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Dreams starting with the letter M

Murdered stabbed two different people

Murdered stabbed dream had by two separate people

Meaning of eating banana soup in dream

Mouth from side

Me with long hair

Moma fish eating baby’s

Missing used sanitary pad

Making u turn

Moon spilts in half

My boyfriend leaped over a train and then when i got to the other side where he was he carried me on his back

Meaning of dreaming a lion qnd the snake


My ex recurring dream

My friend protected me until i was the only one left and he ended up killing me


Man greasing a woman scalp in dream

Man behind me greasing my hair

Missing a meeting

Mythical gods all

Moko kauae

My sister head was bald

Mother giving ring

My own car

My wife was flying and coming to me

Meaning of pooping snails in your dreams

My old tertiary school with new and old classmates

My husband eating pork meat

My husband stoned to death

Man standing over the bed

Mashed flour

Meaning of grinding sorghum with grinding stone in the dream what does it mean

Material lead

Mad young girl

My phone was burning in my dream n i poured it water to set off the fire

My grandfather apply curd rice on my stomach what it means

Man outside staring at my house

Me straddling a man in my dream

Me straddling a boy in my dream

Meaning of casava in a dream

Money inside ow

My deceased father told me happy birthday

Miter of a bishop in a ceremony

Mighter of a bishop

Mighter of a bishop is mocked

Man dreaming of black birds in a tornado

My best friend commits suicide

My ex and my crush

Mother in law being mean telling me to stay away from her son


My late mom wearing church clothes

My late mom wearing zcc clothes

My late mom wearing zxc

Missing a date with someone

Meaning of children playing with condoms in a dream

Marrying uncle who is forbidden

My gloved hand in a snakes mouth

My hand in a snakes mouth

Marrying uncle

Match sticks coming out of my ear

Making love with pregnant women in a dream

Me and girlfriend throwing branches at each other

Meaning when you dream of your boyfriend and his mother telling you they are sick

Mothers kitchen

My parent building a new house

My money

Make out with boyfriends friend

Murned matches

Madman give me money

Moufette qui rentre dans la maison

Magic animals

Man wearing two nice wool coats in city

My brother carrying his wife highheel shoes because it was muddy

Many ripe guavas

My late mother plaiting my hair

Meaning of blender in the dream

Meaning of see wife carry baby and walking on river

Me remove my cloth on top of coffin

Misbehaving in dream

Man in top hat and tux with no face

Me jumping into a kraal

Much money

My dead brother beating me with canes in school

Meaning of urinating soya beans

My woman was woman

Mother leaves for two weeks

Malicious lover

Money envelope child and gun

Meaning of someone rejecting my hug in a dream

My ex becoming thin

Making fun of you

My two legs tied

Male death

Meaning of killing earthworms in dream with salt

Man put finger in virgina

My late mom telling me she is pregnant for me

Man stood behind me after searching fir something

My mom disappearing and leaving me all alone

My father died ten years ago, but i had a dream he is alive but he visited home half

Meaning of gungo

Message from a dead person in person

Mad person touch me in a dream

Mad person me in dream

Mad about leaving things at home

My mom saw me in her dream

Mom mopping the floor

My grand mother died she keeping mu cloth

Me and my sister and other classmates in temple … im beside shivalingam holding it but never saw total shivalingam … and i saw many snakes in the mud pond .. lastly one snake around shivalingam

