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Dreams starting with the letter I

I dreamed my late mother washing dirty clothes

I dreamt og bring chased by an elephant

Intruding house

In a lorry load of unripe plantain

I dreamt of finished cooking some rice then i saw a live green lizard in the pot

I dreamt i was in israel, there was a lot of damaged buildings, i was following a boy, but all of a sudden one camouflaged snake appeared in a tree, i started running away and there was anothe black snake in the grass, then once i was close to the road a king cobra huge was in a tree and barely missed biting me, then i woke

Ibhayi eli yellow

In a car in a flood

In my dream my great grand father and grate grand mother are coming to my dreams like photos

Inspection at work

Insise a high building


I had a dream of eating nile patch with my girlfriend and family

I dream see money in my dream

I dream see a woman with a baby

I dream about someone putting powder in my walkway

I dream about someone putting porter in my walkway brown powder

I had three owcases, blue, white and brown

I saw kapala mala in dream

I dreamed about my phone being exchanged i was given the old one

I was looking for oranges in nature so i climbed a mountain and reached there, it was a woman who gave me tomatoes and it was amazing

I had a dream that my friend refused to give me water while coughing

I dreamed about my co wife when we talking in a good way

If a guy gives u a blue pen

I dreamed that i seen a lot of people disappearing into the sky

I was in the shower with my best friend and i saw her

I dreamt that my husband is washing my friend panty.

I saw husband mom in dream to who i never saw

Imali yephepha eningi

I dream about eid sallat

I dreamt holding a pang . what does it mean

I dreamt about famous sports star

I dreamed of my wife that is dead in her wedding dress

I had a dream about someone telling me that the child is not mine

I was buying jewelries

Isiwasho esi yellow

I gave my dead brother a gift

I had a dream of someone crabbing my hand

I dream that a man what to give twenty naira after seling things to him

I found my kids trap in an attic

I seen female cousin on church

I was full in my dream and dog suck my means what


Iziwash pink,light blue,green red

I see number that is related to zero two zero six zero nine in the sky

If you dream donkey

Indian male old

Indian old men

Innocent men

I dreamt of some people learning how to swim in a swimming pool but after finishing to swm they worn a very dirty combat uniform of army

Injected in the eye

Ing millet in a dream means what

I saw a ring that my mother-in-law wears in my dream

Interpretation of a dream of seing fresh cow dung smeared on the floor of room

Inna lillaahi wa inna

In dream saw temple

In the shower

Ignoring my lovers call

Insects thrown at you

In a submarine with my son underwater

I am in

I see my crush in my dreams

I was praying in a dirty place in my dream

I saw a copy of my baby

I am short

I am short and everyone is tall

I was told to name my grandchild saint in my dream

If ur sister in-law gavve u gold bangles

I gave my dead brother food in a dream

I dream about crab and fish

I want to know

I saw smallpox in my right hands means

I saw apanga in adream

I find lots of clothes when i was digging in my dream

I was weeding grass in my dream

I was burnt on my chest area

I was called by hindu goddess name in my dream

In my dream i was called by the name of shree radha

I dream about tari

I dreamt that in night time my door would repeatly open

I dreamt the same dream twice

I dreamt of having a boulder on your chest

Ipha umoba oshisiwe

I dream my friend give me green leaf what is the meaning

Im stuck in a middle of the crowd and everyone is fighting around me while im trying to create peace

I cleaned up light blue paint

I cleaned up s ed paint

Is erect and his around his skin has rotten

I had a dream when i have taken maize on milling machine that it was 39kg and it was like @kg is milled at 250ugshs. what does it mean in spiritual?

I had a dream when i have taken maize on milling machine that it was 39kg and it was like @kg is milled at 250ugshs.

I had a dream when i have taken maize on milling machine mbu it was 39kg and it was like @kg is milled at 250ugshs.

In my dream but others have clothes on

I fell down stairs because the railings broke but was ok

I see a pastor eating fried meat

Illness death

Illegible signature

I killed someone in my dream

I had a dream saw my boss with in the same bathroom with me

I was being called a snitch but it was a mistaken identity then i was killed

If someone shoot a gun at you

I give food to dead father

If going to visit crown new chief

If you dream that you and are going to visit a new crown chief

If you dream that you and your motherbare going to visit a new crown chief

I dreamedfighting with wild animal and killed it

I dream that i eat a firing pearl and when i ate the pearl it turned out into many pearls coming out in my mouth

I want to know the list of the names of the team that will win on saturday football match

I am small

I dreamed of me wearing red and white beads on my wrist accompanied by a cs skin and the beads had a small bone

I dream my wife

Infant is always slippin gout of my arms

I chased a rat in my dream meaning

I dreamed i see gandi gi and i talk him

I saw my head been cut off


In a rain under a tree

I saw a black pot lid breaks into pieces

I dreamt that i’m being bathed by somebody in front of people

I was harlequin

In the a castle fighting

I dreamt of my ex paying dowry

I dreamed a woman giving my wife money

Im burning

If someone give me ewedu leaf in a dream what does it mean?

