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Dreams starting with the letter U

Upstairs of house flipped off on the ground

Ukuvukwa idloz likhuluma

Unable to kill animal and waking up

Urinating in toilet

Upside down building hanging or somewhat floating in the air

Unescapable tickling

Unfinished homework

Unicorn and white animals in a dream

Unable to lock doors;no privacy

Ukushaywa umbani

Uncovered plant roots

Urinating at door

Using wheelbarrow to carry fire wood in dream meaning

Unstitched pants

Upset when i dont give up

Unbuttoning white shirt

Unblocking a drainage full of muddy rain water

Uncompleted house

Unable to reach help

Utshwal besizulu

Unlocking suitcase

Urinating into a bowl

Urinating soya beans in a toilet

Up side down clay pot

Unknown yarn creature in trees

Using powerlines to canapult myself

Ukuophupha amacimbi

Unclogging blocked pipe

Unclogging a sewer in a dream

Using the toilet in front of others

Upside down letter a

Ukuziphupha ngikhuluphele

Using my mouth to leak my wife what does it signifies

Ushaywa ngumbane


Urinating clothes

Urinating in a beautiful dress

Uprooting chilli plsnt


Usb drive

Underworld going into

Underground operation

Uneka izingubo zengane

Upsidedown flag pole

Ukazi leave in the dream

U see ur self n someone u loved saw u

Used red lipstick

Used lipstick

Ual assault of father to daughter

Urinating on self in dream meaning


Use point of sale machine

Ual harassment

Uncircumcised in a dream


Uprooted tulsi plant

Unmarried girl wearing a toe ring

Underwater home

Update phone

Ukudlala ibhasket ball mining in zulu

Ukudlala ibhasket ball

Uvukwa yidlozi

Uprooting mushrooms from dead palm tree laying on the floor

Umlungu indoda

Untying silk cloth

Untying a cord

Untying white silk cloth

Ukuthula washing uyifaka endlini

Unknown sea creatures


Udla izindoni or ukha izindoni

Underlining with the devil

Urinating from balcony


Unable to penetrate in a dream means

Ulysses butterflies

Unwanted surgery

Upside down on a mountain

Uncooked chicken delivered to you

Urinating in a toliet

Unable to take

Unraveling tongue

Un able to move

Unwell recovered

Unassembling things

Ual doll

Unburying human being

Ukubona amachina ephuphweni


Uprooting plantain sucker in dream

Unknown person and place dream

Uprooting seedlings

Uprooting seedlings to eat

Unmarried girl wearing a mangala sutra in dream meaning

Useless in a dream mean wht

Untie horses in the rain

Unwashed face

Unfolded clothes

Using a smartphone in a dream




Underground dreams


Unknown group surrounding home

Udara tree dream

Umuntu empathises

Up ahead of every one and put medal on u

Unknown thing in dark

Uphiwa ugologo

Unconscious dr revives me

Ur foot a head

Using pit latrine and someone else fell into it

Undressing women

Ukyphupha wakha umkhukhu


Using of blood to bath

U umuntu ekuthelela coke

Unhanging clothes

Unbuckle belt



Uphuphe ufake isiphika esibomvu

Ugly lady with spider

Unknown girl shakings hands with me

Undressing dead people clothes in a coffin and wearing them

Underwater rocks

Ugly fruit

Ual curiosity

Ual advancement

Ual advancement from cop

Unknown man who wants to marry me

Unirating on a grave

Uniform shirt missing

U need to take pictures with a phone but realise it has no battery

Upside down house on fire

Underneath a bed water

Ual partner fainting

Urinating under a tree

Urine cooking small pot

Umuntu othandana naye ekushaya

Unmarried women sees a mangala sutra in her dream

Untucked shirt

Uncontrollable tap water

Un invited guests

Unhealthy horse

Ukugqoka isiphandla

