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Dreams starting with the letter L

Large body of water divided

Losing a car

Legs and hands tied in ur dream

Lakota elder

Late mother asking for toothbrush.

Looking for charger

Late father wearing a black suit gave me black bag in dream meaning


Lizard poop on my head

Living in a bedroom

Loved one proposes

Loved one searching for me

Loved one find me

Lost eraser

Late father was slaughtered a sick cow

Lighting charcoal stove

Leaving for other women and than returning

Leaving and coming back

Living with your boyfriend in america

Living together with your partner abroad

Living together with your partner abriad

Lopper på en hund

Lights went out


Light receive

Late night walks with crush

Leaked bottle

Lapsi picking

Living in a house built on water

Loud environment

Lightening fire with matchbox and failed


Looking g for house

Late husband cheats on me

Late husband cheating on me

Late husband piloting a yellow plane

Losing customer

Lot of dust in hair

Lambskin being placed on me

Left behind walking stick

Leaving your walking stick

Living in iceland

Losing boyfriend in crappy hotel lots of stairs

Lt dead sister neked

Lion eats bear

Large fava bean

Large snake swallowing a cow dream

Little girl asking for comic books

Lost bowl

Legs getting massage

Liver came out of my body

Lemon pickles

Lungs are pulled from body

Lion chasing you

Lightening, fires and extinguishing

Looking holly berries

Lucifer’s name

Licking mean

Leaving a place

Looking for family members in a dark forest


Laying by someone feet

Looking for your bathing soap in a dream

Losting your bathing soap in a dream

Lost sim card

Laying next to feet

Lucky number if dreaming curtains

Lucky number of dreaming clothes

Lucky number of dreaming a sheebeen

Lucky number of dreaming a drunken man

Lucky number of dreaming a house

Losing sim card

Laurel in your bed when your dreaming

Losing earrings

Light coming out of mouth

Love emoji dream

Large dark spots on one cheek

Leader in the community

Lost at a party

Looking at the pictures of my crush

Laws of physics



Lioness and bobcat trying to get inside the house

Lord narishma roared im my dream

Liver cancer diagnosis

Life threatening illness just before 7am

Late mum braiding my hair

Loosing blood

Laughing at you


Lying of top of a tombstone

Large men

Little person chasing me

Laying on top of water

Lawyer giving me money

Lots people

Lightning bus girl

Levitating plate


Lion cub climbing a tree


Letter e backwards

Laughing with a ghost

Licking ewedu in the dream

Lesbian couple joke

Leaves as currency

Little boy and father

Legal gold seal

Loss of nose ring

Lonely dying cowboy

Lost in college

Little bear

Lions on fire

Light brown cow

Linseed juice


Loss of teeth

Living my shoes in the bush and i went to school

Late for exam

Lion tiger leapord fighting

Loss of purse

Less woman

Lips being cut

Land locked

Leaky pool

Live fish on a wall

Lit match in mouth

Last chance to get away

Lost in hallway

Looting and snatching jewelry

Lots of gremlins in a bark alee

Looking at watch

Lion dream



Living together with your boyfriend

Legs being tied together

Left hand bitten by snake

Lost of sim card

Light shining though the whole house

Late grandparents

Leg of lucifer


Lost in my own wedding preparation

Last night i had a dream...in the dream there was this small cave and a young boy came in and out of it holding a sack and in the dream he came to the house we are living in now and he begin to emptying the feed sack inside one of our bedrooms and inside the sack was our treasures. the young boy did it two zero ( prophetic number two zero means power of expectany) times. and it all added up to 45b ( prophetic number four five means provision,protection,preservation). ( malachi three:one zero) the cave was so small only a young boy could go in and out of it..at the end of the dream it ended with (isaiah four five: three i will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that i am the lord, the god of israel, who summons you by name) then i woke up