Milkweed fluff


Menial job

My sister called my name out loud

Maize mill dream meaning

Motherhood of rwin girls

Mother of twins

Mopabe worms

My sister refused my help

My wife and her sister sharing the same bed

My husband having un affair with my house maid in my dream

Mom giving birth to quadruplets

Meaning of buying palm oil in the dream

Matches sticks inside the ear

My late husband walking head of outside

My brother slap me in dream means

My friend asked me how i am

My mom was giving me blue nice jean jacket

My was giving me new nice cloths on my my dream

Meat in a dream

Mother short hair

Maggots in

My mother going to hajj in dream

Mad person in marriage

Monster killing dad

Meaning of security uniform in a dream

Meaning of security uniforms in revelation

Mole on the booty

Meaning of speed point in a dream

My son having chicken pox

Mother all ready with makeup

My therapist and his don’t begging for seaweed

Multiple skeleton keys

My lap

My sister had her feet in my lap

My late husband meeting me in a hotel

Marching band seat dream

My mother wearing my clothes

My parents surpries me with a car

Meaning of puking up dough

Marsh mallow

Make bed with black and white gravel

Money and food

Meaning of mother bird flying in my dream

Mist face

My child having a seizure


Meaning of dreams about bob’s

Modern kitenge

My husband slapped me in my dream what does it mean

Meaning of teleportation in the dream according to the bible

Maggots in mean

Making knife in dream

Mom hitting my little sister

Man running away from animal

Man and cow

Man turning to animal

Meaning of feeding ducks in a dream

My right palm was green

Man sandals

Madonna and child

Meaning of losing bag to flood

Mother wearing ruby shoes

Making love with a mad person

My phone screen getting shattered

My son being raped

My dead mother give me a ring in my dream what do that mean

My dead parents in the next room waiting to use the toilet i’m in

My dead parents in the next room


My heart was stabbed

My identity card broken

My heart was staked with a sword

Mother trying to murder you

Mom giving money

Mother ignores

Meeting a korean boy

Marine queen loving me and providing things for me in my dreams

Marine queen is in love with me.buying things for me in my dreams

Meaning of simsim in a dream

Mud in the head

More then on gremlins

My dog killing a squirrel


Meeting a celebirty

Meaning of palava sauce leaf seen in a dream

Madman stealing your child

Massaging a dead dad

Mortar and neighbor

Mortal and neighbor

Maize seed germination

Mushrooms growing out of me

My stomach burst and my intestines came out leaking

Meaning of onion leaves in a dream

Moldy oranges

Meaning of buying canda meat in the dream

Mangoe tree fullnof fruits

Mango tree full

My mum caught me when i want to flush the pad down

Mega phone

Mother drying my feet in a dream

Mother dryingmy feet in a dream

My sister being attacked by a shark

Mother riding a mule

Mother and mule

Mother mule

Maori taonga

Meaning of a lion killed my mom in my dream?

Meeting someone in a river and helped you to cross

Mixing a cake

Monkey dying

Me and brother robbed bank

Meeting the president and his opposition

My friends

Menstrual blood on a man

My ex boss who fired me confess to me that he loves me

Making a collage outside

My sister beating my mother in a fight

My cousin gave me a pie in church

My wedding preparation

Mom gives wedding hat

Menstral period

Man giving me a sweater

Mother planting treee

Messing up things in order

My bf father had a dream that my bf impregnated me

My husband give me a gold in my dream

Mother in law gathering with my friend n her mother about a picture

My kides are caught on stream


Mold on my teeth

My late father killing a cow

Meat pie meaning in the dream

Man bitten by bull

Meaning of matooke in a dream

Mining gold ring meaning

Meaning of washing your menstruation pad in the dream

Monkey in dreams

My marriage proposal was declined by my mom to a man i don’t know

My late grandfather drunk and spiritual

Man offer to sit with ne for meal

My late grandfather drunk and

Monster tails

Man laying down

Military operation task

My blankets outside the house

Mother sees her daughter having really long hair

Masterbating friend

Missing mirror from the wall in adream

Me tearing old images

My deceased dad with my girlfriend

Meaning of tree leaf yam dream

My clothes in a dustin


Makoto attire


Maggots on

Mountain crumbling with brimstone

Meaning of dream drinking mossed water i reservoir seeing a girl also in my dreams

