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Dreaming of this garment manifests the dreamer’s desire to be protected from adversity. Therefore, if you appear without one in a rainstorm, it denotes that you will face dangers without the support of your loved ones. Buying a raincoat is a sign of caution; and taking it off, certainty that a bad spell has ended.


In common with other types of coat, a raincoat holds the symbolism of protection, but more specifically this time against other people’s emotional onslaught. Very occasionally it may suggest some kind of wish to return to a womb-like state.


The attitudes we use to meet difficult emotions or events, often appears in dreams of dead spouse, suggesting tears or the release of emotions.

See rain.


To dream of wearing a raincoat suggests that you are shielding yourself from your emotions. You may have a pessimistic attitude in general.


(Overcoat; Trench coat) In a dream, a raincoat means comfort, superiority, backing, cooperation and strength. As for a merchant, wearing a raincoat in a dream means prominence, distinction and fame in his field. Wearing a heavy raincoat in a dream means profits in one’s material and spiritual life. Wearing a cotton overcoat in a dream means lesser benefits. Wearing silk brocaded overcoat in a dream signifies attachment to one’s worldly gains and disregard for one’s religious and spiritual benefits. Being the only person who is wearing an overcoat or a raincoat in a dream means becoming poor and mixing with good people by displaying praiseworthy qualities.

(See Overcoat)

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Vision: A warm rain shower is a symbol of fertility, success at work, and happy relationships.A cold rain means others are going to treat you badly- Getting soaked in a rain showe...

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