I saw new cloughs in desplay window

Inserts dream meaning

I was bathing in front of people in my dream

I saw an unknown girl in the river and we started flirting each other

I saw taurus sign in my dream

I saw my dad disappeared in my dream

I was an orb

I had a dream about cartoon cat

I stepped on something

I saw myself najed in my dream

I saw myself in my fream

I dreamed of devil

I run

I run really fast

I told my manifestation to a shooting star

I told my affirmation to a shooting star

I dreamed i was flexing my muscles

Iorn nails in the feet

In my dream my relative who is dead also doing celebration in the dream send me an errand, what does it means

I give my old jacket to death person

In a school after hours in a bathroom

I dream me and my boyfriend walking in the rever that water like green color and little dirty my boyfriend invite me to walk with him then i follow him with holding hands

I was in river side the i a man-made playing by the river side close to me

I killed horse in my dream

In laws photo frame with garlend

I seen mangalsutra and i was ready to get marry with i dont want

Inquiring about a piece of land for my self

I dreamed i had a car club and it was full of miss fits like me and we were called clipped wings

I dreamed about meeting my boyfriends mother and family and him meeting my mother and sister everything was good his mom and family liked me we went to a restaurant and movie later on i took a nap at his house but i fell asleep on the dining room table my mom came in sat for a bit and than left my boyfriend had already gone some where so me and my sister were with his mother until we walked out and my boyfriends cousin showed up we were excited but her truck had flipped over , she was ok but we had to wait until my boyfriend finally came back and picked us up and than i woke up

I see the doctor and nurse washing my air

If you dream of crusade

I dreamed seeing her bald having no hair

I had a dream i went on a date with a girl i met at a supermarket

Insects in guava

I dreamed of njeti maroon and white with big flowers

Intimacy with the king

I dreamed of someone selling many slippers to me

In a dream

Inn of dreams

I dreamt going trance

I had a tail

Ing mom

Interpretation of mosque collapesed

Interpretation of mosque collapsed

I dreamt my daughter was getting beat up and i was held back to watch

If you dream eating with kings

I dreamed about jincamas

Indian cheif with headdress on a white horse

I dreamt of going to a lhakhang

I dream i was wearing a gold dress and wearing a gold crown on my head

I dreamt if just a big jar of mayonnaise

Intimate massage

I dream eating meat teer number

I dream a girl fell in love with me

I dream of a young woman fell in love with me in the dream and she took me to eat rice and beans

Irvingia gabonensis

I dream of somebody’s name

In sand shining coins with no design

In sallah

If you see dargah in your dreame

Inappropriately dressed

I dreamt i walked inside walked inside water with my daughter before entering my house

I dream about my husband having affair with my cousin

Istuck in snow in car

Istuck in snow

Izinkabi ebomvu nemnyama

In my dreamed i was looking for jacob

In my dream my mother agreeing my love and accept for love marriage means

I place top two

I always that my husband is cheating

I dreamt i was in love with someone else eventhough amhappily married

I dreamt that an old man asked me what i wanted and i told him i wanted one cup of salt and he gave

I had a dream last night my boyfriend disvirgin me and i saw a lot of blood

I dreamt that a foreman working on our house asked me what i wanted and i told him i wanted one cup of salt and he gave me a clean salt but the salt container was torn so he was giving me another one and i opened my eyes

Itching or scratchy eyes

If you dream you saw it alot of decorations

I dreamt my picture was missing in a dream what does it mean

I was giving an upside down scattered birthday cake with a lot of drinks. so i started turn the cake

I phon15 shopping dream namber

I saw a milk mix with garri in my dreams when am eating it

I shouting my nephew and he crying

I dreamt someone was telling me i am hiv effective

If uu dream about your close friend have on your t-shirt

I am safeing the elephant from the snakes

In a foreign country, while crossing the road i saw a man getting accident then i rushed to save him and i took him to hospital in an auto then after series of adventures,i got married to him

I dream many thrones in the sky.one throne a old man i was sitting on it he was having white beard

I showing pressing iron to a friend

In river

If someone see they shoot him with gun

I saw fresh watery fruit in my dreams

Insect entering your nose dream

Inviting people to dinner and realising you didn’t cook enough food

I see a little girl playing in her backyard then all of a sudden a giant monster appears and grabs her hand. they start running and the little girl keep looking at me with scary eyes. i follow them but i cant do anything to help her so i feel really bad


I dream about lizard on my neck

I had a vivid dream of a ritual. there were four people forming a circle, including myself. we all had black robes on, our hands formed as if we are drinking water from our hands, but there was a red candle in my hands, as well as the other three people. there were four different colors of pastes, a blue, a green, a orange, and a white. i assume these represent water, earth, fire, and wind. in the center of the circle, there was a scarecrow. we set it on fire. there were six white candles behind us.

I dream of my dead parents attending a wedding

Insence burning

In dream meaning

I dream someone telling me to please untie goat

Inyama ebolil

I dreamt giving a testimony in church

I dreamt having something in my back but i was singing and walking cross the bush and immediately as i joint the road a mad woman and mad man attached me

I killed wall gelco in my dream

I killed small wallgelco in my dream


I was jumping on my friend back in my dream

I receive a toilet key in a dream

If you dream of someone being run over by a truck

Intestine coming throug the mouth

I gave someone my bathing soap in the dream

If you are having a dream that you are sliding ero leave

I dreamed my sister came back home without one leg and actually came in the house through a window very brokene

I dreamed my sister came back home without one leg and actually came in the house through a window very broken

I saw my dead mom wearing my torn gown

I pushed my husband into water and he died


I dreamt of two sangomas wearing red and white with beads across their shoulders

Iv drip

I dreamt of multiple gods and goddesses being released and i was doing this musical chant to contact them

I dreamt of multiple gods and goddesses being released and i was doing this call to contact them

I dream of snake that eats my baby and i was crying

Indio enseñando a tocar tambor

I dreamt i see myself eating cook bush pig , what is the meaning?