Lost in sea

Ladies in white dresses

Locked in a closet

Licking and picking udara fruits

Losing your paid shopping cart filled with groceries


Large rv in the home

Large cedar tree

Lightening strike dead

Lightening striking others who die

Lightening striking others

Lacks of flight ✈️ money in a dream

Lightening strike

Large rocks or boulders

Loosing home keys

Loosing car keys

Lip gloss

Light balls coming out of your hands

Lighting hand on fire

Looking for your own skull

Loud flashing light

Lost sim card and i found it


Leap photo

Lemon seed

Lying down, zebra crossing

Lord ganesha visargan

Leaving somewhere

Loved one falling on scrap metal

Lion plays with you

Letters word scramble

Light skin in a dream

Locked bathroom stall at a campground doorknob wonrt open

Left leg injured myself

Losing toe nail mean

Looking for a rider to ride convey my brand new motorcycle

Looking for a treasure inside a river

Loosing a football match in the dream

Late mum and dad attending a wedding

Lion climbing atree

Lighted room

Liberty mutual insurance company

Loved one telling me there okay

Loving family

Left leg slipper

Losing your left leg slipper in a river


Lakshmi kalsha in dream

Looking in a mirror and having red eyes

Looking for someone but can’t find them

Long stairs

Light blue dream

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu m8naz zalimin

Losing a fight to wxs spouse

Laying head on chest

Looking for icing

Lucky numbers for corn

Lump armpit

Lover is simling in dream to me

Laky numbar

Loss of control in car

Legos into go kart

Later husband laughing

Lost and fall in an stairs train station

Loud knock on a door that sounds real

Lost ring in roza e rasool saw

Losing a game of checkers to your friend


Looking for a loved one

Lowered a flag

Long hair in my butt

Laying on bed full of maggots

Living on sattelite

Lion and mask in dream

Lip in dream means

Lover is short

Lover brings me a pizza

Lizard pee on someone in dream

Loving a serial killer

Lord vishnu

Loosing partner

Looking for a child in school but woke up before finding him

L7cky numbee assogiated in malunggayeaves

Listening music

Lights comming out of eyes


Laying in bed wit two girls

Land dispute

Licking private part in dream

Landscape in dreams

Looking through letterbox

Lamb with two faces

Late uncle offering a soft drink

Lesbian kiss kissing

Lighting a jiko

Lightly elbowed by someone

Loking tv

La hawla walla

List of the teams that is winning the games

Losing your nose piercing

Lioness cage

Lunch with everyone that died

Lrge vaccine veins in legs

Lots of ents in your dream

Lotus flower pond

Looking for my husband in my dream

Looking at chicks and eggs in dream

Losing one earing

Living in your old place where you grew up

Lady and window


Letter from ex

Lost face cap

Lightweight airplane flying overhead in open field

Lots of gates to crawl around and over

Loading a trunk with suitcases

Large plane hanger

Late father lying in his bed

Leaking milk

Living in a matrimonial home

Large ponds

Large ants

Lending shoes sister

Lending shoes

Losing virignity

Laying next to a sick person in bed

Luka meaning in dream

Light shining upon me from heaven

Leftover fish

Lost of teeth

Lit lightbulb in a hole

Lobola someone

Lesbian massage

Lizard coming out of

Lack of breath while kissing



Lion died from bashing head on my door trying to get in

Lord murugan saying you did good in dream

Lord murugan saying good to me in dream

Legs being pulled

Legs being pulled off the bed

Locked up in the mountains alone

Left baby in car park

Left wrist cut

Left arm wrist cut all the way around but no blood

Leaking milk in jug

Looking through pics together

Laughing with someone you love

Leopard protecting you


Left side scalp fluid leak

Limb heaviness

Lizard running around my body

Lots of yellow bananas

Lots of gold

Lover wearing white color clothes in my dream

Lady seduced a man and she made him carry money

Lost bag with cloths in a gathering

Lost bag with cloths in a party

Lost bag with cloths

Lobola payment

Lost things and direction

Lakhey chasing me at my home

Luggage with flowers printed


Leaf blower falls on friend

Left hand missing on dream

Lion licks human face

Lions skin

Lost my exam paper during exam

Large second toe

Laying in the center of a room with people around they tops me sing a song as the water off the dead heads in the tank drained out beside me then i had burn marks on my body

