Zipper Dream Meanings

Dream Meaning: From 10 Different Sources


Something needs to be either contained or released.

A zipper that is broken may point to an inability to control whether you let something be revealed or not. Being unable to open a zipper may point to some level of frustration around feeling confined or controlled.


Dreams of a zipper represent that you are opening and closing yourself to intimacy. Perhaps you are feeling tentative about revealing your secrets and/or exposing your true feelings. Consider if the zipper is opened or closed.


If you dreamed of a stuck zipper (that you couldn’t do up), or a broken zipper, this symbolizes social embarrassment. But if you dream of a zipper that closes easily, you will overcome minor troubles.


Depth Psychology: The zipper stands for the loving connection you have with other people.

If the zipper is broken, expect disappointments in a relationship.

See Sewing.


Social chagrin is the message if you dreamed of a stuck or broken zipper, but if it fastened easily, the dream predicts satisfaction in minor matters now pending.


1. Invitation to lovemaking.

2. A need for discretion (to be caught with an open zipper).

3. Wordplay on nothingness or “zip.”


This symbol is connected with Naked and Clothing. It might also have to do with the joining of Left and Right.


lucky numbers: 08-14-28-50-51-52

buying a: desire to develop an easier relationship with someone.

stuck, a: social embarrassment in opening and closing remarks.

unzipping own clothes: a release of tension from trying to be who you aren’t.

man, a woman’s dress: wil receive news of the coming birth of a child.

zipping up own clothes: minor irritation wil clear the way for a proposal of love.

child’s, a: wil preserve family dignity in the face of al odds.

others, their: wil be lucky at gambling and chagrined at your friend’s il luck.

1 dream interpretation about zipper related.

Connections with others; one s ability to be ‘open’ or ‘closed’ with others. ...

Author: Tony Crisp

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