The meaning of the symbols of six and toes seen in a dream.

6 toes

What does the symbols of six and toes mean in a dream?

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The keywords of this dream: Six Toes

8 dream interpretation about six and toes related.

The big toe balances and directs, the ball represents mileage; the little toe is submissive, see “left” and “right”...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

Assistance in balance. Just beginning to get a toehold, a grip on what is going on in your life; grasp of the situation. Big toe may represent pituitary gland.See Foot....

Author: Betty Bethards

They symbolise the beautiful image portrayed by what a man owns....

Author: Ibn Seerin

Suggests that you become much more careful in your present situation. Do you want to perform at the highest level.7 However, it could also mean that you are not resolute enough and...

Author: Klaus Vollmar

interpreted upon 6 sides: children, brother’s children, [male] servants & companions & strength, the five prayers....

Author: Cafer-i Sadik

interpreted upon 5 sides: sickness, sorrow, dispute & importunity / obstinacy, a violation with his people, and his family....

Author: Cafer-i Sadik

To dream that you are playing tic-tac-toe signifies competition, and the fuller meaning depends on how you did at the game.If you were challenged by it, your dream may suggest that...

Author: myjellybean

If you see your own feet in your dream, your unconscious may be advising you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, as feet symbolize your foundation, stability and sense of under...

Author: Theresa Cheung

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