The meaning of the symbols of reclamation, yard seen in a dream.

Yard | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Reclamation Yard

Type and condition of grass, shrubs, flowers, etc., Reflect one’s inside living conditions; research accordingly...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

Informal sale, though the location and purchase may be figurative; research details...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

1. Ready to measure one’s success in some area.2. About to measure something to see if one has done it correctly.3. Fear of being “trimmed” (old-fashioned). ...

Author: Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream of a yard stick, foretells much anxiety will possess you, though your affairs assume unusual activity....

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

1. Present and future2. Expectancy; John 18:20...

Author: Vincent Wienand

1. Past;2. Backslidden;3. Turned away from God;4. Not ready/preparation needed;5. Retreat;6. Need for introspection;7. Not knowing where you are going. (Genesis 22:13). • Backyar...

Author: Vincent Wienand

1. Represent need of repair and healing to start again....

Author: Vincent Wienand

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