The meaning of the symbols of personal, assistant and president seen in a dream.

Dreaming of being personal assistant to president

What does the symbols of personal, assistant and president mean in a dream?

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The keywords of this dream: Personal Assistant

12 dream interpretation about personal, assistant and president related.

One who is the head authority may be used as a substitute; research the name...

Author: Margaret Hamilton

(Beauty; Eye-brow. Also see Assistant teacher)...

Author: Ibn Seerin

Dreams of a personal trainer represents your higher self and that you are seeking discipline to stay on track with your physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness goals.See Life Co...

Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

(See Assistant magistrate)...

Author: Ibn Seerin

(Assistant judge) Seeing the assistant magistrate in a dream means either following the traditions of the righteous ones, or the avenues of innovation....

Author: Ibn Seerin

(Students’ leader; Monitor; Pupil) In a dream, an assistant teacher represents an innovator or someone who advises others the right way, though remains attached to his own innova...

Author: Ibn Seerin

A personal guard in a dream represents night vigil, prayers, constant remembrance of God Almighty and invoking His attributes. On the other hand, seeing one’s personal guard in a...

Author: Ibn Seerin

An alphabetically arranged address book lends itself well to keeping track of the most important symbols in your dreams. First, make a note of the personal meaning and then the gen...

Author: Klaus Vollmar

Dreams of a personal assistant are about your issues of authority, support, and your ability to handle the details of life.If you dream of being a personal assistant, then you are ...

Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

If you dream of a personal shopper, then you are allowing support and guidance into your life in the area of your outer appearance and the impression you make.If you identify with ...

Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

Symbols of personal recognition—such as being awarded the highest honor, or stepping on stage to rapturous applause—feature in dreams as reflections of your aspirations. The im...

Author: Theresa Cheung

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