Unmarrid girl wearing toe ring in dreams

Ual with a guy

Upside down cross in marriage

Ual dream

Untying a fish

Upside down clothes hang meaning

Urine sprinkle on someone

Unripe pawpaw

Unrelated dead person taking photos of me


Use a quilt as a ow

Ual infercourse

Ual desire

Ukuhlupha jgh

Ukuhlupha jghul

Ukugqoka imvunulo

Ukubalekela amabutho


Urges wearing

Unrep shea nut fruit

Ubuhlali obu blue and white


Uncle asking me of my birth certificate

Unknown enemy girl, sucking

Unknown girl, sucking, enemy

Ukha indoni ezimnyama

Unplanted plants

Ubuhlalu obubomvu nobu emhlophe

Unblocked me

Unique shiny car

Ugali and goat intestines

Uranium glass

Unknown person entering my house and hiding

Utility closet

Umncimbi ekhaya

Ulinganisa ingubo yomshado

Uprooting huge weeds

Untying my teeth with a rope as a christian

Ukudla ujeqe ovuthiwe

Uncovering lies

Under bed of worms


Unknown dead bodies dream mean

Unmarried girl being pregnant or giving birth

Urine a snake

Unruly guests

Using pestle to fight

Underneath street lamp vast darkness all the way around

Umbhathiswa isphika sengwe

Umntu ekhulelwe and eteta

Unshelled bold eggs

Unable to make it to work

Unable to setup tent roof

Untying someone

Uneka izingubo zokulala

Unknown girl carry me on her back

Under the sea

Underwater rope

Used sanitary pads and dirty cloths inside the church means

Umuntu wakho efike kini

Unknown person trying to misbehave in dream and killed by my mom

Using cutlas to killing someone in a dream

Use chewing stick to brush my teeth in the dream

Uziza leave in dream

Unwanted people in my house

Unable to find things or people

Upside down dog head

Unknown man without a nose

Ungrateful family

Upside down image of goddess

Ugly face

Unnecessary sacrifice

Urine to put out fire

Unhappy little girl

Ukuneka izingubo zugqoka

Unable fetch water

Unable to fetch water in the dream

Ukuhlinza inkomo

Ube fruit dreams

Uhamba endleleni eyehlelayo

Ual organ

Unknown faceless girl

Unable to control class of unruly school children

Unlock grilled door

Unsheathed sword being purchased

Uprooting cassava in the dream with pregnant meaning


Using lemon and river water to wash body

Unsafe chimney stack

Unsafe chiney

Uncle dead running away

Urinating of feet after dreaming about them

Unknown person weeding in my yard

Used smelly sanitary pads litters floor

Udla uxakuxaku

Uncle in a plane crash dreaming

Used receipt book

Umemulo dream

Unfriending a friend

Uncle having with niece in dreams

Under garments flown off the wire

Uqoke graduation gown ebomvu

Upheka utshwala besintu

Urinating on a grave

Ukubona umlungu wesifazane okhulile ephusheni


Uproot bitter leave tree

Urinating in a bottle

Used sanitary napkins

Uphuza utshwala besilungu obubovu ama cider

Uprooting mushroom from palm tree represents

Urine in dream

Ubhala igama lakho

Uncle open windows

Uncle smiling wind blowing

Ukuvukwa idlozi ephushweni


Uthula impahla kulayini

Ucelwa uzolotsholwa

Uprooting mushrooms with your unborn baby

Uncompleted first story of my house

Ufake isidwaba


Umkhulu ogqoke ibheshu

Unknown lady rejects your ring in your dream

Uncooked fufu dream

Unknown woman gave me honey drink which i drank with satisfaction in my dream

Ujwahwa inyosi seen in a dream

Ukuthula iwashingi

Uncle celebrating birthday

Uprooting hair in the dream

Uprooted palm trees meaning

Uprooted flowers


Ukhozi when see spiritual

Unprepared to tesch

Urinating in the mouth

Uzu in a dream

Urinal menstruation

Uncemented house

Ukuohuoha inyama ebolile

Ubhonga njengesangoma

Ubunga njengesangoma

Using bamboo in a big sea wave to climb

