The meaning of the symbols of wearing and choir seen in a dream.

Meaning of wearing choir in the dream

What does the symbols of wearing and choir mean in a dream?

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The keywords of this dream: Wearing Choir

7 dream interpretation about wearing and choir related.

To dream of a choir, foretells you may expect cheerful surroundings to replace gloom and discontent.For a young woman to sing in a choir, denotes she will be miserable over the att...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

If a person sees himself wearing a necklace made of pearls, it means he will commit the Holy Qur’aan to memory and he will become trustworthy and Allah-fearing. He will be a pers...

Author: Ibn Seerin

If a person sees himself as wearing any of the above then ther is some goodness to be found in such a dream though little...

Author: Ibn Seerin

If a person sees himself as wearing two bracelets, he will find himself in straitened circumstances and will face some unpleasant conditions....

Author: Ibn Seerin

If a person wears torn clothes while he is mending them it means his financial condition will improve. Also he is to acquire adequate sustenance.In all conditions, garments bespeak...

Author: Ibn Seerin

The interpretation of such a dream is linked with either her husband or one who guards her.The same dream could mean that either she will benefit from the good qualities of her hus...

Author: Ibn Seerin

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