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One of the most common and often embarrassing dreams is to find yourself naked in a public place, wearing only your underwear or clothes that are see-through. Nakedness may represent a longing to return to childhood innocence, as the dream represents the real you, stripped of pretence and social conditioning. Do you have a desire to be seen for who you are or to reveal your essential personality without having to create a façade? Another interpretation is that nakedness expresses a latent exhibitionism or simply a desire for sex. Freud once stated that his favorite dream was of being naked in a crowd of strangers.

From a Freudian perspective, a naked female is usually an expression of sexual desire for dreamers—men or women—who are sexually attracted to women. Freudians see the naked male in much the same light as the naked female, as an expression of sexual desire for men. In Jungian terms, nakedness suggests aspirations for love and rebirth, or a desire to attain spiritual awareness and to renounce the material world. According to this interpretation, nakedness is also an expression of beauty, creativity and divinity. Ancient gods such as Venus, goddess of beauty, and Diana, the goddess of the hunt, are often depicted naked.

A naked child is particularly associated with the Jungian archetype of the divine child, and more generally with innocence and lack of inhibition.

If you are covering up a child’s nakedness in the dream, this indicates a general discomfort with emotional expression. Many psychologists favor the interpretation that dreams of nakedness highlight feelings of vulnerability. Such dreams may be interpreted as a fear of sexual relationships, but they are more likely to signify fears and anxieties about yourself, and the way you appear to others. Perhaps you feel failure or rejection if you reveal your true self. In your waking life, you therefore need to overcome feelings of vulnerability and learn to be more self-confident.

Being partly dressed in a dream may suggest that you are not prepared for what lies ahead. It might be wise to re-examine your plans and your future.

If the people in the dream seem unaware that you are underdressed or naked, this suggests that you shouldn’t worry about showing your real self to others. It may also signify that you are not worried about what others think of you, or that you long to show sides of your true personality to others. To dream of being ashamed or frightened may indicate a fear of showing your real feelings. If, on the other hand, you are disgusted by your own, or another person’s, nakedness, or other people are disgusted with your own nakedness, this suggests anxiety about discovering the naked truth about yourself, another person or a situation.

If you positively welcome the nakedness of other people in your dream, it may express a frustration with what, in waking life, you perceive to be their affected behavior—you wish they could be more natural. It may also suggest that you can see through people and see them for who they are.

If you are sufficiently secure within your own self-image in waking life, you will not be afraid of being stripped in public in a dream. For example, dreaming of appearing naked in a strip show could suggest that you are anxious about being misunderstood, or that you welcome the opportunity to express and reveal yourself.

According to dream lore, if a girl dreams of being naked, this means that she will soon hear about a terrible scandal. Some gypsies, however, believe that nakedness dreams are a sign of good fortune, particularly if the dreamer was walking naked under the stars. Ancient dream dictionaries say that to dream of a naked woman was lucky, as it foretold unexpected honors. It was also thought to be unlucky to dream of too many clothes, since this meant you lacked the necessities of life, whilst to dream of new clothes suggested a domestic tiff.



Vision: Did you walk the streets naked or did other people see you are naked? Let go of your shame! The dream is a memory of the fun you had as a child—and that your parents considered being naked a taboo. Every now and then our psyche needs to relive the excitement of past feelings: like your father holding both your hands and swinging you through the air, or your early childhood feeling of freedom when free of clothes.

If you frequendy dream about walking the streets naked, this means feelings of inferiority have prevented you from achieving your personal goals in the past. Taking off your clothes: you want more independence and freedom. Seeing naked children in a dream: your family is about to have a new member (your own or the family of your friends). Seeing a person of the opposite sex naked: your secret or burning passion for someone will be reciprocated.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about being naked means you are afraid of being “found out”—you are emotionally upset right now and don’t want others to know.

The dream is a challenge to be emotionally vulnerable, to take a chance and admit your weaknesses.

The dream might also express erotic needs that are either being met right now or that you think arc foolish.


Dreams of being naked and not afraid or concerned indicate that you’re comfortable with being your true self and exposing your real attitudes and personality to others.

Dreaming of being naked and worried, concerned, or fearful of being so symbolizes you feel the need to hide your true self.

To dream of a naked man where only the top part is visible foretells illness to a female member of your family but if the privates are exposed then the meaning is death.

It is reversed if you dream of a naked female. Remember that a death omen does not always mean the physical death of the body. Other interpretations are associated with illicit love affairs and loss of prestige coupled with scandal. This symbol must be interpreted in context with the rest of the symbols within the dream.


These are dreams of exhibition, a desire to be noticed or to gain the attention of other people, sometimes only one person.

For some dreamers, nakedness is a symbol for a release of sexual emotions.

For others it is a desire to be seen and heard in order to gain success, achieve fame or popularity. Old translations are as follows: To find yourself naked to your dream warns that you may be involved in a scandal.

If you are embarrassed, you will violate the conservative rules of propriety.

To see other people partially undressed, the dreamer will yield to immoral temptations.

See Swimming.


(see Barefoot, Body, Clothes)

Being, or feeling, overexposed.

Freedom; the loosening of conventional restrictions.

The real you, devoid of all exterior ??iasks.

Total comfort with yourself to the point where you need no trappings for confidence. Also the ability to be totally open and honest.

The barest, most succinct facts (e.g., the “naked truth”). Look to see what appears naked in the dream for further insight.


(See Nudity), A dream of nakedness in either sex is one which portends disillusionment after an affair of the heart which has been intense though not on a high plane. Nakedness is an omen of highly realistic developments in love affairs and a final coming down to earth to meet a drab existence.


Stark nakedness means that the person will soon cease to seek his pursuit or its means that the present phase will soon pass. But, if the observer of such a dream is a person whose pursuit is Deen, he will attain high status in piety, adoration, obedience and devotion to Allah. And if his pursuit is material wealth then he will attain this to the extremes provided none had seen his aurah (ie. Any portion between the navel and the knees). One the contrary if his aurah becomes exposed to people, then nothing good is to be expected of such a dream.

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Real; true; without false attitudes; exposed; natural - stripped of the outer mask, attitude, and personality. Being naked in a dream suggests vulnerability and exposure. It could ...

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