The meaning of the symbols of jagannath, balabhadra, subhadra, idols seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of jagannath, balabhadra, subhadra and idols mean in a dream?

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The keywords of this dream: Jagannath Balabhadra Subhadra Idols

An object of excessive devotion, i.E. Money, power, addiction, etc.; See “collection”...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

Should you dream of worshiping idols, you will make slow progress to wealth or fame, as you will let petty things tyrannize over you.To break idols, signifies a strong mastery over...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

An unfeeling or dead’ pan of self, feelings that someone is unresponsive or cold. Idol: values you have erected, false or otherwise. ...

Author: Tony Crisp

If you dream of the show, “American Idol,” then you are dreaming of having your talent fully expressed and recognized. This dream could also be suggesting that it is time to ge...

Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

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