I’m a female and i’m in a room with another female we start to touch each other

If a transgender snatch money from me

I heard the bell of death oldman died, lucky teer number

I set a metal detector off

I was stealing

I was stealing from the public toilets

I’ve seen a short hair black want to count them

I dreamt were my fiance is a ritualist

I dreamt of seeing a mad man in my dream

I dreamed i was a philosopher that made a lot of money in the stock market

I dreamed that i removed a jigger from my toe

I gave my dead friend a green candle

I dream my wife paint her mouth with black lipstick, what it means?

Iron boarding with five irons on it

In a high building looking out the window at a circus

I saw a dead mother girrafe and her small baby is trying to wake him up

I shot someone who was trying to rob me

I pushed a door open to stop a woman from spanking a small child

I built a house for my mom dream meaning

Iron as a gift

In my dream i saw my mum come to blow air on your face

I deampt i was taljing to my class when my pants were accidentally torn and my scrotum exposed

In the middle of field seeing a street lamp surrounded by fireflies

I dream a dog licking of my girlfriend

I felt dead mother kissing me on the cheek

I saw dead people


Ieavng an dam

I was attacked by many people but i was weak enough to fight back i tried but i could not

Is a bird a viking

I saw people holding for me pangers when the want to kill me

I killed some stranger

I dreamed and my father was going to makkah

I am removing knife from my throat

I saw the president in my dream strugling with an old taxi so he ask me to enter the taxi

I dreamed that my enemy has fallen into a hole

I saw in my dream there is a gold which is malted pour in my both hands and that malted gold stack in my hands

Indian grinding stone (ammikallu)

I started dating a friend and we love a friend of a friend

I like the boy and i dream about him

I walking with my friends in supermarkets

In my dream i set a trap for rat and i catch the rat, but on my way they were other traps set but i was informed not to touch the traps

In my dream i set a trap for rat and i catch the rat, buy on my way they were other bug traps set but i was informed not to touch the traps

In a funeral church service in my pajamas

I am dreaming of wearing a yellow isiphika and a white doek

I dreamed catching a wedding bouquet and song was playing


In the dream interpretation, when the dumb can speak

Im pregnant bu im one two

If you see your self dancing fetish priest dancing in a dream

I shot myself

I have leaf in my ear

Inside a bus

I saw my self giving a bottle of wine and money to my friend in my dream

I saw one ol man one young woman and young man

I had a dream my ex visited my house eat food with my family

In my dream i was planning to visit my dead brother in a prison and remembered that he told me he will be released in august and august had already passed

I dream in my bedroom is a green big plant in the middle of my bedroom growing so big with the small plants around

I dream in my bedroom is a green plant in a pot growing o big with

I dream in my bedroom is a green plant in a pot growing so big with the small plants around but it look so beautiful what is the meaning of my dreams

Intimacy with stranger

I had a dream a black smoke like female demon kept chasing me jumping on my head and back weighing very very very heavy on me i had to call out to jesus

I had a dream a black smoke like female demon was chasing me around jumping on my neck head and back laying down very very heavy

If someone faints

I have dreams of my deceased parents cupboards full of clean ironed clothes,is there a meaning to this

I was stealing a beanie from a friends house

I have dreams of my deceased parents cupboard of clothes is there a meaning to this

I have dreams of my deceased parents wardrobes,is there a meaning to this

I saw my deceased uncle talking to his wife in my dream and my cousin talking to his cousin who died and my grandparents

Incoming hurricane

If you dream about seting fire on monkey

I see my self as a house girl in dreams

In ashram palace guru brings me upfront sits me on a red velvet cushion speaks to me works on my heart

I swallow rod in my dream

I had a dream of animal mating each other, what is the meaning of the dream??

I had a dream of dog mating each other what does it mean??

I dreamed my husband was talking to a girl named nina and got jealous

I helped a blind man reach his destination

I had an encounter with the cherubim angels and in the dream my eyes opened more and turning around and as my eyes are rolling with a smiling face at the same time and my right hand started to shake in the same way my eyes were rolling with the smiling face still

If a mad man slap you physically on your face what those it significant

I was told that i was going to die - the grim reaper showed up and told me i had two days left, then i messaged my crush telling her i was gonna die and then she sent me and then i scrolled up in our chat were there were photos of her and a friend and they were not wearing clothes

I was told that i was going to die - the grim reaper showed up and told me i had two days left, then i messaged my crush telling her i was gonna die and then she sent me and then i scrolled up in our chat were there were photos of her and a friend and they were not wearing clothes and then i shot my other friend in a game of lazer tag

Ijazi lengwe black and white elinesphika nesphambano

I see my husband died in dream

I saw my male freind as a female

In middle of dry river

Improper fraction

In front of a mirror

Icy steps

I dream of seeing a ghost in a frightened night, lucky teer number

I dreamt a mining tunnel with a building on top of it

I dreamt a mining tunnel

I saw my ex boyfriend digging a hole in his backyard

I was driving a car with a white lady

I saw a dream of my ex and i in a car the whole time in my dream. i was five hours late on our date. he gets angry with me and i console him, he suddenly turns into a girl and i feel like a man consoling my upset girlfriend. i then saw a couple with uti. they too joined us

I saw my lady pastor and i clothed her

I dream of someone who passed away and give me a watch

If someone bit my in dream

If a man brest feeds

In my dream i am tying snake

If you dream walking with your neices

If family member dream about someone stting down cry

Imitating life

In come tax raid friend home

In the rain

I was a korean harpy at a korean restaurant

Intestinal worms dream

In a room with lots of lights and pure white tiles

I dreamed of a snake turning into a lizard attacking my husband

Itching body in a dream

Itching body in a dream what is the explain

I saw broken tawa

In my dremes missed my sandels in a temple

In my dremes my sandels are stolen someone

Injured funger

If some one give you money in the dream

Isiphika se purple

Isiphika esi purple

I gave my personal lord krishna stone art to other

I gave a singer white flower

Ice in a tank

I dream about someone i knew in my village that advice me and then dash me some money, when i see the mad man in my dream i no decide to give him out of the money, then as we reach were i can change the money to give him some and collect some he was trying to force all the money in my hand and i was forced to collect it back, then he now bite me in my right hand

