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Privacy, our need for time where we are not always considering what others need or want of us, but can do what we want.

If it is a bathroom and toilet: possibly includes the need for cleaning up one’s sexual attitudes or general attitude to others and self.

Example: ‘1 am in a toilet and people can see me. Some­times the walls fall down. Once I looked around and everyone was watching me.’ (Ms JR). This relationship with the toilet usually shows that one needs more privacy and time to one­self.

Example: ‘1 go to the toilet and it is full up to the brim.

It is disgusting, and I can’t go’ (Alan). Alan went on to say he is often awake in his dreams and if anything unpleasant hap­pens he wakes himself to avoid it. Alan shows great difficulty in meeting the very biological, blood and guts, and sexual side of himself. This may lead to living a very intellectual or sweet- ness-and-light son of life; occasionally suggests the body needs cleansing. Not being able to go to the toilet: as with Alan, a difficulty in expressing the more natural and down-to- earth aspects of self; holding back sexuality or emotions; be­ing selfish and not sharing or giving’ of oneself.

Example: ‘I was watching my teddy bear go to the toilet. It fell down and disappeared’ (Jackson S). Jackson was very young and just learning to sit on the toilet by himself. His dream shows him meeting the fear of falling down it. He has seen things disappear for ever, and this disturbs him. He uses his bear as himself. This aspect of the toilet can depict the magical, hidden, or unseen world into which we disappear in sleep—the unconscious.

Toilet bowl: the pan of us which can deal with the body wastes, and the emotions we need to discharge, female sexual organ, ‘sexpot’. Going to the toilet: expressing oneself; releas­ing feelings, often creative; letting go of tightly held attitudes or sexuality; acceptance of one’s own natural drives and needs. What we put down the toilet: what we consider to be the least important or most unpleasant aspects of ourself or our experience; what we want to get out of our life. My small son, who had depended for long years on a pacifier, one day decided he no longer wanted to have that dependency, or be seen as needing it. He took the pacifier out of his mouth, put it down the toilet and flushed it away.


The zone of the root chakra, where the Kundalini resides. This image may point to the relief of undigested leftovers, problems one has worked with.

The suggestion here is to “let go.”

From time immemorial, the toilet has been seen as a dark and scary place—in dreams, all places connected to natural functions are demonized.

It is the place of forbidden sexuality—self-gratification and homosexuality—a place full of danger and frightening activities.

It is a place where ghosts and devils do their bad deeds, and the reason why toilets in the past were always outside.

It is a place of taboos, of secrets and forbidden things, a place where budding sexuality and puberty fantasies run amuck.

This dream image also expresses the finality of nature. On one hand, it addresses everything that is transitory and points out that everything material will pass on and has no value. On the other hand, it addresses the meaning of accomplishment, completion. It is, again, an example of the alchemistic idea that gold can be made out of feces. In one sense, the toilet is the place where products are transformed. Such dream images almost always point to a necessary change: you must let go of something, while, at the same time, you must produce something positive. In Norse fables, King Olaf warns his guests not to go to the toilet alone during the night, because they might end up in a dangerous adventure with the Devil.

The toilet has also been considered the place of ghosts.

According to Jung, it is the place of the highest creativity.


To see a toilet in your dream symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless. To see a clogged toilet in your dream signifies that you are holding something in or keeping your feelings to yourself. Your emotions have been pent up for too long. To see an overflowing toilet in your dream denotes your desire to express your emotions fully. Dreams featuring problems with toilets—such as toilets that are too dirty to use or broken toilet seats—can indicate that you want to eliminate waste material but are frustrated in some way. Such dreams may be urging you to clean yourself up emotionally. If, however, your dream home toilet is a pleasure to use, this may represent healthy self-expression and the symbolic release of outdated aspects of your life.

See also Toilet and elimination dreams in BODY.


To see a toilet in your dream means you need to release your emotions, or get rid of something in your life that is useless.

If you dream of flushing yourself down the toilet, you can no longer hide your feelings about a certain situation that has been making you feel overwhelmed.

To dream that you are watched while you are using the toilet, signifies your frustrations about getting enough privacy. It may also indicate that you are having difficulties letting go of old emotions.

If you reveal these feelings, you are afraid that others around you will judge and criticize you.

To dream of a clogged toilet represents repressed or pent up emotions that need to be released and expressed. Also see “Plunger.”


1- For many people the toilet has been until recently a symbol for dirt and lack of appreciation. There has also been the inevitable association with sexuality. Nowadays the symbolism is much more to do with notions of privacy and the ability to reach a state where we can release our feelings in private.

2- Something wrong with the toilet could suggest that we are emotionally blocked. Going to an unfamiliar toilet suggests we are in a position where we do not know what the outcome to a situation will be. Cleaning a dirty toilet suggests we arc losing our ‘prudish’ attitude.

3- Spiritually a toilet suggests that we have the means at our disposal to cleanse away the negative.


The idea of getting rid of things that are used up, no longer needed, “gone bad,” or toxic (such as judgments, self-defeating beliefs, or toxic thoughts or relationships).

An overflowing toilet (or a toilet that won’t flush) can represent: a problem getting rid of something; an unwillingness or inability to let go of things that are polluting your mind, body, or life.

Something you value getting flushed down the toilet can represent a feeling or fear of loss, grief, waste, neglecting a responsibility, or letting go of something.

See also: Bathroom; Drain; Urinating; Feces


Psychological / emotional perspective: Something wrong with the toilet could suggest that we are emotionally blocked.

