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To fight with a knife portends a possible conflict related to your ideals. It represents a cut, wound, or violent break, probably by betrayal.

Symbol associated with the ideas of revenge and death, but also sacrifice. The blade’s sharpness points to the primary character of the person who is holding the knife. Similarly, the length of the blade shows the spiritual stature of its possessor.

If you use it against something or someone you should inquire within yourself what makes you too worried or upset that you resort to violence. Knives are also considered masculine sexual symbols. (See DAGGER).

It is said that dreaming of a kitchen knife reports good luck. Any other type of knife warns against possible dangers ahead.


analysis of a dream

Veronica dreamed: “I was walking quietly down the street, confident and calm, when suddenly a mugger appeared in front of me with a knife in his hand. He told me to give him my bag if I didn’t want him to use the weapon. I reacted immediately grabbing his hand, but his fingers became sharp knives. Although I was very scared, I grabbed his other hand and shouted: ‘No!’ The robber disappeared.”

‘No!’ The robber disappeared.”

When Veronica had this dream she was going through a difficult time at work; they had just transferred her to another department. She felt insecure and thought she would not be able to perform her new role. In addition, her new boss did not seem very happy with her. The knife, or any sharp tool, indicates a possible conflict related to our self-worth. The dream was warning Veronica of the difficulties she would have to face to defend her territory. However, her attitude in the dream was telling her that she had the ability and strength to overcome it. Far from giving in, Veronica worked hard to earn everyone’s trust. Months later, her boss recognized her worth with a promotion.


also see Weapons

1- A cutting instrument in a dream usually signifies some kind of division.

If we arc using a knife we may cither be freeing ourselves or trying to sever a relationship.

If we arc being attacked with a knife, it indicates either violent words or actions may be used against us. In a woman’s dream this is probably more to do with her own fear of penetration and violation, whereas in a man’s dream it is highlighting his own aggression.

2- It can be important in a dream about a knife to notice what type is being used.

For instance, a table knife would be interpreted very differently to a Swiss Army knife. Both arc functional, but the former would only be appropriate under certain circumstances, whereas the latter might have a more universal application.

3- A svmbol of division. Possibly a ‘jov division’ in the spiritual sense. That is, although we are on our way to achieving what we want at this time, it is not making us particularly happy, so there is confusion as to which road we should have taken.


Seeking power. Aggression and symbol for masculinity. However, the knife may also point to security and protection. Often internal suffering and passions are being addressed, pointing out innermost secrets that you want to hide. Ask how to call up the unconscious strength that could bring results. Are you able to show your wounds and acknowledge your injuries? Can you see that acknowledging your wounds and your vulnerabilities could make you more human and likable? To acknowledge pain eliminates your fear of weakness, making aggressive action to protect your boundaries unnecessary. According to psychoanalysis, in the case of women, the desire for total abandon.

Analysis and differentiation, as in the Sword in the Tarot.

According to Freud, a phallic symbol; but today it is rarely seen in that context.

Folklore: Betrayal and deception.


Symbol: The knife is an instrument of sacrifice and also of execution.

See Court, Death. Revenge.

Vision: Looking at a large knife: an unpleasant situation is ahead—a situation to which you have contributed. Seemg a sharp knife: a difficult decision or separation. Looking at a knife and fork: expect a friendly invitation. In a woman’s dream, the knife is either a phallic symbol or represents hidden aggression. What did you do with the knife? Did someone threaten you with the knife? See Cutting, Pocketknife.

Depth Psychology: The knife is a symbol of primitive but dangerous eruptions of violence.

Are you finding yourself on the edge? Who is attacking you with “cutting words”? See Dagger, Weapon.


To dream of a knife is bad for the dreamer, as it portends separation and quarrels, and losses in affairs of a business character.

To see rusty knives, means dissatisfaction, and complaints of those in the home, and separation of lovers. Sharp knives and highly polished, denotes worry. Foes are ever surrounding you. Broken knives, denotes defeat whatever the pursuit, whether in love or business.

To dream that you are wounded with a knife, foretells domestic troubles, in which disobedient children will figure largely.

To the unmarried, it denotes that disgrace may follow.

To dream that you stab another with a knife, denotes baseness of character, and you should strive to cultivate a higher sense of right.


Your ability to make the best use of your environment or make a situation work better for you.

Independence or “dividing and conquering.” Transforming something into a more useful form (such as delving into someone’s criticism to find the constructive part).

Trying to get to the bottom of a problem or figure something out (perhaps through examining small details).

Consider also the context, motivation, and the item being cut.

Someone threatening you with a knife can represent perceived or feared invasion, victimization, criticism, or compromise of your personal boundaries or integrity.

See also: Tool; Silverware; Sword; Scissors; Sharp; Weapon


This tool does not have positive connotations. It may reflect the unrest and difficulty that you are experiencing.

If you are self-mutilating, consider your actions and/or addictions.

If you dream that you are carrying an open knife, switchblade or penknife, this is an omen that you will soon be having some legal troubles; but a closed one denotes financial losses.

A sharp knife means you will have personal troubles, and a rusty one foretells family problems.