Invitation of meals from officials

I was climbing in very big mountain but then i suddenly fell down from the mountain and it took very long time for me to reach the ground,and when i fell to the ground i didnt die

I dreamt that a lady with hiv scratched my face, what could this be meaning

I dread about my passed mother giving me coin money

In dreams i eating jaggery

Im being given a clothes peg

I am looking myself in a mirror and i watched that three pimples on my face and my eye brows are stick with my eye petals

Index finger cutting and bleeding dream

I saw four suns from four directions in my dream half suns which are looking sun set

I dipped my finger in women private part

I dipped my finger in women pussy

If you dream switching off burning appliances

Injured tongue

I dreamed that i wore a white dress and jumped into the pool


Inspection of hime

If a tyre of a car remove an on move wat is the meaning

I dream i got married in white dress with my ex husband

I dream i got married again in white with my ex husband

I dream me and my friend sucking each other


Insect vomiting

I was in love with this older man at least in his late three zero’s early four zero’s, and he had a lot of money. a huge house, a lamborghini and everything. we would kiss a lot, we looked so happy.

Isis with her wings outspread

In the ocean with girlfriend guiding me, somethings grabs my foot from below

Isiphika esibomvu esinamajuba

In the navy but have no uniforms

I dream a pastor deliver me from a curse

Initals u and r

I dream i opened a oyster shell and sow fish inside

I was in barbados

In my dream i sow am opening a sea shell and i sow a fish

I see my father talking to me i told him that let’s buy this house and he said no our house is better

I could rise and fly round the house

I saw atis fruis and eat

In a dream of seen legs of your dead father

Invitation form a dead person

In space there was a damru and prayer hands and a sudden vibration to the person and other gods appear and says you have a different formation of durga

I dreamed my late mum gave me ripe bananas

Incomplete wuzu in dream

In rain and someone cover me with blanket

I dreamt asnake bites my left leg and i asked help from malaria friends and just laughed

Indoor forest

I got pregnant and admitted in hospital for delivery with my parents and husband

I dream myself sitting on a white chair that my pastor is supposed to sit on

I dreamt my self sitting on a chair and another woman is standing up

In courtship

I dream that i am eating banana

I married two people in a same time. one man and one woman

If you’re crush is

I dreamt that i have a raise a dead person through prayers

I saw a baby boy in my dream. one time i was holding him, and his name was carter, which is my last name and it kind of looked like anthony , but i felt kind of odd about the dream.

I was kidnapped on the road

Insect nest

I dreamt of my boyfriend coming into my house using the lounge door approaching the kitchen and he was happy to see me what does it mean

I anointed my head willh oil

I dreamed that my daughter was playing with her cousin

If you hear someone motioning millions naira in your dream what does it mean

If you hear someone motioning in millions in your dream what does it mean

I dtreamed i saw a child with chickenpox on her face

If you dream that someone came to visit you

If you dream that you fetch a bundle of firewood

Invigilator in the dream meaning

I married to my best friend…we had great life until babies were born he’s an doctor…he become abusive and angry at me…my family convinced me before marriage not to marry him… but i married my best friend….he was really good friend…

Indoor potted plant yellowing

I can do it

I dreamt my mother being shot dead

I dreamt selling kerose worth one four zero

I had people working in my salt field, picking and packing it for sell

I was then shown and given a long time lying field which was bushy and grassy. the moment i was given to utilize it, it turned into a tilled and ready to be planted field. when i took the soil, the field turned in salt and then into diamonds

I saw my mom as siren or mermaid

If you see that you are feeding a sick relative

I dreamt lying down on a tilled dry farm field that belongs to someone else

I dreamt lying dwon on a farm field that belongs to someone else

Insect on my finger

I dreamt i met up with a senator and i carry suop for him which he drank

I dreamnt of my deceased mother committing suicide

Iicked my wife virgina in the dream

I threw spade at the cock and flew away, lucky teer numberu

I threw saada at cock and flew away, lucky number

In same school with husband

Ingane encane ehudayo

I was eating roasted palm fruit in my dream,what does it mean?

If you see udara tree and the fruit in your dream what does it mean

I dream about iam going to have a baby

Injury to left lage go hospital

Injor in left lege

I dreamt of drinking passion fruit juice in a glass

I am doing namaz means

In a tomato field

I saw a man dying in water

I dream being asked how do couples treat themselves after sleeping together what does that mean

Is it okk to see black money in dreams

I dreamt of a funeral an open coffin when i touched the person she moved

I keep meeting my crush by chance everywhere

Invisible pouring oil on hands in vision while praying

I see my own home temple in my dreams

If are cook ohio in my dream what those mean

I dream my mother wearing my old torn blouse

I dream being told that i shall meet another boyfriend the i had is not good it shall be well with me i shall have baby boy

