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General Meaning: A covenant ritual whereby two become one.

Positive: The best illustration we have of this is the wedding of Christ to His bride.

The wedding ceremony is in fact a covenant ritual act.

• In the Old Testament when two people entered into a blood covenant, they would do various acts.

• Firstly they would cut their hands and join blood. Then they would rub ash into the wound so that it would leave a scar. They would also exchange their belts, representing their strengths.

• The scar was a public sign of their covenant, much like the wedding ring is.

The mixing of blood is symbolic of the sexual act of marriage.

• The exchange of belts in marriage is the joining of two lives. Where your strengths become one.

• When the blood covenant was over, the two of them had all things in common. Neither considered what they had as their own.

• When you realize that this is also a picture of our relationship with Jesus it brings you to a new realization of who you are in Christ.

• If you dream of being married, the Lord is reminding you that you are in blood covenant with Him! • All He has is yours and all you have is also His. He is asking you to give your life to Him completely and to also take hold of His completely.

• Every physical, psychological and spiritual blessing that Jesus has, is available to you through this covenant.

• For more on blood covenant, look at the love of David and Jonathan in 1 Sam 18:3 • Divorce • When you came to the Lord, you divorced your old life and married into His.

If you dream that you are divorcing someone that represents the flesh in your life, this means that you are finally letting go of your old life to be joined to Christ.

Negative: To dream that you are getting divorced from someone that represents the Lord in your dreams means that you have separated yourself from the blessing of God.

• Israel lost this blessing because they turned their backs on the Lord and followed idols.

See also: Bride, Bridegroom.


Universal Landscape: The beginning of the process of integration.

Dreaming Lens: Were you the bride, the groom, or a witness? Did you know the couple? Were you happy or opposed to the union? Were you late, early, intoxicated, or surprised at the altar? Did you arrive on the wrong date? Were you marrying someone you know or don’t know? Was someone else marrying the person you desire?

Personal Focus: A wedding is a ritualistic joining of two life paths that choose to merge. The theme being explored with this image is integration on a major scale. The Dreaming Lens will inform you of what areas of life are coming together and whether the process is going well or not. The first area of exploration should be with the individuals who are getting married. If one of them is yourself, then the wedding represents incorporating a Character Aspect into your personality with a sense of commitment and permanence. If you are watching two other people, the process is more about finding a resource within yourself by joining together two distinct ways of being.

A wedding dream represents integration of those desired qualities within ourselves that could lead to a level of wholeness that might allow us to attract the partner of our heart’s desire. The first step to this is to create a loving union with all aspects of our selves, inside and out. This development is not always smooth sailing. The level of chaos in the dream may be reflecting unconscious responses to changes that are occurring in your waking life.

There may be some literal meaning to be explored if you are approaching a wedding in your waking life at the time of your dream. If this is the case, use the Dreaming Lens to inform you of your deeper emotional responses being stimulated by this huge event.


To attend a wedding in your dream, you will speedily find that there is approaching you an occasion which will cause you bitterness and delayed success.

For a young woman to dream that her wedding is a secret is decidedly unfavorable to character. It imports her probable downfall.

If she contracts a worldly, or approved marriage, signifies she will rise in the estimation of those about her, and anticipated promises and joys will not be withheld.

If she thinks in her dream that there are parental objections, she will find that her engagement will create dissatisfaction among her relatives.

For her to dream her lover weds another, foretells that she will be distressed with needless fears, as her lover will faithfully carry out his promises.

For a person to dream of being wedded, is a sad augury, as death will only be eluded by a miracle.

If the wedding is a gay one and there are no ashen, pale-faced or black-robed ministers enjoining solemn vows, the reverses may be expected.

For a young woman to dream that she sees some one at her wedding dressed in mourning, denotes she will only have unhappiness in her married life.

If at another’s wedding, she will be grieved over the unfavorable fortune of some relative or friend. She may experience displeasure or illness where she expected happiness and health.

The pleasure trips of others or her own, after this dream, may be greatly disturbed by unpleasant intrusions or surprises.

See Marriage and Bride.


Dreaming of your own wedding signifies the desire to unify criteria, obtain concessions or professional alliances, and find allies to support projects. It also indicates the search for inner harmony, communication with the inner self, and the union of two formerly conflicting aspects of your personality. Wedding dreams are recurring for couples who are about to get married. In fact, some studies indicate that forty percent of all oneiric activity during the prenuptial period contains references—either direct or indirect—to the marriage ceremony, to the future spouse, and to marriage in general.

It is often common to dream of disasters occurring in the ceremonies, scenes of sexual rejection, images of infidelity, etc. But these prenuptial dreams should not be cause of alarm because, for example, dreaming of a sexual adventure can reveal fear of abandonment; and being naked at the wedding, fear of performing badly.