Lion killing warthog

Leaf blower shoots up in the sky

Leaf blower shoots up[ in the sky

Laddu gopal in dream in pregnancy

Licked by a rabbit

Late father whistle

Lion eats monkey

Lost pigmentation on half of my face

Letter box front door being blown off

Legs of dead one

Long tongue dream interpretations

Litle boy climbing palm tree

Low tide sea

Late father in law asking vegetables

Lion on lap

Lizard on

Ladder with broken step

Looking out window seeing passed on love one

Legible inscription

Lost in garage

Lovers eyes turned black

Lizard in a toilet

Loosing my son in early age in a croud

Lord shiva trishul

Lying under a tree with someone and leaves falling


Liquid in eyes and mouth

Lizard in to two pieces in dream

Lost a bag in the bus

Laughing with the king

Little indian girl

Lizard escape from the cage

Laughing with a friend

Lions roar

Lock around ankles


Leech eat

Little girl in dreams

Lost car and keys

Lightning striking my house

Laying with your mouth open dried with all dried out with cobwebs in it

Lemon seeds in food

Lemon seeds falling into food

Lemon seeds falling into good

Laying with stomach

Lady in white.

Losing something in ocean

Left hand pain

Learning how to use a gun

Leg wound plant

Lion horse hybrid

Losing and finding item

Losing an item; discovering

Lizard pee on my hand


Lion is chasing me and others

Looking for shoelaces

Lesbian japanese

Laid grandfather hands a sheep to slaughter

Left testicle squeezed

Large beast ripping man apart

Lost in a valley and surrounded by dirty waterin the rivers

Lucky number foe stab in the head

Looking back head mirror

Lumps under armpit

Lady nice face then evil looking with spider

Lone sword killed me

Lost my tulsi

Legs and hand being cuff

Lie in the road

Lobster in dream

Licking a virgina

Lady in the tree

Loved ones surrounding me in my bed

Loosing your teeth

Loved one shot in the head


Lost time cards


Leg of dead father

Lending someone my bathing soap

Late mother feeding walnuts to you

Late mother cleaning bathroom

Lifeless tree

L bleeding in the tub and throwing it

Left back pain

Large light filled almost empty room

Loosing money of your dead mother

Left palm burning


Laying on the beach with ex boyfriend

Laying on the beach with ex

Late for dance class

Lost shoes lost luggage can’t find my way back to. where i was

Lemons falling from the sky

Lemons raining down

Licking armpit in dream

Levitating with light coming from my palms

Levitating fighting demons

Levitating with ligh coming out of my palms

Licking udara meaning

Locking a window that keeps open

Lost your car

Late father cutting down trees

Lots of slippers i found only one the other with broken strap

Long hair and bugs

Line tattoo

Live by the sun love by the moon

Lizard food

Lipoma chest

Lying in a nice bed

Lion killing giraffe

Looking at childhood photos with my dead grandfather and my alive aunt in my childhood home. my boyfriend was in the background observing. my grandfather was healthy younger and happy and told me hes ok

