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Dreams starting with the letter P

Princess katherine middleton

Plugging chocolate into electric outlet


Pulling ankles

Person as a cat

Picking a precious stones in my dream

Pour liquid into container like perhaps oil

Praying in a dream and than discussing my death

Prime minister putting his hands on my head and blessed me

Prime minister wore his coat on me and put his two palms on my head and and blessed

Prime minister wore his coat on me

Prime minister placing his two palms on my head

Person having a seizure

Prime minister putting his hands on my head


Pretty woman with devil horns

Putting shoes in garbage

Pink color number

Poop in a cooking pot

Poop in a pot and clean the pot

Plugging plantain in my dream

Picking black plum under plum tree

Pass class

Pass grade

Photographers taking me pictures what does it mean

Pigs being slaughtered near by mosque

Pigs in front of mosques

Pieces of paper falling from the sky with bible verses on it

Pig licking leg

Phone totna

Pass me rm1000 to help buy 4d

Pushing off of a chair

Pickig a choerospondias axillaris


Pressing of crush

Punching my child

Packing faeces

Peach shirt

Puss mass

Pranking boyfriend

Port side


Picking ripe fruit in your dream

Purple passion fruit

Protecting an animal

Partying and mom appears

Partying and a dead relative appears

Parachuting without a harness holding parachute straps in hand

Pastor has children but not in real life

Pastor has children

Purple worn by dead woman talking to me in my dream

President singing for me

Pulling something out your mouth

Pulling yarn out ny mouth

Pulling thorns

Palm of the hand dream meanings


Police workplace

Putting ayyappan mala in dream

Parking plenty edible tamites

Platain suckers dream

Picking periwinkle in river meaning

Picking eggs of guinea fowl in a dream

Png koap movie

Protecting your home

Political party headquarters in a university

Priest feeding me soup

Picking gooseberry

People you used to hang out with

Picking kruger rand

Ploughing hard land

Piking money in the dusbin

Pulling plier in son head

Playing on drums

Picking up pecans in a dream

Photographing full moon


Promotion at work

Petra seven wonders

People that have died

Parent praying

Panting nails with friends

Pepper in mouth

Pale girl

Pooping a squid

Purge dreams

Partner going missing

Powerful torrchattached to a bus


Prevent suicide

Pungent pine

Praying in the river

Pregnant woman fetching water in early pregnancy

Parents rejecting your boyfriend

Peacock marriage and mating ritual

Pink rattle snake

Plucking of garden eggs in the dream

Pain in right hip

Pull dream

Plants cut

Picking a jewelry gold in the river

Priest or bishop

Pregnant while finding bunnys

Passport exchange

Playing baseball without a baseball glove

Pool with little boy swimming big

People who have died

Pig nd rat

Painted arms

Priests robe

Paul stèphen ramsey

Pastel colored sneaker

Performing salat in periods

Plague of locusts

Poo coming out of

Playing with three kittens

Person clothes

Planting a tree with my dead mother

Pig like animal swallowing a newborn meaning

Paying for an envelope but not taking it

P as yinc

Pot stirring

Phone call from a girl

Pulling long hair out of knee

