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Spending Time In Nature
Watching The Clouds Drift By
Painting My Nails
Going Ice Skating, Roller Skating/blading
Scheduling A Day With Nothing To Do
Giving Positive Feedback About Something 
Feeding The Birds
Spending An Evening With Good Friends
Making Jams Or Preserves
Going Out To Dinner
Buying Gifts
Having A Political Discussion
Repairing Things Around The House
Washing My Car
Watching Tv, Videos
Sending A Loved One A Card In The Mail
Baking Something To Share With Others 
Taking A Sauna, Spa Or A Steam Bath
Having A Video Call With Someone Who Lives Far Away
Organising My Wardrobe
Playing Musical Instruments
Going To The Ballet Or Opera
Lighting Scented Candles, Oils Or Incense
Spending Time Alone
Putting Up A Framed Picture Or Artwork
Riding A Motorbike
Wine Tasting
Going To The Planetarium Or Observatory
Doing Something Spontaneously
Going On A Picnic
Having A Warm Drink
Massaging Hand Cream Into My Hands
Fantasising About The Future
Flying A Plane
Playing Tennis Or Badminton
Clearing My Email Inbox
Planting A Terrarium
Playing Lawn Games 
Going To A Party
Getting Out Of Debt/paying Debts
Seeing And/or Showing Photos
Going On A City Tour
Going To An Agricultural Show
Jogging, Walking
Going To Home Opens
Researching A Topic Of Interest
Going To The Beach
Volunteering For A Cause I Support
Smelling A Flower
Opening The Curtains And Blinds To Let Light In
Going To The Zoo Or Aquarium
Doing Jigsaw Puzzles
Donating Old Clothes Or Items To Charity
Lying In The Sun
Learning A Magic Trick
Talking On The Phone
Listening To A Podcast Or Radio Show
Walking Around My City And Noticing Architecture Of Buildings
Doing Arts And Crafts
Going On A Ghost Tour
Sketching, Painting
Mowing The Lawn
Going Horseback Riding
Doing The Dishes
Sitting Outside And Listening To Birds Sing
Going To A Free Public Lecture
Travelling To National Parks
Going To A Fair Or Fete
Playing Cards
Putting Moisturising Cream On My Face / Body
Volunteering At An Animal Shelter
Re-watching A Favourite Movie
Going Camping
Playing Volleyball
Going Bike Riding
Entering A Competition
Doing Crossword Puzzles
Patting Or Cuddling My Pet
Cooking A Special Meal
Soaking In The Bathtub
Having A Treatment At A Day Spa 
Putting Extra Effort In To My Appearance
Playing Golf
Doing A Favour For Someone
Building A Bird House Or Feeder
Looking At Pictures Of Beautiful Scenery
Having Family Get-togethers
Listening To Music
Learning A New Language
Taking A Free Online Class
Washing My Hair
Singing Around The House
Flipping Through Old Photo Albums
Upcycling Or Creatively Reusing Old Items
Going Sailing
Stretching Muscles
Maintaining A Musical Instrument 
Playing Soccer
Buying Clothes
Going To The Botanic Gardens
Going To A Scenic Spot And Enjoying The View
Going To The Speedway
Snuggling Up With A Soft Blanket
Listening To An Audiobook
Going To See Live Stand-up Comedy
Writing Down A List Of Things I Am Grateful For
Maintaining An Aquarium
Playing Frisbee
Teaching A Special Skill To Someone Else 
Playing Chess 
Going To A Games Arcade
Jumping On A Trampoline
Sending A Text Message To A Friend
Going Fishing
Putting A Vase Of Fresh Flowers In My House
Participating In A Protest I Support
Going To A Movie
Surfing, Bodyboarding Or Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Baking Home-made Bread
Walking Barefoot On Soft Grass
Watching A Movie Marathon
Skipping/ Jumping Rope
Being Physically Intimate With Someone I Want To Be Close To
Going To Karaoke
Wearing An Outfit That Makes Me Feel Good
Cooking Some Meals To Freeze For Later
Talking To An Older Relative And Asking Them Questions About Their Life
Listening To Classical Music
Watching Funny Videos On Youtube
Doing Something Religious Or Spiritual 
Seeing A Movie At The Drive-in Or Outdoor Cinema
Making My Bed With Fresh Sheets
Lifting Weights
Early Morning Coffee And Newspaper
Planning A Themed Party 
Wearing Comfortable Clothes
Shining My Shoes
Going Swimming
Going Rock Climbing
Going On A Ride At A Theme Park Or Fair
Arranging Flowers
Going To The Gym
Working On My Car Or Bicycle
Juggling Or Learning To Juggle
Contacting An Old School Friend
Going Crabbing
Playing With My Pets
Going Kayaking, Canoeing Or White-water Rafting
Listening To The Radio
Doing Sudoku
Planting Vegetables Or Flowers
Walks On The Riverfront/foreshore
Shooting Pool Or Playing Billiards
Getting An Indoor Plant
Surfing The Internet
Doing Embroidery, Cross Stitching
Browsing A Hardware Store
Donating Blood