Lost automobile


Long stair with big waves and memaid

Long stair and big waves with nermaid

Lord krishna n radma murthi

Left and right side

Loose a tooth

Lord shiva mouth closed with cloth

Licking a

Leaving house without girlfiend seeing me

Loosing at a game

Laser mirror

Laser mirror

Little girl in pink blanket

Landing on your knees

Landing from parachute

Leaking woman

Lobola dream meanings

Laying on gold dust

Late father ask something to drink

Licking nzu in the dream

Losing my phone sim card

Losing my sim card in my dream meaning

Lizard dieing

Lizard falling into fire

Lost on street

Leak of gasul meaning

Leak in gasul tank

Lost schedule

Loved one coming off elevator

Leader in a dream

Loved one saying sorry

Ladies bathroom

Losing voice while praying

Lizard on right shoes

Lush plant

Left something cooking on the stove

Loose stool movement

Line the people

Left thumb dream

Lord ayyappa devotees

Losing tortoise and finding it back

Late father talking to my boyfriend

Looking uniform in dream meaning

Looking for school uniform but you cant find it

Looking for sister

Lookign for sister

Little boy asked to pray with me because i was crying

Lemon tree with snake hanging

Loosing male genitalia

Lost in a public transport

Lauging at me

Lot of cooked lamb

Losing virginity and seeing blood after

Living in a tent in the wilderness with wife

Living in the wilderness in a tent

Looking in the direction of my exhusband

Lose the bag

Loved one dissappear in cave

Liking a person i hate

Lobola mean

Lord bhrama

Leaving me behind by my family

Lots of dandruff

Large fish swimming

Loud metal clinking

Loud metal cl

Ladybirds in my milk

Lion and tiger mating

Lizard jump on your face

Lizard on your face

Ladies cleaning house

Learning chinese in my dream

Letter r on forehead

Late grandfather asking tea

Lizard stuck on tongue

Losing pants

Looking up through full trees at white sun

Letters g and r

Lucious hair

Loss of job by son

Lights off

Light blue button

Locked out gate

Lady using her front head to rubbing my head

Laughing non stop

Lost god photo

Lust dream

Lost passport inside dream

Launching dream

Launch in dreams

Look behind the cupboard


Loose s

Loosing s

Late husband

Laughing dead baby

Looking for missing skirt

Lots of slipper


Lampost with someone underneath vast darkness all the way around

Lemon dreams

Lemon dream

Lady in a bird mask feeding me pasta

Lemon dream meaning

Lost skirt

Locked in teachers basement

Lot of blak children

Living in a cave seen photo of old friend

Lean on

Leaking water in jerry can

Locked in a locker

Lucky bag

Lots of potatoes


Long distance girlfriend

Look at someone

Landing plane

Landing in woods

Leopard running away

Letter e

Late for work in peru

Looking into a mirror and seeing an ugly face

Little brother and friend commiting sucide by hhunging themselves

Langaw sa ilalim ng kili-kili

Luminous being

Looking for someone in a dream

Ladies celebrating

Lion eating cow


Leaning up against a tree looking at the clouds

Losing your fami

Lightning striking on me and then reciting kalma e shahada

Lice in eyelashes dream

Lice in eye lasges

Lots of monks

Licking bearded dragon

Lion and tigers in backyard

Lower body parts

L saw my a male friend looking at my pictures in my dream

L saw a man who hope married in my dream

L saw my man friend looking at my pictures

Locked jaw and teeth falling out

Lack of freedom

Looking through ankara dresses to buy

Looking at watches

Limbs falling off

Late dad with my fiancée

Looking at the car

Lavina deram

Love triangle

Lady counting money in the grave yard

Lotus road

Lion drinking soda

Laying down in a bush

Looking for a safe

Lion at the door

Leopard mating

Ĺfather wearing a military uniform

Late mother asleep

Lost in dream

Lemonade vs bread

Lemonade vs vread

Lemonade street

Leafs on the ground

Light blue color and white together

Legs in police chains

Leach on

Legs being oiled by a former lover

Lizard eating eggs in a dream

Laceration in skin

Leaving owns family

Losing a new bike

Laying head on my feet

Lifting an object from the ground

Little bowls of food

Lost selippers

Ĺarge floods

Late grandfather milking a cow in a dream

Low tide of river

Lift breaks and u fall down

Late relatives

Lit cigar

Large crab apple

Loosing an unborn baby

Little girl talking

Long dream meaning


Lots of guns

Looking for gloves

Let coed inside

Living monster

Legs tangled

Lucky numbers for pastor

Lotto numbers for dreaming pastor

Lion and polo bear

Locked our late

Losing tartar in dream

Lizard teeth

Large brick buildings

Losing winter coat

Lost wiinterco

Losing an object and not being able to find it

Light speed