Pregnancy through rape in ur dream meaning

Pulling condoms out of my throat

Picture frame of wife being removed from wall

Pulling else teeth in dreams

Pepper in your eye

Partner lives next door

Preventing my friend from drowning

Preventing my friend frim dying

Pond with calm water

Pant removed in a dream meaning

Pulling out a monsters spine

President running to catch you

President of a country running after you


People are jealous of you

Person who is jealous

Pea shoot

Pulling coins copper and silver from one’s throat in the dream means

Pulire gli occhiali


Parents and driving away



Pouring out watere

Poop in pot

Parrot loses its feathers

Putting money in my bra

People in my home

Pail of clean water breaks down

Placing wooden legs on wooden table

Picking money in the birthday party

Parent happy

Prime minister, suicide

Pastor eating in dream

Pastor food preparing eating and removing the salads

Palm oil in the gallon

Poor man dieing rich in a dream

Peeling matooke for bishop

Playing football in a dream

Pulling from nostril

Premie baby born under christmas tree

Pulling plug out


Poop dream

Panther, tiger and lion

Pastor walking away from me

Passed away sister cutting my hair

Pulling something out of belly and turns into fish

Paint dead person, live person.dreams


People trying to kiss me

Pewter and red in my dream

Pewter travel bus

Pewter bus

Peeling lychees

Playing a broken piano

Pragnent woman sees jasmine in dream

Pulled and becoming too long tongue

Pulled and becoming too long

Pain tradgedy

Preparing performance stage

Picking java plum fruit

Picking diamond is muddy water

Purple crystals daughter

Pregnant and coconuts water

Pulling paper towels out of nose

Pop ups dream

Praying infront of kabbah

Paisley wallpaper

Plucking huge strawberries

Providing food to brahmin

Past step sisters

Pastor divorce

Plane crash in river

Pond of fish, black snakes and following python

Perewinkle cutting and washing

Printer jamming

Person unkown

Perso. glowing

Person glowing

Philistine invasion attack

Prefect in a school

Passing my exam

Pool of lava

Printer jamming

Purple paint angry


Painting fruit your body structure

Painting fruit

Peeling water out leg

Preparing old family home for sale

Planting and selling sukuma wiki

Pleaded bush

Png kwap video

Playing a childhood video game

Palava sauce leafes

People chasing me and taking my phone

Python eating cow

Praying into an empty grave

Praying into an

Public sleeping



Party not having food

Presidents son dreams

Pink madder color

Picking up a lots of mangoes

Picking black plums under a plum tree

Pegged by girl

Pull through widow

Playing and winning a football game

Pink jogging suits

Pater noster prayer

Putting lotion on my body at a concert

Pouring sand out of a glass and a ring comes out


Picking a needle from the floor and happy about it

Planet jupiter

Peaceful expiernce with police dropping off two letter of applications

Pastor an wife in my dream

Pulling pearls out a baby mouth

Paper work

Pacemaker dream

Purple fuzzy slippers

Purple flame

Person suddenly dying falling over

Past nephew eating meatloaf

Powee cut

Pulling strings out of nose

Pulling myself through flooded woods with fast current with rope in the dark and rain