Upper right

Ukuvukwa amadlozi

Ukuvukwa abadala

Ukuvukwa moya wedlozi

Unknown girl kiss

Urinating on a jiko

Urad dal grinding in dream

Uziza leave

Ugwaza umuntu

Unclogged drain

Untihgtining hen

Untighten hen

Urinating on snake

Ur loved one is touching ur vigina in a dream means

Urinating on a small tree

Underground caves

Urinate in shoe

Ugly fat man

Ukudla inyama yangaphakathi


Unknown person asking sugar and flowers from you

Ukukaka toilet

Urinating in the fire

Usband got paralysed


Unruly children in school dream

Using a scalpel


Unknown animal

Uddy water

Un able to find toilet

Ukuziphupha ubhema ivape

Uncle giving you money

Used clothes as birthday gift from friend

Uziza leaf dreams

Underwater mining

Unable to see blocked car windshield

Uno word in dream means

Urinating in a dream means

Umbrella floating in the air

Ukwaza idlozi

Unexpected religious guest


Ukuzibhoshela ulele ebsuku

Unable to find car

Uprooting flowers in the dream the meaning

Unfinished braid

Umuntu egiya



Unable to open cupboard

Urinating scorpian

Ubuhlali meaning in dream

Unplaiting your hair

Updating my phone line in the dream

Upgrading my sim card in the dream

Unable to turn on light

Uziza leaves


Unkempt hair


Underdressed at wedding

Usu ne thumbu

Uthenga utshwala besilungu

Ukugula amacimbi ephutsheni

Urge too poop

Uhlanya nesitha sisebenza nami


Ugeza ngo uthi endlini

Unknown man came out under my bed

Ufo crash into my bus

Underground monster dream

Un burying

Unfit shoe

Urinating in my girlfriend’s mouth

Ugqoke ididwaba

Unknown elder person praying

Unmarried women giving birth to a baby boy

Urinating on green grass on dream

Urinating on green grass

Unmarried girl asking drinking water from me

Unmarried girl asking water from me to drink

Unmarried girl asking water from me

Upside down eagle

Unfamiliar animal

Using the toilet on roof

U p rooting sweet potato from ground

Urine gray color

Unhook fish

Uncircumcised guy

Ukufakwa isiphandla

Unfinished masjid

Ukazi leave in dreams meaning

Under cave water

Unions betroots and green veggies

Urinating at church dreams meaning

Uniform on fire

Using hands to control wind

Urinating in public when people are watching

Urinating when people can see

Using basket to cover fire

Ubuhlalu obumhlophe lobumyama

Unhappy at conformation

Ugly man trying to kiss me

Umhlwehlwe in a dream

Unable to board a flight


Unmarried girl got a dream of wearing a finger ring

Unorganized before a flight

Undressing and dressing up in the office

Uncooked chana dal

Unbound in chain

Urban air

Unknown funeral

Unmarried girl seen her son in deeam

Used locust beans in your private in your dream mean what

Unknown boy died by the car hits comes in my dream

Ukufakwa isiphandla esimhlophe seen in a dream

Ufake ubuhlalu obu white neseshi

Ukuwasha ingubo zokugqoka zomntwana wesikole kodw ezimhlophe

Underwater murder


Using a yellow rack to cultivate in a dream lucky numbers

Under my skin

Ubuhlali obubovu nobu mhlophe

Ubuhlali obumhlophe nobumnyama

Underdressed for an event

Up a mountain

Udla inyama eyosiwe

Umgqombothi namavovo

Ukuthula izingubo kulayini ebeziwashiwe

Umbilical cord dream

Unknown child dearh

Uniform police


Udatshukelwe izicathulo

Uprooting mushrooms in a dream means

Ukukhula iwashing kwi line

Using boyfriend’s sandal to kill a spider

Unable to break a cobweb

Umuntu eqgoke ingubo emnyama

Unable to pay school fees

Unblocking pipes

Urinating on the door meaning in the dream

Uruinsnable to go through à windows in à ruined place but then finding à doors thatcher came out of nowhere