Losing all your wealth

Leaf vomiting in dream


Lemon leaves dream meaning

Laural leaf crown

Last will and testament

Living room collapse

L was biten by snake in my dream,but it was killed by people

Leaving your purse behind

Leg blister

Large new home

Living together with your fiance in a dream

Lush green carrot and corn field

Light coming out like a jolt out of the stomach

Licking fellow woman vigina

Large penis turning into a black snake

Losing nail

Life gaurd

Love sign

Licking unripe udara fruit

Licked by mermaid

Lightening a pencil

Love letter from boy

Linening up for water

Liver intencetine otherparts seen in dream

Lost pant

Losing blanket

Leach cooked

Late father in your dream

Late father in yor dream

Late father wearing perfum

Leaf having two eyes in a dream

Losing one slipper and seeing the other i a dream means what

Lowering a flag ang handing it over after a burial

Little girl growing up

Lifting from bed

Little frog

Listen to your heart

Lot of spiders

Late to party

Licking a virginia

Lavish vacation meaning

Lord balaji dream

Leather book on book shelf

Lotus and a snake biting

Looking for male names ethan

Lord vithal rukmini

Lizard coming out of sick

Lizard falling on left thigh in dream

Lizard licking my body

Lizard licking my bodu

Letting cats free

Lady giving me torn money

Losing your child

Lady throwing stones at me

Locking myself with chain and padlock in a dream means

Late sister mixing coffee

Lizard poop on mouth

Lady yelling at me saying do i love jesus

Lord hanuman smiling

Lip tattoo on hip

Lending your shoes

Lake water safety

Long buttocks hair

Long distance boyfriend kissing in the dreams

Light blue plaid

Light beep beep beep noise

Lack hooded figure

Licking a woman vagina

Laxmi devi photo fall down from wall

Lost woods

Losing jewllery

Little girl in uniform

Little girl at school

Late person making grass mat

Laser meaning

Lion coming out ocean

Lion coming out the ocean

Landing and moon

Little brown haired girl swinging on a sunflower swing


Loo on the sand

Lost ur face cap on a way on a journey

Large college

Lending a car to someone else

Living near hell

Late grandfather in very clean water


Let cross the bed

Letter y

Ladybug in nose

Lit charcoal stove dream interpretation

Love boming

Lost anklet and found it again

Lioness licking left hand thumb

Left her skirt at my house

Left her skirt

Listen music

Lion on ship in storm

Lucky number for decease mother in law

Logs floating on river

Leg cut off by your father

Loading track

Lord ganesh getting burying in the soil

Leaving comodity on shop

Life transitions

Late grandmother brought grocery for me

Loss wrapper

Letterbox sound

Long cone

Lakhey in dreams

Lotion in a dream

Loss of control

Lights moving

Late mother selling fish and crabs in a dream

Licking milky colour substance in the dream

Licking white substance in the dream


Leading a big crowd

Losing cap

Locking the door then the key broke after locking the door

Looking for a lost torch

Lion relative and dead mother seen in a dream

Lime and nail

Light come from ones mouth

Lightning and landslide floodings

Late sister


Lion and tiger trying to mate

Large mango tree with snakes around it

Lord shiva feet

Licking nzu

Late mom lighting a candle

Laundry being thrown away

Leaf in nose

Long distance gf

Large shoes

Lion changing into snake

Loved one swept away

Live horse with a skull face

Leading colleagues workmates in a dream

Ling bogey

Letter h

Lobola of my cousin

Lottery number for harvesting maize

Letters i r s

Light pillar

Lucky number of gun shot dead

Led light buble

Lion in dream

Leave them alone

Labor pains

Late husband carrying a white bag

Lottery tickets stolen in a dream

Long white hair white horse

Light in my hand

Looking malnourished

Law enforcement officers requesting i forfeit money in the dream

Looking stupid and disorganised

Looking for an antique shop

Lost a child in the bus in a dream

Loved by a stranger

Late sister helping me in exams

Lending your shoes to someone

Leg pain dream number in shillong teer

Living in mudy house surrounded by river

Loving person

Looking into the septic tank

Large trucks n a line

Lakshmi devi photo stolen from my puja room

Loved one in the trunk of an elephant

Lottery number for crab

Light the candle

Limestone was given to me

Large brown wardrobe

Luxury mansions

Leopard killing a deer

Lobola dream paid by a boyfriend in half price

Lion in my water


Leaving balance on shop

Lion with a snake in mouth

Late husband pointing to many holes in the ground

Lost in unknown places

Lifting the 4 storeys on the truck in dream


Leaning head on guy

Lighted diyas

Living in a garage