Peacock babies

Partying with wealth family

Porcelain turtle shell spell

Picking ripe passion fruit in the morning

Picking ripe passion fruit in the dream

Propane bbq explosion

Papers everywhere

Pregnant at a hospital

Praying in monastry

Pus on face

Praying over food for a group of people in a fast food restaurant

Pieces of everyone

Power cut electric ao

Picking black shoes in a rubbish bin

Preparing chana chaat in dream

Painting walls in dark olive green

Pickle sneeze

Png kwap group

Pencil chard vomit

Picking sheets

Picking money from sewage dre

Police ticket



Panga cutting a branch

Priest driving a car while im seated at passenger sesat

Poop on a rope

Pastor and wife in my dream i was offering them food

Passing out but consciouw

Passing out infront of three boys in a farm

Passing out infront of three boys

Planting bitterleaf stick in a dream

Picking indigenous fruit in a dream means

Paint dripping of the walls

Passing through clean water that came under the ground

Priest giving flower to me

Picking cola nuts under a tree

Praying kalima i was in gaza and bombing was all around

Poisoned jackfruit

Plucking fresh oha leaves

Python comes inside the house

Playing badminton

Png kwoap vedios

Picking bay leaves

Palm white horse

Painting stars

Painting stars into the sky

Panther and dog

Panther attacks dog

Picking bitter cola in dream what is the meaning

Profuse perspiration

Pregnant l

Pepper tree dream

Practising for a play

Pananginip na pinazay ang dalawang pisa na dalawa ang ulo

President with his daughter in dream means

Passed loved one and a car

Pooping yourself

Placingwooden legs on wooden table

Pink button

Priest giving out piece of cake croissant bread

Priest giving out sweet cake and bread

Picking of bitterkola in dream what is the meaning

Picking of cola nut poad under the tree

Pastor giving oil

Pregnant forever

Pregnant but not giving birth

Past living situation dreams

Pandit in dream sitting with empty banana leaf

Presenting a business proposal in a dream

Pouring hot cooking oil into my leg and very painful

Passing by saw a lady in a shop look like some i know

Png kwap.videos

Palm fruit meaning

Protecting a child from getting abused

Picking up gold

Pulling raw meat from my mouth

People falling from helicopter carpet ride

Popping pesmuts

Picking out palm kernel from the shell

Picking out kernel from the shell

Putting honey on my hair

Plane trip

Pearl toe ring

Pink pearl

Polar plunge

Person who died interupting

Passenger ijn car

People standing

People lined up

Pollen in house

Person smelling

Praying with my elders

Picking up a precious stone in a dream

Palava in dream with your partner

Playing holi with green colour in hindi

Playing holi in vrindavan with green colour

Pushing your own self down

Pulling out fish bones from my teeth

Pooped out my liver

Pastor being drunk

Palm tree worms

Poop in dream

Pic winks at you

Pay check

Putting daughter in a box

Person lying on floor

Plant pot

Puss coming out of mouth

Puss coming out of toug

Pulling poop out of butt


Polvo y luego regare agua

Partial cremation

Parked car can not find

Pregnant lady arrested

Planting plantain

Plants with fruits

Paralysis goblins

Plucking afresh maize

Picking a snail in a burn bush

Pet kennel

Pooping out of my belly button

Pastor given, white handkerchief

Picking up seeds from the ground

Palm oil inside a plastic bottle

Pulling a large furry animal out of my

Pulling something fuzzy and large out of my

Police waiting to arrest

Power point catches fire

Priest hangs himself

Picking up five zero rands

Pieces of raw chicken

Playing with son of president

Picking pegs from ground

People trapped i saved them

Power goes out

Plaque on my teeth

People cheering for me

Picking mopane worms in a dream

Pulling broken glass out mouth

Preparing and studying for an exam

Passion fruit plant dreaming meaning

Picking money in husband pocket

Pastor giving key to me

Pocketing traditional sword

Planting seeds for pumpkin

Palm tree plant

Palms of hands stuck in dream

Picking cherries for a pregnant woman

Pushing a chair instead of a shopping cart in a department store

Pushing a chair in a store

Palo santo stick in a dream

Playing with mami wata in dream

Playing with mami wata in dream meaning

Puppy teething


People removing siding from house

Peanut butter oreos

Pastor giving passport

Protecting the black man

Pot and dog

Palm tree causing ingrown toenail

Palm trees growing from toe nails

Pregnant woman seeing unripe plantain

Pulling candy out of my throat

Participating in high jump in olympic in a dream

Picking up nutmeg

People intercepting others

Physically stabbed in the back one four times

Professional wrestler

Peeing embarrassing

Partying with a dead person

Partying with a dead person meaning

Pouring of anointing oil on my hands

Porrage dream

Plane breaks in half in sky and explodes

Permission denied


Praying to quan yin

Prasad fallen on ground

Piercing a heart

Peach alligator moving in circles

Police caught mers and return stolen money

Pinning fabric together

Planning to go to someones home

Parking garage evil couldn’t get aeay

Planning to go to some ones house

Planning to go to someones house

Pounding empty mortar in my dream

Places seen in dreams

Phone playing music in dream

Paint brush

Purse being searched through

Playful kittens following you

Physically abusive telationshio

Photograph and coffin

Png latest kwap video

Pastor eating fried meat

Pink wool

People drinking

Papaya in dream giving by someone

Picking marula fruit from marala tree?