Man with no legs

Maintanence person

Marijuana seed


My crush calls me sister in my dream

My girlfriend brother died

My child molested by her dad

Mad person bite

Man blue heart

Mother grave

My ex give me money

Massage stone

Making halwa with raisins

My husband is a priest

Mekke medİne

Ms. pac man

Milk flown from vessel

Mat rugs

Moustache female

Meetinh someone

Meaning of feeling cold

Mad and getting laughed at


My mom didn’t give me roasted barney

My ex a small kid purple baby clothes

Meaning of praying for a dead person that came back to life


My boyfriend hiding stuff from me

Maggots in a empty refrigerator and closed the door

Mixing water with anointing oil

Mix water with anointing


Madman entering your house

Man singing romantic song

Moon transforms to diamond

Moons transforms to a diamond

Music teacher

Mushroom growing in arms

Maroon snake in potato curry

Maroon snake in food

Mind body soul

Meaning of dream giving money to old woman

Mother weaving wool

Mahogany water fountain on the beach

My granny is trying to control me

My granny is trying to control me she is torchering me

Making eba in a dream

My prayer came true

Meaning of buying cowskin in dream

Mob of people outside your house

Mother with stranger

My crush didn’t like me

Mean of person forcing me to give her money in dream

Monkey fighting with lizard

My dogs were stolen

Mating bears

Missing toe nail

Massive rat glue trap backyard

Moulding block

Meaning of your deceased father present vat your dowery negotiation

Meaning of deceased wanting salt

Mary,jesus dream interplating

My hands was full of white and peached colored pearls

Mother long gray hair

Making dough

My best friend making me feel like a liar

Meaning of dreaming sister to my boy friend giving me bad gift

My friend dreamed saving me from drawing

My ex boyfriend want me to wash his clothes in a dream

Means of anointing person in the dream

Mother leaving islam

Muslim woman dream

Monkey and snake

Monitoring lizard

Meaning of buying jar of mayonnaise in dream

Many people with dead man

Meaning of receiving a gift of new house in the dream

My son got hurt

My slipper broke while walking in my dream

Meaning of seeing fish in river and elephant in dream

My dead father eating from my food in my dream

Mother getting married to my boyfriend

My cats slaughtered and last one talks to me while in death bed. the keywords of this

My gets slaughtered and last one talks to me while in death bed

Moth holes in blankets

My head being massaged using honey

Meaning of my aunt is dead but asking for forgiveness

Many baby carabao

Meaning of scorning of baseline

Maggot comming out from a kitten

My friend went to picnic but where i was not able to go picnic

Mouth full bees and honey

Make up in a dream mean

My ex grabbing my arm

Meaning of anointing oil in small cup

Meaning of new vuilding

Moldy hair dream

My friend had mold growing in their hair

Man force marriage on me

Man force marraige?

Making shehad

Messy bed

Middle of the street

My mother peeling prekese

My dead husband said the number two in my dream

Moving into an apartment on a plane

Meaning of linkage of rain all over the roof in a dream

Marked black dot hand


Meaning of given maize meal in a dream

Meeting prime minister or president

Mad woman chasing me carrying a knife

Mad woman chasing me carrying a knife number three

Meaning of eating maize and groundnut in dream

My car is missing or stolen

My car is missing from my garage

My car disappeared out of my garage

My pastor telling me that he loves me

Meaning of seeing toilet in a dream

Mad woman seduce me

My partner being mentally ill

My face and eye changing in a bathroom mirror

Meeting with old buisness friends

Mountent rideing

Me fighting with my siblings

My friend wearing black eyeliner in my dream

My brother arrested he was at police costody

Missing tulsi plant from home

Mother in law sweeping the floor

My land erroding

My land eroding into the ocean

Missing toew to ine foot

Meaning to condensed milk in dream

Mother being cut by a panga knife

Mother being cut by a sharp knife

Mom as witch

Mistaking a twin brother with two ponds

My cousin telling me to update my phone

Mother and child

Multi joint

My girlfriend dream of me havin a chat with her mother

Mary given you her hand and you holding her hand

My bishop gave me a cake in my dream

Me growling at someone


Meaning of my neighbor building a wall

My fav villain yelling at a kitten for not making him coffee

My friend was on a tv show and i was her biggest fan

Meat with bugs

Mouth full of sticky substance

Missing an exam date

Meaning of a pregnancy woman picking snail in the dream

Meaning of a pregnant woman fetching fire wood in a dream

Mary madgalene

Military bus


My boyfriend ex girlfriend was pregnant

Marrying a sick old woman

My sister holding a gun wanting to give to my cousin

My sister holding a gun

Meaning of egg in stomach in the dream

Meeting parents of a guy

My son getting foreign money in dream

Mother on the bed

Man body with gold and a one horn on the head

Man has body with gold and a horn

Mother cannibalizing her daughter

My partner was holding another woman in my dream what does it mean

Maize seeding in dream

Mum jumping over fence dream

Mother cancer

Mothers euthinasia

Me interlocking toes with someone

Meaning of arranging military hats on shelf

Mothering baby dragon

Mothering a baby dragon

Melting chocolate

Meaning picture frame of s deasesed person

Māori haha

Meter men

Man friend grinding on me

Meaning of seeing sinks graves in the house in the dream

Mule drinking water

My dead sister doing wedding in my dream meaning

Making picture frames in a dream what does that mean

Meaning if we see papaya tree cutting in dreams

Mopan warms

Mopan warms what numbers

Mail at [email protected]

Moving to california

Meaning of dreaming eating ugali and sukuma

Maa kamakhya tampal

Maa kamakhya

My mom measuring me a kitenge

Money savings in box meaning

Money keeping in good luck meaning

Man adorned with a ring around his

Making tea for the boss who later demand for anther

Man sucking my girlfriend

Meaning of palm oil in a dream

Man grabbing me

Man in white bunny costume chasing me in a car

Many children wearing school uniform

Meaning of eggs falling from the nest and breaking

Meaning of barbing in dream ?

