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To see a cat in your dream signifies an independent spirit; they also suggest feminine sexuality, creativity and power, as well as the enigmatic, mysterious and wise part of yourself. Bear in mind, though, when interpreting your dream that your real-life reaction to cats is crucial.

If you are a woman who likes cats and one appears in your dream, this may be a manifestation of one of the positive aspects of the female principle: the mother, high priestess or Amazon archetype.

If you are a man, it may have been guiding your anima towards an appreciation of the feminine part of your personality. Your dream may also have been urging you to place more reliance on your instincts when dealing with a current situation.

If, however, you dislike cats or the cat in your dream is aggressive, then it suggests that you are having problems relating to the feminine aspect of yourself. The dream cat may have represented the more negative female archetypes of the terrible mother, siren huntress or witch. Or perhaps there is a deceitful woman in your life who is behaving cattily. Alternatively did your dream cat remind you of a pun? Are you feeling smug, like the cat who got the cream or were you being reminded that curiosity killed the cat?

If you see a cat with no tail in your dream, this signifies a loss of independence and lack of autonomy. To dream that a cat is biting or scratching you symbolizes the devouring female or perhaps you are taking and taking without giving. You may be expressing some fear or frustration, especially if something is not going as planned. Such a dream may also be a warning against treacherous people in your life or it may also represent a part of your personality that is crying out for love and attention.

If a cat is injured or killed in your dream, your dream may be a reference to the nine lives that cats enjoy. In this regard, your dream refers to the overcoming of numerous obstacles in your waking life; the resilience of the cat represents your own inner strength and tenacity. Generally, cats are symbolic of feminine power and independence, so if one appears in your dream, have you been feeling that these characteristics are not being expressed within yourself?

If you come across a cat in your dream and spend a great deal of effort trying to locate its owner, it could be because you are the owner of that ‘cat’. The cat is symbolic of a part of your inner self. The characteristics that cats represent can be understood by thinking about their ‘essence’, or the associations that we make when we think about cats. Cats are territorial animals. They are guardians of their space. They are also aloof and a part of them can never be domesticated. Culturally, there is a sexual connotation in regard to cats. Thus, in your dream you could have found that special part of yourself—the sexy, soft and curious you (the cat within). The trouble is you insist on giving it back to an elusive owner. Your dreaming mind may be urging you to claim what is rightfully yours

A cat will have several different meanings in your dream according to its color or the color it changes into. So, for example, to see a black cat in your dream suggests that you should trust your instincts or intuition more.

If you associate black or white cats with bad luck or misfortune, then to dream of them indicates your negative mindset (see COLORS).

If you dreamed of a cat in a cage this may be a reference to your own sense of crippled independence.

Kittens represent your inner child, playfulness and self-responsibility, so to dream about a kitten may mean that you need to take more time for yourself, have more fun, and nurture yourself and your sense of play more. According to dreamlore from the Middle Ages, it was unlucky to dream about cats because of their association with witchcraft. Prior to that, however, cats were sacred to the Egyptians as custodians of the souls of the dead.


Symbol of the feminine. To dream that a cat wants you to pet it indicates that someone is trying to seduce you.

If it scratches you, you should expect professional jealousy. The color of the animal carries its secondary symbolism. So, black cats are usually associated with darkness and death, but this kind of analogy only works on superstitious people.

In mythology, the figure of the cat was associated with the pagan fertility gods who represented the power and wisdom of nature. Similarly, for the Egyptians, cats were sacred and they guarded the souls of the dead. It was not until the arrival of the Christians when they began to be considered evil relatives of witches. For this reason, many books on dreams affirm that cats presage disadvantages.

CAT - analysis of the dream

Marta dreamed: “I was petting Gea [her precious Persian kitten] when she turned to me and said: ‘pretty, more than pretty.’ I was delighted that my cat could talk, I knew she was very clever... but this was too much! Suddenly, her feline face transformed into John’s, but now she did not speak. He rather emitted terrible barking sounds and foam was coming out his mouth. I tried to hold him and calm him but he slipped out of my hands like a lizard.”