A dull knife will show that you will have to work hard for little or no gain.


Psychological / emotional perspective: It can be important in a dream about a knife to notice what type is being used.

For instance, a table knife would be interpreted very differently to a swiss army knife. Both are functional, but the former would only be appropriate under certain circumstances, whereas the latter might have a more universal application.

To dream that we are carrying a knife signifies anger, aggression and / or separation. We may be attempting to cut ties or feel that we need protection.


A Freudian symbol for sexual passion.

See GUN.

A knife being used to sever anything in two implies the impending end of a relationship of any kind - business, friendship, love.

A rusty or dull knife implies the dreamer’s lack of ability to sever a relationship that is not serving her.

Cutting yourself with a knife warns that situations may arise where you become your own worst enemy. Astrological parallel: Mars Tarot parallel: The suit of swords


A sharp knife signifies personal strife; a rusty knife means family troubles; a broken knife indicates failure in love; an open switchblade knife or penknife predicts legal troubles, a closed one suggests financial reverses; a dull knife portends hard work with little reward.

To cut yourself with a knife is a warning that you could be embarrassed by a neglected creditor; don’t stretch goodwill too far.

See also Cut and Blade.


The knife, in dreams, has several associations.

It is a symbol of fear, either physically or morally. Dissatisfaction that leads to intensive hate and fear can bring on dreams of violence. People and places involved with the dream must be the means to help interpret the dream.

The knife, by some analysts, is also a sex symbol of men. Generally, the knife signifies quarrels between the-sexes resultant from a fear complexity.


Powerful tool which can be used creatively or destructively. Cuts away unnecessary parts of self, as in pruning a tree.

If being cut with a knife, may suggest surgical removal of unhealthy part; or cutting away parts of self still needed for growth and development.

If being chased or chasing someone with a knife, represents fear, aggression, or energy loss.

If bleeding, see Blood; also, Kill.


This implement offers a sharp edge as an extension of the hand in order to cut at will.

It is a powerful masculine symbol of aggression and protection. When it is used wisely, it extends the skills represented by the hand’s ability to create.

The presence of a knife in a dream can be menacing and frightening and may indicate a need to cut something out of your life that no longer serves you.


Material aspects: If we are using a knife we may either be freeing ourselves from restrictions or trying to sever a relationship.

If we are being attacked with a knife, it indicates either violent words or actions may be used against us.

If we are aware that the knife is blunt, the words may be particularly hurtful.

If sharp, matters can be dealt with quickly.


Used to cut, slice, chop, or stab, a knife may represent a tool for cutting away or disconnecting from negative influences. It may also represent a weapon, which may pose a threat. It may comment that you feel wounded.

The shadow villain who appears with a knife in a dream may direct you to explore some early betrayal that threatened your emotional well-being.


This tool does not have positive connotations. It may reflect the unrest and difficulty that you are experiencing.

If you are self-mutilating, consider your actions and/or addictions. Take a hint from your unconscious and modify or discontinue your harmful thoughts or actions.

See also: Killing, Dagger


Dreams of a knife represent the use of force or violence to end a destructive pattern, or to eliminate a person from your sphere of influence.

If a knife is being used against you, beware of non-supportive energy in your life. Knives can also symbolize the male genitalia—powerful, strong, and erect.


A separation of lovers is foretold by dreaming of a large knife.

If the knife is rusty, the separation will be attended with heartbreak or disgrace on the part of either.

To see meat of any kind being cut with a knife, is an augury thai some serious difficulty will be helped by heroic treatment.


A knife can signify the need to cut to the quick, to lay open one’s innermost fears. It may indicate being “stabbed in the back” or being the victim or perpetrator of an act of violence.

A knife in a dream is also often seen as a male sexual symbol, and is generally associated with aggression.


Penis, cutting intellectual insight, aggression, depend­ing on how used in the dream; an attempt to wound someone. Idioms; get one’s knife into someone; on a knife edge; under the knife (surgery); cut it out; cut the air with a knife.


A knife is a symbol of division. There may be something in life that needs to be cut out and got rid of. Alternatively, the knife may be representative of the need to view something from a dual perspective – the spiritual and the physical.


Gives gender-specific: In a woman’s dream the symbol of a knife is probably more to do with her own fear of penetration and violation, whereas in a man’s dream it is highlighting his own aggression.


A sign of quarrels.

A knife worn in the belt signifies a broken love affair.

A closed jackknife or pocket knife means the quarrel will not be serious and will soon be patched up.

See also Dagger.


If you dream about a knife, you may be worried about a male person in your life. This dream can also mean you can solve your problems by being honest with others about your fears and anxieties.


You cut yourself with a knife: you’ll triumph, eventually • You drop a knife on the floor: you’ll lose money down the drain • You watch fireworks: your worry disperses


interpreted upon 8 sides: Hujja, child, victory, salvation, brother, strength, wealth, affection, Guardianship.

The Razor is [interpreted] the same as Knife.