If it is overflowing, the blockage is causing a difficulty in controlling our emotions at the present time. Going to an unfamiliar toilet suggests we are in a position where we do not know what the outcome to a situation will be. Cleaning a dirty toilet suggests we are losing our ‘prudish’ attitude, and may have gone through some kind of internal epiphany.


1. Symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless;

2. Spiritual cleansing or detoxing;

3. Deliverance;

4. Confession

5. Finding a broken toilet speaks of broken lives; Psalm 147:3 Ps. 51:2; Mic. 7:19; Heb. 9:14

• Clogged toilet

- Keeping your feelings to yourself.

• Overflowing toilet

- Fully express your emotions.

• Toilet Paper

- Taking the offence of the body;(2) Cleansing; Ps. 51:2;


Vision: Seeing a toilet: honestly analyze your feelings. Sitting on a toilet: you are getting rid of an emotional or an external burden. Seeing human excrement or producing it: expect a win or additional income. Seeing an empty toilet, on the other hand, means disaster.

Depth Psychology: The toilet is a symbol of relief from emotional ballast, of getting the internal household in order, of unloading unwanted pressure.

See Excrement.


These dreams allude to the intention of cleanliness and purification. They tend to be very positive in those where the dreamer searched for ways to discard the superfluous, to get rid of all of the extra, not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally. Finding yourself on the toilet could indicate the best moment to rid yourself of and overcome old fears, complexities and guilt. (See BASIN)


Dreaming about a toilet can relate to any number of different meanings regarding waste products.

A toilet dream could reflect something as simple as the feeling that one has unloaded something that was burdening him or her, or even releasing tightly held feelings.

The dream might also be drawing on the meaning of such common idioms as “in the toilet” or “down the toilet.”


Material aspects: For many people the toilet has in dreams been until recently a symbol for dirt and lack of appreciation. There has also been the inevitable association with sexuality. Nowadays the symbolism is much more to do with notions of privacy, and the ability to reach a state where we can release our feelings in private.


To dream of going to the toilet yourself is a sign of litigation over money or property; if you dreamed of someone else going, you are likely to be surprised by a request for a loan.

Otherwise, see under Bowel Movement, Feces, Urine, etc.


Spiritually, a toilet suggests that we have the means at our disposal to cleanse away negativity we have taken in. You might also like to consult the entries for clean / clear and dirty as well as the information for bathroom in house.


Elimination; cleansing self of unwanted and unneeded past experiences. Releasing, letting go, forgiving.

If toilet is stopped up, you are blocking the cleansing process by hanging on to negative experiences.


1. Emotional release, expression (note whether or not the toilet is clogged or flushes smoothly).

2. A secure, happy future.

3. Sexual desire toward an individual.


A symbol of exposure or needing to flush something out of your life. Going down a toilet can symbolize flushing your life away or the hard and dirty path to a new place


Dreams of a toilet symbolize that you are releasing and letting go of negativity as you flush your troubles down the drain, and become willing to start anew.


Gives gender-specific: In both men’s and women’s dreams, toilet dreams can often be about self-worth and clearing childish confusion.


Sitting on the toilet in a dream may signify the need to release amotions, worries, or thoughts.


(Lavatory) In a dream, a toilet means relief from distress, satisfying one’s innate needs, a bathhouse, taking a ritual ablution, a place where one’s secrets are exposed, a place where one hides his money, a treasury, a coffer, a rest room, or a place to reflect. Washing the toilet’s floor in a dream means becoming poor.

A flooded toilet in a dream means distress, pregnancy, or prosperity.

To fall into a toilet in a dream means imprisonment. Pouring honey or milk into the toilet bowl, or urinating blood in a dream means sodomizing. Looking into the toilet bowl and finding blood in it in a dream implies that one engages in the forbidden sexual intercourse with his wife during her menstrual period. Atoilet in a dream also represents a guard.

(Also see Bathroom)


lucky numbers: 16-18-23-28-44-49

fixing hair or face in a, room: wil receive a request for funds you cannot ignore.

flushing the: purge yourself of extraneous attitudes that are poisoning you.

going to the: have gleaned from life its cherries and are ready for a happy retirement.

of a: being timid with forgiving and relinquishing negative attitudes that cause hurt to others.

sitting on a: wish to forgive your enemies.

stopped up, being: are constipated, denying experiences you deep down cannot forget.

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Toilet paper may be associated with processing and releasing old beliefs or feelings....

Author: Ariadne Green

Eliminating spiritual ideas that no longer serve you. ...

Author: Stewart A. Swerdlow

You use the toilet to eliminate waste matter from your body. When these actions appear in your dreams it is your unconscious highlighting your need to let go of emotional waste - g...

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Elimination in dreams can symbolize release and self-expression. When we urinate or eliminate, we are ridding ourselves of bodily waste and when these actions occur in dreams your ...

Author: Theresa Cheung

According to Freud, toilet dreams are associated with what he called the anal phase of a child’s psychological development. In Freud’s opinion, if parents didn’t handle their...

Author: Theresa Cheung

1. Slander;2. Gossip;3. Church, ministry, business, or household whose sin is exposed publicly (possibly about to be exposed by media). Prov. 6:16-19;...

Author: Vincent Wienand

To dream you desperately need the toilet and either cannot find one, or they are all in use, or have no doors or locks, suggests a need to let go of something. While you may alread...

Author: Alison Davies

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