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In their positive aspect, insects in your dream represent the power of small things to create big results; they may be encouraging you to focus on the details and work in harmony with others.

If you are a person who likes to work alone, your dream may be urging you to ask for help. On the negative side, insects can represent people, situations or behavior that irritate you. You need to stop trying to brush things aside and deal with whatever it is that is bothering you.

To dream of a solitary insect may be a message from your inner self. That your inner self should employ such an unlikely ambassador is a reflection of your (very unwise) contempt for your inner self, as shown perhaps in the way you exclude it from your conscious life. (Remember the cricket in Pinocchio’s adventures?) A solitary insect may also imply something or someone that is‘bugging’ or even threatening you. It might also suggest you are feeling insignificant, like an ant in the mass of other ants. More positively, a solitary insect can appear in dreams as a reminder of instinctive behavior.

If you are stung by an insect or insects in your dream, this suggests anxiety and grief caused by your own obstinacy; the dream is trying to prick you into taking positive action. The sting may also be an emotional one. Someone may have hurt you or gossip may have stung you. Have you been stung or hurt by someone’s criticism, or was the dream referring to a sting or swindle someone is about to perpetrate in waking life?


An insect or other bug can represent: Something that’s “bugging” you in real life.

A certain quality of the insect that’s significant to you right now.

Think about what that type of insect symbolizes to you personally, and traditional ideas about the insect (for example, ants are often thought of as industrious or well-organized).

Notice what the insect is doing and how (for example, a bee gathering nectar might represent enjoying the sweeter things in life, whereas a bee buzzing angrily around your head could represent a nuisance or threat).

A swarm of insects can represent feeling overloaded or pestered by many small things (such as to-do list items or problems).

See also the specific type of insect.

See also: Animal; Insects (the category)


(see also Spider)

(1) If seen as mindless automata, insects may symbolize either (your attitude towards) your instinctive drives or unconscious forces that seem to constitute a threat to the rule of reason. In either case, you probably need to overcome - or at least examine - your repulsion.

(2) If it is a solitary insect, it may be bringing a message from your inner self. That your inner self should appear in such a paradoxical guise or employ such a despicable and unlikely ambassador is a reflection of your (very unwise) contempt for your inner self, as shown perhaps in the way you exclude it from your conscious life. (Remember the cricket in Pinocchio’s adventures?)


To dream of insects means that you must rise above your trials. This may also represent someone or something ‘bugging’ and ‘pestering’ you. These unwelcome intrusions and disturbances must be immediately addressed. On the other hand, insects are said to be godly messengers. They may be prompting you to rearrange and manage your thoughts while giving importance to your values. Often, insects are representations of sensitivity, accuracy, and precision.


Insects in a dream always represent obstacles that you must overcome to reach your goals, if you manage to exterminate them or they are not bothersome to you then you will meet your obstacles with strength, and be able to overcome them. Insects also represent excessive worry over certain things, meditate to find out what they might mean to you by using all the symbols in your dream for reference.


In general, bugs in dreams can represent things in life that are annoying or bugging you. But insects may, in addition, come with a specific and important message.

A fly, for instance, may comment on negative thinking. And a gnat may mention that the fruits of your labors arc ripe for the marketplace.


1. A group of insects indicates that something is in the way of one achieving one’s goals.

2. The ability to exterminate insects in­dicates the ability to clear away problems.


You find insects on your body: you’re going to recover from your illness

8 dream interpretation about insect related.

Troubles or troublesome people; research type of insect and avert; to kill an insect and find medicine inside, is reversing the formidable...

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One who gossips; a warning to use discretion when, what and with whom one is speaking...

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In dreams an island can signify a spiritual retreat – somewhere which is cut off from the world – which will allow us to contemplate our own spiritual self....

Author: Versatile - Anonymous

To dream about insect repellant suggests that you have the strength and ability to deal with the issues and/or people who are annoying or troubling you. This dream may also signify...

Author: myjellybean

Insects are often considered to be irritating pests and harbingers of disease and infection in the waking world.According to Jungians, the general interpretation of insects in drea...

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Swarms of insects in dream can depict instinctual urges in life, such as sexual urges. Swarms may also represent small children or the sperm swarming toward the ovum, and therefore...

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Animals in dreams are generally associated with behavioral patterns or your natural instincts, the beast within. Being bitten or attacked by an animal may suggest feeling hunted, v...

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1. Annoying person; 2 Sam. 16:5-9;...

Author: Vincent Wienand

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