Unable to go through à windows in à ruined place but then finding à doors thatcher came out of nowhere

Unharvested maize in the fied

Unable to sign



Unknown doing misbehave

Uriel dream

Ukugeza ngesiwasho and esi pink

Unharmful snakes

Utazi seed

Underwater worship

Ukuzi kakela

Ukulotsholwa ngemali

Urinating while on my period

Uprooting plantain sucker

U turn traffic officers

Unknown woman helped and escape

Unfamiliar property multiple snakes hissing one wrapped around dogs neck

Ur ex naked in a dream

Ugijima emaweni uphethe umntwana kunetha

United kingdom flag

Urinating in the church

Unknown apartment


Unknown friends wedding

Urinated on by a calf

Unable to cross river

Ujahwa umlungu

Uthandazela umntu

Unmarried girl wearing thalia in dream meaning

Uninvited strangers coming into my home

Unstiched green cloth


Ukuvukwa idlozi ephupheni

Ukumuka nomfula ugwele

Using your dead father towel

Uganda kob


Uncles wife vomiting

Uncle in law in a dream


Ufo crashing

Unlock value

Un fresh water

Uprooting noxious weeds

Unstrung beads

Umuntu enika umuthi athi iwona ozokwelapha

Unknown persons blessings me

Unable to tee up golf ball


Underground pipeline water gushing out

Unable to help yourself out in examination hall

Urinary cath

Urinary catch

Unknown tree

Uphiwa duvet ephupheni

Unicorn dream

Uncircumcised dream

Upsidedown 3


Using short broom

Urinating in flower pot

Upside down eyes

Under water twins

Under water with twins

Umuntu okhulelwe eteta

Unhanging dry clothes from a robe una dream

Upside down in car


Unknown woman waiting for me

Up the steps

Uprooting young vegetables and soil

Unable to answer test questions about the past

Ukubona ama china ephupheni

Unplugged lqmplamp

Unplugged lqmp



Underneath fire

Unmarried wearing mangalsutr

Udlala ibhola lezandla

Unlock dream

Using pitt toilet

Unable to get message out

Ube jam

Unusual events

Uncle holding baby

Unknown father

Unknown people party

Unrequited love suddenly loves me

Ubaleka ucasha

Uphuphe intomb ukhulelwe sebonakala nesisu

Unknown person pouring oil into my ears

Ukudla ithumbu

Universe shattering

Urinating on steps

Ubhalwa ephepheni igamalakho

Urinating in a mortar in a dream

Unmarried woman with baby boy

Unfair confiscation

Union jack lipstick

Unfamiliar town

Unfaithful partner

Underground of your house

Ugu leave

Uncontrollable speed boat

Using fishing line to fish in clear brook

Unable to cross a gutter

Unknew city

Uku phupha umnakwenu

Use razor blade to cut out black spots

Unscrewing medical device from leg

Under a running truck

Umtwana ekaka kutshoni

Ubona ubuhlalu obumhlophe

Ugqoke isphika esimhlophe nebhayii elinkwe

Ukazi seen in the dream

Using guillotine paper trimmer for folded paper

Using tractor to plough in a drea m

Uncle and aunt

Unknown young man sleeping on my lap

Unknown wife

Ukubethana ngesebe lomthi elingenamagqabi

Upside down mustache

Uprooting new small potatoes

Unsteady on feet

Uthula izingubo

Unknown writing on walls

Unwanted affection

Unknown school boy

Urge for someone

Upside down pyramid

Upgrading your car

Unclean bathroom

Unlocking ancient doors

Used sarees

Used sarees gifting to my late mother by someone

Udi on forehead in dream



Unknown old man greeted

Ukuvukwa idlozi ephuphweni

Underwater searching for treasure


Unsealed edge

Ube meaning

Unripe plantain in dream

Unwanted sugar

Unable to penetrate someone in a dream

