The meaning of the symbols of measurement, guidance seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of measurement and guidance mean in a dream?

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The keywords of this dream: Measurement Guidance

Research the item measured and the size, i.E. Large, small, symbolic numbers, etc....

Author: Margaret Hamilton

Focus on outward appearances, specifically your weight, size, and proportions.How does everything “measure up” in the dream, and what’s being measured? Equate this to a preva...

Author: Patrica Telesco

(Wall) Guidance in a dream means oppression.To receive guidance in one’s dream through seeing a light, or hearing the admonition of the holy Qur’an means walking one the straig...

Author: Ibn Seerin

A character that offers you advice or who appears to be an authority figure or just someone with a smile that may not particularly fit into dream is most likely one of your guides....

Author: Silvana Amar

To see a guidance counselor or dream that you are one, suggests that you are seeking for some support and direction in your life. Pay important attention to what the counselor is s...

Author: myjellybean

To dream about using measuring tape, especially to take your own measurements, indicates that you are setting unrealistic standards for yourself or what you think others expect of ...

Author: myjellybean

Higher self, or advanced beings or mystical teacher guiding you on the path of life....

Author: Betty Bethards

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