Lining up

Late father in a suit

Labour leader

Leprosy dream meaning

Lime and gave

Losing two front teeth

Loud bell

Lizard in a nest

Lord nataraj in dream

Long log falling from top

Love us back

Large feather

Late father stood in wet clothing

Lazy people expecting money for not working in a dream

Lord muruga picture in dreams

Lord muruga picture in fream

Loss and regret

Light inside a woman

Licking ewedu

Lost your bedsheet meaning in a dream

Lightning with low rolling cloud

Lamb broken injured leg

Light from ocean

Lays chips

Looking through the window

Lady with a snake and scorpion in her purse

Looking astranger through window at night while everyone is sleeping

Large gathering of people in my small house

Love lake tosh lovers drowned in and if their love is real they survive

Love lack tosh lovers drowned in and if their love is real they survive

Log out

Lady singin in black on stage

Lost phone number

Lost sim card in the dream

Loosing blackheads

Loading recharge card

Loved ones swept away by water wave

Laughing with teacher

Left foot injury with blood stain meeting in the dream

Left hand skin being ripped

Late father enter the house and going out thru back door

Lord dream meaning

Leopard biting off hands

Laying soil

Lobola payment dream

Leaving my hom

Leopard chasing you and biting you

Listening to earphones

Losing a shoes

Lots of sweet potatoes packed in plastics

Lizzard bites

Lizzie’s bites on my leg

Laying of eggs

Legs being tied with rubber rope

Late sister giving me a white empty purse

Late sister asking what kind of shoe was your late grandmother wearing

Leak scandal

Land around government building is collapsing

Land around government building is collapsin

Lioness in house as pet

Leopard bite blling bad

Lucky number for beads

Lizard in teapot meaning

Lion in house

Lord venektashwar

Late mother nd car

Licking by a lizard dream

Letters eke

Late father pang slasher

Large numbersof sweet potatoes in a dream

Lost school uniform dream

Lamprey in bathtub

Lions attack

Leaking pipes

Lunar year

Lotion on foot dream

Lost in a dark slum in dream

Laying in herse alive

Little bo beep with bunnies and teddy bears

Landscaping project finished

Limes and avocado

Long orange mucus coming out of your nose

Losing belongings

Late father giving a daughter burger chips and fried chicken

Looking mirror t

Looking mirror

Lucky dream numbers of killing the frogs by me a stick


Light skinned

Lady giving black pepper

Lots of clothes in bed

Looking for notebook

Losing visa card

Lit candle near god

Lion consumes black sheep

Lizard urine fall on us

Lost table

Lost of dining table

Late for everything

Legs fettered

Lord clot

Lightning up candles on cemetery

Little girl giving me coins

Large rocks with water

Late for flight

Live crabs

Light blue infinity scarf

Large golden vase

Lighting striking my brothers work van

Lack of resources

Large jade plant

Looking into eyes

Lucas helping me in my dream

Lion tiger mating in the dream

Leakage from theroof

Landry room

Loud speakers

Laburnum yree

Lights under close door

Lights under door

Losing your stuff you packed

Lady being considered for marriage holding shoes

Locus fruit

Lady white coat

Liquorice allsorts

Lying on top of grave

Lizard in blood

Lame husband

Lizard whiptail

Leaving my keys in the house

Loaded open truck speeding

Lassi drinking in dream

Lord krishn idol is being broken down by you by mistake

Lizard biting snake lizard jumps on my hand

Loyal boyy

Locking other vagina

Lump on shoulder

Late mother giving me a drink

Lion and snake in the dream

Laying hand on people in the dream

Laying hand and praying for people and they are falling under anointing means

Leaving in my old community

Live fish stuffed in someone’s mouth

Lick udala in the dream

Late mother give you a white cloth

Losing something that i have before

Lying down in bed talking on phone to two close but far away friends sudden shock as someone was pulling my blanket from above trying to get it back couldn’t move my body say a wooden tree with names screaming to let me go escaped from bed and rushed to open door anonymous figure standing and coming forward to hug

Loosing a leg

Loose a leg

Lord venkateswara

Living together with boyfriend

Left hand cut off and re attached


Lead aprons

Looking after my baby

Light bulb become dead

Lost in parking garage

Locking door with skeleton key

Listening discourses

Laughing at ex girlfriend boyfriend

Lost birthday present

Love of my life

Looking for a plunger

Landfill garbage dump


Lid of a can



Lion chasing my deceased mom

Live frozen baby

Lick the bean

Lost clothes and searching

Lakhey newari god

Lying in a bed

Lonte jokowi