Unable to penetrate in a dream

Unstable floor

Ukuthelwa ngamanzi

Ugu seed

Uncle grandfather mother inlaw


Unheard and ignored

Unirating cow

Unknown said me to shrine and make a wish

Under construction building made up of huge stones in my dream meaning

Upgraded flight ticket

Ukufa kwa kobuhlalo obured and white etyeni

Ukufa kwa ubuhlalu obu red and white

Unused sanitary pads in a dream

Upside down footprints on walls

Upright vacuum

Unsettling houses

Unprepared for travel

Unknown in highschool

U shaped table

Ushering somebody in church


Uneven lawn

Urgent care

Uncut diamond

Uprooting eru

Uprooting mushrooms from palm trees in dreams

Unkonwn korean boy

Ukphupa u thula i washing eningi

Urinating on a fire

U dream ur husband come home with some one baby

Unknown woman deeply in love with me

Using a water hose to clean a bottle

Umgodi and ithuna

Uniform older child son

Ur photo appear in newspaper

Untangle a necklace

Urine went in your mouth

Ugba seed picking in dream meaning

Undying cenitpedes

Unmarried girl wearing thaali iin neck dream

Uncomfortable texture in my hands


Unintelligible dreams

Using broom stick to flog you in the dream

Unknown creature biting on my neck

Unknown creature biting

Using an eagle whistle near a pond


Used cotton rounds

Unmarried woman wearing mangalsutra

Unpaired black boots

Utan clock going counter clockwise

Unfinished ceramic

Unclothed pastor

Urinating in a grave


Up side down naked

U lora khaladzi o lovha

U saw my brother running mad in my dream

Unable to leave the house

Using aloe vera on face

Ufo attack

Ubuhlali obu red and white

Umtwana omncane womlungu

Unmarried girl sees wearing tali in her dreams meaning

Unstitching something

Unfinished work project

Uncooked meat


Using a panga to remove weeds

Ur employer flogged you in your dream

U dream about removing jigger from the thumb

Unknown dead person chasing me

Utensils with dirt

Ur dead father giving me documents in the dream

Urinating on tree

Unusual color

Unripe papaya tree

Ungeza ngomuthi

Unloading a truck

Ukuvukwa umoya

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra in dreams


Urinating on god idol

Urinating on god photo

Using my tongue to remove my upper 6 front teeth without blood

Unblocking sewage

Uncompleted building with my partner

Using a knives rooming curbs out a rock

Uncle digging up graves


Unable to climb up

Upside down stemmed glass

Uhamba endaweni eyehlelayo

Using the seventh triangle

U wear nice dress and red rose in ur hair looking towards mirror


Unloved by a person

Ukuwasha usu ecelen komfula

Umuntu ezoxolisa

Unpaired slipper in a dream

Untying a rope on my teeth in the dream

Unpasteurised milk

Unripe cashew dream

Ufo searching for me in my dreams

Ur ex friend frying d plane in d air with u

Upward flow of river

Usidla amacimbi


Urinating in buckets with other people

Unhappy relationship

Unprepared suitcase

Us dollar price black market today

Urgent search for a list sweater because daughter is leaving

Unripe plantain dreams during pregnancy

Urinating during mensturation

Using glass as a weapon

Unveiling that did not succeed

Unveiling preparations

Uncle trying to seduce me


Unable to go up hill while driving

Using chewing stick in the church means what


Udla amasi

Used bed covers

Unable to text someone

Unable to text

Unknown streets

Ubuhlalu black white and red

Ujuphhupha abant begqoke imvunulo

