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Although it may seem surprising, the vulture is a symbol that, throughout history, has always had positive connotations. Not surprisingly, many people believed that because its diet is carrion, the vulture had a special relationship with Mother Nature. Thus, the Parses—followers of Zoroaster— expose their dead on the top of tall towers so the vultures devour them in order to facilitate their rebirth. Likewise, in India the vulture appears as a symbol of protective spiritual forces that substitute parents: an emblem of devotion and spiritual advice. In Western culture, this bird has, however, negative connotations. The presence of vultures in dreams indicates the possibility that some people are waiting for a mistake to take advantage of the situation.

For the gypsies, oneiric vultures warn you against corrupt people around you.


The scavenger of the bird tribe, the vulture teaches us to honor death as pan of a natural cycle of life.

The vulture picks the meat down to the bone to reveal the power in having examined something down to its internal stnicture or the bare bones.

A vulture may come to liberate you from the fear of death and, in shamanistic terms, to reduce the personality to its original structure.

The vulture also signifies respect for all the dead who have passed on to other levels of evolution.

The appearance of a vulture in a dream may be a response to someone who is taking advantage of what another has accomplished.

(See Birds.)


Finding and taking advantage of opportunities.

Issues regarding receiving from others and taking from others.

The cycle of life.

The idea of recycling, reusing, or repurposing (an object, an ability, yourself, someone else, etc.).

Finding value in what others offer or make available.

An ending that makes a new beginning possible.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also: Bird


Vision: Seeing one or more vultures indicates the fear of being used or deceived by others. Your enemies are only waiting for the right moment! Watching a vulture in flight: somebody is, indeed, doing you an injustice. Killing a vulture: you will defeat your enemy.

Depth Psychology: The vulture has a keen, sharp mind. He can immediately spot the weaknesses of others and take advantage of them. This can be true for the victim as well as the “perpetrator.” You are asked to show more sympathy and altruism.


A vulture is a bird that feeds on carrion (dead animals). Popular culture has further invested them with the associated trait of waiting for something to die. So a dream about a vulture often reflects a situation in our waking life in which we feel that someone else is waiting for us to die, or death in a less literal way, such as waiting for us to fail.

A vulture dream can, of course, represent the opposite situation in which we are waiting for someone or something else to die or to fail.


The vulture is a scavenger and feeds on the spoils of others. Are people around you taking advantage of you or are you concerned about the well-being of dependents? Alternatively, a vulture in your dreams can suggest that past experiences can give valuable insights into a current situation or problem. Do you need to ‘pick off the bones’ of a failed relationship or project, so that you can learn from your disappointment and move forward with your life?


(see Animals, Birds, Feathers, Wings) Targeting a vulnerable situation or person.

Ill feelings aimed toward you from a exploitative or predatory person.

The desire to focus on a particularly susceptible opportunity for personal gain.

Ancient meaning: An archetype for the goddess of death and reincarnation among the Egyptians especially. Here, vultures were believed to nurse the spirit of dead Pharaohs, maintaining them in the afterlife.


The meaning of this nasty bird in your dream depends on the action; if you ust observed it sitting somewhere, it is a sign that you have an enemy or competitor waiting for you to make a mistake: if you saw one devouring its prey, it is a contrary omen and signifies that you will overcome your difficulties; if you killed a vulture in your dream, it forecasts a sure stroke of good luck.


Dreams of a vulture signify your associations with victim/perpetrator archetypes. You dream may be showing you that you have been taking advantage of and preying on those less fortunate than you, or helping you to release feeling vulnerable to the attacks of people that are in a greater position of powers than you.


The vulture is a scavenger bird and is therefore a harbinger of death. All birds are messengers of some kind, and the vulture’s presence is a signal that some negative experience has occurred.


Exploitation has become a way of life It may serve as an explanation of why you have difficulty with the world around you.

Folklore: Your enemies are a danger to you.


Dangerous enemies: (To kill)—conquest of misfortune; (To see one devouring its prey)—your troubles will cease and fortune smile upon you.


A relative waiting for you to die, or vice versa; people around you trying to live on you, or vice versa; difficult feel­ings about dependents.


To see vultures in your dream suggests that your past experiences are providing you with valuable insight into a current situation or problem.


Cleans up old parts of self, beliefs, attitudes, you no longer need. Feeds off old, decaying ideas rather than creative, new, alive ones.


1. Insight into difficulties.

2. Irreconcilable differences, relationships.

3. Purification, cleansing, end of difficulties.


1. Scavenger;

2. Bird of the wilderness;

3. Sign of death;

4. All seeing;; Isa. 34:15; Matt. 24:28; Luke 17:37; Lev. 11:13-14.


As scavengers, vultures and buzzards have an association with the feminine aspect in its destructive persona.


This is a bird of ill omen.

To dream of one denotes that you will have difficulty in business.


(see also Bird, section (8))

A vulture may represent someone who has ill feelings towards you.


One who finds gratification in the news of another’s misfortune; see “bird”


(Candor; Eagle; Enemy; Evil; Imbecile; Thieves) A vulture in a dream represents a stupid, abominable and a lewd person. When seen during a daylight dream, it means a grievous illness. Ifone sees a vulture inside his house in a dream, it means sending help to assist someone in difficulty. Capturing a vulture in a dream means a fight or war.

A flock of vultures descending upon a town in a dream represent an occupying army with merciless soldiers who will plunder such town.

If a sick person sees a vulture inside his house in a dream, it means the approach of his death. As for a tanner and a potter, or the like craftsmen, seeing a vulture in a dream means profits or benefits. As for physicians or sick people, a vulture in their dream purports evil. In general, vultures in a dream represent highway robbers, a band of thieves who are not residents of that town, people who refuse to earn their livelihood through honest work, or it could represent an undertaker, a body snatcher, a grave digger, or a lewd and an insulting person.

(Also see Eagle) w


lucky numbers: 09-17-21-24-27-31

being attacked by a: be careful what you eat, it wil return on you.

circling, a: deceptive people wil push until they get their way; trip them up.

dead, a: vanquish aged beliefs and opinions, victory to the new alive ones.

devouring its prey, a: people are trying to live off of you.

flying, a: someone is enjoying your troubled times.

killing a: wil gain victory over dangerous enemies, final y.

many: wil have a long il ness that may bring misery and death.

of a: wil be unable to reconcile misunderstandings with a friend.


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To dream of vultures, signifies that some scheming person is bent on injuring you, and will not succeed unless you see the vulture wounded, or dead.For a woman to dream of a vultur...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

If a person dreams that he has acquired or owned a vulture which is trained to obey his commands it means he will, acquire assets and estates; he will also wield power by way of hi...

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If he dreams that he is flying horizontally on the back of a vulture, he will enjoy honour, sublimity and power by being promoted to the office of kingship.But if the vulture flies...

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interpreted upon 8 sides: honor, matter passing through, leadership, good remembrance, rank, matter & forbiddance....

Author: Cafer-i Sadik

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