Meaning of wearing beads on the hands

Many crabs in water

Mother throat cut

My late niece bathing and me urinating

Maluggay sa panaginip

My uncle died three months back i had a dream about he was touched by current shock

Mom and i trying on formal dresses

Meaning of holding aso oke

Man jumping overboard

My papa told me that i was pregnant for him in my dream

Mango branch falling down

Me giving my late father his gold bankcard

Monster with mouth in tummy

Mouth tattoo

My husband smelling other woman

Millipede entering inside a

Meaning of four ars holding my house

Mouse bite hand

Mother in law prefers sister in law

Male cat blood on mouth

Male cat with blood on hismouth

Meaning of to tie gele in dream

Meaning of black dogs in the dream

My ex boyfriend wears my own t shirt

My brother bought me big shoes

Meaning of the symbols of selling kola nuts

My bag burning dream meaning

Meaning of dreaming about bubble fish

Moms painting destroyed getting very mad

My husband sodomized

Mother caught boyfriend

Murder dream on my birthday

Mixing palm oil and water in the dream

Making idli

Maize dream

Meaning in a dream where my grandfather is asking for money and complains about hunger

Mother who pastawy

Meaning cutting headbaby

Mother washing clothes

Man died in chain

Man chained die

Man chain die

My wife give my vest to another man

My crush stare at me with a sad eyes

My crush talking about her problems

My crush massage my shoulders

My mum took a calabash from my hands and broke it

My late mum took a calabash from my hands and broke it

Man’s genitalia, snake bite

Meaning of my girl friend taking to my deceased father in my dream

Monkeys being cooked

Monkeys cooked

Mark appearing on left hand

Married to a drunken

My mother told me to wash dirty clothes dream meaning

Male figure no face



Meaning of buying akara in a dream

My boss said i would be posted to start from professor cadre

Metallic black leaf

My dog went for leg surgery

My daughter was having seizures

My friedns boyfriend cheated on her with me

My car is wrinkled

Marriage without ring

My cousin hit her head, was on the way to the hospital puking, i couldn’t find the way to the hospital and she died

Man falldown number

Man beheaded

Manindra rabha

Many gold fish

My workmate burning her clothes at work

Massaging, sister and law dream

My junior brother wearing my cloth

Mold and refrigerator dream interpretation - mold refrigerator

Money, falling and gutter dream interpretation -

My friends were in a cult

Madman bathing

Me as rat me sapna kia hai tin. barting pani

My electric supply cut off in a dream

Mountain monastery

Mom having serzuier

Meat inside bathing water

Meeting crush family

Me pulling a green gondala

My ex boyfriend and i holding hands while passing a theatre where they were playing christian music

My ex boufriend and i holding hands while walking through an orchestra theatre

Men in woods coming after you

Me and my husband on the beach a baby is list in the water and the sea gets out of control