Perfume, gift and father

Pulling, toothpicks and throat

Pressing, head and together

Putting on white agbada by a man

Putol na rosary sa panaginip

Pressing your hand

Pimento seed in boiling water

Painting with yellow

Picture of self

Photograph of yourself


Pundit eating ghee

People being attracted to me in my dream

Pluking kola in the dream

President giving me a cheque

People calling me crazy and judging me

Picket line and being scratch bu a toe nail

Playing musical instrument

Pulpit as a gift in the dream

Picking african oil bean in a dream

Packet of maggi in dreams

Plucking unripe pepper with a dead person

Picking box gabbage

Picking shoes in the gabbage

Picking shoes from the gabbage

Picking a clean ecolac beside a dust bin

Person made of stone

Putting my face oil

Pack of dogs attacking horses

Pooja room on fire

Peeling, cracking, skin and arms dream interpretation

Putting and suppository dream

Poisoned by ex boyfriend

Pulling a calculator out your

Palm fronds in a dream

Public bathing

Poisonous flower

Poisonous plant

Pregnany nine month

Preparing prawns

Prawns for food, means

Pink nail polish in a dream

Pouring liquid out of a clay pot

Pulling seeds out of the nose


Picture of partner ex

Praying fussilat

Picking money bill on flowing water

Puppy fire

Plastering floor

Pastor calling me on the phone

Pulling out a tie from my mouth

Powder poured on me in dream

Putting tika in forehead

Played a life game in a dark room

Plants on the sky

Plucked turkey berries in dreams

Purple shoe

Pap eko

Picking gold in swimming pool

Praying for the dead in a dream

Pale green leaf in a dream

Principal giving your job applications back with money dream meaning

Picking of cowpie in the dream

Pouring a stein of beer over my head

People dying close to you

Pour milk on hair

Prisoner dream of someone brought in jail

Peeling matooke means what in adream

Party in ocean

Planting seed in the dream meaning

Planting seed in the dream


Prawn coming out of meaning

Prawn coming out of bagina

Pastor is travelling with me

Pink almond

Pus arm burn wound

Pus arm wound

Pastor with group of people wearing white in dream

Prawn islam

Putting slippers in temple


Picking snail in burnt bush

Peacock and peahen

Purple large pimple on face

People walking past

Perfume stolen from my shop

People in my dream

Pulling a long black string out of my


Perfume with boyfriend

Partner video calling another girl

Picking live bug out of nose

Picking bug out of nose

Parth pebble white walking

Pastor celebrating

Plenty of fresh star apple leaves in my dream

Pink ring box meaning

People wanting to kill you in a dream


Paper eaten by bugs

Paper dissolving

Partipation on stage

Protecting a dog from a biger dog

Potty toilet

Plucking avocado pear in a dream

Plate licking

Picking money from old clothes

Picking good clothes from the wastebin

Picking good clothes from the clean wastebin

Pondasi rumah


Prat in dream


Pus on the arm

Pimple puss

Pen scrolling sound heard at my back

Peepap tree

Parking fine

Pigs grazing

Pregnant women to see jasmine flower in dream


People around watching me shockingly when i am lifting and carrying a heavy weight on top of my head and climbing a rough road easily where it is difficult to walk

Picking up cions form the ground

Powder on my ex girlfriend son

Plaughing with oxen

Partners organ’s coming out from the virginia


Pulling cow from garden

Putting vaccum cleaner in utility room

Pulling wooden sticks from body

Postor giving you water in adream

Place of worship dream meaning

Pulling string from teeth

Playing with cow dung dream

Plant spinach

Purple and blue

Picking up glass cup

Palm fruits falls from body

Pulling strings out of throat

Person who is celebrating her gender reveal

Party with dead family and friends

Pulling stinger out of skin

Plastering wall

Prison doors opening

Prophectic dream

Pooping out a lot of corn

Police shooting

Person dressed in black destroying car

Pastor giving me milk

Please tell me what my dream symbolizes i have recently been dealing with traumas from childhood and am working on myself. here is my dream… i made a memory jacket that had dates significant to me embroidered on the sleeves and chest plate with a shot gun and hand gun and put glass over it people were sad but not me

