Attribute Dream Meanings

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An attribute or characteristic of someone or something can represent: Your perception of an aspect of yourself (such as a powerful magnifying glass representing your “powerful” eye for detail).

Your perception of a certain aspect of another person, group, activity, experience, etc.

(such as energetic puppies representing the boisterous activity in your child’s preschool class).

Consider also the details and context of the attribute.

For example, if you dream about a dog, consider his color, demeanor, what he was doing and how, whether his tail was wagging, how healthy he looked, etc.

A defensive dog could represent something completely different than a friendly dog.

An attribute that stands out can represent an amplified version of your feelings or impression of whatever the thing with the attribute represents in your life, or something you feel is important to pay attention to.

An attribute that seems unusual or out of place can represent something or someone that seems unusual, “off,” or out of place in your life.

See also: Attributes (the category)

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