Using toilet to do huge smelly poo

Unbraid myself my hair

Unbraid my hair



Unknown man dropped a fabric on my bed

Upside down golden eagle constellation in dream

Ugibele itekisi

Using sand to cook in place of salt

Unpeel egusi

Unknown people bathroom

Unafraid victim

Unable to leave house

Ukuboniswa umuntu osongelwayo

Upturned nose

Urine in a red bucket

Urine in a dream

Using restroom in public

Umntwana ofileyo

Under the ocean in a building

Used latrine

Urinating on herself

University learning

Umar alli interpretation

Upside down the whole earth

Unburying a baby that is alive

Unhinged door

Umuntu ofan nawe futhi egqoke ngisho izimphahla ezifana nezakho

Using a floss to take out a bunch of blackened cavities goo out

Urinating on green grass meaning

Undercurrent water

Uphiwa izimpahla zokugqoka

Upset family members

Unlocking doors

Urad daal vada

Upper back massage

Udla amakinati

Uprooting a vegetable in a dream

Uncle dream

Uncle and niece making luv


Unbraiding my hair in a dream

Unable to get to your voting place

Ufake isiphandla esimhlophe on your right

Urinating mouth

Uprooted flowers and replanting again

Unpair shoes

Ukugeza ngesiwasho esipink ungagqokile

Uprooting banana plants meaning

Unplugged lamp

Utensils gold meaning

Unsafe wooden bridge

Ukuthwala dream

Ukhipha imali ku atm

Underwater hunt

Unmarried women dreams about tied tali in her neck


Ugly house

Unknown woman giving me sugar cane in a dream


Unmarried girl wearing a mangal sutra in dream

Ubhala kodwa kungabhaleki

Underwater structure

Ukuxiswhwa emsebenzini


Umoba uwudla

Ukha avocado

Unable to see a person

Unknown people covered doing witchcraft

Udlala i bhola

Urinating in watercloset


Unfinished braided hair in the dream

Ukiota ukichuna majani ya ngombe

Underwater factory

Untucked shirt in a dream


Uphuphe ufa

Unpacking a suitcase

Unity in a group

Upside down paintings


Unopened wrapped pkgs

Ufo circling and shooting missal

Unable to spell shoe

Unmarried women with kunkum dot on her forehead at the temple

Unplastered house dream meanings

Umdoko in a dream

Udlal amasi

Upgrading indiploma education secondary

Unknown woman protecting from an enemy chasing us into the attic

Unknown woman electricutes a person trying to hurt me and her

Unknown woman eletricutes a person trying to harm me and her

Unwanted guests

Umcimbi with unknown people

Uku vukwa idlozi in your dreams

Upper room

Unable to find my truck

Upside down a with 3 lines

Unfaithful mate

Using red toothpaste and toothbrush breaks

Urinating clots of blood in my dream

Unstitched dress

Umcimbi we mbuzi

Umuntu ongasekho nd egula

Umuntu ongasekho

Ufo ship

Upside down faces

Uncle killed someone in a dream

Uma ngi phupha ngi washa imbiza emnyama time 3 leggs


Ukufakwa isiphandla senyongo

Udoing weave leaving half head bald

Uncle dead

Ukulele string out of order

Unknown dead body

Unfolding blindfold

Urn buying

Uncool rice fall from sky

Umuntu ongasekho egula

Ubaleka izimpi

Unbraiding myself hair

U fighting with dead person in a dream meaning

Ufakwa isphandla

Urinate on dream

Unkept in a dream

Unwanted touch

Unable to hear what my dead mother is telling me


Unfinished building

Ukuvukwa idlozi in a dream

Unclogging drain without knowledge

Ubhala igama lakho ephepheni elimhloohe

Using meth

Unripe sowersoup

Unknown women killed by the stranger dream meaning


Ukushintsha ingane inabukeni

Under ground old building