Insect eggs inside my body

If you see a pamphlet in your dream what does that mean

I see a cup come from heaven to me

I dreamt of drawing

If you dream of asthma

If somebody dream about the day of judgement what will happen to them

I recieve a silver key

I’m female and dreamt my girlfriend was going on a date with a man

I dream a woman and man sprit

In the car with someone and the person that’s driving is going too fast

I broke the jaw of a bear

I dreamt that i was someone was chasing me and i live my shoes and i state run

I dream praying for blind person

I dreamed of being a satanist

Inzilo in a dream

I heard someone name in my dream

If hand stained with blood in a dream

I seen a cat in my dream

I dream a cat jumped at me

I saw my friend smashing my phone to the wall

I am cutting the throat of the devil in a dream

If my mom buy new cloth for u in ur dream

Imamba dream meaning

I dream a man giving me cooked maize

I dream i grgle dirty water

I see myself beating up by a soldier in a dream what does it mean

I dreamed about uae getting bombed

I had a dream that my son died of fetish spell

I found and saved my friend after she was kidnapped

I saw people hanging by ropes through windows of building and after someone also trying to kill me all are unknown to me

I saw people hanging by ropes through windows of building and after someone also trying to kill me

I dreamt that i was carrying some thing in the sack to go and see the unknown person in the hospital

I’m a girl but i dreamt of paying lobola to another girl i don’t even know

If you dream a mopane warm

If you collect your lost sim in dream. means what?

Inside of cow

I see my bf playing billiards with some other girl

In room

If you dream eating of cooked maandazi while pregnant it means

I dream my apostle give me two litter of anoutinh oil and he prayed for me

If someone tells u to grind pepper

I have seen a dead and he says he feels left leg pain

I am the beast

I saw my ex girlfriend wearing my slippers in a dream meaning

If you dream allah name written


I dreamt when my daughter who went abroad is back what does it mean

If i dream like dieing

If i dream like doeing

I lost my wand

I dream that a sheep us giving birth to twins

In my dream i was a child again and my abuser had moved back into our home .

In my dream i was a child again and my abuser had moved back into our house.

In my dream i was a child again abd my abuser had moved back into our house


I dream holding calabash on my hand catting with knife

If you dream it is your birthday and everyone is celebrating it but you fall asleep on your birthday and you wake up the next day and you miss out on the celebrating and you dream about telling your friends that you are half black because of your achtors

In dreams

I found lost luxury car

I saw a bottle full of salt but it inside empty

I saw a a bottle full if salt but it inside empty

In bed with two women

Islamicly what it means to dream my head on my mums lap laying down

I seeing myself and my friend planting yam

I dreamt that i have leprosy

I dream seeing gun on my bed

I see in my dream my mom waring beautiful dress

I can saw as dream plucking amla in the tree

I put a water for white pig but dog come and drink it


Ian lowry

Interlocking the fingers with your crush

I saw giant snake bt my deceased dad killed the snake ..

I dream about macupa fruit

I dream we are digging someone gave

I dream we are digging someone i know gave but

I dream we are digging someone i knowgave but

I dream we are digging someone gave but

I saw a deep hole in the house in dreams

Iron burning

In bed in a public place

I dream about my mother who had passed away also her friend that passed

I was in the backyard of a townhouse in new york. i met a stranger and made plans to meet with them soon. i never ended up seeing them again.

Inside for safety in a gutter means

I dreamed my car headlights stolen

I did not burn with holy water

I dream of having hiv positive 3times in my dreams

I dream of writing exams i wrote all but not able to conclude

I dream my girlfriend send someone to me that i sho give her money

I was taking to a far distance by car and i was dropped down and said i should start to trek home on my own

I dream my partner send someone to me that i sho give her money

I dreampt and found a symbol of wall gecko on my left leg what does it means

I have a dream falling baby into deep river

I see bitter yam in the dream

I was driven in the informal settlement with other church women overloaded in a car, i did not see the driver

In car

Intercourse with a close one

Intercourse wth a close one

I dreamt of seeing pointing a gun to a lady they are both a student?

I dreamt like i am playing games to eat my favourite sweet rose rasgulla

I was hissong as a snake in my dream

I gave my late father water to bath

I saw some boys presenting gift to my wife, what is the meaning ?

I dreamed about my wife given money to a boy in my dream, what could be the meaning ?

I was trying to wake up but i couldn’t. i felt trapped and everything was white, i was in a white room grasping for air and trying to escape

I am getting ready to settle a case and in my dream my real life lawyer tells me in my dream that it is gonna be a big one meaning a big settlement case what does this dream mean

I apologized to my dead father in a dream meaning

I dream foating in sky

I dream about someone hitting my hand

Identical things

Irritating person

Idla inyama eyosiwe


I had a dream that my sister are sick

I dream about my x boyfriend wearing a silver ring

I was unharmed but my window was shot out

In closet with old man

I dream a man touch my wife

I dreamt sharing a chicken with the president, he ate half and i ate half, i discovered some secret of him, what does it mean

I have few money in my buss and some one asked me to help her with some money when i get out the money in my buss it was more than enough. i want to know the meaning of this

I was stubbed by knife by a guy wearing white shirt

I was stubbed by knife by a white guy

If u sleep and find a small snail on your bed on real life

If you see yourself driving home my family members and friends from a yearly function...and u get to a near by town near your home and you stop in the same town and i and my friends get out of the car and my wife requests to drive the family members home and come for us later after a refreshment in the twn with the friends

If you see yuarself in a dream laid down in an hospital

If i dream my friend having a car....

I was sleeping and the bed was sinking i came out

Iron nails in palm

Identity card

Id number

Injecting yourself

I dreamt of selling dry kapenta

Intimate your sister dead

I saw my self working handcraft

I dreamed that i was making three tall pots with lamps in cheerful colors and especially pink

In a picture of prime minister in my dream

If i dreamt see my husband in a potry farm

If your slippers is floating in the dream and you catch it what does it mean

Indian gun war

I had a dream i was a siren

I dreamt my six months old falling from a cliff into the water

I saw my cousin

Is snake crossing your path meaning?