Male best friend slape me

My mom in my dream

My aunt told me it is t real about mummified body

My dead brother giving me money

My boyfriend and his sister having fun

Mother and dead daughter getting out of car

Male and female chicken

Male and female chicken dream interpreta

Mum with broken leg in my dreams

Moses as a baby being placed in the river

Moses taking in the laws of god

Moses mother placing him in the basket and in the river

Meet my late father in his younger version

Making love with two women

Meaning of eating food in white bed in dream

Mad falling in love with you

Missing scoring agoal when playing with girls

Meaning of car tyres burning in your dream

Meaning of care tyres burning in your dream

My washed clothes in dustin

My husband pee on me in my dream

Meaning of fetching sea water

Magnet in sandy soil

My deceased father served me a plate of food

Mad woman in numbers dream

Meaning of the smell of fungus

Moon dragon dreams

My ex paying dowry

My husband sucking my

My picture in a magazine

My boyfriend dreams me having my long hair

My dead brother wearing my slippers in the dream

Meaning when someone poured you ash in a dream

My housband dream

Meaning of two hearts on top of each other with a line in it in dreams

Monkey sucking milk

My brother coming back from foreign country

My child being defiled

Miserable look

Mustard yellow flower

Man of my dreams

Man in my bed

Making mounds in a dream with a group of people

Mother and dream

Mapani warms

My teacher was my mom

Marigold, flower, receive and shivling

Mingle with chief minister

Mint and leaves dream interpretation - mint leaves


Money flowed into the river

Meaning of rice and water in your dreams

My crush annoyed

Motorbike riding in to a rope

Maize meal mixed with water on the flow

My late mom feeding me in dresm

Muslim neighbors bring food for you

Missing earing

My deceased dog having a seizure

My girlfriend being pregnant for another guy african interpretation

My cat escaping

Meaning of being covered by a black blanket from up

Me raping my sister

Money in plastic

Man wearing a mask of a sun

Man with a mask of a sun

My cousin choking on bread

Meaning of catching bush live fawl in my dream

Missing steering wheel

Muslim child

Muslim family

Missing helmet

Matches box

Meaning of seeieng your sister runing mad in a dream

Mom broken two fingers

My daughter having two s

My dead relative, sending me an errand in the desk,means

My under age son impregnated a girl

Married without waring a ring

Married without a ring

Mom committing divide

My dog playing with another dog

My dog pop

Me and my boyfriend i see in my dreams walking on revers

Matrimonial home

My mum eating my scabs

Meditating on a mountain top with a person, the feeling of true peace and tranquility

Mashed potatoes meaning

Morze wezbrane pełne wodorostów


Mother in law and father in law in dream garlend on their photo frame while they are alive

My sister was killed

Milk to water

My wife pour powder on me in dream

My dead dog came alive in the dream

My cousin jerking me off

Mouth full of tobacco

My cousin giving me milk and green chillies

Meaning of a loved one being swept away by a river

Mom gifting a car dream

Mouse eating semen

Many roti

Mom peeing

Mobile phone three

Meaning of dreaming collecting bus fare

Meaning of selling fufu

Mother mirror

Mixed grain

Meaning of picking cowpie

My deceased mother with a bouquet of roses

My dogs were left outside in the rain late at night. i let them in and they were happy as i dried them off

Muniwaran cover his face

Meaning of a dream with horses and a bull

My dogs, chocolate labs, passed away one zero years ago. in my dream they were left outside in the rain. in the middle of the night, i let them in. they were soaking wet, happy to see me and be let in. i started to dry them off with a towel which they love.

My love got approved by their parents and family i was the most happiest person throughout the dream but suddenly he elope from their

Mom in mirror looking at me with love and she started to walk away

Maggot coming out of meaning

My father in-law was in a motorcycle accident

Mother thin

My partner won the in my dream meaning

Mom turn into monster

Me being pregnant while wearing a saree and enjoying my pregnancy


Mopane worm dream

My daughter was getting beat up in my dream

My children sheet in bed and many water

Me and my crush making out

Me and my gf in a car driving through a tunnel that let to the mall

Meaning of entering tricycle in dream

Meaning of entering keke in dream

Meaning of seeing yourself with a pores from leg to arm

Making out with faceless person

Massage dream

My son dreamt i won the one two zero zero metres race

My crush called me ugly after i asked him for his number

Meaning of drinking gari and groundnut in the dream

Measuring a bird

Misbehaving student

My boyfriend dug a tunnel through a mountain

Maggi in my younger brother’s hands

My prayer tody

Monkeypod fruit

Monkeypod frui5

Marionette strings

Marrying my cousin

Meaning of the truck loaded full of potatoes in dream

Mother giving birth

My girlfriend was gangbang in three person

My female cut her hair makes her bald

My legs loten

My mother inlaw being sting by snakes

My car stuck in snow

Meal millie

Making roti

Mad man hugged you in dream

Mountain lion and cub

Masterbation in shower man

Marrying your partner

My ex had a baby with girlfriend

Making love with a prophet what does it mean

Many sangomas

Meaning of pink box

My lucky charm every night

Male feet and applying lotion

Male putting lotion on his feet

My guy friend touches my with asking for consent

Meaning of my dead dad left me a gun and later he came came back to me in a dream and was asking me about the gun and search for it gave to him and he was not angry wit