Utesnsils filled with water

Ubuhlalu obuningi nobumhlophe


Upside down letter y

Uprooting mushrooms under palm tree

Upset father in law dream meaning


Unable to find a chair


Urinating in the bush dream meaning

Unwritten tomb stone

Unknown person as my husband

Using nutmeg as a mask for the hair in a dream

Unblocking blocked toilet

Ukufakwa isiphandla esontweni

Umnakwethu ehleka

Ube cake

Upper lip cut in two pieces

Uniform schoolboys

Ukuvova utshwala basemzini yabantu

Untying shoelace

Upper body naked dream

Unmarried girl dreaming about mangalasutra

Unknown handsome man being romantic

Urinating in bed

Umbrella gifted to me in dream

Unknown dead person in a casket

Ubhala ephepheni limhlophe

Unoban laphoke

Unusual pet

Ukukha amacimbi

Uphiwa ugologo omhlophe

Ur dead brother asking urdeadmotherto give u a papaya

Used clothes for sale

Udara fruit in dream

Uncle wife looks at me evil in a dream

Unpaired sliooers

Unscrewing a nut



Under bridge

Ukcoke ingubo emhlophe yomshado ende

Under the bridge


Unmarried women dreaming if husband

Unironed clothing

Ubamba amacimbi

Urinating in water in my dream

Underwater restauraunt

Uncle wipe pee in paper

Uprooting bitter leaf tree

Unfinished house dream meaning

Using pegs to hang your clothes in your dream

Unkown energy pulling me from running fast

Unfamiliar faces

Upside down h

Uncle giving me money my mother is sick


Ugeza ngesiwasho esipinky

Ugeza ngamanzi apink

Under a truck and getting run over

Unable to walk or stand

Utshwala nendlu yodaka namathuna

Utshwala nendlu yodaka namaliba

Ubuhlalu obu yellow

Using prayer shawl in dream

Ukwenzelwa umemulo

Uthula ingubo kulayini

Ukushawa umbani


Used sanitary napkin

Unripe plantain for dead mother

Unable to wear clothes

Unknown person saying my name

Un support

Undeveloped roll of dream


Umama ongasekho ejabule

Unable to complete simple task

Unable to buy on credit

Ujahwa umuntu wesilisa


Ukufaka umnazaretha means


Unwrapped from plastic wrap

Unwanted party in a big house

Using grinding stone to grind dry pepper

Udara in dream

Urine on a wedding ring

Unknown birth

Umntwana omncane ezikakele


Unbroken glass

Uncle dead in coffin

Unable to scream with boogeyman at foot of bed

Uncle ex girlfriend in a dream


Underground room

Unmatched shoes

Unable to call 911

Ukudabula ubuhlalo obumhlophe nobubomvu ubulahle

Urine in the jean

Untouchable woman entered my house

Undeewear over pants

Use of attachment for hairdo

Urinating coins

Umbona in english maize

Unable to swallow bread

Undertaker at door

Umntu emuka nomfula

Ukuohupha udla amakinati

Unraveling cable

Unhappy family holiday

Ukuhlekwa ephuphweni

Unwise engagement

Uncooked samp with clean water giving an old friend

Undoda ikufaka usiphandla

Ukufakwa isphandla


Uncormfotable clothes

Uncles girlfriend

Urinating in public

Unborn dead baby bird inside an egg

Upward stairs in air and there is tha restaurants

Unraveling clothes

Ur mother to give you money in dream

Unknown creatures attacking the world and taking over the world


Ulwa notikoloshe

Urdu dal

Uneka izingubo zakho

Uncooked rice

Unknown person visits

Up elevators down stairs through hallways

Unable to get out of clothing

Unknown creature bite

Unknown person with cancer dying in my dream


Unknown groom

Unknown husband

Umuntu ekunika umuthi ephusheni

Unknown man feeding me porrage in a dream

Upset husand

Ugly daughter