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To dream of drinking coffee, denotes the disapproval of friends toward your marriage intentions.

If married, disagreements and frequent quarrels are implied.

To dream of dealing in coffee, portends business failures.

If selling, sure loss. Buying it, you may with ease retain your credit.

For a young woman to see or handle coffee she will be made a by-word if she is not discreet in her actions.

To dream of roasting coffee, for a young woman it denotes escape from evil by luckily marrying a stranger.

To see ground coffee, foretells successful struggles with adversity. Parched coffee, warns you of the evil attentions of strangers. Green coffee, denotes you have bold enemies who will show you no quarter, but will fight for your overthrow.


“Wake up and smell the coffee!” A relationship or some other sort of situation is not what it seems. Try to see it as it really is. Other symbols in the dream may reveal the truth and/or shed light on what you should do.

Hot, delicious coffee implies surprising good news on the way, but if the coffee was bitter, it symbolizes disappointment in a friendship.

If you were grinding the coffee, success in love and domestic happiness are on the way. Spilt coffee implies setbacks.


To dream that you are drinking coffee suggests that you need to get more information or insight before making a decision or dealing with a relationship.

To dream that you are drinking coffee with someone, indicates that you might have feelings for that person.

To have grounds floating in your coffee (or at the bottom of the cup) foretells a series of small disappointments ahead. Also see “Coffee Beans” and “Coffee Maker”, below.


(see Beverages)

Perky, energetic attitudes.

The need to be more alert (e.g., “wake up and smell the coffee”)- In Arabia, this beverage is revered because it allows people to stay awake during long prayers.

It is often served to guests with toasts honoring the name of God.

Something important that’s currently brewing in your life, which must also be watched so that it doesn’t boil over.


The meaning here depends greatly on the details and the action.

If you drank the coffee and it was good, it augurs surprising good news; if it was bitter, you will have cause to break off a friendship.

If you ground the coffee, it is a favorable omen signifying unusual domestic happiness; but if you spilled coffee in your dream, you must expect a series of small disappointments.


Dreaming that you drink coffee is a positive sign that is usually generated when the unconscious perceives that there is a circumstance that demands a lot of attention.

Coffee in dreams is promise of happiness, luck, and success in love. To toast is an omen of a pleasant surprise or an unexpected visit; to drink it heralds longevity.


For regular coffee drinkers, this could simply be a reflection of one’s everyday life experience in one’s dreams.

A social ritual; friendship. Alternatively, it might mean something we thirst for.

A common idiom is to “wake up and smell the coffee,” meaning to give something more attention.


Dream of coffee and it’s a sign your finances and home life are healthy and happy.

If you drink bitter coffee in your dream, you will soon break with a friend.

If you spill coffee in your dream, you’re in soon for some disappointments.


1. Stimulus/ Bitter or Stimulant/ Desire for revenge; bitter memories);

2. Stain (spilt);

3. Wake-up call; get sober;

4. Fellowship having coffee; wake-up call; become sober; Exod. 32:20-21; 2 Tim. 1:6; 2 Pet. 3:1;


Social gathering, mental stimulation, enjoyment of life. May also point to addiction. Coffee also indicates a need to be more mentally alert and have better concentration.


Mostly social ritual; something stimulating. Offering, being offered coffee: friendship, intimacy; what we thirst for or desire.


Emotions being shared.Because coffee is dark it could be talking about problems being taken internally or shared with another. 


Dreams of coffee symbolize a desire for creative stimulation, to wake up, perk up and get in the game.

See Starbucks.


Relaxing enjoyment; if the bottom falls out of coffee pot, the opposite effect has taken place, i.E. Hysteria


Relaxation, stimulation, pacification; habit to examine; depends upon what coffee represents to you.


The best way to handle a current situation is in a friendly, open way.


This dream also is favourable, and signifies great domestic happiness.


lucky numbers: 12-20-28-32-35-42

being in a, shop with good people: highly considered by friends.

with strangers: other’s plot to gain your possessions.

boiling: emotional sorrows from searching for things past the limit.

burning: family trouble can be avoided with proper cal .

buying: wil have the best reputation in business.

drinking, alone: friends are gossiping about you.

espresso, drinking strong: need an additional thrust of energy to complete project.

grinder, a: avoid gossip by changing your behavior.

grinding: wil overcome obstacles by being discreet.

grounds: happiness interrupted by il ness.

growing: financial gains through substantial credit.

maker, new: wil change your residence.

old: wil refurbish your present home.

making: getting what you want, not what you need.

mill: be alert to any misstep that could give your enemies an edge.

of a, shop: wil be deceived by the social ritual.

being a waiter/waitress at a: are serving savory food to unsavory people.

customer, a: your friend is trying too hard.

eating in a: have an ache from evil pitted in your stomach.

pouring: security is forthcoming.

roasting: are preparing to give affection to a visitor.

selling: expect financial losses.

serving in a: your independence is at stake.

sweet: your empathic, cooperative nature yearns for affection.

11 dream interpretation about coffee related.

To see or visit a coffee house in your dreams, foretells that you will unwisely entertain friendly relations with persons known to be your enemies. Designing women may intrigue aga...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

To see a coffee mill in your dreams, denotes you are approaching a critical danger, and all your energy and alertness will have to stand up with obduracy to avert its disastrous co...

Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

(Brewing; Utensil) In a dream, a coffee pot represents ascetic detachment, increased devotion, a son, a servant, a small town, a profitable business or travels....

Author: Ibn Seerin

Sitting around a coffee table may signify socializing and having an interesting conversaion.The objects on the table may represent the subject of the conversation.A coffee table ma...

Author: Ariadne Green

A coffeepot may comment on a conversation with friends in which you are pouring out something that may be viewed as stimulating, or it may signify that you desire more social inter...

Author: Ariadne Green

Vision: Sitting in a coffee shop: you are looking for a relationship with the opposite sex. Eating a lot of food in a coffee shop: all you will get is a stomachache! Serving someo...

Author: Garuda

Vision: Watching others drink coffee: people are gossiping about you. Drinking coffee by yourself: get ready for a great vacation; or you will have a pleasant conversation. Grindi...

Author: Garuda

To dream of coffee beans signifies your connection to your roots and to humanity. Consider what binds you to your community.If you ground the coffee beans yourself in your dream, t...

Author: myjellybean

To see a coffee maker in your dream represents hospitality and sharing of knowledge, hopes, concerns and/or ideas. It may also represent friendliness to new people (in the neighbor...

Author: myjellybean

To attend a coffee klatch in your dreams warns of talkativeness that may be detrimental to you....

Author: Ella Freeman Sharpe

In waking life coffee is a stimulant, so do you need to inject more energy into your waking life? Coffee may also represent sociability, friendship, the giving and sharing of affec...

Author: Theresa Cheung

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