My boyfriend pour hot water on my right arm

Melihat pondasi rumah

Meaning of being hand cuffed behind with a snake

Meaning of building materials in a dream

My friend making love with my husband

My dad asking me if am preg but i said no in reality am preg 2mnths

Meaning of that dream

Making a soil fertile

My son got his hand fractured in my dream

Man having woman

My godfather presents me with a wrapped gift box with a ribbon

My dead grandma giving me a different type of meal compared to my cousins

Meaning of tree leaf yam in a dream

My mum hit by a man with a pick axe

Mimpi goreng jagung dan kacang tanah

My enemy offer me a drink

Miniature loin

Meaning of brushing teath with local brushing teath stick in the dream

My ex and a old school mate came and looked for me, while they were outside, my daughter was on a mattress sleeping, she starting to cry, my ex picked her up, something dropped from him and the mattress caught on fire

My dog gave birth to pigs.

Magenta light

Mother with gray hair

Mary hold right hand and side in dream

Melting sky

My dead mother painting my bedroom walls

Man klättra upp till himeln på en stage

Man climbing a ladder to the sky

Mother in a casket

My man told me i was pregnant

My son being on a bus roof i had to pull him down


My business been covered with water

Meaning of dreaming about a lady giving my ex husband food


Male neighbour entering garden with dog

Maize in compound

Mad woman making love with me

Meaning of seeing a lot of houses on top of mountain

Maize crop on a fertile soil

My mum died she is now blind

My ring was broken on my finger

Mouse eat my white dress

Meaning of the symbols of the falling dwn hand carrying seen in a dream

Mouth covered

Mushroom nails

Madman, trying and rape

Making wuthu for fajr

Meaning of eating pounded yam in a ceremony

Meaning of eating pounded tan

Man wipes his faces to my shawl in my dream

Man wipes his faces to my shawl

My dog ate my mom

Meaning of dreaming seeing a small boy cutting quavva tree for the neighbor

Maimed, dog, pet,

Mother stay mew home

Mad man and food

Moving forward in total darkness

Meaning of a snake entering my private part

Meaning of seeing yourself and children praying in a dream

Meaning of killing zombies with katana

Mother watching tv

My crush was me and they were ice cold

My dog barking a boy

Meaning of removing jigger from a toe

Murdering with a friend

My deceased father transferred money into my account

Meaning of saying ephepheni

Me and my late brother alive again and we killing people who are trying to hurt us

Me and my late brother alive again and we killing peoplebwho are trying to hurt us

Man feeding a baby boy

Money machine

Meaning of dreaming about three albinos having a bath

Ma inscription on wood

Met a man and saw him jump in a vintage car with a gum

Meeting a man i’m attracted to

Mouse poop

Mouth full of food

My mom says the name of a person i know but that person doesnot know me

Monkey and big lizard/reptile living in your house

Muddy contact lenses

Muddy contact lense

Melon seeds

Missing tips of three fingers

My deceased brother crashed in my door

Meaning of cut slapper on your child foot in a dream

My son seeded the carpets

Metal closet fell on my friend and her babygirl

My husband filling a bucket of water

Mechanical rabbit

Man shows

My husband give me a new phone

My elder sister running mad in a dream taking her shoes off

Mnt everest

Mall on fire

Mart meaning in a dream

My husbands ex wife

Man dreams of sucking


Missing feet of loved one

Meaning of stolen keke

Meeting father

Meet father

My lobola payment

My daughter is be assaulted and i can’t get to her

My dad was a monster coming down the steps and grabbed my ankle and held me up whooped me upside down

My dad was a mister coming down the steps and grabbed my ankle held me upside down and whooped me