One of the most magical and intense forces of our oneiric world is transformation: animals that become people; individuals who transform into trees, monsters, or other persons; buildings that disappear... These transformations are almost always a sign of psychological changes in our lives. When Martha had this dream she had just had a little argument with her boyfriend. This dream was warning her that she should be more considerate and attentive to him. To dream that a cat is seeking you to pet her indicates that someone is trying to seduce or feels strongly attracted to you. In the case of Marta it reflected her boyfriend’s devotion and love for her. However, the fact that he first transformed into a fierce dog and then an elusive lizard denotes that such affection could also vanish or turn into resentment if she did not contribute to keep it up. The fact that she was gently petting her kitten and that the latter talked to praise Marta indicates Marta’s ability to transmit affection and the certainty that all would be fixed with dialogue.


Universal Landscape: Powerful energy in the feminine principle.

Dreaming Lens: What kind of cat appeared in your dream? How many were there? Were they domesticated or wild? Was there a sense of danger involved? What was the setting? What activity was the cat(s) involved in?

Personal Focus: Cats of all types represent powerful feminine energy, which includes receptivity, creativity, sensuality, and stillness. They are hunters by nature, and their nocturnal behavior associates them with the feminine aspect of night. While their masculine counterpart, the dog, embodies a pack mentality, the cat is the symbol of self-reliance. First domesticated about three thousand years ago, cats were revered for their ability to control rodent populations that would have beleaguered the stores of grain that were so crucial to the emergence of civilization.

Cats have long been associated with magic and witchcraft, with the classic black cat as the carrier of the most superstition. There is a very pungent odor to their urine, correlating this smell with the dark side of the powerful feminine energy that this symbol represents. If your dream held any of these elements, you may be expressing unconscious thoughts about mysticism or spirituality.

Wild cats come in many sizes and are formidable hunters. If the cat in your dreams is one of the many species of cats found in nature, the meaning is the same, but with two additional distinctions. The prowess associated with predatory aggression comes into play with the largest of these beasts, the tiger. The lion is often linked with maternity due to the behavior of the lioness with her cubs. Cheetahs and leopards are symbolically correlated with speed and agility. The panther’s sleek black coloring brings even more sensuality and Shadow material into the symbolic picture. For a truly accurate interpretation, doing some research on your dream cat will provide you with a wealth of information.


(1) The meaning of a dream about a cat may depend on what you associate with cats.

If you are afraid of them in real life, they may represent in dreams things you are frightened of in yourself. But remember that a real-life fear of cats may be a symptom indicating a fear of some aspect of the femininity that cats generally symbolize: your mother, your own femininity (whether you are a man or a woman), your unconscious psyche. Nature’s energy or wisdom, the ultimate mystery of life and death and rebirth.

(2) The feminine in its various aspects may be experienced as both positive and negative. The cat may represent the positive, creative - fertile - aspect of the feminine. (In mythology cats are often associated with fertility goddesses.) The dream might be pointing to the possibility of new growth in your personality through a fuller integration of your anima, perhaps (if you are a man), or through a greater reliance on intuition or dream messages.

However, the cat may also symbolize the negative, ‘catty5 or destructive aspect of femininity.

If feminine characteristics in you are repressed, they will probably present themselves, both in dreams and in waking life, in a negative way. For example, a man whose femininity is not integrated into his conscious life may behave in a destructively catty way towards other people.

(3) A black cat may have associations of good luck and prosperity or of evil. (Cats are associated with witches, who - according to how informed your opinion of them is - arc cither priestesses of the Earth Mother and therefore represent the power and wisdom of Nature, or Satan-worshippers and therefore symbols of all that is bad.) See also Witch.

(4) Cats’ eyes are moon-like, and, like the moon, they may signify either the anima, or the unconscious seen as a fruitful womb - a rich source of (new) life.

See also Moon, Woman


(see Animals, Lion, Tiger)

With a mouse: The power of good over evil. In ancient Egypt, the great God Ra was sometimes depicted as a cat slaying a make with similar connotations.

The ability to land on your feet, even in difficult circumstances, and remain independent.

An emblem of rebirth and new beginnings. Cats have nine lives, upon which one are you now embarking?

If seen on a sailing vessel, very good luck and health (see Boat). Cats eliminated mice from ships on long journeys, thereby decreasing disease.

Magical or mystical energy.