Buying Books
Training My Pet To Do A New Trick
Planning A Day’s Activities
Waking Up Early, And Getting Ready At A Leisurely Pace
Going To A Bingo Night
Playing Ping Pong / Table Tennis
Buying An Ice-cream From An Ice-cream Truck
Going On A Hot Air Balloon Ride
Organising My Work Space
Dangling My Feet Off A Jetty
Dancing In The Dark
Having An Indoor Picnic
Reading Classic Literature
Going On A Date
Taking Children Places
Going Whale Watching
Putting On Perfume Or Cologne
Digging My Toes In The Sand
Hitting Golf Balls At A Driving Range
Reading Magazines Or Newspapers
Calling A Friend
Sending A Handwritten Letter
Going Snorkelling
Going Hiking, Bush Walking
Reading Fiction
Meeting New People
Doing 5 Minutes Of Calm Deep Breathing
Buying New Stationary
Turning Off Electronic Devices For An Hour 
Buying Music 
Going To A Footy Game 
Going Skiing
Doing Woodworking
Planning A Nice Surprise For Someone Else
Playing Video Games
Holding A Garage Sale
Saying “i Love You”
Making A Playlist Of Upbeat Songs
Colouring In
Playing Laser Tag Or Paintball
Joining A Community Choir
Doing A Nagging Task 
Taking A Ferry Ride
Shaping A Bonsai Plant
Watching Planes Take Off/ Land At The Airport
Planning My Career
Reading Non-fiction
Writing A Song Or Composing Music
Taking My Dog To The Park
Borrowing Books From The Library
Having A Barbecue
Having Lunch With A Friend
Talking To Or Introducing Myself To My Neighbours
Holding Hands
Going To A Free Art Exhibition
Making A ‘to-do’ List Of Tasks
Travelling Abroad, Interstate Or Within The State
Having Quiet Evenings
Singing In The Shower
Browsing At A Second Hand Book Shop
Test Driving An Expensive Car
Refurbishing Furniture
Exchanging Emails, Chatting On The Internet
Napping In A Hammock
Skipping Stones On The Water
Doing Ballet, Jazz/tap Dancing
Going On A Segway Tour
Visiting A Grandparent
Making A Gift For Someone
Having Discussions With Friends Trying A New Recipe
Pampering Myself At Home 
Watching My Children Play
Going To A Community Or School Play
Making Jewellery
Reading Poetry
Going To The Hills
Getting/giving A Massage
Shooting Hoops At The Local Basketball Courts
Flying Kites
Savouring A Piece Of Fresh Fruit
Playing Hockey
Eating Outside During My Lunch Break
Floating On A Pool Lounge
Making A Pot Of Tea
Using Special Items 
Doing A Diy Project 
Taking Care Of My Plants
Telling A Joke
Going To A Public Place And People Watching
Discussing Books
Going Window Shopping
Watching Boxing, Wrestling
Giving Someone A Genuine Compliment
Practising Yoga, Pilates
Walking Around The Block
Genuinely Listening To Others
Participating In A Clean-up 
Eating Fish And Chips At The Beach
Rearranging The Furniture In My House
Doing Water Aerobics
Blowing Bubbles
Buying New Furniture
Watching A Sunset Or Sunrise
Star Gazing
Watching A Funny Tv Show Or Movie
Making Pottery, Or Taking A Pottery Class
Playing Mini Golf
Recycling Old Items
Going To A Water Park
Practising Karate, Judo
Boxing A Punching Bag
Driving A Go Kart
Learning About My Family Tree
Picking Berries At A Farm
Watching Kids Play Sport
Setting Up A Budget
Writing A Positive Comment On A Website /blog
Getting A Manicure Or Pedicure
Collecting Things 
Playing Cricket
Signing Up For A Fun Run
Accepting An Invitation
Cooking An International Cuisine
Solving Riddles
Scuba Diving
Watching Home Videos
Building A Sand Castle
Planning A Holiday
Sitting At The Beach Or River And Watching The Movement Of The Water
Watching Fireworks
Making Home-made Pizza
Cheering For A Sports Team
Doing Something Nostalgic 
Joining A Club 
Lighting Candles
Going Bowling
Going To Museums, Art Galleries
Reading Comics
Having Coffee At A Cafe
Trying New Hairstyles
Taking A Road Trip
Watching A Fireplace Or Campfire
Playing Darts
Going To A Flea Market
Working From Home
Buying A Meal From A Food Truck Or Hawkers Market And Eating Outdoors
Operating A Remote Control Car / Plane
Playing Board Games 
Savouring A Piece Of Chocolate
Hunting For A Bargain At An Op Shop, Garage Sale Or Auction
Buying, Selling Stocks And Shares
Going To Plays And Concerts
Buying Fresh Food At The Market
Dining Out At A Restaurant Or Café
Harvesting Home Grown Produce
Exploring With A Metal Detector
Giving Someone A Hug
Taking A Holiday
Going To The Hairdresser Or Barber
Swimming With Dolphins
Picking Flowers
Going To The Beauty Salon
Buying Myself Something Nice
Playing Squash
Eating Something Nourishing 
Babysitting For Someone
Taking A Class 
Combing Or Brushing My Hair 365. Writingdiary/journal Entries