Mom drives me through tornado

Mom drives me through tornado i told her to turn around and she kept going

My child bleeding from mouth

My two year old daughter bleeding from mouth

My car pealing in q dream

Maize mealie

Multistorey apartment demolition

Mixed cassava with beans meaning

Mixed vegetables meaning

Mucus on hands

Motor oil on good shirt

Motorcycle smooth ride

My dream was me at a ball , or some award show

Man sucking a strange young lady full of milk

My dead father was frying eggs on the stove

Motorcycle treveling three man no helmat

Motorbike treveling thre man no helmat

Making an item and seeing brass rain falling

Multiple me

Mimpi kasihan sama ayah

My crush comforted me when i was sad

Mouth growth

Moles on sin

My boyfriend sucking my milk in the dreams

Making dua with lots of asking with allah

Menstruation and blood

Many lizards on a wall

My mother and daughter had visible auras but i did not

Meaning of eating concussion mixed with sand in the dream given by someone

Meaning of eating concussion mixed with sand in the dream

Meaning of two snakes coming out of in dream

Money pouring on the head

Meaning of diamond in a dream

Meaning of shima

My dream was i was stealing a beanie from a friends house

My ex shows his pinned

Mother sending daughter to jail

Moses talk to me that i will go and look for isaac

Midget mom


Meaning of seeing a friend in a poverty and depressed state meaning


Meaning of a friend being poor and depressed in a dream meaning


My ex.going for.surgery and.more.sick

Movie theater with no movie playing

Man with deer head

My dad sell our house

My girl friend fgrabing ass

Midget demons

Meaning of calling you a king in a dream

Meaning of crown king in the dream

Man kicking in door

Male kicking door to get in

Money come out of my bottom

Mother dating a younger person

My child eating feet

My child eating a feet

My dead uncle cone to my house and pointed over a cake in fridge and say eat it

My crush kissed me and thrown up immediately

Magistrate call me

Me and wife in a double room house with a car and our son outside watch be a woman

My son in a school iniform

Man hanging on a crane

Minister my womb in a dream

My dad going to umrah

Muffing your partner

Muffins my partner

Molesting a child dream meaning

Meeting some with the same name

My friend sleeping with my girlfriend

My husband asks for whiskey in dream

Mango stuck in one’s teeth and trying to get it out

Marks of cane on my body in dream meaning


My sleepers fall in waterfall

My ice cream melted befor i enjoyed it

Mp3 download

Medicine to dead

Murdering sister

Meaning of picking lemons in a dream

My crush with sunglasses on kiss me on the lips

Man kiss with sunglasses on

Me giving red chillies to some one

My father giving me baby girl for to carry

Meat is being stolen

Me and wife were arguing she left cops got to the house i was about to shower i jump out side the window meet wife with her family i was and then was looking for my girls when i saw more cops but when i walk to the cops it was if the cop was a hologram i went trough him

Meaning of knighted

My boyfriend working

My eyes being shattered into glass


Mac donald’s

Moving back to washington state

My husband licking my private parts

Mimpi jari jempol terpotong dan berdarah

Mimpi memberi pembalut pada seorang lelaki

Mimpi memberi pembalut pada seorang lelaki mu

Mimpi memberi pop

My sister on ketamine

Me pregnate

My disease grandmother was driving a bus

Medicine of deceased given to me?

Medicine of deceased given to me

Meaning when a female friend serve you tea in a dream

Meaning of giving someone your pad in a dream

Many moons and stars

My hand being broken

Mud bed back

My sister shooting me

Mimpi istri diperkosa orang lain

My junior brother see me and i tried to cover my self fast in a dream

My mother giving me her blessing

My friend was sick

Molting earthworm

Moting earthworm

My baby getting kidnapped

My dead ex tanking my baby from me

Malta island

My daughter into warrior princess

Meaning of cooking in a dream and the fire quenched

Men covering up

Missing a game

Miss sa top one two

My tulsi gamla hidden

My sin came for a visit with lots of clothes

Man looking at his watch

Moved into a dilapidated building

Mad man raped someone in a dream

Mabola plum


Mask off

Money vending machines

Man saying he will take me with him

Meaning maize number

Meaning of the symbols of green, grass and pot seen in a dream.

Marking with a red pen

My dead mother gave fried breadfruit to eat in a dream

Missing your name on travel list

M dreaming my mayor i see my msyor in may dream

Married woman ridding a bicycle in adream

My son showing a green river

My boss gave me her fine pair of shoe

Mad man dream

Meeting daughter or the president in a dream

Men’s black wrist watch

Making love with marine queen

My wife when she was younger

Meaning of dreaming about cooked black sheep heads at my deceased husband funeral

My partner buying baby stuff

Mouth for eyes

Mountain house view dead relative

Mother put a plug in my butt



My siblings n me had a breakthrough

Me breaking some kind of a curse that everyone

My grand daughter had a dream that some one told her she had aids

My grand daughter had a dream that some one told her that she had aids

My dead grand mother sitting on top of a roof and falling

My unborn grand baby had dimples

Mimpi di acuhkan istri

Monster attacking my cat

Menyusu payudara wanita lain

Mother angry


Man falling on puzzle board

Man with red and black sweatshirt on walk toword your house mean?