Plaid dreams

Pigeon on fire

Pocket fuzz

Place in dream changing

Place changing

Pinched a nose in anger

Praying in a river water

Plucking cashew fruit in dream

Paying a man to cut down a coconut tree

Preaching the word of god in a market place

Pulling needles out of

Powder on my face

Picking ripe palm fruit

Pulled out to sea by rip current

Pooja room broken

Pulling out my private part hairs

Person trying to trap or harm you

Poking finger through my ribs

Pastor raping me

Pastor raping me in dream

Pepper grinding


President giving me sour milk

Picking a lot of canarium

Poppy field

Preparing muthi in a dream

Peepal tree seen in my dream meaning

Peepal tree seen in my dream

Pit bull attacking ducks

Pulling strings from throat

Person laying on top of me i can’t move

Planting onions with dead grandma

Plucking a bamboo shots

Person laying on top of me

Police seize bike in my dream

Picking eggs on the nest

Pleasuring a woman

Passing by into the church

People chanting in a foreign language

Poop on the head

Poop on the head dream

Police riot

Person with a pregnant dog belly

Plastics materials in git

Partner preaching

Polka dot teal dress

Purchase of biscuit

Purple lilac

Plucking ripe oranges with my family

Pulling hair out my finger

Pulling objects out my finger

Playing games with crush

Persons head on a hunters trophy wall

Police handcuffs

Pounding an empty mortar in the dream

Payment of my dowry by my boyfriend

Painting whales on walls

People sleeping

Poisonous lakes


Poor suffering dreams


Paying lobola in a dream meaning

Pepal tree pooja

Plant growing from wound

Peeling and washing ground provisions

Pulling bubblegum from my mouth

Pastor giving his suit to me

Plague mask evil

President hostage

Plant one plant and another grows

Pastor eating in my house

Pig licking my right hand

Pastor giving me his halfcoat for cold protection means

Pulling teeth by urself

Plucking curry leaf

Python snake squeezing a money means


Purple pomegranate

Picking fallen pearls under a pearl tree in a dream

Pencil stabbed into foot

Pulling long hair out of the teeth

Push bike

Picking prewincle in the river and it disappears back to the river

Putting your feet in a river

Police arrested someone

Paper in bin dream

Punching my husband

Pee in a bucket

Possum on my shoulder

Pregnant woman eating garden egg in dream

Phyton snake

Photo booth

Pooping then cleaning prayer mat

Playing with a little baby

Pshyco lover

Picking up good clothes from trash

Priest giving food

Peeling and removing spoit yam

Purple isiphika

Promiscuous man

People are taller than me

Pregnancy pin

Pregnant women eating tamarind

Picking snail and turtose

Picking up face cap

Preparing boiled and smoked cassava for a man

People frying in my dream

Pulling a hair out of my leg

Poured by snow

Partner buying baby stuff for his pregnant woman

Parents agreeing on love marriage

Protecting a plant

Pregnant woman picking eggs in a dream

Piece of cover of kaaba

Pluck pubic hair

Plane being hit by lightning

Pastor giving you his shoes in the dream

Potential spouse covered in long red hair

Pulling a mask off

Peeling paint on wall

Portable toilet

Posh house

Pimple pus

President of israel in my yard standing on a rock

Phycho chase me

Phycho chase

Pawpaw leaf



Picking big snails in dream

Picking money on grave

Picking money on a grave

Policeman handsome

Pit water side of house

Praying in alagsa mosque

Pastor giving flowers to your partner

People liking me

Pushed out door, then door closed

Priest wearing black robe and red belt

Plucking paw paw leaf


Picking gold earrings and pendant

Plants in front yard of vegetables

Perfume oil

Preparing for a tsunami

Prayer mark

Photo cousins

Plant without root

Plucking oha leave in the dream

Pick maggi

People hiding to watch me

Preparing introduction cerremony

Paper money in a brown old bag made with sak the one they make spiritual clothes with and it was open folded outside on top of money there was one calorie white calorie

Paying loboka of many cows

Paying loboka of one zero cows

Plugging of pawpaw

Paralizyed laying on your side with a monster with sharp teeth infront if you

Pushing the plastics in my

Person split in two

Partner secret

Plenty of people in my home

Pooping in bush

Pastor and his wife in a dream

Picking white eggs from a tree n putting in crystal bowl

Person reflecting red light

Person radiating with red light

Pool of water in a corn field

Pulled pins out of

Purple cloaks

Pulling a red wagon through muddy water

Parts of a house

Picking termites

Pulling out couch foam from body

Poisoned iv drip

Person wants to take basket from you

P.a .


Prehistoric creatures

Painting a sunset

Planting a big tree without roots

People trying to cut me while waiting in line


Pulled up by one arm above the earth

Past away person inviting you to their house

Past waway person inviting you to their house

Pastor hold my out of joking in my dream. what is the sign? explain

Puong nazareno

Piking dry maize in a field

Papya tree dreaming meaning

Pigs house dad cats

Pigs showing up at my house

Pigs and cats

Picking up dog poop

Parents renwing vows

Pregnant woman eating or picking palm fruits in dream

Prophet sweeping my entire house

Picking udara seed in a dream, what the meaning?

Planning to have a piggery

Person with a glow

Picking of snails from trees

Picking of snails

Preist saying your mom life is short

Putting powder in my neck

People from past

Painless blisters on lips

Picking up dirty silver coins

Playing boiled egg in a dream and score a goal

Playing boiled egg to score a goal

Priest in church

Putting fingers in

Plucking of cashew in the dream

Purple clouds covering the sky

Purple clouds eating the sky

People watching

Picking kolanut from river

Playing with cattle horn

Pounding maize in a dream meaning

Pounding maize in a dream

Peopel shooting each other

Palm oil is giving to girl by a woman

Pleasant security from vexing engagements.if a young woman dreams that she is holding a person on her lap, she

