Griddle cakes Dream Meanings

Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Something sweet and easy to one’s spirit, i.E. “A piece of cake”; see “food”...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

Batter or pancakes, denote that the affections of the dreamer are well placed, and a home will be bequeathed to him or her.To dream of sweet cakes, is gain for the laboring and a f...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

Celebratory of a person’s life and growth.If the cake is half-baked or burnt it symbolizes worthlessness Hosea 7:8...

Author: Tyler Wolfe

Symbolic of matrimony and unending love...

Author: Tyler Wolfe

Symbolic of intercession and revival, 1 Sam. 25:18, 30:12...

Author: Tyler Wolfe

Love, refreshing, Song. 2:5, 1 Sam. 30:12...

Author: Tyler Wolfe

Dreams of a griddle represent that you are creating something delicious and cooking up something nurturing.See Kitchen and Breakfast....

Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

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