Is it good luck to see a snake?

I dream about a big crack on thr floor it looks like an earthquake just happend

Incomplete church

Inventing a full book with visualisations

If you see wall gecko in yr blanket in yr dream what does it mean

I was transfered to a bad office


I saw my relatives carrying a panga in a dream

I was trying to prank someone and i messed up and got caught

I die in a dream and allah showing you jannah and jahanum in dream and asking you that what will you choose , i was afraid and i saw burning water in jahanum and soo peace in paradise

In my dream my crush girl become taller than me

I was pregnant and i had a dream that my boyfriend sister and one unknown person wanted to sacrifice my unborn fetus for rituals. they chased after him in the wood. despite begging them to take me instead of my son they insisted of taking him. a day after that dream, i had a miscarriage it was a bit just as i dreamt of him in my dreams. a day after miscarriage, i had another dream in which my boyfriend’s sister and that man were telling me that they were done with their work. sacrificing my son. could you please interpret this dream for me?

I dreamt that i put quran in water and remove it

I saw myself with one honourable minister and three other high ranking men trying to ask me some qquestion

I peed a rat from my body

I have adream

In my dreams my wife eating sindoor or waste

I was on a train with a famous man

I’ve died and swim with my relatives

I was in a competition which i went for by mistake. and my parents are watching me and kind of trying to help me dream

I dream about wearing pink hijab

I saw myself digging a rabbit hole in my dreams searching for the rabbit

In my dream i saw a cycle what is lucky number for it

I saw a kidnapper taking me somewhere

I was in a dream and saw myself in a hospital where a nurse took blood through my hand and fingers for a blood test

I spank my husband


I drove my friend into porta potties full of poop. poop was flying everywhere. poop was going everywhere. i was driving a convertable. then we got stuck in a building full of cockroaches. my friend was trying to wash off the poop. they had no working sinks and she kept stepping on cockroaches

If 2 sisters querral in dream islamic meaning


In dream seeing ragi millets

I was looking for money but i was given sand instead

I got a government job at mamalodi hospital and

I saw prime minister death news on t v in my dream,what does it mean?

I punished old women

I got two pieces of betle nut

In office

I saw prime minister is died in my dream

I dreamed that i am tieiny firewoods

I dreamt tha i had 5 babies at the same time

I had 5 babies

I dreamed of a man i never seen before wearing all black but it felt so good

I grand ceremony was being done by the priest in my house. it feels like dark energy

I was in a competition which i went for by mistake. and my parents are watching me and kind of trying to help me.

Island in the sky

I saw a white fish with orange dots on it in a big bucket in clear water and i was playing with it

I see my head in a dream

I dream white people last night

I entered my house and found there was no bulds upon going to my bedroom i found my bedroom scattered and my bed you standing upside down

I dream my baby biting by a scorpion

I saw a women sending me two bottles of juice in my dream

I climb high mountain found my self in cave found top of mountain.

I was crying

If my husband is holding storf drink and asking you for more

I was dreaming of having a shower with 3 aked ladies

I dream my dead dad was chasing my brother with a cutlass

I dreamt of holding a clean sanitary pad.

In a dream i meet a new friend and he win a game compition

Interpretation of dream of my guru

I saw my sister selling pure water in they market and i was recutting her in they dream

I was moving around the big hospital looking for toilet

If your sister in law gives you a chapati in dream

I saw three mast crash down in my dream

I dreamed ant hill on top of my house

I and another girl married two guys

I dreamt my husband wearing white clothes and he was pushing a wheelbarrow with a bucket of water

I give my notebook to someone and they write “i like you” in it.

I saw my dead mother is bathing

In a dream one sees their wearing their black shoes backwards

I dream about my ex husband being nice to me agin

I dream of eagle feathers

I swallowed a brightening star in a flood


I was a ghost trying to communicate with friends and family

I have been having g a dream of my old friend who also i had a crush on

I dreamt my mother was eating a soon

In abroad

Indian chief in full dress during meditation

I saw my dead father

I was chasing a rat with a sword. the rat jumped into a pool and i kept striking the rat with the sword but it would not give up. my business partner was there trying to help and my brother also. but the rat kept swimming away trying to get out of the pool. it never managed to get out the pool and i never managed to kill it (don’t know why, but that was my objective in my dream)

I saw my boy best friend half and i hugged him in my dreams

I dream somebody have me cassava leaf

I dreamt of my daughter walking away from me

I was pulled by my dead parents to go with them

I was washing an areoplane

I dreamed was washing a aircraft

In romantic with your former pastor

I am eating rice and i do urin this time my mom spritjng me

If you dreamt of someone u bully i’m is

Indian roller bird

Indian dollar bird in dream

I dreamt about my teacher taking my phone from me that he is ceasing it

In a dream seeing chameleon is pregnant

I saw my girl cousin as a boy

I dream where i am sacrificing a goat in to gods

I give miney to late mother

Indra deva sitting on a stone

I am a skeleton and broken

I saw my bf in my dream and i was saying to him good bye and then i woke up ,what does it mean

I dream catching money floating on the air

It was night time and judgement day was very close i was very scared i saw people dying and end was near then i woke up gor fajar namaz

I dream a horrible dream last night that people had removed the lock and door from my unit and then started to barricade the front door. then while still dreaming i could not find my clothing to put on and it was found in the bath with water and it was all wet. i saw that i had a chest of draws and inside them was jewellery and ornaments. what does this nightmare dream mean