The cat was a sacred creature to the Greek goddess Hecate, and the Roman goddess Diana, both patronesses of witches. Additionally, it was the most commonly mentioned familiar for witches in old Grimoires, medieval books of practical magic that included spells, herbals, and folk wisdom.

An alternative symbol of feminine, lunar characteristics.

Hissing and scratching: A “catty” nature rearing its ugly head, or withheld aggression toward women.

The Cheshire Cat is an emblem of haughty or arrogant attitudes (see Laughter).


Jung saw cats in dreams as representing the hidden or secretive side of a person’s nature. Cats often feature in dreams of women to represent the urge to care for someone or in some cases a desire for sex and the need to reproduce. In men’s dreams, a cat or group of cats may refer to a woman or group of women, or to the intuitive side of men’s nature, perhaps warning him of hidden dangers; cattiness, jealousy in a relationship. On the other hand it can also suggest independence, stealth and fertility. An alley cat indicates promiscuity. In some dreams, a black cat, depending on what the dreamer associates with it, may indicate good or bad luck or fear in general.

If the dream suggests cats are to be feared, this can indicate fear of the female in oneself, fear of females or a particular ‘catty’ female, or difficulty in meeting feelings and intuition.

If you are allergic to cats and dream of one, it might signify a negative and threatening reaction to a situation or relationship.

If cats speak in your dreams, this suggests sexuality, femininity and an ability to express it.


Depth Psychology: In Eg>pt, the cat was the symbol of the goddess Bastet, but it also was related to the demonic.

Vision: Seeing a white cat: you feel great affection for someone. Seeing a two-colored cat: your feelings are passionate.

A black cat: always a warning of impending danger. Seeing several cats: be careful, your lover is unfaithful. Dreaming about wild cats: you will have a fight with your neighbors.

Depth Psychology: The cat is, on one hand, a symbol of female sexuality, and on the other hand the essence of deceit. In the dream of a man, the cat stands for his present love life: he has—or would like to have—an intimate relationship with a woman, but a misstep on his side or hers is also part of the picture.

A tomcat in a dream suggests male aggression, together with extreme sexual cravings and frequently changing love partners.

See Animal. Seeing the claws of a cat indicates that either you have suffered emotional harm or you have injured someone else!


Cats have both positive and negative connotations. You need to consider all of the details in the dream in order to obtain accurate interpretation.

The cat can be a symbol of sexuality, femininity, prosperity and power.

A cat is also an independent animal, and in your dream you may be associating yourself or someone else with these characteristics. Usually the dream is telling you about yourself and not others. Historically black cats have been symbols of evil and bad luck.

If you are a cat lover and have one as a pet, the symbolism may not apply to your dream. Old, superstition-based dream interpretations say that a cat is a bad omen and that you can expect deceit from those that you trust.

Feminine representation and qualities.

Cats can be both positive and negative depending on how your relationship is with cats in general, and what the cat is doing in the dream. 


Example: I went to the fridge to get out some mince meat to feed the cat. It came in, and as it fed I had a strong urge to touch it, such strong feelings of love were pouring out of me.

The animal looked up at my face as I wanted to kiss it.

The lips had pink lipstick on. I kissed it, its paw came up around my arm, I could see the black claws. We were rolling around on the floor, it felt very sexual’ (Monica). Refined female sexuality, unless the cat is markedly a torn; can be our intuition, warning us through its sensitivity to moods or un­seen dangers. Idioms: copy cat; bell the cat; cat and mouse; cat’s whiskers; cat out of the bag; cat and dog life; cat on hot bricks; something the cat brought in; a cat’s paw; cat among the pigeons; while the cat’s away.

See example in kiss.


You are dreaming about unconditional love in the feminine principle. Cats of all types represent powerful feminine energy, which includes receptivity, creativity, sensuality, and stillness. They are hunters by nature, and their nocturnal behavior associates them with the feminine aspect of night. While their masculine counterpart, the dog, embodies a pack mentality, the cat is the symbol of self-reliance. First domesticated about three thousand years ago, cats were revered for their ability to control rodent populations that would have beleaguered the stores of grain that were so crucial to the emergence of civilization. Cats have long been associated with magic and witchcraft, with the classic black cat as the carrier of the most superstition.


If anyone dreams that he hath encountered a cat or killed one, he will commit a thief to prison and prosecute him to the death; for the cat signifies a common thief.