Pleasant security from vexing engagements.if a young woman dreams that she

Parents smiling

Pulling a snake out of my stomach

Pulling out long clitoris

Processing palm oil in dream

People working or stepping on a popoo

Playing cards burst into flames

Pastor in my classroom giving me assignment

Person changing ages in front of my eyes

Physically headvy head. too heavy to lift

Prasadam distribution seen in a temple

Plucking of african star apple

Praying for a blind person and he got heald in the dream meaning

Pus on arm

Prince william

Pushing someone in a hole grave

Plain white isiphika and khakhi overall dress

Private school and teacher is in wheelchair

Pregnant duck dream means

Playing with your dead father


Possessed hoover

People helping me beg my husband

Poking a snake

President dream

Past lover apologizing - we never had closure

Parkour running away

Parents accepting girlfriend

Payroll check stub in white the meaning

Putting hair dye

Paying rent in the dream

Pooping maggot in the dream

Parents death photo when they are alive

People laugh at you

Person walking away

Puppy dog golden


Pastor seeing a viction of me where white gownment

Past see a viction of me where white gownment

Puzzle dream


Plucking the ripen guava after climbing old tree

Picking oil beam in a dream three of them

Pastor gift panties

Person biting a parrot

Picking big snails by the river and cooking them and eating them

Person biting a bird

Picking big snails by the river

Pitchure and candles st michael

Person leaning over me

Paint on clothes

Pulling long continuous hair from under chin

Parsites coming out of me

Picking small stones in river

Platform, high, ocean, stairs, fear

Png kwap latest videos

Police woman curfew

Pool and vomit

Positive omen

Police hat dream meaning

Pastor pours a bucket of water on me and scabs me with spongelus soap the pours another bucket on me


Pastor removing coat and putting it to me

Pastor removing jacket and putting it to me

Panama hat

Pastor putting his coat on other person

Pastor putting on his coat on other person

Pastors wife gave me her home keys and told me to pick any shoes in her house in the dream what does it mean

Prekese meaning

Plunging a toilet

Pile of stones

Plucking rambutan

Picking up monday from the ground

Palaver source

Pulling up a stalk of wheat

Play cricket sport

Play cricket game

Picking single stalk of wheat

Paying big money

Picture of dead

Parking at roadside

Pinoy dream interpretation

Purple sugarcane


Predatory person

Pricing yam from the dead

Passed away mom all in pink

Plucked head

Praying for king in a dream

Princess rescued

Potty in temple

Panipuri dream meaning

Plants grow from fingers

Parents screaming at you

Pastor wearing a skirt meaning

Pooping on worship place

Police caught my buke

Photo of dead person burning

Promoting as a goddess

Pastor wearing a dirty garment dreams meaning

Panda chasing me

Ploughing coconut in dream

Peeing too much

Putting apple in my vigina

Pulling into dark parking lot

Pastor give book

Pastor touching in dream

Praying for people in the dream oil pouring from the hand

Prince kills king

Papaya fell on hand in dream

Pet cat dying

Passage way

Publicly having space invaded

Pili but shell

Prophesying inside chuch

Parents being killed

Parents killed by shredder tmnt

Purple polka dot socks

Picture in harmony tree

Pastor titles

Puking green jelly

Punish by soldiers

Pulling out your hand from snake mouth

Pulling your hand out of snake mouth

Picking food in a dirty place

Peeing in mouth

Pleasures stone

Partner not reaching out to me

Pregnant women receiving saree in dream

Pandit dream teer number

Prophet say my birth name

Plucking prekese on its tree

Picture of prime minister in my dream

Person day they want to commit suicidr

Person day they want to commit divide

Phone charger burnings battery

Passport catching fire

Pastor beating church members with cane

Preacher mark

Picking naartjies from tree

Paved walkway

Person put in a dildo shoved up friends butt

Priest declares madness on you in the dream

Preparing tea while being excited

Preparing tea for somoene

Plane, house, horse, injury

Plugging ukazi in the dream

Pinching of a nipple


Porcelain white teeth

President dreama

Protecting a little one


People trespassing on my property

Pastor walking in the sea

Pastor giving key

Partner asking for money in a dream

Person attacking

Person i hate

Peeling matooke

Peeling ripe plantain

Pulling out an insect out of your

Peacock feather dream number

Pinky pus finger nail coming off

Pound water plood

Photo of dead kinner in dream

Punished old women

Praying with nzu and edo in dream means

Pitru giving salt