I picked up the jojube fruits and eat

Ibhayi lengwe ngokumhlophe nokumnyama

I saw a new soursopleaf on the tree

I saw a new sourdough leaf on the tree

If one sees another person leading solat in bad condition

In a lobby

In a black room and see light but didnt go in the light

In bed with husband and another woman

I dreamt of a man asking me to bath with ground nuts from head to toe without water to break a and never to go back into it. suddenly he turn into a fetish priest with a white concoction for me to smear on my body which i refused. seeing he wanted to pour it on me i took to my hills towards my right side while he came after me but there was a wide gap between us. what does it mean

I dream my boss calling in my phone

I have dreamed that my country president is women

I see myself drinking ice kenkey in a dream

I am not worried

In a vehicle crash in the snow buried

I saw on my dream my x

Indian corn


I have seen muskmelon in dream

Ironing pant in dream

I have seen off white colour pant in dream

In the office or out the office

In and out appointment

I saw tulsi plant broken in my dream

I want to marry my current girlfriend after she is married to my friend in a dream

I dreamed about my aunt

Itching tooth dream meaning

I learned about a boo from a dream

I see myself carrying a dead baby in a briefcase handing it for burial.

I saw bebe zainab in my dream

In my dream, i slept on the balcony, trying to do something but unable to get up. someone was watching me, and it was my ex-girlfriend. i told her to meet me downstairs, and when we met, i scolded her, asking why she was watching me

Infection wound

I saw maa kaali where she killed me in end of dream

In my dream i look in my backyard and there is a python, a leopard, and my dogs. i run and let my dogs inside but the python and leopard try to come in but don’t make it in. i stand at the door holding is so they can’t come in and then i wake up

Inability to write one’s own name

I was trying to harm a baby wantedly

If you dream of someone filled your car with water

I dreamt that i was walking in an heavy rain and singing and much people was following me in that dream

In front of

I lost helmet

I dream that iam swimming in the rever suddenly i sew mummy water coming to me

I drempt about my late father

If you dream that who with is getting small what it mean

I dream i throw salt on a spirit i couldnt see

I saw dead women photo in frame on wall and she scares me

I saw dead women photo in frame on wall and she saxres me

In the train, this old lady is humiliating me, i feel fear, she wants to harm me, she wants to bite me, i’m trying to kill her with a charging chord in order to survive

I was getting a massage and somehow my ex was booked in the same room at the same time.

I was getting a massage and somehow you were booked in the same room at the same time

Inside my in a dream

I dreamed of my bf his belonging in a kraal

I dreamed about being a old woman

I got an earring one my big toe

I dream about my ex asking for help to find money

I.am litne dream tonight

Impostor boyfriend

I hear the sound of water dripping

I washed the holy bible in my dream


I dreamed about a tree with no roots

I with my child enjoy near to beach

I was dieing in my dream

I saw people diving in the sea while i put on white cloth watching them after diving two female figure show up playing love spiritual meaning

Ink machine

I was in bus accident and my teeth fall out

If you see someone putting muthi in your dream what does that mean

I saw in dream that i am vomiting what is the number

I got srirama worshipped by me and my friend

I saw soldiers doing routine checks in my neighnorhood and in my house

I stole milk in my dream

If you playing soccer

I gave bath to my late grandmother

Internet sites

I cant move

Interpret dream when wild animal jump from right to left

I dreamed about falling into a volcano

I saw myself dress as a prison worker in the bush

Inlow sister giving bath

Im in the top pf the mountain

I saw mehandhi design on palms in dream meaning bibillically

I was tearing down a wall in my dream meaning

I was tearing down a wall in my dream

Injection in my eye

I dream of snuff i was smocking it

Ice, snow

I saw a man carrying calabash

I saw uk flag on sky every where in dream

I saw my husband getting married 2nd time because his mother told him

I was and someone give me clothes

I had a dream where my crush is shirtless

Inverted image of goddess in a dream

Inability to get a plane, train or bus

I was stabbing an old man who was coming to cut me up and damages my door to my room

I had to go across dangerous ocean but my parents couldnt come with me so i started crying and begging them to come with me

Iğne olmak

I was going to wear a red white and black cloth with a lion in it

I had a dream my sister was braiding my hair

I dream of our old house when i was young

I saw men wearing on kanzu in my dream

I saw mem

I saw men wearind

I was house-hunting with my deceased mom

In my dream my ex and i murdered a girl and police arrested my ex but not me

I was given some african herbs with my family brother to use them but i threw them away what does that dream mean?

Idreamt my papers are being stamped what does it mean??

I dreamt of my step mom being kidnapped

I am lost in a highway

I was an eagle attacking a fox

If i dream of my late son hungry and saying he wants pap

I was in spyrogiral water

I am on the sinking boat but can escape

If you are riding on a horse


I dreamt wearing a bone bandle

Items falling from the celling

If dog pull my hair in dream

I brake a crystal with letters inside and water

Interpretation of unrah with deceased father

I had a dream last night that i was burning charcoal next to the grass thatched house and fire was almost to catch the roof but i poured water then it cooled

In my dream i saw a mad man trying to touch my through window

In pool

I dreamt my dead mother was looking in her bag for her purse to give me money but she could find it

Is it true that if someone misses you you dream about them?

Iam martyed for islam

Iam died for islam

Iam shaheed in my dream


I saw a girl in a traditional red and white bengali saree.

If you saw your uncle clean your nail in dream


I see a target on me

I dreamed i am loving in a new house

I dreamt greeting my two aunts. what does it mean?

I see my selv in the mirror when i am smoking in dream

Injecting my eye

I found money in a flowing river

I dream about washing g nuts

Ironing a gown in the dream

In a with son of the president

Itching myself

I gave my gadget to someone to keep

Insects eating brain

I can’t sleep

I can’t borrow money

I see a golden bull in my dram

In my dream i saw my dead mother packing my clothes nicely

Imphepho without leaves

I was shot in a dream, but the bullet missed.

