Removing your picture on a wall in your dream


Reciting durga kavach

Rushing waters from different directions

River imediately blocked my way in a dream

Running nose means

Running noise means

Releasing my son from police cell

Rice clove

Red and white doek in the night

Riding a horse bear foot on back of horse

Riding a horse bear foot on bsck

Riding a motorcycle with your mom in a dream

Running errand with your partner

Rever sourire

Remove screw from thumbnail

Returning rotten eggs

Ripe coffee fruit

Round table in a dream

Right side of a car

Running and over taking

Roasted coco yam

Rushing muddy water with logs

Rain supplication

Reburing already buried body

Rain destroy the house

Riding a white horse with a sword in hard

Refusing to accept a gift from your your granny

Refusing to accept a gift from your

Rushing to get to someone

Receiving a ferret as a gift

Rotten orange throughn away

Receiving garden agg from my girlfriend

Receiving garden agh from my girlfriend

Rubbing bottom lip

Reminded of a specivic date

Receiving paracetamol from my boss

Reading ramayana in dreams

Removing jiggers from my feet

River jordan

Renovating a grave

Received vibuthi

Running and coming out 1st in a marathon

Receive money from my mother

Red clothe tired on ur head by the road side

Running on beam of a ceiling

Receiving a clear plastic bag with white paper towel

Receiving white paper towel in a plastic bag

Removing your black clothes

Rotten back door to house

Replacing a flat tire

Running towards a pastor where goons are chasing

Running in dark road

Receiving money from boss

Rocks off road

Ruby gem between my eyes

Rape by police man

Ripe soursop fruit in my dreams

Red new shoes

Receiving a gift in a dream

Running after car it got to where is going and you got there

Rats snakes

Riding on the top of the bus

Robbed in a dream

Rejecting a ct scan in a dream

Raizor in my sons bed

Returning to a place that you where undermined

Roasting yam

Riding motorbike

Removing a roof

Red card in a footballer game

Running marathon and getting a gold medal

Rebellious son in the dream

Receipt book

Reacting kalma tyaba in dream

Rice falling from the sky

Reciving blanket and pilow

Receiving jewellery from the dead

Rebuking in jesus name

Repairing a borehole in a dream

Red spots on your torso and back

Running water through pipe

Rain inside church

Removing pins from mouth in dream meaning

Removing pins from dreams

Removingbpins from mouth

Relocation at work

Reuniting with an ex girlfriend

Roach bite

Received prescription

Rings found food

Rings found in food

Raped plantien

Raw meat coming out of vagina

Receiving money mad person

Rondavel house on fire

Recieving nickers in a dream

Reciting dhikr in dream

Riding 7 pigs

Riding 7 pigs meaning of dream and numbers

Receiving money from mad people

Removing an insect from your tooth

Received gift a wrapper from unknown person in dream

Rubbish chute

Return of stolen car battery

Right beside you

Receiving sesame oil from dead father

Roti seen and packing

Red house in field

Removing kajal from eyes

Removing eyeliner

Rope and airplane

Receiving a chasuble

Rabbits sitting in trees

Rearranging my teeth

Receiving a pen as a gift from deceased dad

Reciting naat in dream

Running through walls

Red and gold india clothing

Rat bite on finger

Religous gattheing

Running errands

Rusted jewelry

Removing my blackheads