If he dreams that he eats cat’s flesh, he will have the goods of the thief that robbed him: if be dream be hath the skin, then he will have ali the thief s goods.

If anyone dreams be fought with a cat that scratched him sorely, that denotes some sickness or affliction.

If any shall dream that a woman was delivered of a cat, instead of a well- shaped child, it is a bad hieroglyphic, and betokens no good to the dreamer. Also the cat signifies a person of loose morals.


Cats symbolize independence and power. They also represent the animal self. Cats are symbols of the feminine, prosperity, sexuality, and power. In dreams cats often represent some of their more common attributes or associations, such as “sleek,” “cunning,” “cat burglar.” The witch with her black cat commonly denotes evil and bad luck. “Catty” describes a person who makes mean or malicious remarks. Both positive and negative connotations surround the mystique of the cat.

As with all dream symbols, the tone and setting of the dream indicate which meaning is appropriate.


The emotional side of the dreamer, as well as the unconscious willpower of the dreamer. On one hand, it is a symbol of deception and cunning. It always refers to a woman, since the cat is connected to the archetypal female. On the other hand, the cat is a symbol for independence, lust, and self-will, again exclusively referring to women.

It is a symbol of female sexual organs (pussy) and sexual aggression. But it is also a sign of physical agility, orgasm, and freedom.

If a man or a woman is having a cat dream, it always addresses the feminine side (anima).


Classically, a cat possesses an independent and self- reliant attitude. Thus, it may cross your path to challenge you to become more independent. Cats are the most psychic of all animals, and their psychic abilities may represent your own psychic power.

The birth of kittens in your dream may announce the opening of intuitive abilities.

A black cat appearing in a dream can represent the malevolent quality of psychic power and can reflect your fears in using your psychic abilities. You may falsely believe these abilities to be evil or destructive.




Having strong ideas about how things should be.

Lithe and adaptable (physically, emotionally, or mentally).

Making huge leaps (of progress, logic, or something else).


Stealthy or quiet.

Prone to surprises.

Dreaming of this animal can represent too much or not enough of one of those qualities, or someone or something you associate with the quality or animal.

Consider also the animal’s actions, context, and your feelings about it.

See also the specific kind of cat.

See also: Pet; Animal


Dreams of a cat represent your feminine essence and sensuality. Perhaps you have been cautious, skittish, aloof, mysterious, mischievous and/or curious lately. Cats also represent other dimensions and are considered to have the ability to travel between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

If you see a black cat it does not mean bad luck, it may be reminding you to pay attention to your intuition and psychic abilities.

See Animal.


Dreaming of a cat is a generally unfortunate omen and it shows treachery as well as a run of bad luck.

If you chase the cat away you will overcome your adversaries or turn your bad luck into good.

For the cat lovers who dream of cats you have a whole new meaning....if the cat is beautiful you will meet an attractive person who will become your mate.

If the cat scratches you then will you meet with treachery and deceit.


To dream of cats is to link with the feline, sensuous side in human beings, usually in women. Goddesses such as bast the egyptian cat goddess are usually represented as having two sides to their natures, one devious and one helpful, so the cat often denotes the capricious side of the feminine.

The elegant but also the powerful yet overly self-sufficient aspect of woman, may also be perceived as the cat.


The cat has long been considered the symbol for a woman.

A dream wherein the cat attacks you indicates enemies of the female sex.

If you drive the cat away, no harm can damage your reputation. Another version for a thin cat augurs bad news about a friend.

If you chase the cat away, the friend will be safe from danger or illness.

A white cat denotes improprieties for the young, losses for adults.


Cats represent power, freedom and the animal self, especially for females.

To dream of being a cat means you will triumph in an upcoming conflict.

If you don’t like cats, or you have an unpleasant experience with them in your dream, you are uncomfortable in some way with the more feminine side of your personality. Also see “Cat Food”, “Cat Litter” and “Kitten.”


A sleeping cat means that someone is plotting against you.

A cat washing itself means you need to get your affairs in order.

A cat walking or running is a sign of missed opportunity If a cat scratches you, you will be involved in a lawsuit.

To hear a cats meow is to be warned of coming unpleasantness.