Not all old dream books agree on the interpretation of this symbol. Usually, it is seen as a good omen and as a premonition of a future marriage. However, to attend someone else’s wedding is a prediction of damage, loss, and infidelity.


To dream of a wedding indicates your life is about to change.

An aspect of your waking life is ending, but another is about to begin. In many cases, you may feel negatively about the wedding you see in your dreams. This is typically meant to bring to mind a fear or anxiety from your waking life. You may have some feelings of sorrow, or a loved one may soon pass. Conversely, it may indicate a fear of commitment. Consider your relationships; are you getting ready to take one to the ‘next level?’ Are you scared to do so? If you dream of remarrying your husband or wife symbolizes your strong love and faith to each other. Marriage has suited you well. Your marriage may be about to change as well. Are you considering starting a family? If you are dreaming of planning your wedding, but have never met your future spouse, it is an indication that you have found harmony and balance between your feminine and masculine sides. Conversely, you may be struggling from a lack of balance between your more instinctive side and your softer emotional nature..


A commitment, agreement, or promise anywhere in your life (romantic or otherwise).

A wedding, party, family gathering, or other event (real or imagined).

A milestone in a romantic relationship.

The idea of teamwork, joining two things together, or merging two separate processes.

Participating in someone else’s wedding might represent an actual wedding or other event, or your feelings about the couple’s real-life relationship.

You getting married can represent: the idea of a commitment or new beginning (romantic or otherwise); being in a marriage or other commitment with someone (or an imagined version of that); feeling “put on the spot” or the center of attention; the closeness you have (or had) in a certain relationship.

Consider also the context, participants, and your feelings.

See also: Marriage; Special Occasion; Ritual or Tradition; Relationship; Bride; Groom; Church; Wedding Dress; Ring (Jewelry); Honeymoon; Engagement; Proposal


Dreaming about getting married or being in a wedding is relatively common.

If your biological time clock is ticking away and you are anxious to get married, this dream may be a form of wish-fulfillment. However, a wedding or a marriage in a dream is a profound and very personal symbol. It usually represents the harmonious integration of the dreamer’s personality or psyche (i.e. the coming together of masculine, feminine, shadow, anima, physical, spiritual, unconscious, or/and conscious components).

The marriage in your dream may represent the union of the different sides of your own character. This is a positive dream symbol because it suggests a degree of self-awareness and integration. Many people dream about weddings during times of stress and difficulty. Based on superstition some cultures believe that dreaming of a wedding is a negative omen that generally represents a period of grief and possibly death.


To dream of attending a wedding, or a wedding reception, symbolizes a new beginning for you. This dream may also reflect your anxieties about commitment and independence.

If you dream your friend is getting married, you may be worried she is leaving you behind.

If you have a dream that your friend marries your boyfriend, you may have noticed some flirting between them in real life.

If you were getting married in the dream, this could be straight-forward wishing, representing your strong romantic interest towards someone in your waking life. Wedding dreams can also mean you have learned to be comfortable with diverse parts of your self. Also see “Bride”, “Groom”, “Wedding Cake”, “Wedding Dress”, “Wedding Planner” and “Wedding Ring”


To dream of attending a wedding, or a wedding reception, symbolizes a new beginning for you. This dream may also reflect your anxieties about commitment and independence.

If you dream your friend is getting married, you may be worried she is leaving you behind.

If you have a dream that your friend marries your boyfriend, you may have noticed some flirting between them in real life.

If you were getting married in the dream, this could be straight-forward wishing, representing your strong romantic interest towards someone in your waking life. Wedding dreams can also mean you have learned to be comfortable with diverse parts of your self. Also see “Bride”, “Groom” and “Wedding Cake”, “Wedding Dress” and “Wedding Ring”, below.


(See also Bride, Marriage), A young won who dreams of having a secret wedding is in danger extremely bad luck in connection with her love affai.

If she dreams of marriage in church in the approved manner, it is a portent of a happy married life.

If parental objections are indicated in a dream, it is probable that she will be criticized for her actions.

Dreaming that her lover marries another girl is an augury of an early marriage with little to worry about.

Anyone who dreams of being married should be warned of an approaching death, This augury may be considerably mitigated if the wedding appears to be attended by a great many happy people.

To dream of a wedding guest dressed in black is a portent of unhappiness in marriage.


(see Bride, Engagement, Groom, Relationships) Wishful musing for a long-term commitment from one desired.

Marrying yourself figuratively to an ideal, situation, or group.

The caution here is to remember that such commitments, if healthy, do not require the loss of individuality.

Reconciliation and resolution among warring factions within or without. In earlier history marriages were often arranged to bring peace between two tribes or two families.

