The meaning of the symbols of two, medical, mistakes seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of two, medical and mistakes mean in a dream?

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The keywords of this dream: Two Medical Mistakes

Revealed to avert and learn from the implication...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

Dreaming of a medical exam can be a prophetic warning from God to show you an injury or illness about yourself or others ...

Author: Tyler Wolfe

Dreams of members of the medical professions—such as doctors, nurses, surgeons—may suggest that you need to take better care of yourself in waking life; nurses, in particular, ...

Author: Theresa Cheung

Medical instruments in a dream about disease and diagnosis, such as a scalpel or a stethoscope, act as a warning not to take unnecessary risks with your health. A thermometer revea...

Author: Theresa Cheung

A workplace, environment, or organization where problems are fixed or solutions are found (such as your workplace, a customer service department, etc.).Consider also your motivatio...

Author: Nancy Wagaman

Addressing a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual problem (or a desire to do so).A desire to find an answer, solution, or source of help (perhaps due to feeling overwhelmed, h...

Author: Nancy Wagaman

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