A generally unfortunate omen indicating treachery and deceit among those you trust If you killed the cat you will defeat the purpose of your detractors; if you chased it away, you may expect a sudden stroke of luck.

See also Animals.


1. A mind of its own; 1 Sam. 15:23;

2. Curious; As in, “curiosity Killed the cat”;

3. Witchcraft; 1 Sam. 15:23;

4. Word play catty;

5. Your own pet.

Two cats fighting Rebellious spirit; 2 Tim. 3:7;


Love, loyalty, beauty.

Fierce defense of loved ones or pursuit of something desperately desired.

Royalty; godliness; a keeper of hidden knowledge. Astrological parallels: Venus, Taurus.


An unfavourable dream, as is the case if you dream of a Dog.

It is a dream of contrary and shows unexpected deceit by some one whom you trust.


To dream of your pet cat may symbolize worries and fears about your pet’s wellbeing.

A black cat may symbolize woe to an unbeliever


This is a bad dream. This indicates treachery and fraud. Killing a cat indicates discovery of enemies.


lucky numbers: 01-17-23-39-44-53

angora, an: double-crossed by one who honestly envies you.

black, a: il ness from spitefulness is near.

brown or gray: are being deceived by a trusted person.

calico, a: see deceit where there is none.

tomcat, a: artful deception upon your frequent trading of sexual partners.

white, a: hide your great affection for someone; it wil be a source of great sorrow.

wild, a: wil fight with neighbors over their pet; ward off complications.

attacked by a, being: driving enemies away makes them do desperate things.

beaten, a, being: treachery of one who accuses others of his own unpleasant thoughts.

being a: your desire for independence is wise.

birth of a: a sudden awareness of a part of the unconscious previously misunderstood.

claw of a, a: wil be victimized beyond your conspicuous indiscretion.

defending yourself from a: wil be robbed of your reputation.

eating rats, a: wil receive payment of money loaned.

familiar, a: are in need of psychic self-defense.

fighting with a dog: quarrels with neighbors over who caused the fire.

food, eating her: a female friend slanders you, causing divorce and legal difficulties.

furious, a: arguments with lover wil drive him away.

hitting a: wil fal into bad company, who work harm on themselves.

kittens, delivering: divorce is near at hand whether married or not.

being hurt: your evil thought manifests upon the innocent.

not: wil emerge from a present danger with your sensuality intact.

newborn: can overcome great obstacles if you are not fooled by liars.

with her: unhappiness in marriage through inattention to mate.

man dreaming of a cat: one misstep wil end your affair.

manx, a tailless green-eyed: discord over your child’s reaction to another’s attack.

many cats and dogs: loss of profits in a business deal.

night, at: uncontrol able unpleasant thoughts.

playing, with a: wil be visited at home by enemies.

pregnant, a: wil be robbed by a sleek, slick burglar.

roof, on the: wil need cleverness to succeed.

scratched by a, being: someone is seeking your downfal ; cause them discomfort.

several: your lover is unfaithful to you with one of them.

Siamese, a: wil obtain modest employment using half your effort.

a pair of: wil never attain the prosperity of their secret.

sleeping, a: annoying gossip from artless friends.


A cat in a dream represents a book of records, one’s share from a business, an inheritance, or his work.

A cat in a dream also means shunning off one’s husband, wife or children, or it could mean a fight, theft, adultery, disloyalty, eavesdropping, backbiting or bearing a child from adultery, a bastard child, or it could represent a gentle speaking person, a toadying person or someone who desires to be accepted by others, and should he find an opportune moment, he will spoil everyone’s peace. Acat in a dream also represents a banal woman who likes herself.

If a cat steels something from her master, it means that he may pay a fine, have a fight with his relatives or children, and it could mean a robbery.

A wildcat in a dream means adversities, toiling and a wretched life. Selling a cat in a dream means spending one’s money.

The scratch of a cat in a dream means that one will be betrayed by his servant.

The bite of a cat in a dream represents a hoaxer or a crooked woman.

It is also said that a cat’s bite in a dream means an illness that will last one full year.

(Also see Tomcat)

32 dream interpretation about cat related.

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wise sayings, the word of God, Eccl. 12:11...

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A warning to bdware of enemies who have gained your confidence (Gypsy). ...

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