In my dream i returned a gold signet ring to my ex

I dream of climbing mountain while holding passport

I was holding brazier in my dream

Ipha uvukwa idlozi uze ufeynte

I dreamed of a ex in church with me

I lost my uniform as a teacher in a dream

I lost my school uniform

I cached a robber

I ran away from robbers

I saw a cow on tree then it was running towards me

I was given a pos

I was given a pos machine

Insecticide fungicide

I seen my husband came out from mosq in dream, what that dream mean

I pooped a snake

I was holding a small kadai nd left it

If a dad slapping his daughter

I receive a pocketbook what does it mean

If u dream someone asking for you to give him your clothe

If someone is asking me to give her my cloth

If you were given or offered a black pen in your dream

I dreamed that i fell into a pit with mud and water

I saw my husband wearing a rag nika

I was my husband wearing a rag nika

I dreamt fighting a lion

In burrial

In funenal

I’m on a rollercoaster and i crash in the middle of the ride

I have seen my cousins staying in temple

I forgot my chappal in forest

If i see horse and bull in one dream

Imam mehdi

Islamic meaning seing or meeting with a president of your country in a dream

In the sea

If someone trying to use me for money ritual in my dream means what

I seen my disabled child running around playing

I see the dining tables set up like a marketplace, with people around them with white tablecloths. afternoon. everyone chooses something from the tables. they take it and leave.

I say tell me then,


Introduced to boyfriend sisters

I was many times in running cars and dream get disappeared always what& 39;s the meaning

If u dream about having a big meal of junk food in your dream


If a woman dream a mad man having with her what is the interpretation of it

I dreamed being attracted by a camilion

I was attacked by a camilion

I saw my late father laying on the floor beside my mother& 39;s bed


I dreamt of sharing akara

In love with an albino woman

I kill bush rat in a dream

I had a super power where i use clean blue water to catch people

I fell in hole than clear water comes outside

I was pregnant and was loosing hair for another pregnant woman in a dream

I saw my dead dad blind in dream

In the plane traveling with lover

I dream sheeting for my self and go to bathroom to wap but one of my sister so me and she told me to go and take a bath and i went to take a bath

Inviting zina

Izinaliti ziphuma emakhaleni akho

I saw a lamb in the living room

I aw a dream in which i saw a house with small walls

Intense battle between lioness & giraffe over her newborn baby

Injury to lower keg

Inantimate object

I had a dream that my deceased grandfather passed me a lyft torch

Ibhayi eliblack and white

Intimate friend

I saw the prophet clothes

Inna lilaahi wa inna ilayhil raadji& 39;un

I was giving a cutlass in my dream and i was sharpening it

I saw a lot of mopany worms on a tree

I was offered front seat in a bus meaning

In dream why do someone throw frog into my compound

I dreamed that i was applying an oil to someone& 39;s body how does it mean

I saw white sheep in a dream and is dead, what& 39;s the meaning

I dreamed i was handcuffed

In jail accused of rapping a minor in a dream and waiting for the decision of the court while you are innocent

Inner parts of stomach seen in dream


Inside a train cabin

I saw a mother son having with his mother

I am beating my wife with a slipper

I am a royal guard on dity

Iroko falling down and was swallowed by the ground

I was alone in a boat on a planet like earth. i was just north of a place where two oceans met. there was a wrapped toy in the boat like it was a gift for someone. the waters were calm, & it was a very beautiful place.

If i decorate my own grave with fresh flowers in my dream

I saying father sorry

Ibhayi eli black and white ingwe

In house sleeping with my wife and door was broken by a thief and stole

I had a dream my toungue was stuck between my front teeth and it eventually cut some part of my under side while pulling it out

I dreamt of white people

I dreamed of red scorpion all over my body


I had a dream that a co-worker that doesn& 39;t like me to buy me lottery tickets

I had q drean

I had a dream that a coworker that doesn& 39;t like me was tobuy me lotto tickets

I had a dream that i poop on the floor

I h

If you drem your husband& 39;s penis has cutted down

I was buying 3 locust bean in the dream

If you dream lamborghini bed

I see maggi

Iam pressing a girl tits and vagina

I saw a temple but the god figure was missing

I dream i am farming in guineacone farm

Izindoni emanzini

I dream that my sister and i are praying together

In love with a priest

Iv injection

Ibhayi lengwe

I cut my mothers hair

I dreamt stabbing a naked man

I saw husband and wife in my dream and they’re my neighbor

In my dream, i bought 33 apples from the market

I was human

I ate okpa in my dream

Iron bolt

I was given a black belt as gift in my dream

I dream my daughter telling me she passed exams with sad face

Izingxoxo zamalobolo

I receive fruit from a child

Inside my bedroom there are many of my students hiding in my room i scold and beat them one by one

I saw and touched raw meat in my dream

I saw my friend sitting in forest alone

If someone gives you a mirror with your pics and things to buy on it in your dream

I saw i wore a dirty jubba

In my dreams asked my ex how his marriage life goes on he replied not good

In love with my pastor

I dream i was in a hall with good numbers of people and we were being rewarded for our good deeds and to me they rewarded me much more than others with wristle beads

I bought drink and it was covered with human scrotum

I was collecting something from someone in bush

In dream i saw neighborhood girl naked at my home



I saw my mother in my dream washing and spreading clothes

Inserting hand in pocketbook and noticing small black spiders inside palm of hand

Impregnating a mad woman and she gave birth

Impregnating a mad woman