The harmonious union of opposing energy for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Being the bridesmaid or groomsman at a wedding represents standing on the sidelines of a situation with which you would like to be more intimately involved.


Vision: Being in a wedding party means good news.

If single, you might be ready to make a lasting commitment to someone. Are you married? Get ready, children are on the way. Dreaming about a honeymoon means big surprises. You see many wedding guests: you are spending way too much money—or losing it.

Depth Psychology: If you are young, a wedding dream may indicate sexual needs you are unable to live out.

If you are married, the people in the dream remind you of your own wedding and the expectations connected with it, expectations that either have been fulfilled or have not—depending on the rest of the dream symbols.


Marriage. Important and frequent dreams during times of marital and relationship conflicts.

It is important how the wedding is celebrated. Also, gains, in a spiritual as well as economic sense.

Longing for a permanent relationship, security, and home. Today the image is often a symbol of being at the peak of your life, expressing the idea that peak experiences should be present more in your life.

In ancient Indian tradition, dreaming about a wedding points to impending death or pain.

According to Freud, a dream of desire. According to Jung, it always addresses the union of anima and animus —as in Bride / Bridegroom.


Dreams of a wedding represent the joining of the opposite aspects of your-the masculine and feminine, the intellectual and emotional, the logical and intuitive, child and the elder, and the divine and the human aspects of you.

If there is fear or anxiety in this dream, you are venting out and releasing your trepidation about your own wedding, marriage or fear of commitment. You are preparing yourself for great happiness.

See Commitment, Marriage, Husband and Wife.


A wedding is the ceremonial joining of two aspects of character in a commitment to work together in order to create a new way of being in the world that the relationship represents.

The ritual of a wedding is the declaration of your intention to have a significant shift of perspective.

If your life is calling forth a transformation, a dream about a wedding is significant evidence that the change is at hand.


The joyous celebration of the uniting of two people in a spiritual contract of love, a wedding in a dream sometimes signifies the inner uniting of aspects of one’s psyche. Alternatively, to dream of a wedding has traditionally come to symbolize something of a dire portent—either downfall or death.


Although there is considerable variation among the oracles in regard to the meaning of this dream, a consensus seem to agree that it is a symbol of a happy but brief interlude.

Of course all the details must be correlated and the interpretation thereby modified.


1. A new beginning.

2. Fear of involvement, commitment to someone.

3. If remarrying the same spouse, it reaffirms one’s happiness with that person.

4. Dreaming about marrying any­one indicates the yearning for love.


“Happy wedlock; happiness all around you. Secretive; an obstacle needs to be overcome. Unhappy wedlock; disappointment with something in your life, most likely your relationship.


This indicates that there is a funeral to be witnessed by you.

To dream that you are married indicates that you will never marry. Marriage of sick persons indicates their death.


Attending a wedding means you will meet new friends.

If it is your own wedding, you will be extremely fortunate in love.

See also Interracial Marriage.


A dream denoting a funeral; if the dreamer be ill, his own death is denoted (Gypsy).


A symbol of new beginnings, joy, and happiness, Matt. 25:10


A dream of contrary—expect trouble in your family circle.


lucky numbers: 19-20-23-27-38-45

attending a: recovery from il ness wil be replaced with an obsession with petty jealousies.

brother’s: many tears from young woman assembled.

daughter’s: whirlwind courtship and marriage within a year.

relative’s: expect trouble in the family circle that wil cause divorce.

sister’s: discontent and bitterness over her getting what you did not.

son’s: long life with a loving partner.

best man, being a: plans fail because of a false friend whose plans succeed.

woman, dreaming of: are marrying the wrong man.

betrothed, becoming: expect the family to circle around to mar your happiness.

being, but not engaged: are not prepared for sexual relations you regard as degrading.

friends: high ambitions wil be realized if you integrate their positive qualities.

relatives: are uniting al parts of your heritage into aspects of your self.

eloping: gossip attacking your character requires a quick reversal.

guests, many: exposure of a doomed affair foreshadows friction for the marriage.

ring of a diamonds, receiving: domestic happiness, if you don’t accept the first offer.

losing: vexation at partner’s disregard.

returning: the relationship is over.

widow’s: are integrating the qualities of a deceased husband into you.


If one sees himself as a bridegroom on his wedding night, accompanied with musicians and dancers in the dream, it means that he may die in that place.

If one sees himself having marital intercourse with his bride, but could not see her or recognize her, nor is she named to him in the dream, it also means his death.

If one sees and recognizes his bride, or if she is named as his bride in the dream, then it means acquiring wealth.

(Also see Bride; Locksmith; Star)


A wedding symbolises the acquiring of honour, dignity, pomp and material wealth, its measure depending on the beauty, pedigree and social status of his bride in the dream.

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