Symbolic of weaponry against a perceived enemy, Prov. 23:2. If the knife is dull it symbolizes the need to use God’s wisdom, Eccl. 10:10


1. Words;

2. Fear and intimidation

3. Words of people.

4. Threat;

5. Protection;

Prov. 23:2; Isa. 54:17; 2 Kings 11:8; 2 Tim.


(see also Cutting, Dagger, Initiation, Sacrifice)

A knife may symbolize a (repressed) deep-seated destructive wish.


Cutting words that pierce the heart, severing good from bad, and a discerner of one’s thoughts and intents


1. Being threatened.

2. Phallic symbol.

3. Sense of being frus­trated by or unprepared for problems.


A surgeon’s knife is an augury of an improvement in health through the removal of a diseased part.


An unfortunate dream, bright sharp knives connote enemies.


Quarrels with friends, that will lead to much misfortune.


(Dagger; Kitchen knife) In a dream, a knife represents the servant of the house or its sire who strives to serve and benefit his family and friends. Its sharpness represents the effectiveness of his commands, the force by which they are carried, or one’s magnanimity and distinct personality.

If a woman sees herself carrying a knife, or if she gives someone a knife in a dream, it represents her love for a famous person.

A pencil sharpening knife in a dream represents an author or a writer.

A slaughtering knife in a dream represents a butcher, while a soldier’s knife means strength and service.

If a kindergarten teacher is seen stealing a knife in a dream, it means that he is tempted by one of his children, and that he may abuse him.

A table knife in a dream represents a lazy person who does not like to work and who cheats when he does go to work. Using a table knife in a dream means voidance of a project one supports.

A knife in a dream also implies a proof.

A knife in a dream also means acquiring strength and prosperity at the hands of a servant or an employee. Swallowing a knife in a dream means depriving one’s son from his inheritance, or stealing his money or property. Ifone’s wife is pregnant, then seeing a knife in a dream means that she will beget a son. Ifone who is going to appear in court sees himself carrying a knife in a dream, it means that he will win his case.

If one is given a knife as a gift in a dream, it means that he will beget a son, or have a new brother.

If one is not expecting a son or a brother, then it means that he will receive money or an inheritance. Cutting one’s hand with a knife in a dream means that one will see wonders. Sheathing a knife in a dream means getting married.

If one is married, and ifhis wife is pregnant, then it means that she will beget a boy, unless if what she carries with her in the dream is more suited for a girl, then it means that she will give birth to a baby girl. Ifone needs a witness for a trial, and ifhe sees himself carrying a knife in a dream, it means that he will find such a witness.

If the knife is sharpened in the dream, it means that one will find a true witness.

If the knife is dull in the dream, it means that his witness is shabby, or that his witness may be hurt before the trial.

If the knife is sheathed in the dream, it means that the witness will cowered and the court will be satisfied with one’sown testimony instead. On the other hand, a knife in a dream could mean profits, benefits from a brother, a close friend, or a servant.


lucky numbers: 04-09-24-28-39-41

being stabbed with a: caution would be the expedient route.

broken: your fear needs to be pruned to its source.

butcher’s, a: positive aggression is the basis of primitive survival.

cutting yourself with a: wish your deepest fears would bleed away.

dull: wil be strained to make enough to put food on the table.

finding a: failure in business from the sel ing of your soul.

jack: your preemptive strike wil be accused of being two-faced.

kitchen: quarrels with friends about disobedient children.

large, searching for a: sever your participation from the calamity.

many, having: quarrels with those slashing you with words.

missing its mark: deviously performing a straightforward task.

of a: wil be invited to a big dinner where someone wil try to swindle you.

pocket, having a: strife leads to a separation of lovers.

rusty: discontent and vexations at home from a stab in the back.

sharp: separation anxiety tears at your heart and an unhappy union.

stabbed in the back, being: are a victim of verbal violence.

stabbing another, your: have a poor sense of right and wrong.

table: a cordial invitation, wel meant and offered.

two knives in the position of a cross: someone wil be kil ed through your base acts.

wounded with a, in the neck, being: wil be insulted by friends.

7 dream interpretation about knife related.

To dream of a knife grinder, foretells unwarrantable liberties will be taken with your possessions.For a woman, this omens unhappy unions and much drudgery. ...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

To see or use a draw-knife, portends unfulfiled hopes or desires. Some fair prospect will loom before you, only to go down in mistake and disappointment. ...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

(Haft; Saber guard; Sword hilt) Seeing a knife handle or a sword haft in a dream means that one still has a property or a minimum amount ofproperty, including but not limited to li...

Author: Ibn Seerin

A knife sharpener in a dream represents someone who teaches people skills, sagacity and adroitness.A knife sharpener in a dream also represents sobriety, a dignified bearing of adv...

Author: Ibn Seerin

Alternative phallic symbol, with its sheath being feminine, similar to a sword.Cutting something out, or away, as one cuts the proverbial apron strings to discover independence.Bru...

Author: Patrica Telesco

Guns are associated with power, aggression and, in some cases, masculine energy and sexuality.If the gun is a weapon you carry in the dream, it may be a symbol of your personal pow...

Author: Theresa Cheung

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