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Dreams in arabic culture

Dreams have many meanings in Arabic culture. According to some, sleep is a preoccupation of the soul...

The Butterfly Dream

"Once upon a time, I had a dream where I was a butterfly, fluttering freely in every direction, entirely a butterfly in every way. I experienced nothing but the pure joy of being a butterfly, completely unaware that I was actually myself. Then, I awoke, and there I was, unmistakably myself once more. Now, I am left wondering if I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly back then, or perhaps I am currently a butterfly, dreaming that I am a man."

Interpreting dreams in 4 easy steps

In Dream Encyclopedia, we provide comprehensive guidance on each step required for dream interpretation. Here, we'll offer a brief overview to get you started on interpreting your dreams immediately!

Every character, object, and building in your dream symbolizes a part of yourself and your life. This fundamental principle alone will completely transform your approach to dream interpretation.

It's a common mistake for people to misinterpret the individuals and objects in their dreams as literal representations. This is a significant misunderstanding! For example, if I dream of Aunty Pat throwing a cream pie in my face, there's no need to worry about Thanksgiving dinner with her!

It's symbolic, and Aunty Pat represents an aspect of me. If Aunty Pat is portrayed as an assertive woman who tends to dominate others, then in this dream, she might symbolize my assertiveness or willpower. Identifying the characters in your dream is the very first step in gaining an understanding of what your dreams are conveying.

In fact, just by identifying your dream category and then deciphering the symbols, you'll already have insights into the themes of your dream.

This applies to buildings, animals, or any objects in your dream as well. If you dream that your house is being demolished, there's no need to rush out and buy extra insurance. Your house symbolizes your life.

This perspective opens up a whole new world to explore! Many common symbols frequently appear in our dreams, and I'll provide interpretations for some of them later on.

Good vs. Bad

Understanding what the characters in your dream represent is just the beginning. It's also crucial to determine whether these characters play a positive or negative role in your dreams.

This distinction can significantly impact your interpretation. For example, if I dream that my house is being torn down, it can be interpreted positively or negatively. If the house is being torn down to make room for something bigger and better, it signifies personal growth and progress in your life.

However, if your house is being destroyed by terrorists or demolished by a storm, it suggests that you're facing severe challenges and may feel like your life is falling apart.

Do you see what I mean? In both cases, the house serves as a symbol of your life. It doesn't refer to your actual residence, and you don't need to worry about a sudden terrorist invasion!

It's All About You

It's your dream. It's your life. It's all about YOU!

Another common mistake is assuming that if you dream about someone else, the dream is about them. That's a bit absurd, isn't it? If you dream that your co-worker becomes pregnant, there's no need to rush and share the news with them!

Not only would you be mistaken, but your other co-workers might conveniently find reasons to avoid the coffee machine when you're around...

It's possible that some readers have made this error a few times, but don't worry—there's hope!

Remember that because the characters in your dream represent aspects of yourself, the dream's message is intended for you. These dreams reflect what's happening within you right now and often reference past events.

Regardless, you're the protagonist in this narrative, and it's all about YOU!

Identifying the Message

It's important to note that an internal dream conveys a single message. If your dream features numerous characters and scene changes, it's likely a jumbled dream without a clear interpretation.

By identifying the symbols in your dreams and determining whether they are presented in a positive or negative context, you'll have all the tools you need to decode the message.


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'If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.'
René Magritte
"Sleep is the balm for hurt minds, nature’s great second course."
William Shakespeare

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